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what is steam trap, why it is used, what will happen if not used, explain construction, how many types of steam traps are there..?? 2. what is bumping clearnce in air compressor, why it is called so, would it increase with time or decrease, how to adjust it in tandem type, why not adjusted by using metal shims in palm end connection, effects of increased clearance, what was the value og bumping clearnace on ur compressor..? 3. Types of indicator cards, purpose if each, draw all diagrams on single ordinate and absicssa with timing diagram for 2 stroke engine, which diagram suggests error in ir indicator instrument, how to take atmospheric line, what is 90 deg in phase and 90 deg out of phase, draw paower card and draw card at a situation when you are taking card and engine tripped on some mechanical trip? what will be the maximaum pressure you vil get then..? 4. air starting line, safeties on it, start air explosion, what is regulation for bursting disc and flame arrestors? what starting arrengement on auxiliary engines? why not air kick started? what extra precautions to be observed when one cylinder's air starting valve islotaed in main engine..? 5. scavenge fir, reasons, action to be taken when passage thru a narrow seaway, what if major fire takes place, what extinguishing arrangements i had, how to use that? 6.How to cut off a fuel pump ? why not cut off by closing fuel inlet valve to that cylinder..? 7. why 2stroke engines for propulsion and 4stroke engines for power generation..?

-------------------------------------------------type of engine i worked? 2. wat is MC-C ? if C is compact wat is compact? 3. wat is MARK 7? 4. i worked on MAN engine but he asked In R&D engine how cam shaft & crankshaft connected? 5. How will u care L.O of main engine on board? 6. wat r the on board test for lube oil? 7. crank case inpection of main engine?(too much cross que in tat) 8. If crosshead bearing clearance is more can u run the engine in normal load? 4s engine if compression stress acts on connecting rod wat stress acts on connecting rod bolts? 10. wat are all the indicator cards taken? in your point of view which card is to be taken first? 11. if ships use shaft generator on rough weather conditons fluctuation in engine rpm occurs...but for generators we need constant how u will achieve this in shaft gen? drw dig of it? 12. explain abt shaft grounding? why we r having tat? ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Tempeature of Engine cooling water rises , reasons. What is Boiler Blow Down , How do u do it and How do u know that the Blowdown is Finished. What is single pass, Double Pass and Triple Pass Draw It.. What Cooler u had for Piston Cooling. What is it For jacket.Materials for both Tube and Plate Type. Why Plate type for Jacket and Tube Type for Fresh Water. What is Peak Pressure, How do u calculate it. How do u calculate power of engine. Draw Power card. Had earlier used the formula IP = PLAN/60000 he asked where does that 60000 come from and what is that. Thats all I remember in this section. 1. --------------------------------------------------------Tempeature of Engine cooling water rises , reasons. What is Boiler Blow Down , How do u do it and How do u know that the Blowdown is Finished. What is single pass, Double Pass and Triple Pass Draw It.. What Cooler u had for Piston Cooling. What is it For jacket.Materials for both Tube and Plate Type. Why Plate type for Jacket and Tube Type for Fresh Water. What is Peak Pressure, How do u calculate it. How do u calculate power of engine. Draw Power card. Had earlier used the formula IP = PLAN/60000 he asked where does that 60000 come from and what is that. Thats all I remember in this section. ---------------------------------------------------Fn 4b and 6 Dg decarb Removal of con rod Why 2 inlet valves Draw the rocker arm arrangement to operate both the valves simultaneously Why 2 springs Types of HX Which is better? Prepare one plate type HX for cleaning Which fluid will u open first while u bring other cooler in line and the reason for it Draw the boiler How many fin elements were there If some fin elements are leaking the how will u detect it How will u plug it

Full fuel ckt for boiler Why the boiler had rotary cup burner Explain turn down ratio Why at start the air damper after pre purge cycle not closed fully How much was the pre and post purge time. Can u change that and how to find the min amount of purge time(there is no manual) Why there is ignition transformer What is the gap between the electrode of pilot burner Why tis gap is provided and why this gap is small How much flame eye. Draw gear pump and explain working Draw jcw system The line from the expansion tank enter to the suction side or discharge side of the jcw pump and explain the reason for that What is npsh and define it Why turbochargers are not water cooled nowadays During the round one unit of a/e is hot at crankcase door what is the immediate action What was the flooding system and how much discharge it should give Working of the system How will u test the oil valve of the ows Bilge pump not taking suction what are the the line has small holes so air entering the system and suction is lost . how will u determine the leak. -----------------------------------------------fun 4b&6 how a hydraulic exhaust v/v works causes for burning of exhaust v/v scavenge fire in ur watch wat ll u do turbo charger surging wat & reasons crankshaft deflection wat is the reason if deflection is more boiler mountings boiler survey preparation blow down procedure gauge glass blow down procedure referigeration circuit charging of ac compressor -----------------------------fun 4b nd 6 overhauling of centrifugal p/p preparin of settling tk 4 in correct seq. he ws askin abt a ring in centrifugal p/p nt remember d name crankacase inspection whr u check d metal particles (right side ya left side) cyl. hd overhauling nd many more only dis much i remember bombardment of que. checked tar book completely function 4b.. valve time dig of 4 stk.. starting line... safety.. superchaging/ t/c... advt nd dis advt of t/c... electric governor.... operation... c/c inspection../ defection./ checks function 4b n 6 g/glass blowdown crank case inspection, reasons for contamination of oil const. press n pulse type t/c diff. why const press used in main engine. why temp increases in exhaust manifold. cyl l.o n c/case l.o. diff, TBN of m/e clo, why clo not used in 4-s engine reasons for short cycling prfr desludging with dia in centrifugal p/p why disc v/v is shut before starting difference in stresses of 2-s n 4-s con rod what precautions will u take before doing any maintenance on m/e motor 1. Types of bearing in main engine.. Hw lubrication is done 2 how fuel p/p works 3 draw gear pupm n explain 4.TBN differnce of 2stroke n 4 stroke 5. Reversing of engine ------------------------------------------------------draw manuv diagram of MAN B&W engine and explain how reversing takes place draw indicator diagram power card weak spring diagram and explain various faults this dia indicates

draw diagram wen this cards are not properly taken how will u calculate power using this diagram various safety in ref and ac system and draw a plant that ur familiar explain all components how will u refill a ref in the plant and wat safety u will follow how will u remove moister (he was very much concenrd abt the safety of personal and recovery bottle and its use ) crankcase explosion in detail and preventive measures and course of action during an odm alarm FUNC 4 draw manuv diagram of MAN B&W engine and explain how reversing takes place draw indicator diagram power card weak spring diagram and explain various faults this dia indicates draw diagram wen this cards are not properly taken how will u calculate power using this diagram various safety in ref and ac system and draw a plant that ur familiar explain all components how will u refill a ref in the plant and wat safety u will follow how will u remove moister (he was very much concenrd abt the safety of personal and recovery bottle and its use ) crankcase explosion in detail and preventive measures and course of action during an odm alarm -------------------------------------------1)m/e starting air system interlocks? 2)what is reversing interlock? 3)how reversing is done in m/e? 4)draw the fuel cam? 5)piston ring purpose,clearances,how they are taken? 6)why piston ring is coated and what is matl of that? 7)air compr safeties,what is decompression in air compr? 8)draw ref system for meat room and fish room? 9)hp cut out,reason for hp cut out. What is overload rating of the main engine, How much time, an engine can run in overload, What will happen if it continues to run in overload, Indicator cards and how to find faults from indicator cards, 1.draw air starting line....explaine........hat causes air to distributer shut off when run command is given..? drive is provided to air distributter...? 3.draw air starting it is fitted on cyl head? 4.draw propeller shaft. 5.propeller mounting procedere. 6.draw pintle less rudder.. what prevents rudder stock from falling? load of rudder is taken..? ....(i said rudder carrier bearing..he said draw it.) 7.draw liner.... --------------------------------1. Compressors PV diagram? How work done is reduced? Why intercooler? How do you calculate work done? 2. How to blow down boiler? Why to reduce chloride content? What will happen after blow down? Effect of chloride content on boiler? Normal range? How it is decided? 3. Properties of lubricating oil? What is de emulsifying property of oil? Main engine- type of oil? 4. What type of pump for main engine lubricating oil? Why centrifugal pump? What was the pressure discharge of pump and entry into engine? How oil is circulated? 5. How crosshead is lubricated? What type of lubrication? What is the pressure for crosshead lubrication? 6. Explain plate type of heat exchanger? Advantage over shell and tube type? Why drain and air vent is provided on heat exchanger? 7. Why prepurging is done in boiler? What is blowback? --------------------------------------:1)hydrodynamic lubrication vs hydrostatic 2)boiler mountings 3)vit-why it is used? 4)types of turbocharger and 2 adv and disadvantages of each --------------------------------------------------------------1.on which engine you have worked? i told my engine name..then he asked me what do u know about sulzer,rta,mc.. i just told sir il study.. he said u must know about other engines.?. 2.indicator dia? name d card..i told d name then he asked me have u seen light spring card onboard ship..i said no.. 3.which card do u take first?.i said comression card..then he gone asking details about cards.. 4.power balancing? what is use of that? what are the main factor which affect power wil u say engine is not balanced. 5.cyl lubrication..types of lubrication...main fun of cyl l.o.,properties of cyl l.o. what is viscosity index? 6.what do v do to keep m/e l.o. in clean condition. 7.t/c surging,main reasons for it.. i said sudden change in load..then he asked me load increase hone se ya decrease hone se..i said over loading of engine.then detail aboup surging...

8.last question asked me by barik what is function of relay of emergency fire pump? indicator diagram, draw n explain? mep ? hw to calc mep..? hw to calc swept volume?? hw to test flame eye.. draw nd exp working principle,(caught up wit diagram, i jus drwn a photo cell wit a connection he seems not satisfied) gear pump principle? why preferred fr high viscous liquids?(lot f cross questions) venturi effect diagram? wch law? (Boyle's law) (lot f cross questions) y cross head lubrication is nt able to maintained(lot f cross questions) ref sys lp cut out hp cut out reason. testing...(diagram) --------------------------------------------4-tailshaft,manoeuvrings diagram,air starting diagram,reversing interlock,running direction interlock,diff bet indicator card and draw card,role of governor,over speed,in which type of ship stabilizers r used why,why ac compressor is belt driven,lo tests acidity determination Lub oil system draw Why boiler doors elliptical engine specification wat is super long stroke compression ratio piston ring clearances and how to take it? -------------------------------1.manoevuring diagram, in this diagram he ask lot of cross questions. 2.fuel injector diagram, and also same cross questions. --------------------------------------------------------------# what is running direction interlock in ME?? #what is blow back in boiler? #Draw card diagram ( I reffered I.C. engine by wharton, and sketch draw card, he said in wharton it is wrong, i learnt from that book, he said u should use d.k.saniyal for function 4b) he is not satisfied with diagram.. # wear ring in centrifugal pump. #compression ratio ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------fn 4b & 6: stern tube seals arrangement boiler blowback jacket cooling water system a) pH b) why expansion tank and de-aerator are provided m/e sulzer rt-flex what type of injection how injection timing is controlled fuel rail pressure how fuel pumps are actuated how hydraulic tightenin of studs is done Reversing of engine type of camshaft (positive or negative type) don't knw d ans... what is d regulation for air bottles capacity for reversing engine how u calculate the capacity of air bottle?? guys pls ans it.. while giving starting air, in how many cylinders air go in to?? types of crank shaft, construction? what is overlapping period 1. What are the mountings on a Boiler 2. With reference to MAN B&W ME engines: a. List the mountings on the Cylinder Head b. What is the arrangement for relieving the pressure since there is no cylinder relief valve c. Explain how reversing takes place d. What is FIVA valve and explain its operation and significance e. Actions to be taken to cut out a unit with reference to the hydraulic block f. What is the Servo rail pressure supplied to the Cylinder block g. Where is the crank angle sensor fitted and how many are there h. What is the fuel oil consumption per day for your engine 3. What is a stuffing box and explain its construction 4. Is there a relief arrangement in the starting air valve and where is it located 5. What is a starting air line explosion and how does oil accumulate in the starting air line 6. What is a bursting disc with reference to a main air compressor 7. What is the purpose of a thermostatic expansion valve 8. How many piston rings are there in a main engine piston and what is the difference between the rings used 9. What is the purpose of an oil mist detector fitted to the crankcase 2. ----------------------------------Q1.WHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN LOOP AND UNIFLOW SCAVENGING? Q2. DRAW STARTING AIR LINE OF YOUR SHIP AND EXPLAIN THE ROLE OF STARTING LEVER

M/E decarb,A/E safeties,alternator maintenance,overspeed trip simulation,boiler safeties,air compressor safeties. ------------------


type of engine and elaborate.mine was 7rta 84t.. 2.what is rta? 3.what is difference between rnd and rta? 4.what is specific about rta compared to rnd if at all there is some? 5.which type of cooling for piston draw.? crosshead lubrication,at what pressure and how? 6.what is the type of bearing used for crosshead and its shape?.. 7.y it is circular and gets the contour ? 8.which type of fuel pump? will you set opening and termination pressure? 9.what is bunker note its contents? 10.camshaft..reversing..n other shits.. 11.vit..vec..?? will u take over watch on motor ship? 13.under what circumstances u will not take over? will you hand over watch on motor ship? 15. under what circumstances you will not handover?...... 2. --------------------------------------------refr compressor ovrload protection air bottle safeties why is air bottle cylindrical double banking of boiler? why is boiler cylindrical? why is manhole eliptical? purifier working/desludging? steering gear.. meachanism for overload? hw to chck trueness of connecting rod rt flex fuel injection?? wt oil in control system? which engine better sulzer/ man b&w...why? wht mechanism provided on cylinder head to relieve pressure? why not on generator? wht is pinching screw?? where fit? cylinder lubr oper in rtflex?? why two levels in rtflex...but one level in rta and mc intrinsically safe...explosion proof? difference and application constructional diff betn boiler feed pump and circulating pp? -------------------------------------------piston crown inspection crankcase inspection ( wanted the exact routine) purifier working prinicple converting purifier to clarifier gravity disc nomogram details me foundation bolts tightness checkin ----------------------------------1.scavenging ,scavenge valves in SULZER (sketch) ,water separator sketch. 2.what is loop scavenging ? sketch liner in loop scavenging. chain drive is lubricated ,gears in SULZER . 4.safeties in air compressor ,purpose of after cooler ,unloader 5.why main engine doesn't have unloader . 6.ref ac compressor is sweating ,what could be the reasons ? what is superheat ? saturation temperature ? 7.thrust bearing ,purpose ,is it fitted in A/E,purpose there ? ------------------------------------fun4 n 6 Constt pr and pulse turbocharging how will u take butt clearance crankcase inspection... how crank pin fitted to webs.. how the force is transmitted.. difference bet 2 stroke connecting rod n 4 stroke connecting rod.. why liner calibration take in F-A and P-S direction.. difference bet uniflow n loop scavenging. why uniflow is better 1.X-hd lubrication in ur ship? 2.fwg principle and wrking? 3.bumping clearance? 4.tensile,compressive and shear stress? 5.back pr. v/v reason 1. scavange space inspection. 2. clover lifing. 3. how you will decide gravity disc. 4. what is normally throughput of purifier. 5.what u will do to increse throughput w.r.t to gravity disc.

6.timing diagram of 4 -s engine with explanation 7. checks on con. rod. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------types of scavenging purpose of scavenging heat exchangers its types n which is efficient ,plate or tube type n y n how u do maintenance on that fwg n its operation what is cetane no. significance of cetane no. refrigerant charging (liquid) quntity of air supplied in 2 stroke engine n its percentage crosshead brg lubrication least wear down area of liner n y? types of supercharging systems n advantages what is throughput in purifier n what happen in high n low throughput ---------------------------------------------------------------1.what is d diff between 2 stroke and 4 stroke engine.lots of cross questioning.lyk can a 2 stroke engine hav jst a con rod? 2.wich engine is more efficient and why 3. how do u calculate power of main engine 4.draw the shafting system of ur is the force transmitted from the engine to the propeller does gear pump work.he asked in detail as to how the gears ensure water flow from one side only.what is a positive displacement pump. --------------------------------------------------------------1. boiler diag wid ol mountings. 2. refer comp. veg rm not maintaining temp reasons? 3. piston ring clearance why , where , how much, hw to measure 4. thrust pad 5. cetane no. 6. changes on cyl oil in seca area -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------FWG everything purifier principle and lots of cross questions Air comp unloader principle short cycling in ref compr boiler safety alarms method of testing ME lube oil system tell everything wid diag Liner lubrication in 4 stroke wid diag( gudgeaon bearing and con rod lubrication) boiler start up ME engines how is injection contolled (fiva arrangement) length of telescopic pipe can only rem these ---------------------------------------------valve timing diagram of ae......(i dont know which diagram he afterr expalining almost half and hour still says ulta nikala hey.....i dont knoe whats his problem) crankcase inspection of a.e...... bottom end bearing bolt fatigue? hoe will u check it for tighness.....where uu will hammer. volumetric efficiency of compressor? what is priming? what is npsh? principle reciprocating pump? boiler mountings? vent vavle for what purpose....(amazing is he wants only aswer to avoid corrosion so that air doesnot go inside pipeline.. ------------------------------what is slide valve type fuel it it reduces NOx emission what r intelligent engines? camless engines- how it works... draw power card and draw card- show early & late fuel injection...explain it. what all LO samples do you collect in e/r & tell the location to draw each sample what is will u come to know of its occurance....when it can occur.....what action will u take if it occurs during your watch.... what engine u have worked on?(Sulzer 12RTA96C) how does reversing occur in the engine? explain the entire process which occur when u reverse the engine from AHD to AST how does cam take the position for running direction when lever is moved? MAN B&W reversing mechanism and hell lot of cross qs. white metal chemical composition draw the diagram of the arrangement made in the engine bed plate which supports the main bearing..

what helps boiler in giving good atomisation of the fuel oil. advantages of pulse turbocharging system steering room chk prior departure............safty on air reservior...........explain gen temp. is control for meat rm veg room.......sp. gravity of hfo. ----------------------------------------------------Function 4b,6 1. Draw and explain screw pump, 2. draw n explain mechanical seal, 3. draw n explain A/E fuel pump, how is fuel oil prevented from goin into cam case, explainVIT n fuel quantity control, 4. draw n explain steering gear system, How is stock connected, explain complete hydraulic system of S/G, safeties in S/G, Hunting gear, auto isolation system.? 5. explain about purifier, name and explain athe functions of all purifier companents, how is disc stack attached to the spindle, 6. explain ALCAP operation, 7. explain A/E decarb, 8. what all to check in piston and connecting rod during overhauling,different clearances in piston rings,how to check them, 9. main engine lube oil pressure is low.. Wat is ur action as a 4th engg., 10. how to take tappet clearance, values, in what position to take the tappet clearance, how to know the piston position while taking clearance, 11. refrigeration system draw and explain, detailed explanation of TEV, what all causes if TEV malfunctions, 12. draw and explain m/E jacket cooling controller. 13. How to open up the bottom end bearing of a wartsila 4 stroke engine 14. Protections on A/E 15. How M/E is reversed. 16. Explain M/E governor, A/E governor. Differences 17. How Is fuel quatity and timing regulated in RTA engines 18. Main sea water pump overhaul, wat all to check 19. A/E crankcase inspection 20. Thrust block bearing clearance 21. How to open up main bearing of RTA engine 22. How is main bearing secured. hw fuel is regulated choke critical temp of refrigerent cylinder lubrication and lubricator purifier alfa lava alcap indicator dia full lift safety valve safety vv and relief vv General: 1.purifier operation, checks and maintenance. how i wud open it up. how ll i change the belt. 2. incinerator operation and my companies latest policy regarding tat. 3. ows operation he wanted the entire circuit of it. mine was MARINFLOC AB OWS so contens f the chambers and etc. 4. does lube oil hv an expiry date. 5. why cant v use gen oil 4 lifeboat.what was ma lifeboat lube oil. i din no xactly but it was somethin like RIMULA 15............. he asked me wat s 15. i din no 6.checks on battery. 7.operation of VFD where used onboard and indications on panel. 8. reasons for centrifugal pump loosing its efficiency. MOTOR: all related to ME- MAN B&W 7S70ME-C and A/E- STX MAN B&W. 1.lube oil used 4 ur A/E- viscosity n stuff. 2.ME engine general outline of operation. 3.operation of alpha lubricator. 4.operation of HCU- hydraulic cyl unit and FIVA valve. 5. where ol hydraulic oil used on engine n wat oil s it. 6.ME turbocharger dry washing. excess cyl pressure s relieved in ur main engine. 8.A/E coolin fresh water alarm and trip value, Fn 4B and 6: 1. what all maintainances u did onboard?? 2. crankcase inspection will you know that bottom end bearing is worn out .... just by looking at it 4. fresh water generator shell temp high... reason 5. sea water cooler is to be opened ... what all precautions u need to take 6.m/e sump diagram 7.what are all the methods we use to reduce sox and nox onboard ur ship

8.tell the names of all lube oils used onboard 9.what is the cylinder combustion pressure will you set your safety valve pressure??? which setting will b more ur main boiler safety valve or ur economiser safety valve and support ur answer 11.bumping clearance 12.what all safeties u take while overhauling ur purifier and what checks u do on it 13.what arrangement is provided to improve fuel quality in ur ship 14. air starting line explosion safeties . 15.omd working 16.what action u take when u get a omd alarm function 4b 1.draw air starting valve diagram 2.safeties in air starting line 3.diffrence betwenn purifier and clarifier u will convert purifier to clarifier 5.friction pad and ampere importance in purifier u will start air compressor manually without solenoid will u start a centrifugal pump (theoritical method) and gear pump 8.power card and explain 9.VIT 10.TEV trap 12.boiler blow down M/E DECARB -FULL PROCEDURE INCLUDING THE PISTON RING CLEARANCE LINER OVERHAUL M/E G/E LINER REMOVAL PURIFIER WORKING ND OVERHAUL...DIAGRAM SCAVENGE FIRE-CAUSES, PREVENTION, FIRE FIGHTING. CRANKCASE RELIEF DOOR - DIAGRAM....REASON FOR FIRE..PROTECTION ETC STARTING AIR LINE EXPLOSION- EXPLAIN WTH FIRE TRIANGLE.,,,PROTECTIONS PROVIDED. FUEL INECTOR- SULZER RTA FUEL INJECTOR- DIAGRAN FOR DG MAIN STARTING AIR VALVE DIAGRAM HW TO CHANGE PURIFIER TO CLARIFIER SMS AND WMS HW IT REGULATE DESLUDGING ND WATER DISCHARGE CRANKCASE EXPLOSION -FULL PRODURE INCLUDIN BEARING CLEARANCES FOR ALL THE BEARINGS REVERSING IN THE TYPE OF ENGINE U DID FUEL P/P EXPLAIN ALL PARTS ND WORKING...HW TO ADJUST FUEL P/P TIMING...VIT ND FQS. ???? PURPOSE OF GRAVITY ? BOILER WATER TEST TYPES OF HARDNESS ND CAUSES DIFF BTW MILD STEEL ND CAST IRON...WHERE THESE ARE USED ONBOARD FWG PRINCIPLE ND SYSTEM DIAGRAM A/E 1000 HRS, 2000 HRS MAINTENANCE TAPPET CLEARANCE - HOW TO TAKE?? ROTOCAP- ROTATING ARRANGEMENT STEERING- HUNTING GEAR diag ND EXPLAIN TYPE OF S/G ON UR SHIP..... 1- calorific value? 2-boiler water test? 3-generator t/c type and how the initial air supply is given ? 4-draw gen. connecting rod and explain? 5-stuffing box consturction and function? 6-difference btwn gen and m/e crank case oils? (some more questions are there... i dont remember them) 7-engine reversal? how ds the servomotor operate? 2- --------------------------------------------------------------------