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Marketing Implementation

Course Handout

COURSE AIM : To develop the skill of strategic decision making under different marketing scenarios and to be able to design and implement various marketing strategies in different marketing contexts. INTRODUCTION
? Marketing Strategy has occupied the centre-stage in marketing curriculum in academia for a long time. An array of models and analytical

tools offer support to managers to tailor their strategies to market requirements. Over a period, in an increasingly competitive environment, strategies of rival firms have begun to look alike, blunting, even neutralizing the original 'strategic edge'. Then, how do you build competitive advantage- by rapidly acquiring and embedding newer and sharper skills for effective implementation of these otherwise similar strategies.
? Operating Marketing Managers rarely enjoy the cozy comfort of armchair strategy nor breathe the air of 'blank paper strategy'. They are

out there in the 'trenches' facing the more difficult but more exciting array of operational issues involving others in and outside of the firm, scanty resources to get the various marketing jobs needing immediate attention done , inability to monitor what is being done , and dealing with organizational inadequacies or impediments ( Bonoma , 1984). Grappling with these issues, often intractable, is the heart of implementation or execution and the soul of good marketing practice and serves as the source of enduring competitive advantage. LEARNING OUTCOMES ? ? ? ? ? To understand the perspective of marketing strategy issues and problems The marketing tools strategies and issues in implementation To help participants acquire skills to manage their marketing efforts effectively. More specifically, it aims to discriminate issues related to implementation as against the better known and more popular issues related to strategy. Diagnose a marketing problem-situation and uncover the causes as strategy-related or implementation-related or both. Construct a useful template to guide good marketing practice.

COURSE COVERAGE ? Marketing strategy issues and overview how s different and related Business Strategy ? Marketing strategy Formulation & issues wrt Corporate Strategy ? Identifying tools of Marketing Strategy and its applications in different Marketing contexts ? Discriminating problems of execution from problems of strategy A Diagnostic Tool ? Managing Marketing- at the level of functions and programs
? Marketing Practice - What is it? Where does it happen? ? Marketing Implementation A Conceptual Framework ? Inducting a Marketing Practice template

Course Pedagogy

Learning in this module is primarily driven by Case discussions ? A thorough and penetrative analysis is expected from the participants in order to untangle, the marketing problem knot into strategy vs. implementation threads, in preparation for an effective solution ? A very high degree and quality of class participation is an essential requirement for an effective learning in this module. ? The simulation game titled Marketing Simulation : Managing Segments & Customers of Harvard will be used to illustrate the process of strategic marketing and Implementation at a fairly advanced level. From time to time students are expected to refresh their knowledge on marketing concepts and frameworks in order to succeed and actively participate in the simulation game.

Session Plan Session No. Date 1 -2 Topic / Activity / Review Interaction- Ice Breaking on Marketing Management Strategy importance and relevance Role of Marketing Strategy Fitting with Business Strategy Marketing Decisions Organizations implications Case study / Article/discussion Discussion/ Exercise


Case lets of Different sectors & issues -


Discussion 1: Computer Devices Inc : 2 The Gillette Company: Personal Care Division Introductory Note: Basics & Actions


Marketing Strategic Challenges Issues of Choice Marketing Planning Marketing Communications : Branding and Advertising Decisions Marketing Strategy / Channels / Profitability Issues Strategic Pricing decisions

Marvel Enterprise Inc : HBS Case : 9 505-001 Marketing Myopia Article of Theodore Levitt HBR H-E-B Own Brands: HBS Case : 9 502-053 Trade Shows: National Mine Service Company Heineken Global Branding and Advertising (HBS Case- 9596-015) Nature View Farm HBS Case 2073-PDF-ENG impact of strategic Planning HBR -74210 Article Pricing : The Hertz Corporation Atlantic Computer : A Bundle of Pricing Options (HBS Case 2078) Norton : Strategic Planning for Diversified Business Operations HBS Case : 9-377- 044 HBR article Using the Balanced Scorecard as a strategic management system Kaplan & Norton July 2007 Marketing Simulation : Managing Segments & customers

9-10 11-12

13- 14



Understanding Strategic Planning, implementation and evaluation Course Integration & Marketing Strategy Decision Making Learnings


Evaluation and Grading Class Participation- CP-1- 10th Session CP-2 20th 20 % session Project / Assignments 15% Simulation End-Term Total Note ; 15 % 50% 100%

1 Students are expected to read the Planned Session Case & reading Material 2 They are expected participate constructively in the discussion

We hope that the course shall be a great learning experience to all of you. Text Books / Reference Books : 1 "Strategic Marketing Creating Competitive advantage", 2nd Edition By Douglas west John Ford & Essam Ibrahim by Oxford Publications , 2. Strategic Marketing Problems cases & Comments 12th edition , Roger A kerin & Robert A Peterson 3. Marketing Strategy & Competitive Positioning -4th Edition by Graham / Nigel F Piercy /Brigette Nicoulaud

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