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Movie Review

Movie Title: Rurouni Kenshin Players

Takeru Satoh as Himura Kenshin, a former assassin turned wanderer who has made a vow never to kill again. Emi Takei as Kamiya Kaoru, the owner of a Kendo school left to her by her father. Munetaka Aoki as Sagara Sanosuke, a street fighter who befriends Kenshin. Teruyuki Kagawa as Kanryu Takeda, a ruthless businessman bent on controlling organized crime. Yu Aoi as Takani Megumi, a member of a family of healers who was forced by Takeda to make opium. Koji Kikkawa as Udo Jin-e, one of Takeda's men. Gou Ayano as Gein, another of Takeda's men. Genki Sudo as Banjin Inui, another of Takeda's men. Taketo Tanaka as Yahiko Myojin, Kaoru's only student at the dojo. Yosuke Eguchi as Saito Hajime, a former member of the Shinsengumi who now works for the Meiji government. Eiji Okuda as Aritomo Yamagata, a ranking member of the Meiji government and Saito's superior.

Directed by : Keishi tomo Genre : Action

Movie Company : Warner Bros Duration Years : 134 minutes : 2012

Synopsis Kenshin Himura was an assassin for the Imperial side during the war that ended the Shogunate and installed the Meiji government. After killing countless people, he made a vow to never kill again. Ten years later, he finds a home at a failing dojo, only to be caught up in a string of murders related to an opium ring. His commitment to never taking a life is put to the test as the people he's come to care about are threatened by figures from his past. Based on manga story, Keishi tomo is successfully to adapt the story of manga to live action. This movie remember the fans of the manga about the story of Kenshin who was once an assassin in the early of Meiji restoration and Kenshin become a wanderer who defend those who need without killing.

The plot of story is good enough to called the manga based movie . The swordplay in this movie is very good .The sword fighting in this movie is realistic. It can amuse the viewer. Takeru Satoh who plays role as Kenshin Himura is very good actor. He can bring the character kenshin become lively. He show some of the good swordplay in sword fighting scene. All of actor in this movie can play their role very good. Yosuke Eguchi who played Saito Hajime, Koji Kikkawa who played Udo Jin-e, and Munetaka Aoki who played Sagara Sanosuke really took on their characters expressions and movements in the action sequences. This is the good manga based movie. This movie is truly amusing . The true fans of manga of Rurouni kenshin must watch it because it can bring back memories when kenshin back to action in movie.