21 World Petroleum Congress

Moscow, 15-19 June 2014
Responsibly Energising a Growing World


Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC
BLOCK 1: Exploration and Production Forums
F01 - New opportunities in old fields
This session will illustrate successes and challenges of mature fields. Hydrocarbons recovery from old fields represents enormous challenges. When the oil recovery ratio of all the existing fields is increased by 1%, the oil supply is extended by more than two years of production worldwide. This session aims to describe all the innovative technologies and approaches that give new opportunities in old fields. This includes technologies such as IOR (Improved Oil Recovery), EOR (Enhanced Oil Recovery), which can also be used on recent producing fields, as well as new ways available to redevelop mature fields: new reservoir models, new drilling technologies and new surface facilities for instance. Investments in old fields, to provide new production and cash flow, certainly constitute a solution to the current world energy growing demand. Forum Chair: Mr. Robert Howard, General Manager - Reservoir Management, Chevron Upstream and Gas, USA Mr. He Liu, Vice General Engineer, Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development, CNPC, China Mr. Ravil Ibatullin, Director, TatNIPINeft Institute, Russian Federation

Vice Chairs:

F02 - Exploration and Production in the Arctic
The Arctic region is one of the last remaining frontiers for E&P. Covering a large area under ice and mid-ocean conditions, access to geoscience & engineering data, knowledge, expertise and technology are critical for taking on the economic and technical challenges facing the industry. Innovative solutions requiring large investments, sound regulations and prudent environmental protection will be necessary to develop the Arctic resources. Building on exploration and production activities in offshore Arctic territories, established research programs, new concepts for development design, production and transportation are key topics addressed in this forum. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. Nicholas Alan Maiden, SVP Exploration, Statoil, Norway Mr. Lloyd Visser, Vice President of Environment and Sustainable Development, CONOCO Philips, Canada Mr. Vasily Bogoyavlensky, Corresponding Member and Deputy Director of the Oil and Gas Institute, Russian Academy of Science, Russian Federation

F03 - Deep water exploration and production
Fossil fuels will remain as the world's major supply of energy in the future. The growing demand of energy requires increasing production by continuous discovery of new hydrocarbon fields, production at even greater water depths, more over pressured, more hostile environments, and reservoirs buried at great depths. Access to knowledge, technology and expertise with project excellence and operational integrity, have enabled the industry to pioneer exploration and production techniques in some of the most difficult environments, including deep and ultra-deep water depths. In addition, development of satellite reservoirs tied to very distant processing unit, while coping with

Global Technical Marketing. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC the difficulties of more and more viscous oil are part of the technology challenges experienced and still has to be faced by the industry. Assistant Director. including exploration. Panos Kelamis. Gavin Wall. France Dr. Saudi Arabia . John Wright. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. This forum will address innovations from the outcrops to assets.New technologies for geosciences The industry continues to generate opportunities via technological innovations to enhance its success in locating. Saudi Aramco. Catherine MacGregor.Unconventional oil and gas exploration and production New technologies are needed across the entire range of E&P activities. Schlumberger Wireline. Senior Petroleum Geophysicist. Director . President.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. Vice President Geoscience. USA Vice Chairs: F05 . positively impact development effectiveness and improve operational reliability and integrity. Department of Petroleum Resources. This session will address the broad range of technologies employed to responsibly explore for. Technology continues to expand and extend the possibilities . Glenda Wylie. President and Chief Executive Officer. where some of the most recent giant discoveries will continue to be made. AGH-University of Science & Technology. Brazil Mr. Geophysics R&D. Emmanuel Bekee. Louis Bon. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. Jerzy Stopa. It has given us the ability to supply energy from resources once considered impossible to access. Canada Prof. Lightstream Resources. Vice Chairman of Petroleum Engineering Chair. USA Dr. Forum Chair: Mr. Chief Technologist.at it's very best it is a game changer. João Figueira. Nigeria F04 . Halliburton. ranging from exploring hydrocarbons more effectively and to developing new options. Technology is a key driver in our industry's ability to meet increasing demand. Integrated solutions and E&P innovations continue to make the deep water a viable prospect globally. France Mr. stimulation and responsible use of water resources. Poland Mrs. characterization. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mrs. Technology allows us to maximize recovery of hydrocarbons. extracting and transporting oil and gas supplies to meet global demand. Operations Division Vice President. TOTAL. PETROBRAS. characterize. The challenge is to develop cost-effective technologies that reduce the environmental footprint of their utilization and tackle such issues as seismic advances to image in complex geological and environmental conditions. and produce unconventional resources.

sub-salt.Commercial & Finance. BG Group plc. Exploration Manager. Forum Chair: Mr. Yijin Zeng. Research Center. carbonate reservoirs with highly heterogeneous reservoir quality. Jason Canning. Netherlands Prof.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC F06 .Advanced drilling and production technologies Advances in drilling and production technologies have increased the upper limit of ultimate recoverable resources from both new and mature fields. Denmark Dr. Hossein Roshandel. Reservoir Management. and reservoirs with fresh water aquifers amongst others. Saudi Aramco. This session covers the full spectrum of drilling and production technologies. Modern technologies should be adapted to each of them to find the respective solutions individually. (JAPEX). a better understanding of the processes in the reservoir can provide ideas of efficient water management and early application of secondary tertiary production methods. Rafael Tenreyro-Perez. Kazuhiko Tezuka. Japan Petroleum Exploration Co. high temperature and sour gas fields.Challenges in complex geological environments Recently more and more new discoveries have found oil and gas in very complex geological environments. Feeding back the surveillance data to the static and dynamic models for resolution of them is / can be improved. Ltd. Dana Oil and Gas Company. Waleed Mulhim. Chief Executive Officer. General solutions do not exist. Lance Cook. Managing Director. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. This will add to the prolongation of the life cycle of the production or even to identification of upsides. Cubapetroleo. igneous and metamorphic rocks with poorly predictable fracture systems. China Mr. Kevin Neveu. Challenging environments have required development of technologies to access resources in deeper water. Chief Operating officer. Morten Aagensen. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Dr. Vice-President. Iran F07 . Cuba Mr. Saudi Arabia Mr. heavily folded zones with steeply dipping layers. Great Wall Drilling CompanyShell JV. Head of Geology. high pressure. SINOPEC Research Institute of Petroleum Engineering. Senior Manager of Development and Engineering Laboratory. UK Mr.Integrated reservoir management and surveillance The surveillance of the reservoirs is a tool of controlling the validity of the static models (“geofantasy”). Technical Division . Manager. Additionally. Japan . Canada Vice Chairs: F08 . Senior Director. China. DONG E&P . such as sub-salt layers. Precision Drilling Corporation.

BPK Chair: Best Practice Keynote Speakers: Mr. ExxonMobil Development Company. Martin Bachmann. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC Best Practice Keynote Sessions BPK1 . integrated and complex projects in the deep waters.Exploration and Development. USA Mr. France Mr. Arctic appears now to have quite large hydrocarbons resources with new technical. Vice President Engineering. In subsurface modern acquisition and processing. BPK Chair: Mr. Shell. This session aims to describe the best practices in the management of such deep water or Arctic mega projects. presence of ice bergs…) and a very sensitive Arctic environment constitute new difficulties for the oil and gas industry. subsea oil / gas separation…). In the recent past. strong winds. Paulo Costacurta. visualization technologies matched to direct surface observations (mapping) and subsurface core analyses help to generate more reliable static models. Total. Innovative technologies have made these projects possible (giant FPSOs.Best practice for managing E&P risks The key issue in enhancing the attractivity of E&P projects for investors is to demonstrate that we are able to assess.e. Senior Vice President Development. Brazil Mr. Vice-President Middle East / Russia. marketing. Germany Ms. Netherlands Best Practice Keynote Speakers: BPK2 . Michel Hourcard. mitigate and control the risk elements inherent in these.Management of Arctic and deep water mega projects The oil and gas industry generates mega projects. Lee Tillman. completion and processing technologies help achieve an early development of the fields. E&P Strategy & Portfolio General Manager. Other risks i. Neil Gilmour. General Manager FLNG. political and legal risks also have to be considered. but also the human resources or HSE challenges for instance. we have seen such very large. economic. E&P . ExxonMobil Production Company. Kathy Pepper. Extreme weather conditions (very low temperatures. This includes not only the technical aspects. PETROBRAS. USA . logistical or environmental challenges. Wintershall Holding GmbH . Member of the Board. Up-to-date drilling. from the discovery till the first oil.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. financial.

Sara Ostwein. Exploration. Brazil Mr.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. CEO. France Mr Svein Ilebekk. SA. In the future. General Manager. Global Leader Energy Practice. Meeting this rising demand will require us to develop many challenging resources and we will need to pursue all commercially viable energy sources. Many of these potential resources will be in harsh and remote locations or come from unconventional resources such as shale gas and oil sands as well as enhanced recovery of existing conventional fields. UK Mr.Where should we look for new resources? The oil and gas industry is responsible to deliver the new supplies of energy in a safe. Shell Upstream International. What new technologies are needed to enable safe and responsible exploration and production from these new frontiers? How do we engage with the local communities to respect and address their current concerns and priorities from the earliest stages of exploration through to production and abandonment? Moderator: Panel Panel Mr. Chevron Corporation. Deputy Chief Executive. How can we profitably and responsibly expedite all phases of exploration and production so as to minimize the time between acreage acquisition and first oil? Risks to be addressed include adequate assessment of recoverable hydrocarbons to appropriately scale facilities and ensure that precautions and procedures are in place to safeguard the environment. Jeferson Luiz Dias. Miguel Moyano. cum Laude Iván Marten. secure and environmentally responsible way to meet global demand. This will take the ingenuity of our people and continued advancements in technology. the search for new resources will continue to require more efficient exploration and production technologies. Barra Energia do Brasil Petróleo e Gás Ltda. Moderator: Panel: Panel: Panel: Dr. CEO Agora Oil & Gas (Cairn). Sustainability Director. United States Mr. Saudi Aramco. Didier Holleaux. Jay Pryor. Mike Watts. PETROBRAS. Norway Dr. Vice-President of Exploration. Business Development. Simon Durkin. United States Dr. Spain Ms. The Boston Consulting Group Inc.How should we optimise cycle time from exploration to production? Haste can lead to waste and unintended consequences. GDF SUEZ Exploration & Production Int. Saudi Arabia . Cairn Energy. Russian Federation Mr. President.What do we need for new geographic frontiers? When E&P operations commence in new areas. David Martin. Misfir Azzahrani. Salym Petroleum Development. Netherlands RT03 . ARPEL. Exploration. Brazil RT02 . Cesar Cainelli. Uruguay Mr. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC Round Tables RT01 . CEO. care must be taken to protect both the environment and local communities. Moderator: Panel Panel Panel Panel Dr. ExxonMobil Upstream Research Company. rejuvenate old ideas and move to new frontiers at a continuously increasing pace. Vice President.

Partner. Dirk Demuth. Vice President Downstream Technologies. Germany F11 . CEO. Pertinent examples are: CO2 recovery. Transportation and Petrochemistry Forums F09 . recent developments in catalytic refining processes (deep hydrotreating. Director (Refineries). Professor.g. Rainer Albert Rakoczy. Nexen.Reducing the carbon footprint of fuels and petrochemicals Techniques will be discussed which allow for the reduction of CO2 emissions during the production and / or consumption of fuels and petrochemicals. India Dr. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Prof. Clariant SE. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Prof. Global Product Manager Fuel Upgrading Catalysis. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC BLOCK 2: Refining. the synthesis of dimethyl carbonate from bio-based feedstocks (e. Netherlands Mr. Luiz Augusto Horta Nogueira. Universidade Federal de Itajubá. Moreover. Japan Dr. in particular the synthesis of bio alcohols (bio ethanol and bio butanol) from different feedstocks. Avelino Corma. Germany F10 .. Clean Energy Lead. the production of biodiesel via esterification of fatty acids or via their co-processing. JX Nippon Oil & Energy Corporation. Central Technical Research Laboratory.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. BASF SE. Professor. Topics will include catalytic conversion of heavier refinery feedstocks (high sulphur and nitrogen contents). possibilities to directly use crude oil as feedstock for FCC and novel processes for isobutane / alkene alkylation on solid acid catalysts. from methanol and CO2) will be addressed in this forum. Executive Officer. Heterogeneous Catalysis Research. Senior Vice President. Canada Dr. Jinichi Igarashi.Innovative catalytic processes for hydrocarbon conversion This forum will discuss catalytic solutions to improve feedstock and/or product flexibility. Wishart Robson. Raj Kumar Ghosh. ITQ Valencia (Spain).Technologies of biofuels production Current and improved technologies for the production of biofuels will be discussed. General Manager. Brazil Mr. Also. Roelof Heezen. Netherlands Ms. Melissa Stark. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd. fluid catalytic cracking (FCC)). efficient hydrogen production and the catalytic valorisation of CO2. Shell Projects & Technology. cogeneration of electricity. UK . Accenture. the flexibility between gasoline and diesel production and the increase of light alkene yields from FCC will also be topics covered in this forum.

terminals and maritime transportation companies that operate in the logistics of oil. Russian Federation Best Practice Keynote Sessions BPK3 . IFP Training. the catalytic dehydrogenation of. Examples are the catalytic 5 conversion of C3 and C4 alkanes to aromatic hydrocarbons. reliability and risk analysis. Anton Maximov. Distribution. Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis. as well as assuring safety and reliability. Manager. procedures. Saudi Aramco. automation. maintenance and rehabilitation. inspection techniques. Japan Dr. Refining and Marketing Executive Director. GIS and mapping. Mohammaed Gahtani. This industrial segment is of extreme relevance in guaranteeing the competitiveness of the oil and gas industry. Croatia Dr. Bela Kelemen. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. Yasuo Hosono. Successful examples for prudent operation of a refinery will be presented and the ways to their implementation described. France . Russian Fedeartion Mr. Deputy Director. processes and methods employed by pipeline. INA R&M. GM Technology Development Unit. environment and operational safety. OMV RM GmbH.Ensuring prudent operations in refineries It is essential that modern and environmentally acceptable refineries are operated in a safe and efficient manner. Russian Academy of Sciences. Refining and Marketing Senior Vice President. The immense transportation infrastructure developed along the years needs to be maintained and expanded in order to allow oil and gas to flow from the well to the end users.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. propane to propylene or the alkylation of aromatics with ethane / propane. Austria Mr. as well as terminals and storage systems and the interface pipeline/terminal and tanker/terminal. for example. Peter Seifried. Chief Executive Officer. Jean-Luc Karnik. Head of Asset Development Tankfarms & Pipelines. Refining and Marketing. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Dr. corrosion prevention. Germany Mr. supervisory systems and measurement. including disaster management plans. construction. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC F12 .D. Shell Deutschland Oil GmbH.Valorisation of Natural Gas Liquids (NGLs) Short chain alkanes derived from natural gas liquids (NGLs) can be an abundant source for the production of fuels and petrochemical basic products. natural gas and by-products transportation. assembly and materials. Chiyoda Corporation. Hungary DI Peter Illyes. Kirishineftegeoservice. Saudi Arabia F13 . This Forum will provide an opportunity for delegates to learn and share innovative experiences and best practice in the areas of design. Artur Thernesz. BPK Chair: Best Practice Keynote Speakers: Mr. subsea pipelines. CEO. G Zalishchevskiy. structural integrity.Oil and products pipeline transportation and storage The Forum will discuss state-of-the-art technology. Ph.

Russian Academy of Sciences. low temperature flow properties). Robert B. BP Europa SE GFT. blending and storage of oil and oil products An integral part of any production and use of oil and / or products is their efficient and safe transportation and / or storage. Ian Anderson. BPK Chair: Best Practice Keynote Speakers: Mr. Moderator: Dr. Socar. PETROBRAS.g. Spain RT05 . Director of Ethanol Ventures. UK Dr.g. United States Mr. Storey. Desmond King.Sustainability of biofuels from different feedstocks Biofuels are produced from different sources e. President. Logistics Planning General Manager.Optimising transportation. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC BPK4 . Nello Uccelletti. France Mr. BP Technology Manager Europe. In future cellulose or lignin may add to this feedstock spectrum. Chevron Technology Ventures. Mark Tsodikov. Russian Federation Panel Panel Panel . Moderator: Panel Panel Mr. Head of Laboratory. Turkey. Jaime Berbes. President. lubricants) to meet local specifications. Peter Sauermann. Senior Vice-Président. Canada Dr. corn and fatty acids. These complex interrelations will be dealt with in this session. Sometimes these differences in specifications are driven by political interests (e. The influence of these factors on modernising/revamping refineries will be discussed by experts from different parts of the world.Influence of local product specifications on refinery modernisation In different locations around the world refineries produce products (e. fuels. Renowned experts in the field will discuss the sustainability of biofuels from different feedstocks and also in comparison to the sustainability of fuels produced from fossil resources. Director Technology.g. Moscow Oil Refinery.g. Carlos Felipe Guimarães Lodi. Institute of Petrochemical Synthesis. Vladimir Galkin. Germany Mr. Technip. CEPSA. Kinder Morgan Canada. Moreover. Managing Director. Brazil Mr. sugar cane.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. Onshore. Petrobras Biofuels. the sulphur content of transportation fuels and heating oils) or by the technical requirements (e. Ricardo Castello Branco. Brazil Dr. blending of several product streams is often required in order to obtain marketable products. Russian Federation Round Tables RT04 .

PetroChina Foreign Cooperation Administration Department. Fayez Sharef. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mrs. LNG. Moderator: Panel: Panel: Panel: Mr. Transportation and Markets Forums F14 . Panel members will throw light on the different directions and the pros and cons of this issue. This forum will describe both the supply and demand aspects of the growing use of gas in the world’s fossil fuel supply. The jury is still out on how quickly new technologies can be applied to other regions of the world (eg Europe. Director of the National Energy Security Fund. OMV RM GmbH. Vice President Gas Technologies.supply and demand World energy demand is being increasingly supplied from natural gas transported in liquid form. CBM. France Mr. Adviser. Marjan Van Loon. Elena Fedorova. Mehmet Ehmet Ogutcu. Technology & Engineering Division. Chemicals. Saudi Arabia Mr. Grigoriy Patashnikov. CEO. GTL. Patrick Pouyanne. Fellow. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. including small scale CNG and LNG. Professor. China Mr. Total Raffinage Chimie. Hydrates .Challenges for integrating refinery and petrochemical complexes This session will deal with synergies between a refinery and a petrochemical plant in order to optimise feedstock utilisation of common investments. Manager. Shell Projects and Technology. Austria Dr. Netherlands Dr. Moritaka Nakamura. floating LNG. has transformed the North American natural gas market and depressed prices to levels not seen for decades. Cunzhang Yan.Impact of the growing unconventional gas supply The growing supply of unconventional gas. BTL. Asia. Russia Mr. SIBUR. CTL. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.New developments and future growth in CNG. The growth in unconventional gas supply promises to have a major impact on extending the life of fossil fuel resources around the world and the forum will discuss the challenges associated with new supplies of unconventional gas. Global Resources Corporation (UK). Turkey Dr. Japan F15 . 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC RT06 . Chiyoda Corporation. Head of Petrochemicals. South America) and the supply response that can be expected. Konstantin Simonov. President.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. Russian Federation . President Refining & Chemicals Member of the Executive Committee. particularly shale gas and CBM. Udo Besser. Russian Federation BLOCK 3: Natural Gas Processing. substituted for oil based liquid fuels and used in applications where major pipeline infrastructure is not in place.

Dinesh K. Schlumberger Brazil Research & Geoengineering Center.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. Thilo Wieland. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. The landlocked natural gas producing countries are obliged to look at the possibilities to arrange for pipeline connections. China Dr. Vice President. North Drilling Company. RIPED-Langfang. Russ Girling. President. Vice President. India Mr.New developments in long distance transportation of gas: pipelines. TransCanada Corporation. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd.M. For the next decade Asia will be the place for a growing gas supply and demand business. Canada Mr. Manager. Adnan Kanaan. USA Best Practice Keynote Sessions BPK5 . Iran . It is predicted that gas demand will increase more in Asia than any other regions of the world. President and Chief Executive Officer. Chevron Gas & Midstream. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC F16 . Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. Sinha. So supply and demand should be integrated to formulate a secure business chain.. Wintershall Holding GmbH. Gas Reservoir Management.Best practice in hydraulic fracturing The growing supply of natural gas from unconventional sources such as tight gas and shale gas has been facilitated by the application of sophisticated hydraulic fracturing technologies. Saudi Arabia Mr.Meeting the growing demand for gas from Asia – implications for supply and transportation Natural gas is entering an age of rapid development. Vice President. Joseph Geagea. Abdolnabi Hashemi. To achieve commercial production rates there are many issues and challenges associated with the safe. Managing Director. Saudi Aramco. Yuzhang Liu. This forum will highlight the latest developments in this field focusing on cross border issues both in technical and geopolitical terms. China Mr. Research Institute of Petroleum Exploration and Development. India F17 . Ning Ning. France Mr. Vice President Senior Project South Stream/Nord Stream. Unique technologies and large investments are needed to unlock this potential.K. Germany Mr. Director (Planning & Business Development). BPK Chair: Best Practice Keynote Speakers: Mr. Those producers and consumers that have access to the sea can consider erecting LNG facilities. Advisor. CNPC. ships and cross border issues The growing demand for natural gas has necessitated the initiation of more new logistic solutions between producing and consuming countries. CNPC. Sarraf. ONGC Videsh Limited. environmentally responsible and cost effective application of this technology which will be addressed in this session. A. Kamel Bennaceur. Chevron Corporation.

Brazil Mr. SVP Natural Gas. Rune Bjørnson. The same does not apply uniformly to natural gas which is differentially priced on different continents. Key areas for improvement include new catalysts. To secure regulatory approval. Brazil Ms. BPK Chair: Mr. Linda DuCharme. Norway Mrs. Total.Management of gas mega projects Management for mega gas projects is changing especially for unconventional gas or offshore gas. It is vital to have well planned and integrated disciplines. BPK Chair: Best Practice Keynote Speakers: Dr. Gas & Energy . Russia Ms.Best Practices in new gas technologies for processing and transportation As the industry develops more challenging gas resources. Managing Director Pearl GTL.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. Melody Meyer. procurement and installation are critical. and advances in compressor and other machinery design that allow for higher efficiency. Saudi Arabia Dr. GAZPROM. ExxonMobil Gas & Power Marketing. and lower maintenance costs. Gas Plant.Marketing and Trading Executive Manager. Delvar Afzar Industrial Gases Co. Gas Pipeline Manager. Manager. President. Netherlands BPK7 . especially in pristine areas must meet increasingly stringent standards to minimize the impact on unique and/or fragile ecosystems and local communities. greater reliability. Iran Best Practice Keynote Speakers: Round Tables RT07 . Senior Vice-President Continental Europe-Central Asia. Vice-President Europe/Russia/Caspian. HSE management. Angélica Garcia Cobas Laureano. USA Mr.Do we need a global gas market? The increasing need for environmentally cleaner fuels has positioned natural gas to the fore. Moderator: Panel Panel Panel Mr. Statoil. Wael Sawan. Consequently the global market develops slowly.. Saudi Aramco.. President. Crude oil has got a daily exchange based on pricing mechanisms. new technologies in gas processing and transportation can play a vital role in the viability of the project. France . 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC BPK6 . Shell Qatar. José Aurelio Faria. United States Mr. The LNG spot pricing has facilitated the development of the global market. New technology adoption and a value chain consideration are closely related to the commissioning and operation of the project. Vladimir Vovk. Abdulla Jallal. Chevron Asia Pacific E&P Co. PETROBRAS Transporte -Transpetro. Iraj Ghorbani. PETROBRAS. drag reduction additives. processing and transportation systems. Michael Borrell. Improvements in land and marine transport and storage options will also be discussed. In this discussion different views are tackled about the relation of global markets and market price differentiation.

gas shipping. Oil & Gas Strategic Client Coverage Group. Canada Mr. Europe and Middle East Exploration and Production Company. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC RT08 . are becoming popular. Gas vehicles. IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN). ENCANA. abundant and a reliable source of energy. Jim Prentice. France Panel: Panel: Panel: Panel: BLOCK 4: Sustainable Management of the Industry Forums F18 . Chairman and CEO. Small scale land LNG facilities are being built. Senior Executive Vice-President & ViceChairman. the downstream of the gas business is rapidly developing. Group Executive Director. Vice President Gas Market Development.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow.Financing investments in the oil and gas industry: challenges and opportunities Capital costs and financial risks are increasing as reserves are developed in challenging or remote regions and / or large scale developments. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. Dick Benschop. including CNG and LNG. Nobuo Tanaka. Standard Chartered Bank. contracts and international capital markets. President. Netherlands Mr Jay Johnson. such as LNG and infrastructure projects. to ensure that sufficient funding is available to finance new projects. Nigeria . The gas value chain is being extended. Randy Eresman. John Martin. Gas as a fuel is entering even more households around the world. acceptable. Managing Director. UK The Hon. President and Chief Executive Officer. NNPC. With competitiveness of gas price and technology innovation. Creative financing techniques and new sources of finance will be required to manage the allocation of risks through mechanisms such as insurance. Global Associate for Energy Security and Sustainability. Japan Mr. Attahir Yusuf. What is the role of gas as a fuel in the future? Moderator: Mr.What is the future of natural gas? Gas is nowadays regarded as affordable. Chevron Eurasia. Shell. United States Mr. Canada Dr. Institute of Energy Economics. The utilisation of gas has been getting broader. Commercial & Investments. CIBC. Olivier Appert.

Senior Vice President of Corporate Affairs. INA Industrija nafte d. Brazil Mr. Szabolcs Ferencz. MOL. UK Dr. Amec plc. This session will describe how these factors need to be addressed thoroughly and effectively by all the industry stakeholders.. Nigeria Mrs. Chief Ethics and Compliance Officer. equipment. Iran Vice Chairs: F20 – Operational issues surrounding HSE and management of disasters In order to provide sustainable operations in the oil and gas sector. Chief Executive. ExxonMobil Corporation. Forum Chair: Dr. On top of that new local content policies are being introduced in many countries adding complexity to the capability of the oil and gas industry to secure the supply of energy required for the next decades. Major economical crises are impacting the capability of many industries and creating a scenario of uncertainties. materials and local content infrastructure Ensuring the security of supply of materials. Shell. Samir Brikho. risks and compliance – GRC Good governance. Department of Petroleum Resources. France Mrs. USA Mr Philippe Marcus. Netherlands Mr. Director of Sustainable Development &HSE.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. Executive Vice President. Petroleum Ministry of Iran. GDF SUEZ Exploration & Production International SA. regulatory compliance and risk management are all key factors in ensuring the industry’s sustainability.d. Hungary . Deputy Minister. Director. Mohammad Reza Moghaddam. Adriana Petrovic. Advisor to the President Executive Coordinator of PROMINP. industry practices need to pay special attention to the environment.Regulatory issues: governance. Paulo Sergio Rodrigues Alonso. Jeff Woodbury. The Brazilian Government Industry Mobilization Programme. localisation and response to disasters. Lynda Szymanski. labour protection and especially to practices of prevention.Ensuring the security of supply of equipment. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC F19 . Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. Zagreb. technology. as well as human and financial resources is critical for the oil and gas industry. services. safety. PETROBRAS. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Engineer Osten Olorunsola. Croatia F21 . Vice-President SSHE.

Jean-François Minister. TOTAL SA/Scientific Development. are seen as a potential major contributor in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Louise Kingham. Vlada Streletskaya. training and retention. Samer Ashgar. France Mr. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Dr. President of SPE Student Chapter. This session will address the latest developments from the entire value chain. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr. Norway . including carbon capture and storage (CCS). The Norwegian Oil and Gas Association (OLF). Executive Officer. Senior Vice President. Statoil. Energy Institute. Japan Prof. CNPC Technical Services Company. Professor of Human Geography. Yueqiang Li. University of Leicester. Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mrs. including education. Technology Innovation Center.Energy efficient technologies ensuring environmental sustainability of the oil and gas industry Energy efficient technologies.Human resources: challenges and opportunities In the oil and gas industry. UK Ms. EXPEC Advanced Research Center. This session will discuss how innovation and technology is used by the industry to ensure it continues to move forward to become ever more productive and efficient. Takashi Yasuda. Manager. CTO. Michael Bradshaw. SVP R&D. manpower is one of the key drivers to success. Tina Hagen. Russia Mrs. Karl Johnny Hersvik. Chief Executive. UK F24 . Saudi Aramco. It will also address actions necessary to attract both women and the younger generation to the technical professions in the industry. China Mr. Saudi Arabia Mr. Gubkin Russian State University of Oil and Gas.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. HR and Competence Manager. piloting new research and linking the industry to academic and research institutions. JGC Corporation. Norway F23 .The role of innovation and technology in shaping the oil and gas industry Innovation and technology is vital in promoting best practice. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC F22 . This session will include all aspects of human resources. recruitment. Senior Vice President.

Victor Briggs. Technip. Pluspetrol SA. Philip Jordan. Managing Director. BPK Chair: Best Practice Keynote Speakers: Dr Tim Archer. David E. Argentina Ms. create. TOTAL S. as an enabler of organizational learning. strategies and policies to identify. Director. Rima Al-Awadhi. As social responsibility becomes more and more a way of doing business for the oil and gas industry. competitive advantages. Kuwait Mr. NPDC . so efforts to find ways to tackle energy poverty have become urgent. Lessons learned and best practices from corporate responsibility and transparency initiatives will be presented in this session.The role of the oil and gas industry in tackling energy poverty Energy poverty is an increasingly acknowledged global challenge that impacts economic growth. Roberto Ramallo. Williams. Chairman and CEO.. What can the oil and gas industry do as part of these efforts? How will energy poverty initiatives shape the operations of our industry? And the relations with local communities? How should the industry design its CSR policies to cope with energy poverty? Forum Chair: Vice Chairs: Mr.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. distribute and enable adoption of insight and experiences in the oil and gas industry. Norway . EOR Advisor. Nazan Senol Topguder.A. The main focus are the organisational objectives. BPK Chair: Best Practice Keynote Speakers: Mr. represent.Ethics and anti-corruption Ethical and non-corrupt behaviors are key factors in ensuring the oil and gas industry’s sustainability. Corporate Social Responsibility.NNPC. Nigerian Petroleum Development Company. Russian Federation Mr. Thierry Pilenko.Knowledge management This Best Practice Keynote will address processes. UK Ms. Schlumberger Business Consulting. Team Leader Planning (WK). Senior Vice President Ethics. EITI. Nigeria Best Practice Keynote Sessions BPK8 . Jonas Moberg. Kuwait Oil Company. Turkey Mr. Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative. Senior Vice President. Deloitte.A. France Mr. Head of the International Secretariat. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC F25 . Turkish Petroleum Corporation (TPAO) Research Center. such as improved performance. innovation and sharing knowledge. development and social well being. France BPK9 .

Accelerated Transformation Programme. Ahmed Subaey. France Mr. This session will address and discuss the trend and the subsequent associated challenges which it brings. Chairman. Spanish National Committee of the WPC. Arturo Gonzalo Aizpiri. Executive Director. President of Total Upstream. Spain . President. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC Round Tables RT09 . Netherlands Mr. Moderator: Panel Panel Panel Mr. Brazil Mr.Where are we now in the climate change agenda? The oil and gas based industry accepts being a part of the climate change problem. Jeremy Bentham.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. What are the key elements for a successful strategy? What are the areas that NOCs / IOCs and SOCs can best cooperate with each other and with the other key stakeholders such as governments. and as such sees itself as a key player in finding and developing solutions. Pedro Miras Salamanca. communities etc. SVP Environment & Climate. Global Business Environment.International cooperation In order to guarantee that the oil and gas industry will supply the energy needed to responsibly energise our growing world there is a greater recognition that cooperation and collaboration are required in the future to create commercial. Saudi Aramco. Norad. Repsol. Publio Bonfadini. ExxonMobil Development Company. Saudi Arabia Mr.? Moderator: Mr. Moderator: Mrs. This Round Table will address the current status of the industry’s responses to mitigate climate change. Director of Institutional Relations and Corporate Responsibility. Statoil. Executive Manager. suppliers. Vice President to Strategy Development. PETROBRAS. Norway Panel Panel Panel Panel RT11 . Neil Duffin. Petter Nore. Yves-Louis Darricarrere. Stratefy Development. Spain Mr. Director Energy Department. Hungary Mr. United States Mr. President of Total Exploration & Production. Norway RT10 . Hege Marie Norheim.Transformation of oil companies into energy companies Many NOCs and IOCs have undergone or are undergoing changes which will see them transform themselves into National / International Energy Companies (NEOs / IEOs). Vice President. Andras Pentek. operational and political synergies.

Turkey Dr. government and academia. Volkan Ediger. Executive Vice President. 15-19 June 2014 Responsibly Energising a Growing World st Full Programme Topics for 21st WPC RT12 . Russia Panel: . and as such geopolitical issues can impact many areas. Head of Energy Systems Engineering Department.21 World Petroleum Congress Moscow. Moscow School of Management SKOLKOVO Energy Centre. Chief Energy Economist. TD BANK CANADA. such as access to exploration areas and poor boundary demarcation zones for example. Deputy Chair. Coordinator. globalised and interdependent. Head of Global Energy Department. Strategy Development and Research. Frank Mckenna. Canada Mr. China Prof. Shell Russia. Weidong Chen. These geo-political factors will be discussed from the perspective of business. Kadir Has University. Russia Prof. Harry Brekelmans. Tatyana Mitrova. CNOOC.Geopolitics The petroleum business is interconnected. Moderator: Panel: Panel: Panel: Mr. These in turn impact supply and price as well as having a disruptive effect in general.

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