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PLC/SLC Protocol Conversion Solutions

3100/3150-MCM Communication Module

MCM Modbus Communication Module Product Description

ProSoft protocol conversion modules install in any slot in a local or extended rack (or a remote rack in the case of the 3100 module). The products capabilities are enabled and controlled with simple ladder logic and data table initialization. Each product is shipped with a Users Manual detailing the installation and operation of the module. A sample ladder program is provided on disk in order to ease implementation, or is available off our ftp server.
3100 Module PLC Platform

Product Overview
The 3100-MCM and the 3150-MCM Modbus Communication Modules are single slot solutions for the A-B 1771 and 1746 platforms. These modules provide highly configurable Modbus Master and Slave capabilities to Allen-Bradley PLC and SLC applications. By providing configurable access to both ports, these products provide previously unavailable functionality and versatility.

Simple to Use
All module setup and operating control is performed over the backplane through simple ladder logic and data table configuration. The only software required is the standard ladder programming package.

Port Configuration
The two Modbus ports are configured independently, allowing the module to operate in any one of the following configurations:
Mode Master/Master Master/Slave Slave/Slave Port 1 Master Master Slave Port 2 Master Slave Slave


3100/3150 Platform Overview

The 3100 (PLC) and 3150 (SLC) modules provide a common hardware platform upon which the family of ProSoft PLC/SLC Protocol Conversion products has been built. Processor compatibility: 1771 PLC 2/3/5 1746 SLC 5/02 or better Two active serial ports, each supporting RS-232C, RS422 and RS-485 (jumper selectable) Full radio, modem and multi-drop support Configuration via simple ladder logic Communication Parameters: Parity : None, Odd, Even Stop Bit : 1 or 2 Baud rate : 300 to 38.4K Backplane Current Load: 3100 PLC : 0.65 A 3150 SLC : 5V @ 0.15 A 24 V @ 0.040 A Physical Connection 3100 PLC : 2 DB-25 Female 3150 SLC : 2 DB-9 Male Operating Temperature : 0 to 60 C (32 to 140 F) Storage Temperature: -40 to 85 C (-40 to 185 F)

Once configured, the module will perform all protocol related functions on a stand alone basis.

MCM Product Specifications

This product supports the following general capabilities:
Up to 100 entries in the command list, each fully configurable for function, slave address, register to/from addressing and word/bit count (Master port) Continuous polling of command list (Master port) Support for the storage and transfer of up to 4000 registers to/from the PLC Event driven bit/register write commands (Master port) Communication error codes returned to ladder logic The following Modbus features have been implemented in both configurations: RTU mode (binary) with CRC-16 ASCII mode with LRC error checking Broadcast commands 125 word reads and writes Floating Point data movement supported Function Codes Supported: 1 : Read Output Status 2 : Read Input Status 3 : Read Multiple Data Registers 4 : Read Input Registers 5 : Force Single Coil 6 : Preset (Write) Single Data Register 15 : Force Multiple Coils 16 : Preset (Write) Multiple Data Register

PLC/SLC Protocol Conversion Solutions

Application Guide
The 3100/3150-MCM products are frequently used in two general applications: SCADA Slave Foreign Device Interface Master SCADA Slave In this application the MCM module is installed in a remotely located PLC/SLC rack and is connected to a SCADA host via a modem (lease line, radio, satellite, etc.) network. The SCADA host is normally configured to read data on a polled basis, and to write as commanded by the operator. Foreign Device Interface Master Many industrial devices available today have implemented communications using the Modbus protocol. With these communication interfaces, manufacturers are making a great deal of data available which can enhance the understanding of the process, or which can simply allow the system to be controlled better. The 3100/3150-MCM product, when configured as a Master, is able to read and write to these devices, allowing the PLC/SLC ladder program direct access to the device's data. ProSoft Technology maintains a growing list of protocol solutions and accompanying data sheets for the PLC and SLC product platforms. A listing of the devices which we know to be Modbus compatible and/or have been tested, is available on our website at
Allen-Bradley PLC with ProSoft Technology 3100-MCM

Other Protocol Solutions:

Slave Protocols:
N2 - Johnson Controls Metasys CAS - Teledyne CA HAR - Harris RTU 5000/6000 LNG - Landis & Gyr 8979F SYS - Systronics DFM - DF1 Half Duplex Master LTQ - Limitorque Valve Master EMC - Emerson FX Drive MTS - MTS Level Sensors CBM - Honeywell ControlBus PCX - MetOne PCX YRK - York Chiller SEA - Siemens Seabus

Master Protocols:

MDA - MDA Scientific (CM4 and System 16 supported)

Ordering Information
To order a PLC/SLC Protocol Conversion product, simply combine the platform module with the protocol acronym. Following are some examples for the more commonly available products: Modules for 1771 Platform 3100-MCM Modbus Master/Slave Modules 3100-EMC Emerson FX Master Modules for 1746 Platform (5/02 Min) 3150-MCM Modbus Master/Slave Modules 3150-MTS MTS Level Master Shipped with each unit is a module, an Operations Manual, and example ladder logic on disk. To place an order or to get additional information, please contact your local ProSoft Technology or A-B Distributor directly.

ProSoft Technology, Inc. has developed several termination plugs for the 3100 and 3150 modules when RS-422/RS485 terminations must be made. These screw terminal units eliminate the need to solder or crimp connections to the modules. 1451-9F DB-9 to RS-422/485 (3150 platform) 1452-25M DB-25 to RS-422/485 (3100 platform)

Flow Devices Omni Daniels MicroMotion Others

PLC Manufacturers GE Fanuc TI/Siemens Westinghouse Square-D AEG Modicon Many others

3150 Module SLC Platform


Power Monitors Multilin Power Measurements Others

Variable Speed Drives ABB Drives A-B Drives (with ProSoft) Saftronics Magnetek Others Valve Actuators Limitorque Rotork Keystone Others

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