Lakia Ross Creative

Lakia Ross Creative
Web Design + Print Design

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Lakia Ross Creative
Lakia Ross Creative
I Work
Web Design + Print Design 

Thank you for your consideration! I know that
working with a freelance designer the first time
often prompts a few questions. Sometimes more
than a few concerns, too. How successful will I be in
interpreting your needs? How can I do it most effectively? How can I do it most efficiently? How much
will it cost?
Laying The Foundation
The first thing I do after being assigned a project is
information-gathering, which may require meetings
and conversations between me and your key staff.
I am interested—not only in scheduling, budget
and job specifications—but also in your preferences,
target audience, and objectives. And, of course, I
will want to know all the user features and benefits

of the business, product or service that you are
wanting to promote.
Although this process is somewhat time-consuming,
it is also crucially important. It will help sharpen
your focus and objectives, and it will help ensure
that what I produce is not only creatively excellent,
but strategically targeted.
For your convenience, meetings may be conducted
via phone, e-mail, online conference or AIM.
Developing The Right Ideas
Good creative work doesn’t often come in a flash of
inspiration; usually it comes from lots of trial and
error. This is why I also need to take the time to

Lakia Ross Creative
Lakia Ross Creative
Web Design + Print Design 

consider several approaches (concepts), work them
through, try them out, then revise them. In addition,
there are usually some practical and functional ends I
need to tie up before submitting my ideas—printing
estimates, scheduling requirements, etc.
All this, plus the need to schedule my workflow in a
businesslike fashion, means that I normally ask for
up to ten days, depending on the job’s complexity,
before I submit my rough concepts for your review.
Of course, if you have a rush project or deadline pressure I can adjust my workflow and timing accordingly.
The rough concepts should only be viewed by your
project manager and just one or two others. This
ensures that we all stay focused on the problem and

are not distracted by too many personal opinions.
My rough concepts will be adequate to convey what
I believe is the best approach to take, taking into
consideration your budget, schedule, objectives, and
preferences. On the other hand, they are not so
well-developed as to have wasted time and effort if I
need a course correction.
After viewing my rough concepts, send me your
comments. The more objective and specific you can
be, the better I will be able to respond. Comments
are our input for revising the rough concepts into a
finished one.
With the input gathered from second presentation,
further minor refinements are made as necessary.

Lakia Ross Creative
Lakia Ross Creative
Web Design + Print Design 

I also finalize the production timetable, and the
scheduling of additional services as needed.
Ensuring Your Satisfaction
I recommend the finished product be routed to
the appropriate decision makers for fact and detail
checking only, reserving stylistic and subjective
decisions to your project manager. To avoid
costly confusion, it is also important that all
communication with me come from one designated
person: the project’s manager.
During the course of the project I keep you
informed of my progress. Activities that will affect
the schedule or budget are identified in writing.
My goal is to keep your project moving ahead quickly,

smoothly, and cost-effectively; to make sure that I’ll
produce even better results than you hired me for.

Lakia Ross

Lakia Ross Creative
Lakia Ross Creative
Design Information
Web Design + Print Design 

Good design is uncomplicated and timeless.
Printed material is often ephemeral. It is read and
then discarded—forgotten. The design on the page
must be clear enough in its communication, that
the information stays with the person long after the
actual brochure, etc. is gone.
Complementary Creative
Complementary creative is the photos, artwork and
text provided to me by you, the client.
It is crucial that all creative content be proofed
and approved before being delivered to me.
If you are providing graphics to me they should be
print resolution (hi-res) which is 300dpi. Photos

may be provided to me in their raw format (generally somewhere around 2500px x 1750px and 72dpi)
or they may be converted to 300dpi. Logos and
marks preferably should be in vector format (.ai
or .eps), or as a 300dpi tiff.
To print, all graphics and photos should be in
CMYK or grayscale. Any RGB graphics and photos
will be converted to the proper color space, which
may cause a slight change in colors.
Book page counts must always be in multiples of
four. The printer builds the book in signatures, and
the front and back of a single spread in a signature
equals four pages.

Lakia Ross Creative
Lakia Ross Creative
Web Design + Print Design 

If you are writing content for a book, in a program
such as Microsoft Word, the page count in that
program will not be reflective of the page count of
the actual designed book.
To get a closer idea of the page count, we must first
determine the finished size of the book. The size can
be determined by several factors: budget, audience,
quantity, the printer, etc. Once the size is determined,
you may make the Word document the size of the
book. This will give a more accurate idea of how
many pages you will have. If there will be graphics or
photos, the page count may be even higher.
If you plan to sell your book, you will need to
obtain an ISBN number. Most publishers and on

demand self-publishers will assist you in obtaining
this number. I will use this number to generate a
barcode for your book.
An affordable option to the printed book is the
e-book. Electronic books are books in Adobe PDF
format that may be bought and downloaded online.
This saves the author the cost of printing the book.
Or, can be used to generate funds for getting the
book printed at a later date. Most self-publishing,
print-on-demand sites offer an e-book option.
Types of Printing
When creating a piece that is to be printed, one should
consider the visual and physical aspects of the paper
and ink itself, and the effects it can have on the viewer.

Lakia Ross Creative
Lakia Ross Creative
Web Design + Print Design 

If you are going to spend the money to have something printed, then the printed item should stand
out from the competition and impress to viewer/user
to keep it. This can be accomplished in many ways,
from a low cost option of unique paper, embossing
or foil stamping, to the slightly more expensive—but
certainly more impressive—letterpress printing.
The next time you are in a bookstore or stationery
shop, look around at what captivates you. What
stands out to you? Are they using special papers or printing methods? Are the pieces embossed? foil stamped? varnished? The same things that engage you will attract
clients to your printed products, also.

Lakia Ross Creative
Lakia Ross Creative
Web Design + Print Design 

I obtained my BFA in Communication Design from
the Atlanta College of Art (SCAD Atlanta), in 1997.
I have over twelve years experience as a graphic
designer, starting as a desktop publisher in a quick
print shop in 1997, and ending as the Senior Graphic
Designer at the Woodruff Arts Center in 2007,
when I made the decision to freelance full time.
I have taught graphic design for over eight years,
starting as the Visual Communications head at
Atlanta Technical College. I taught desktop publishing
and computer workshops at the Atlanta College of
Art as an adjunct professor from 2001–2006. And, I
presently teach graphic design classes for the
community education program at SCAD Atlanta.

I am presently a member of the Freelancer’s Union and
the National Association of Photoshop Professionals.

Lakia Ross Creative
Lakia Ross Creative
Web Design + Print Design 


he quality of Lakia’s work and the professional way she
conducts business is second to none. The experience she
consistently demonstrates and her attention to detail is a
large part of why I consider Lakia Ross Creative not just a
service provider, but a partnership.

David Manuel, I am a Father, Inc.


akia has the perfect combination of creativity, punctuality
with timelines and the ability to solve communication
opportunities. Lakia is excellent at leveraging the client’s
budget and producing superior work. She amazes me. How
many people can say they work with a Creative that sends
in ingenious work on time, every time, all the time? I can.
What a joy to work with.
Kya Muckle, Writing Concepts Agency and DoubleTake Multimedia


akia does such great work. She did beautiful work on
my website and now my blog page looks great. Everyone
should use Lakia. Go to her website if you are looking for
great graphic work on a website, blog, business cards and

more—really nice to work with and always gives you what
you are looking for. Love all the work she has done for me....
Patricia Torres Lewis, Poshissimo, Inc.


or over five years, I have asked Lakia Ross to use her
talents at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta, for Trizec
Properties, for Tishman Speyer’s Colony Square Towers
and Mall and for Fisher Island, a 216 acre private island off
Miami Beach.
Her services over the years have been extraordinary, and I
can always count on her design concepts and work product
to be done in the time frame, and with the quality, that I
need. She is highly versatile; everything from ferry boat exteriors to customer service training handbooks, to marketing materials, shopping mall signage, employee handbooks,
information packages, etc. On top of all that she is always
a joy to work with.

Mark James, Executive Vice President, Fisher Island Holdings LLC
and President/CEO Fisher Island Community Association, Inc.

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