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Romeo and Juliet (Revised Version) Scene 1 (Final Battle-Les Miserables music playing) -The two servants of Capulet

and Montague are arguing at first (loudly) and then the rest of the background people will argue. Then the killer almost kills the victim, but freezes once they hear the horn. -Royal Horn (tootoroooo!) -The narrator will come out of the left side reading from a long scroll. Narrator: May I have your attention please, according to the royal Prince Escalus, all of the arguing about Capulet Montague shall be put to a stop, all who wishes to disrupt this peace will be sentenced to exile. (plays the horn) -Everyone scatters off, showing Romeo and Benvolio on the left side and Paris and Juliet on the right side. Paris and Juliet are frozen at first. Scene 2 Romeo: (Talks to the audience) Oh my dear Friend, I cannot stop thinking about Rosaline! How her eyes shine when mingled with light and how her hair is always so perfectly smooth.(Looks at Benvolio) I am truly in love my friend. If only she returned my feelings for her. Benvolio: Forget about that girl, Romeo! (Slaps Romeos shoulder) There are hundreds of maidens walking around this very land, even more beautiful and gorgeous! -Sees the servant pinning posters MASQUERADE and stops him/her and grabs the list of attendees. Benvolio: Here! Perfect a masquerade ball! And look, your dear Rosaline is here, you can dance with a beautiful lady and shell see what she has lost. Romeo: I do not know about this Benvolio. Will this truly help me? And this is a Capulet ball, what if there is a chance someone will notice us? Benvolio: All will be well, my friend. Just trust in me. -Romeo and Benvolio freezes. And light shines through Paris and Juliet. Paris: (Walking to Juliet) Oh my dear light, have you considered my offer of eternal love to you? We would be the perfect couple, my dear! Juliet: I am sorry Paris, but I cannot and will not love you. I am too young for you thus making us opposites. I am sorry. Paris: (kneels to Juliet) But you can LEARN to love me, look (pointing to the posters) a masquerade ball! We shall attend and then you shall see that we are perfect for each other. Scene 3: (Masquerade-Phantom of the Opera music playing) -The whole stage is made to look like a ball. -Romeo, Benvolio are on the left side and Juliet and her nurse in the right side. There are people on the background, and 3 pairs of dancers at the front. -After the dance is done, the dancers will move to back. Romeo: I am not sure about this, I have this feeling as if though something wrong will happen. Benvoilo: You worry too much, friend. Just trust me. Mercutio: Look, I think thats your Rosaline now. (sipping a drink)

-FREEZEJuliet: I am nervous for this, what if I cannot fall in love with Paris? How will Father and Mother react? Nurse: Do not fret, Juliet. Everything will be fine in the end. Look I think thats Paris now. -Romeo and Juliet call for Rosaline and Paris but they end up bumping to each other in the center of the stage. -They dance. Romeo: I have never seen brighter eyes than yours. I am truly in love with you. Juliet: I-I-I, I have never felt a greater feeling than this before. Tybalt: HALT! Get those tress passers! Those are Montague! (Runs towards the couple) Mercutio: Best be setting off now mate. Come on! (pulls Romeo off of Juliet) Juliet: Meet me at my garden! Please my love! -Everyone is going crazy and frantically running. Scene 4: -Benvolio,Mercutio and Romeo are seen running from the right side of the stage. Benvolio: Hoo, I thought we were going to have our heads chopped off for everyone to see. Mercutio: I did not think we would make it out alive. -Both laugh. Romeo is seen searching for something far off into the left side of the stage. Romeo: I have to go, my friends. I will see you tomorrow. There is something I must do. I bid farewell. Romeo: Juliet? Juliet? Where for are though? (going to the left side of the stage) Juliet: Oh my dear Romeo, I thought I would never see you alive. (hugs Romeo) *Sings the duet, A Heart full of Love-Les Miserables* Juliet: If only we were able to proclaim our love legally. Romeo: What if we can? (takes Juliets hand and runs to the left side of the stage then freezes) Tybalt: Juliet? I know you are in here, I am sorry for overreacting earlier in the ball (sees the rosepicks it up and crushes it) that damn boy has got her. (freezes) Friar Lawrence: Children! Children! Why are you running in this hour? Do you not know the danger that lurks behind the shadows? Romeo: Friar, it is me- Romeo. We (hold out their arms) need your help. You see, we are very much in love. It is as if we have been waiting for each other after all this time. Juliet: Yes Friar, we love each other very much. And we have a small favor to ask. Romeo: We were thinking if we could get married and you as the Priest. Please do this for me Friar, we are very much in need of your help.

Friar Lawrence thinks of it for awhile. But finally nods. Friar Lawrence: Come, we must hurry before anyone sees us. Scene 4: -Benvolio and Mercutio are seen walking in the center of the stage, but Tybalt hurriedly runs towards them and points his sword at Mercutio. Tybalt: Where in the world is that blasted damn friend of yours?! (shouting) Show him to me or it will be both of your heads on sticks! Benvolio: We do not know what you are talking about, who is this friend you speak so lowly of? Tybalt: You know of whom I am speaking of, show him to me! -Romeo appears at the left side of the stage. Romeo: Here I am, Tybalt! Do not harass my friends any longer! Tybalt: (directs his sword to Romeo) YOU! You are the one who has caused horrendous problems to my family. And for that, you must pay. I order you to duel with me! Romeo: (holds his hands up in the air) I do not wish to duel with you Tybalt, I only wish to properly talk with you about this whole ordeal. Mercutio: Are truly declining to a duel?! I am utterly disgusted with you, step back (draws out sword) I will fight you Tybalt! -Tybalt and Mercutio have a swordfight and Tybalt kills Mercutio. Tybalt stands over Mercutios dead body. Angered, Romeo takes Mercutios sword and kills Tybalt with it. He is shocked at the rush of andrenalin. And immediately runs off leaving a shocked Benvolio. -END OF ACT 1-