APIAVOTE Voter Mobilization Toolkit - APPENDICES

APPENDIX E: Sample Phone Call Script
Hello, may I speak to (full name)? My name is ________ and I am calling on behalf of the Asian & Pacific Islander American Vote 2008 program. We are a non-partisan organization promoting AAPIs to vote. We are calling to remind you to please vote on ______________. Additional questions • Do you or any member of you household need assistance getting to the polls on Election Day? • Do you or any member of your household need help (language assistance) in voting? • Do you know where you local polling site is? By the end of phone conversation you should ask “Can I count on you to vote on Nov 4?” and get a confirmation. Tips and Suggestions for Phone Callers
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Smile while you’re talking on the phone (they can tell). Speak only to the person whose names appear on the list. Read the script over several times before calling so that you sound more natural, not like you’re reading a script. Follow the script. Do not get involved in long discussions or arguments. It’ll waste time from all the other people you can confirm to vote on Election Day. Make calls in order of the list. Keep track of the responses. When you have finished a sheet, place calls again to people who you missed. These situations count as a miss, so hang up the phone and make no marks on your contact sheet: o If the phone rings four times with no answer o If you get a busy signal o If a small child answer and doesn’t understand quickly that you want to talk with an adult If you get a wrong or disconnected number, only cross out the phone number. On election day – if the response is “they have voted” cross them off completely.

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