Missing Letters
Fill in the missing letters using the clues in the box.



Clues: 20 .Name: Scrambled Words Unscramble the words using the clues in the box.

Clues: 21 .Name: Word Soup Find the words in the “Clues” box.

Word Soup ANSWER KEY. 22 .

Clues: 23 . Decode to find the words found in the “Clues” box.Name: Turkey Spy! Each number represents a letter.

Name: Easy Crossword Just fill in the words! 24 .

Name: Connect Words Find the other half of the word. write In blank and connect with a line. tler Clues: 25 .

Name: Word Shapes Use the words in the “Clues” box to fill in the shaped word boxes. t ur key Clues: 26 .

Word Shapes ANSWER KEY. 27 .

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