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Official Newsletter of IBM Ring 50 -- The National Capital Ring Volume 63 No. 6 July-August 2009

Children’s convention coming to area

Kapital Kidvention is coming to the backyard for children’s performers
Washington area early next year. The and now it is a reality.
Jan. 27-29 event is being organized by “Kapital Kidvention is going to be a
Louis Meyer, the proprietor of unique convention because not only
ChildTime Magic and current Ring 50 will it cater to magicians but also
president. have classes on balloon art, face
“I love to go to magic conventions,” painting, clowning, and ven-
Louis says. “I really enjoy Kidabra triloquism. No matter what your
because it is designed for children’s field, you will enjoy this convention
entertainers. But I have always wanted to be held in Springfield, Va.” COMEDY WINNER--Hugh Turley won
to have a convention right here in our Louis has contacted some of the the title of Most Humorous Magician at
best performers in their area of the June meeting of Ring 50. Turn to
expertise and invited them to come. pages 4 and 5 for details.
R There will be Ring 50 favorites like
Barry Mitchell and Chris Capehart
but also others such as Julian
Ring 50’s theme
Franklin, Jim Snack, Jolly Roger, will dissect shows
G Tommy Johns, Tim Sonefelt, Arthur The theme for our August meeting
Stead and past Ring 50 president
50 James Munton.
will be “The Anatomy of a Magic Show”
lecture featuring Ring 50’s Magician of
International Brotherhood “And these are just the the Year Dick Christian and Ring 50
of Magicians Ring 50 magicians!” Louis says.
President Louis Meyer. One segment will
The National Capital Ring Steve Kissell will be the emcee of
cover adult performances while the second
the whole event. There will also be
half will deal with kids performances.
President Clown of the Year Bob “Bunky”
Louis Meyer Gretton, face painters from Wolfe This will also be about teaching the basics
(703) 765-1923 Face Art and Design, and Mark of putting together a routine or show. Wade teaching ventriloquism. Also
a late night session is planned with AUGUST MEETING
Vice President
Arnie Fuoco Brad Ross, who lectured at Ring 50 Wednesday, August 5, 2009
(703) 521-6286 last year. HOLIDAY INN There will be an auction, dealer IN ALEXANDRIA
room, and evening jams to show off 2460 Eisenhower Avenue
Secretary & Webmaster participant skills. The registration rate Alexandria, VA
Eric Henning for Ring 50 members is $75 until 6:00 Cocktails
Aug. 5. For details go to the Web
site 6:45 Dinner
Treasurer 8:00 Meeting
Bob Patterson
(703) 490-1222 Lance Burton back on stage IBM Territorial Vice President Jim Lance Burton has signed an Flanigan installed Ring 50 officers in
agreement with the Monte Carlo hotel June. Louis Meyer will continue as
Sergeant-at-Arms and casino in Las Vegas for his magic president for a second term. Treasurer
Tom Paxton Bob Patterson also is back for another
stage show to continue for another
(301) 596-7407 term. New officers are Vice President six years. Burton told The Associated
Press, “I felt like I still had a few more Arnold Fuoco, Secretary Eric Henning
and Sergeant-at-Arms Tom Paxton. Board
Magi-Gram Editor shows in me.” The 49-year-old has
members who also are back for another
Jim Flanigan just returned to the stage after being
term are former Ring 50 presidents
(202) 554-3775 away two months because of a foot Dwight Redman, Don Freedman and injury received while performing. Michael Taggert.
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Coming Events
Lectures at Denny and Lee’s Society of American Magicians
Denny & Lee Magic Studio, 9004 (SAM) Larry West Assembly 23
Yellow Brick Road, Suite H Dates: SAM meets the third
Rosedale, MD 21237. Wednesday of every month. The
summer meetings will be July 15 and
Keith Fields From England Aug. 19.
Over the last 25 years Keith Fields has Theme: All present perform.
worked in about every conceivable Cost: Free to SAM members
performance situation and his lecture Place: National Press Club, 529 14th
reflects his vast experience—stand up, Street NW, Washington, D.C.
Magicians Alliance of Eastern States street magic, close-up, kids, cruises, Contact: Lars Klores, (703) 299-1115
MAES Annual Convention theatres, shows for the troops, trade
Dates: Aug. 20-22 shows.
Place: Embers Convention Center, 1700 Date: Thursday, July 23, 7:30 p.m.
Harrisburg Pike, Carlisle, Pa. Telephone Cost: $20
Cost: Lifetime membership available for Eric Jones--“It’s Not As Hard As It
$15. Fill out a membership application Looks” Workshop
and send to: The guest lecturer will provide a
Joe Curcillo, MAES Secretary sleight-intensive training session
Kapital Kidvention
3964 Lexington Street covering some of his pet effects and “Washington DC’s Convention for Children’s
Harrisburg, PA 17109 techniques for coin and card Entertainers”
Lodging: Convention room rates are $85 conjuring with ranging difficulty. Dates: Jan. 27 starting at 5 p.m. to Jan.
per night. Be sure to mention MAES Date: Saturday, July 25, 3 p.m. 29, 2010
when reserving in order to receive the Cost: $25 (Limited to 15 spots) Where: Washington, D.C.
discounted rate. The cut-off date to Host: ChildTime Magic
make your reservation is Aug. 5. You Eric Jones Lecture on Close-up Magic Cost: Special Ring 50 rate $75 until
can check out the Registration Form and Date: Saturday, July 25, 7p.m. Aug. 5.
pay directly via PayPal links on MAES Cost: $20 Contact: Louis Meyer, (703) 765-1923
convention page.
Convention headliners include Rich Contact: Denny’s at 410-686-3914
Bloch, Eric DeCamps, Rocco Silano, or email Just Clowning Around
Danny Alan, Scott Alexander, Cory of Northern Virginia
Bragar, Trigg Burrage, Doug Gorman, Open House and Prop Swap
Michael Grasso, John Hromada, Francis Date: Sunday, Aug. 9, from 2 to 6 p.m.
Menotti, Ali Shelly, Randi Shine, Jay Barry’s Magic Shop, 5544 Nicholson Cost: Free
Sterling, Doc Swan and Michael Tallon. Lane, Rockville, Md. Place: Little Rocky Run Community
Contact: Lecture by David Solomon Center, 13900 Stonefield Drive, Clifton,
Glenn Gary Parlor Show in an David Solomon’s card
This will be a special afternoon with
intimate 19th century setting magic is performed all
food, friends, and fun. Meet members
Dates: Wednesdays and Fridays over the world.
of JCA and see what they do. Bring a
at 8 p.m. Date: July 12 at 5:30 prop for a prop swap. Join in a balloon
Place: The Westin p.m. jam. Network with other area children’s
City Center Hotel, Cost: $20. Tickets non- entertainers.
1400 M Street NW, refundable. Note: JCA holds its monthly meetings
just off Thomas Visit Barry’s web site the second Thursday of each month
Circle at 14th and M, h t t p : / / at 7:30 p.m. in the Vienna Baptist
in the Fireplace Church, 541 Marshall Road SW, Vienna,
Parlor adjacent to the
Glenn Gary for the latest events. David Solomon VA 22180. Some members meet at the
dining room. Contact: 301/933-0373 or email PanAm Family Restaurant around 6
Cost: Pending available seating day of p.m. for dinner before the meeting.
performance, any IBM member can get Contact: Check out the web at http://
in at a discounted rate of $25 cash at Barry will host 5-day magic summer or
the door. camps at Barry’s Magic Shop for kids Mike Becvar, aka Sir Toony Van Dukes,
Contact: 703-963-0790 or
ages 7+, on July 6-10 and July 20-24. at (703) 327-0701.
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SAM National Convention in Buffalo THE PRESIDENT’S CORNER During the day you could watch
The Society of American Magicians competitions for close-up and stage
We are looking forward to
convention is filled to the brim with magic, performers. Needless to say these
welcoming back everyone to our
fun and even some surprises. It also competitors spend A LOT of time
includes a day trip to Canada for August meeting after our Fourth of
July break. . I hope everyone had a perfecting their eight-minute
sightseeing and a visit to the fantastic routines. It is so interesting to see
Greg Frewin Theatre in Niagara Falls, wonderful holiday. I know I did
because my wife Lynn and I spent performers from all over the world.
where convention participants will see Eric The last three evenings had
DeCamps in his critically acclaimed One it at the IBM convention in
Nashville, Tenn. magic shows in the Grand Ole
Man Magic Show. Opry’s side theater. We saw David
Dates: July 15-18 We had a great time. When we
arrived we were blown away by the and Dania do their costume change
Place: Buffalo, N.Y.
routine, Kyle Eschen offer his
Special Event: Norm Nielsen honored Gaylord Hotel where
Cost: Register on line with credit card or teenage magic, Latimer give his laser
the convention was
Paypal. show routine and that was just the
held. If you ever get
Contact: first show!
a chance to make it
samshop/convreg.asp. More informa- The next evening was the stage
to Nashville, stay
tion at competition show. After the six
there. I can’t really
contenders performed they
describe the place in
announced the winner.
words but I did take
Lastly, there was the Magic of
a video of it and you
the Stars show featuring Steven
can check it out on Louis Meyer
Bargatze, Juliana Chen, Oscar under my name Munoz (very funny) and Shimada.
louismeyer or ChildTime Magic. It So now I am back home after the
was right next door to the Grand Ole 11- hour drive and getting back to
Opry where my wife had an work. I will be joined at our August
opportunity to take a backstage tour. meeting by Dick Christian to present
I have never seen so many magicians a lecture on “An Anatomy of a
perform in just one week! The Magic Show.” Coming up the
evening lectures were fun but it was following month will be a chance to
the performances that really made see some of our members who don’t
this convention terrific. perform often to show their stuff.
SAM Lecture by Al Cohen Louis
The legendary magic dealer will give a
rare lecture sponsored by the Society of
American Magicians - Larry West
Assembly 23..
Date: Sept. 14 at 8 p.m.
Place: The National Press Club, 529 14th
Street NW, 13th Floor, Zenger Room.
Cost: $20. S.A.M Assembly 23 members
in good standing admitted free.
Contact: or
call 202/997-0884.

Ring 50 Schedule
Aug. 5...Anatomy of a Magic Show
featuring Ring 50 Magician of Year Dick
Christian and Ring 50 President Louis
Sept. 2...New performers entertain. This
will give an opportunity for people who
YOUTH GROUP FORMS--Ring 50 members Theo Rushin, Dick Christian and
normally don’t perform and to provide
Louis Hofheimer (upper left) joined Louis Meyer, upper right, helping young
them feedback. people learn magic at an inaugural meeting of Ring 50’s new youth group.
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Comedy acts
bring out best
in funny magic
Hugh Turley, one of the
Washington area’s best known
children’s magic performers, won the
title of “DC Comedy Magician of the
Year ” at Ring 50’s June meeting.
Hugh, who appears as Turley the
Magician, was chosen by the audience
after he appeared in the competition.
He now has the custody of a special
Jester’s Staff for the coming year. He
Bob Carnathan was entangled in a folding chair while also received a cash award.
trying to find a card chosen by an audience assistant. Hugh opened with an appearing
wand, caused his bow tie to multiply
in size and transformed a corsage into a
sunflower. He then invited a young
man to assist him with a sword
through the neck illusion. His act was
mixed with whimsical gags and one liner
Ring 50’s annual contest for the
Winton Carroll Comedy Magician Award
opened with Jim Flanigan and Laurie
Curry appearing as a pair of clowns
named “Flim” and “Flam”. They pulled
a small white rabbit and a six-foot-long
rabbit from their comic hats. They also
produced two long strands of silk from
their head ware as well as a 10-foot-long
straw. They concluded their segment

Dick Christian mixed mentalism and mirth in his segment. (Continued on next page)

Former Ring 50 President Winton Carroll

inspired the Comedy Magician contest. Hugh Turley had a box of Trix up his sleeve.
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(Continued from previous page)

with a funny jumbo card effect using a
sliding card frame.
As the next act started, an old lady
clamored onto the stage, where she was
chased behind the backdrop. Just as
quickly, she emerged as Reggie Rice!
Reggie did a comedy card trick with
volunteers, during which the selection
and a borrowed ring vanished. Reggie
produced some quarters, which were
Louis Meyer introduces his assistant--Chico The Mind Reader. put into a gumball machine to find the
ring and the card. The machine jammed.
Reggie got more laughs from the
struggle with the machine and managed
to win the audience’s heart.
Bob Carnathan offered a card effect
using an audience member as his
assistant. Finding the chosen card
became more progressively difficult--
and hilarious -- as he became entangled
in a folding chair with his hands tied.
Dick Christian closed with comedy
mental magic, in which he maintained
he was “unable” to divine a selected
card picked by a member of the
audience. However, the entire audience
received the card’s identity
Reggie Rice kept his audience assistants in stiches. “telepathically” through a bit of clever
byplay and yelled out the card on cue
to the amazement of the assistant who
had chosen it.
While the audience voting sheets
were tallied, Ring 50 President Louis
Meyer delighted everyone--including a
young lady brought up from the
audience--with his clever monkey Chico
the Mind Reader. The wily monkey was
able to find a chosen card after a bit of
delightful magical byplay.

Jim Flanigan and Laurie Curry played a pair of clowns named Flim and Flam.
BIG CHECK --Magi-Whirl Chairman Michael Taggert (left) presents a check for $3,243 to Kevin Curry of Bishop Ireton
High School for the school’s share of the proceeds from the 2009 Magi-Whirl stage show. Jeff McBride was the star
performer. A nearly sellout crowd watched the production.

Nashville hosts IBM convention

Music City became Magic City as the any of the lectures but I was able to see has the reputation of being an ace
International Brotherhood of the evening shows. I thought the international emcee, moderated the Gold
Magicians went to Nashville for the Thursday night ‘International Stars of Medal Finalist Show at the convention.
IBM’s 81st annual convention. More Magic’ show was one of the best I He was the master of ceremonies for
than 750 magicians from all over the have seen at the last few conventions. Ring 50’s 2008 Magi-Whirl show.
world—including a delegation from It included David and Dania, Jorge “It was a blast!” one convention
Ring 50 – were in Tennessee from June Blass, Yuji Yamamoto, Kyle Eschen, patron declared afterward. “It was like a
30 through July 4. As part of the Latimer and An Ha-Lim. The juggling magic Woodstock.
convention there were three stage antics of Charlie Frye were a great hit “You could not have ask for a better
shows in the Acuff Theater. on the Friday night show.” place than the Opryland Hotel,” he
Ring 50 President Louis Meyer was Jack White was installed as the new added “Everyone commented about
particularly impressed by Japanese president of the IBM. He is a veteran how beautiful the hotel was...If you did
magician Shimada. “What a thrill it journalist who worked for more than 40 not go to the IBM convention this year
was to see Shimada perform live,” Louis years as a reporter for newspapers and you missed a good one.”
said. “He received a very long standing an anchorman for radio and television “IBM was a lot of fun hanging out
ovation afterward.” stations. Throughout his career, he with friends and making new friends,”
Ring 50 Treasurer Bob Patterson, was active in magic clubs and another attendee said. “That is really
who was the convention’s registration presented magic wherever he went. what magic conventions are all about.
chairman, said, “I was unable to attend Washington’s own Rich Bloch, who Plus, the talent was great.”
Jack White

The Gaylord Opryland Hotel was the site for what IBM sponsors
called the“Greatest Annual Magic Convention on Earth”

Rich Bloch

Japan’s Shimada

Shoot Ogawa

Bob Patterson and Rucj Uffelman were among the Ring 50 delegates

Ring 50 member Mano Mandal, left, also

attended the convention. Others were
Louis Meyer, Robert Malinchock and
David and Dania Wayne Spillner.