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Minutesof ProtemCommitteeMeetingfor the 33rd Installation& AwardsBanquet Date Time Venue : 6TH December2011 : 9:30pm. : TanahmasHotel, Sibu.

(refer to attachedattendancelist)


No. 1.

Subject/ Remarks


MeetingCall To Order The Meeting was called to order by Mr. JC KiingTeckHo Chairperson at 9:30pm Recitationof JCI Creed The BOD recited the JCI Creed in unison Appointmentof RecordingSecretary JC Grace Lo was Recording Secretary.


All committeemember




the Proposal:JC LindaLing

Seconder:JCDaniel Iing


OpeningRemarksby Chairperson Mr. Chairman, JC Kiing Teck welcomed all members attended Meeting. Appointmentof PortfolioOfficers:-

Ho JC KiingTeckHo this


All committeemembers

It was unanimously agreed that the following has been appointed to the various portfolio of the 33 rd Installation & Awards Luncheon 2012 organising committee:-

6.1 6.2 6.3 6.4 6.5 6. 6 6.7 6.8

DeputyOrganisingChairman:JC Daniel Iing Record& RecognitionChairman: JC Sii HuoChai OrganisingSecretary : JC GraceLo OrganisingTreasurer : JC Lu TingSiang SouvenirMagazineEditor : GlidenLau PublicRelations:JCI SenatorRalikrishannWong Masterof Ceremony : (will be appointedby OC) Programme& Entertainment : JC AliceTieu

6.9 Ticketing:RosliaLing 6.10 Facilities, Venue& Beverages : JC HenrySii 6.11 Protocol& Installation : JCI RalikrishannWong 6.12 LuckyDraws& Souvenir : JC LimSiewKee 6.13 Photographer : JC Qooway 6.14 Transportation : JC LingYingHong JCI SenatorLee Siang Chee 6.15 Reception : JC AliceTieu 6.16 ProofReader: passpresidents 6.17 Advertisment:(refer to magazineeditor) 6.18 Courtesycall: JCI SenatorLingHowKang Mandategivento OrganisingChairpersonto appointthe JJ.


Endorsement: 7.1 Date, Time& Venueof 31st InstallationCumAwardsBanquet 7.1.1 The 33rd Installation Cum Awards Luncheon was fixed on 26th February 2012 (Sunday) at Paramount All committeemembers Hotel , Sibu at 12.30 pm. Quotation for hotel will be Seconded:Lu TingSiang made. . 7.2. Budgetfor the 33rd InstallationCumAwardsLuncheon 7.2.1 Refer Appendix A attached. 7.3. ProgramandEntertainment 7.3.1 Refer Appendix B attached. 7.4. Guestsof Honour,Patronsand Sponsorship 7.4.1. It was unanimously decided in the meeting that YB Wong Soon Koh to be our Guest of Honour. Former Suggested:WongTeckYii presidents and private companies will be the sponsor.
Seconded:LindaLing Proposal: LindaLing Seconded:RalikrishnannWong

7.5. Numberof Tablesand PriceTicket 7.5.1 It was unanimously decided in the meeting that our chapter to book for 15. tables and the ticket price at All committeemembers RM 50 each. 7.6 FreeSeatsFor Past President& OtherGuests

7.6.1 Expected Free Tables: Sponsors (10) Area Sarawak Team (10) JCI Seduan Past Presidents (20) JCI Seduan Board of Directors (10) National BOD (10) JCI Mandarin Sibu (10) JCI Mandarin Repok (10) JCI Sibu (10) JCI Sarikei ( to be confirm) JCI Kuching, Damai, Miri, Lutong (10) Yingko + Intan+ Reporter (20) Other NGO (Toastmaster +Lion+ Rakan muda) (10) JCI Junior and JCI Youth (20) 7.6.2 It was unanimously agreed that free seat for President of each LOMS.
All committeemembers

7.7 AdvertisementForm,Charges& Incentives 7.7.1 It was unanimously agreed that the advertisement charges as per the form attached. (Refer to Appendix C)
All committeemembers

7.7.2 It was unanimously agreed that Incentive for securing the advertisement will be as follows:RM1 RM1000 RM1001 RM2000 RM2001 and above With the condition that: No incentive shall be applied to group fund securing; Fund shall be utilized within JCI movement by end of 2012; No cash reimbursement or withdrawal. Deadline for collecting all the messages and advertisements fixed at 15 January 2012 10% 15% 20%

7.8 SouveniorMagazine 7.8.1 It was unanimously agreed that the Souvenior magazine will be tentatively confirmed 150 books.
All committeemembers

7.9 CourtesyCall 7.9.1 JCI Sen. Ling How Kang will make appointment and inform us the date to visit our Guests of Honour, YB Wong Soon Koh. All committeemembers 8. Date, Time& Venuefor the 1st OrganisingCommitteeMeeting 8.1. The 1st Organising Committee was fixed on 4 th of January, 2012 at 7.30pm @ the presidents office
All committeemembers


Announcement 9.1 It was unanimously agreed the rehearsal date is All committeemembers tentatively fixed at 7.30pm on 22nd of February, 2012. Adjournment The meeting was adjourned at 10.19pm.


Recorded by:

Confirmed by:

_____________ JC Grace Lo Recording Secretary

_______________ JC Kiing Teck Ho Organising Chairman