s i v l E

h t & l e n o l o eC

“Before Elvis, there was nothing.”
John Lennon

Elvis Aaron Presley
died Aug u st 1 977 , age 42

Born in T upelo Mississippi, Jan 1935
Twin brother, Jesse Garon, was still-born

The Presleys moved to Memphis, Tennessee, in 1948

Elvis left school in 1953. worked as a truck driver.25 to make his first record at Sam Phillips’ Memphis Recording Service . Paid $8.

Born in the Netherlands as Andreas Cornelius van Kuijk. .“Colonel” Tom Parker .June 1909 – Jan 1997 Not a real Colonel. Not called Tom.

Parker worked the carnival circuit & managed country music stars in the 1940s .

Parker booked Elvis as a support act in 1954 Became his manager in 1955 .

and called him in June 1954 to fill in for a missing session singer .Sun Owned by Sam Phillips Records in Memphis Phillips’ assistant had heard Elvis’ “record yourself” discs.

Phillips put Presley together with guitarist Scotty Moore and bassist Bill Black. During a break in rehearsals. “That’s All Right” . Elvis improvised an old blues song.

First Radio appearance. 1954 (Louisiana Hayride) .

Parker gets 25% of everything Elvis earns .

000 .1956 Parker negotiates the sale of Elvis’ contract at Sun to RCA for $35.

s singer he dyes his blonde hair black .1956 y ll i b ll i h r o s e lu b & m h t y h r t s o Unlike m g n u o y s k o lo & s d n u o s s i lv E .

including “Hound Dog” . Elvis had an unbroken string of eleven #1 singles.Between 1956 and 1958.

He never plays live outside of North America .

1958 •Elvis is drafted into the army. March 1958 .

•Stays in the Army till 5 March 1960 .

1960s .

instead of starting to perform live again.Films After the army. Elvis went to Hollywood and made 27 (!) films from 1960-68 .

The hits keep coming. and The Stones . The Who. Most of the music pales in comparison to the likes of The Beatles. but Elvis loses his edge.

Parker re-negotiates the management contract – now he gets 50% of everything Elvis earns .

In 1968. Elvis makes his ‘comeback’ television special .

.His 1969 album From Elvis in Memphis was a brief return to form.

Elvis sporadically returned to live performance in the 1970s .

He was underpaid & frequently overweight Parker sold the rights to his pre-1973 recordings to RCA for $5m .

Isolated & increasingly out of touch with reality. his work suffered .

.Though Elvis did tour the US occasionally. Colonel Parker often went for the easy money of booking Elvis in a Las Vegas resort.

Las Vegas Between 1970 and 1977 Presley gave over 800 sold-out performances in Las Vegas — over $40 million worth of tickets .

sleeping pills. barbiturates.Death August 16 1977 That year. .000 hits of amphetamines. tranquilizers. and hormones. narcotics. his personal physician Dr. George Constantine Nichopoulos (usually referred to as "Dr Nick") had prescribed 10. laxatives.

His last single. “Way Down” was in the charts. . and went to #1 after he died.

” John Lennon .“Elvis died when he went into the army.

various interested parties fought over his image rights and name .After his death.

circulate endlessly in our culture . older and younger models.Images of Elvis.

teenage rebellion. and excitement . energy.Young Elvis is associated with youthful exuberance.

Fat Elvis stands for bloated excess. bad management. and unhappy endings . overindulgence.

exploitation. and being worth more dead than alive .Zombie Elvis is a commentary on image.

(Un)Dead Elvis .

Elvis Shrines .

Dead Elvis impersonators .

Elvis Jesus is a commentary on fan worship and pop idolatry .

Elvis Jesus .

In 2009. dead Elvis earned $55 million .

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