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The Paradox of Enlightenment

Gan, Chennai
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Contrary to expectations of many, Enlightenment is a very simple thing. Enlightenment is as simple as looking what is in your hand. It is very simple. All the while when a person is groping in the dark, suddenly light is switched on and one sees everything clearly. Enlightenment is as simple as that. An Enlightened person will laugh at his own ignorance he has been grooming all the while, once he comes out of it. What is it like to be Enlightened? The state of Enlightenment is somewhat paradoxical. It is a state of not gaining anything. You psychologically let go of everything. By letting go of everything, you are gaining the most invaluable thing, THE TRUE SELF, which is the fulcrum of everything. Enlightenment is not a state of Bliss. Enlightenment is not a state of Mind. An enlightened person is established in his true nature, THE SELF, as he has transcended the play of the MIND. An enlightened persons mind does not make a big hue and cry like that of an ordinary Individual. The Mind is given only the due respect it deserves. What is so paradoxical about Enlightenment? Enlightenment is a state in which Everything Fascinates You and at the same time Nothing Fascinates you. Enlightenment is the state in which Everything is Important for you, and at the same time Nothing is Important for you. This is highly paradoxical, but this is the Truth. The reason being, we judge everything from the point of view of Mind. An enlightened person has already transcended the Mind. For an enlightened person everything is yet another Fickle. Here Fickle means, Casually Changeable.

What are the Prerequisites for Enlightenment? 1. Open Mindedness to explore the Truth behind existence. You should never be adamant. 2. Sufficient Reasoning and Understanding capacity. Not much of intelligence is required. 3. Willingness to gain Jnana. Jnana means knowledge about the Self. 4. Persistent efforts are required. Persistent practice is not required. What are some false notions about Enlightenment? 1. 'You will always be Blissful' is the greatest false notion about enlightenment. All spiritual practices will entail you some blissful experience. As long as you practice spiritual Exercises, bliss can be experienced. All spiritual experiences are purely temporary. Enlightenment is not an experience. Enlightenment is a thorough understanding and realization about existence. 2. 'You will run away from Worldly life' is the second false notion about Enlightenment. It is absurd to believe that knowing the Truth about existence will drive you out of worldly life. You will always deal worldly situations tactically as you should. 3. 'You will always be smiling and will never get anger' is the Third False notion about Enlightenment. As and when you are in the Mind Dimension, you have to obey its rules. You can't be like a statue always smiling without anger. The enlightened person will also Laugh, Cry, Get Anger, Fear etc. Emotions are neither Good nor Bad. As Body-Mind being Emotions are inevitable for a meaningful living. How it would it be to live after Enlightenment? 1. You use the Mind as a Tool. You don't live in the Mind. 2. Love will be the prime mover of an Enlightened Person. 3. Your Character will sparkle after enlightenment. You will not

entertain Ego, Hate, Evil Mindedness, Jealousy, Backbiting, Grudging, etc. You know that all evil actions directed towards others are so foolish like cutting your own throat with knife. 4.You will not have big interest for Power, Position, Possession and Worldly affairs. You lose the zeal in materialistic life. Such things are pretty much like lolly pops for you. The Enlightened Person has already gained the extra ordinary. 5. You don't fear about Death and Dying. 6. Your actions will be in accordance with the Noblest Principles and Highest order. 7. Silence will be the way of your life as you find profound peace in stillness. 8. The war between the Conscious and Sub Conscious Mind comes to an end and you are in Harmony within yourself. There is no more inner struggle. The sub conscious mind which is Karmic Natured becomes refined. There is no more self contradictions. 9. Living becomes so effortless, as you live in the present rather than the Past and Future. 10. You flow with the river of life without resisting anything like a river navigates the boulders so easily. You Mind becomes pure like a River unlike a Pond which accumulates the Dirt. 11. You enjoy the highest freedom, as you are liberated from all bondage. The newly obtained Liberation in turn purifies all your current and future actions. 12. You still have the 'I' consciousness, but ego and possessiveness vanish. 13. You realize the oneness in existence. 14. People will always enjoy the company of the Enlightened Persons.

What is the difference between Samadhi and Enlightenment? Samadhi is a state in which you are absorbed in a state of deep sleep and there is extra ordinary Bliss in the Samadhi state. Samadhi is rather a big hindrance to attaining Enlightenment. Samadhi is like stopping in the midway without progressing any further and taking permanent rest there itself before the journey is completed. Enlightenment is coming out of the self imposed ignorance and having a thorough understanding about existence. Enlightenment aka Self Realization is the Highest evolution in Mankind. What is the use of Enlightenment? There is no big use of Enlightenment. An Enlightened person has a different approach to the worldly affairs. Unenlightened person enjoy the world more than Enlightened persons. But, they also suffer a lot. An Enlightened person does not enjoy the world much and also does not suffer much. An enlightened person takes everything the way it comes in his life and deals it tactically. Does Enlightenment Reincarnation? guarantee you freedom from

No. Reincarnation itself is a concept. When everybody is the one and the same self, the question of reincarnation becomes redundant. From the Supreme Divine point of view, since everything is the manifestation of the same divine, reincarnation makes little sense. From the individuals point of view reincarnation makes lots of sense. This is highly paradoxical, but inevitable.

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