2014 LIPE & AAPG Northern Arabia Geoscience Conference and Exhibition

New Frontiers, New Challenges
27 – 29 May 2014 Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand, Beirut, Lebanon

Submission deadline: 30 November 2013


consultants. together with AAPG Middle East we are moving one step further by hosting Lebanon in its Northern Arabia geo-context in order to enlarge the exchange platform provided by LIPE. hearing influential decision makers and executives and networking with other geoscientist from the region and the world. There remains very significant exploration potential in the region stretching from Turkey in the north to Saudi Arabia in the south. the Lebanon International Petroleum Exploration (LIPE) Forum and Exhibition has been a successful event providing a platform for government and industry delegates. Wissam E. Conference organized by: . We invite you to participate in this landmark event and we look forward to meeting you in Beirut. There is a character limit of 2. We do hope that you will grasp this opportunity to be part of the conference by contributing and presenting your work. encompassing conventional and unconventional reserves and in a variety of environments. Lebanon you are invited to participate in the 2014 LIPE & AAPG Northern Arabia Geoscience Conference. Chbat (Ministry of Energy & Water and the Lebanese Petroleum Administration) Fadi H. that we hope you will find appealing. The various LIPE’s managed to display the phenomenal progress that the Lebanese Petroleum Administration achieved for its preparation for the first Lebanon offshore licensing round. whether oral and/or poster online by following the instructions shown online or have questions. Several new discoveries have been announced in the last decade in the northern part of the Arabian region. please contact Vicky Douglas via telephone: +971 4 3724201 or by email: vdouglas@aapg. Since 2011. sharing your knowledge. In 2014. and the Technical Program Committee.Introduction from the Chairmen On behalf of the organizing committee of the 2014 “LIPE & AAPG Northern Arabia Geoscience Conference”. Northern Iraq’s E&P market is currently booming and is witnessing a huge surge in activity. The 2014 LIPE & AAPG Conference and Exhibition will tackle the current trends and challenges in the upstream throughout the Northern Arabian Region.500 characters for the text of your submitted abstract. Exhibition: Parallel to the conference an exhibition will take place at the Hilton Beirut Habtoor Grand. Ministry of Energy and Water and the Lebanese Petroleum Administration and Fadi Nader. Nader (IFP Energy nouvelles) From the Conference Organizers: Under the leadership of Conference Co-Chairmen Wissam Chbat. IFP Energy nouvelles. Please submit all abstracts. Northern Saudi Arabia and Iraq. This conference will therefore be a forum for geoscience discussion from Lebanon and other countries such as Syria. Known resources and potential remaining undiscovered hydrocarbons in this region represent a’ game-changer’ in the global oil and gas markets. the American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) and the Ministry of Energy and Water. The organizing committee has outlined an excellent program for the conference with a comprehensive list of topics. Submittal Instructions: All abstracts are to be submitted under a technical category.org. Jordan. we cordially invite you to join us in Beirut for this special conference and exhibition dedicated to geoscience in Northern Arabia and Lebanon. The deadline for abstract submission is 30 November 2013. A diverse collection of products. and academic researchers. services and techniques will be on display.

New Play Concepts in Exploration • New Exploration Concepts •  New Discoveries in Northern Arabia and the Levant Region •  Stratigraphic and Unconventional Plays in Northern Arabia and the Levant Region 3. Microseismic. • • • • Unconventional Resources in Northern Arabia Tight Gas Reservoirs Heavy Oil Oil Shale Shale Gas 9. • • • • • Levant and Red Sea Exploration New Plays. PermoTriassic Kurrachine. EOR etc) • Integrated Technologies •  Accelerating the Transfer from R&D to Production • Technologies for Unconventionals 6. • • • • • • • Reservoir Studies in Northern Arabia Reservoir Characterization and Modeling Geostatistical Methods Process-based Modeling of Reservoir  Heterogeneities Reservoir Quality Prediction Upscaling Methods Fluid Identifications Case Studies 11.) • Production from Fractured Reservoirs • Production from intra-salt reservoirs 12. Underbalanced Drilling etc.  Risk and Uncertainty Management in Exploration • Risk and Uncertainty Modeling • History Matching • Managing HP/HT Reservoirs • Case Studies • Petroleum Economics 4.org .  HR Challenges for the Future 8.  Regional Geology and Resource Potential of Northern Arabia •  Geodynamics. Leads and Prospects Petroleum Systems from Source to Traps Source Rocks Analogue Reservoirs Trap Mechanisms and Timing 10. Seals.g.  Traps. Innovative Technologies •  New Techniques (Modeling.  Geoscience Challenges in Lebanon and Northern Arabia • Partnerships with Academia •  National Research Centers and Public Institutions • Towards Regional R&D Projects • Environment and Safety 5. Drilling and Production Challenges • Deep Offshore Drilling and Production •  Onshore Operations (Water Constraint Environments.Call for Abstracts Technical Categories 1. Jurassic Plays. Late Ordovician Glacial Sediments) • Basin Analyses 7. Faults and Fracture Networks • Constraining Timing of Traps • Trap and Seal Integrity •  Trap Geometries and Fractures Characterization Petroleum Industry •  Talent Crisis and Recruitment Strategies • Improvement of Developing Staff • Global Competition for Talent • Increasing Female Staff Submission deadline: 30 November 2013 middleeast.  Case Studies and Integrated Geophysical and Geological Techniques • Subsalt Seismic Imaging •  New Technologies in Seismic Processing and Modeling • Multi-Component Seismic • Passive Seismic • Non Seismic Methods 2. Downhole Logging.aapg. Tectonic studies and Impact on Resources •  Sequence Stratigraphy and Regional Correlations • Depositional Systems •  Petroleum Systems (e. 3D and 4D Seismic.

2014 LIPE Committees Technical Program Committee Co-Chairman Wissam Chbat Ministry of Energy & Water and the Lebanese Petroleum Administration Co-Chairman Fadi Nader IFP Energies nouvelles Sa’id Al Hajri AAPG Middle East President (2013-2015) Lucient Montadert Beicip-Franlab Ali Hauwaj Dragon Oil Les Morrison EMGS Waleed Nasr Lebanese Petroleum Administration Per Helge PGS Anton Koopman Shell Ahmed Safa El-Nakkadi Schlumberger Ziad Jeha Schlumberger Simon Haddad Total .

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