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LBO-Backed Companies With CIT As Lead Arranger
Company Name Sponsor Date of Deal Deal Amount (M)
Hudson Group Advent International 29-Mar-08 US$ 295
US HealthWorks Holding AIG Alteris Health Partners 20-Dec-06 US$ 135
Primrose School American Capital Strategies 31-Mar-06 US$ 31
Franchising Co
Liberty Tire Services of American Securities Capital 5-Nov-08 US$ 110
Ohio LLC Partners
MECS Inc American Securities Capital 31-Jan-08 US$ 190
AHM Holdings 1 Inc Arlington Capital Partners 2-Feb-07 US$ 41
Delta Rigging & Tools Inc Austin Ventures 4-Aug-08 US$ 50
Liberty Dialysis Bain Capital 18-Jan-06 US$ 30
MedPlast Inc Baird Capital Partners 18-Apr-08 US$ 39
Ellman International Inc Baird Capital Partners 8-Feb-08 US$ 20
Jones Stephens Cortec Group 7-Sep-06 US$ 56
Sprint Industrial Holdings First Atlantic Capital Corp. 31-Oct-07 US$ 128
Sheplers Inc Griffin Investors 30-Jul-07 US$ 35
HC Cable OPCO LLC Halyard Capital 21-Apr-08 US$ 50
Centra Industries Inc Heritage Partners 31-Oct-07 US$ 72
Obcorp LLC Industrial Growth Partners 30-Jan-09 US$ 36
Randall-Reilly Publishing Investcorp. 29-Feb-08 US$ 94
Blue Water Automotive KPS Capital Partners 17-May-06 US$ 68
Transilwrap Co Nicolet Capital Partners 4-Sep-07 US$ 95
Lord & Taylor NRDC Equity Partners 2-Oct-06 US$ 350
Tri-Star Electronics Rockway Moran Capital 2-Feb-07 US$ 123
International Inc Partners
Interim Health Services Sentinel Capital Partners 19-May-06 US$ 62
Southern California Pizza Sentinel Capital Partners 18-Aug-08 US$ 29
Michael's Finer Meats LLC Sorenson Capital 25-Feb-08 US$ 35 Spectrum Equity Partners 21-Apr-09 US$ 39

General Electric Star Capital Partners 5-Jun-07 US$ 254
Commercial Aviation
Training [GECAT]
Alere Medical Inc TA Associates 31-Mar-07 US$ 80
Advanced Homecare Thoma Cressey Equity 3-Aug-07 US$ 161
Management Partners
Advanced Homecare Thoma Cressey Equity 25-Oct-06 US$ 8
Management Partners
Haven Hospitals Thoma Cressey Equity 1-Dec-06 US$ 7
Community Hospice (CHA) Thoma Cressey Equity 29-Jan-07 US$ 63
ITN Veronis Suhler Stevenson 25-Sep-06 US$ 90
Mobile Storage Group Welsh Carson Anderson & 1-Aug-06 US$ 300
Harris Connect Wicks Group 15-Sep-08 US$ 26
Citadel Plastics LLC Wind Point Partners 8-Mar-07 US$ 43
Hearthside Food Solutions Wind Point Partners 9-Apr-09 US$ 115

Knape & Vogt Wind Point Partners 28-Jul-06 US$ 97

Ryt-Way Industries Wind Point Partners 11-Aug-08 US$ 70
Webex Inc Wynnchurch Capital 10-Aug-07 US$ 40

Thomson Reuters
Deal Amount (M) Purpose
295 LBO
135 LBO

31 LBO

110 LBO

190 LBO

41 LBO
50 LBO
30 LBO
39 LBO
20 LBO
56 LBO
128 LBO

35 LBO
50 LBO
72 LBO
36 LBO
94 LBO

68 Acquis. line

95 LBO
350 LBO
123 LBO

62 LBO
29 LBO

35 LBO

39 LBO
254 LBO

80 LBO
161 LBO



63 LBO

90 LBO
300 LBO

26 LBO
43 LBO
115 LBO

97 LBO
70 LBO
40 LBO