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Community diagnosis Poor hygiene of the community people as Health Related problem due to:

Goals / objectives of care Goal: After 2 hours of nursing interventions the community people will be able

Community health nursing intervention Asses the degree of awareness of the community people with regards to the existing problem. Discuss the importance of proper hygiene in their health, the potential health problems that could arise if not properly practiced. Teach the community people on how to perform hygienic measures like hand washing, removing hair infestation, cutting nails, brushing of teeth, etc. Encourage the community people to continue hygienic measures without assistance.


Manpower Student nurse Elected communi ty officers Baranga y officials Commun ity people

Materials - visual aid - puppets - fine comb - tooth brush - nail cutter - pail - basin - dipper - tooth paste - soap - shampoo - towel


Evaluation After the health teachingsabout proper hygiene, the objectives of increasing the awareness of the community is met as evidenced by: Enumerating 4/4 of health problems that will possibly cause spread of infection and identified ways to maintain hygiene. They were able to demonstrate the teachings Shows positive attitude about continuing the intervention. After a week of nursing intervention goals are met as evidenced by: They can still recall and explains the things that were discussed during the seminar. Verbalizes that they takes bath

Subjective: minsankapagyun gmgabatapagnau lanhindinaliligoka simalamig dalawangbesesl ang kami nagtotoothbrushs aumagalangtapo ssagabi as verbalized by the community people.

Inability to maintain a good personal hygiene which is conducive to health maintenance due to inadequate

to gain knowledge in the importance of good personal hygiene.

Objective: Within 1 hour of nursing intervention the community people will be able to: Gain understanding about the importance of proper hygiene in the activities of daily living. Enumerate at least four health problems that will possibly cause


knowledge of importance of

Eating bare hands without hand washing.

personal hygiene.

Walking barefooted. Dirty nails and foul odor. Dental cavities and halitosis.

Hair infestations Water supply 24% owned 76% public

spread of infection. Identify ways on how to maintain hygiene. Demonstrate the health teaching rendered (such as cleaning of ears, using fine comb to remove infestation, etc.) Verbalized willingness to continue hygienic measures without assistance.

every day and brush their teeth 3x a day.

2.3% consult dentist