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LETTERS FROM A DEAD EARTH BY E.S. WYNN aka: . Auronvegeta D341Jerman Autonomous Welcome to Jefferson County. .

You have no memory of how the world ended. No one does. You don't know when it h appened or why. Sometimes it feels like everything fell apart centuries ago. Som etimes it feels like it was only yesterday. Only the ruins know for certain. . Hidden among the detritus of a fallen civilization, scraps of paper detail the d ays preceding the fall and the hell that followed after. Gathered together, they tell the story of what went wrong, and perhaps elude to a deeper mystery that o nly the keenest of mind might gather from the whispers, the voices of the ghosts of this dead earth. . BUY THE BOOK TODAY FROM THUNDERUNE PUBLISHING! Official site: Letters From A Dead Earth brings over 100 "book" notes to bear, all scattered th roughout a massive (almost 4,000 x 4,000) map featuring 8 cities, 10 towns, five "large vehicle crash sites" and more secrets than you can shake a mayan calenda r at. What happened to the Dead Earth? Find out by collecting numbered books (1 - 100,) piece together the story and decide for yourself. Lots of other (non-num bered) books exist to give the map more character. Can you find them all? Genera ted with Minecraft version 1.3.2, the world upon which everything is built still retains most of its ores, dungeons, strongholds and other secrets. Play is open -ended and non-linear. Mine, explore, build, conquer, mod or grief by yourself o r with friends in this huge post-apocalyptic map. Whatever your playing style is , there's something in Letters From A Dead Earth for everyone. BOUNDARIES: . This map is open but limited. There is no stockade, no guard towers, no electron ic frontier, no bedrock walls or sudden dropoffs into endless void to keep you i nside the "dead earth" area. If you walk far enough in a given direction, the ma p will start generating brand new terrain for you to explore (useful if you're p laying on a later version than 1.3.2 or running a mod that generates structures (like Ruins,) ores (like IndustrialCraft) or plant life (like LCTrees.) How will you know when you've crossed into new terrain? The main area of the map is bord ered by a lopsided ring of cratered wasteland (no grass, no leaves on trees) tha t serves as a sort of boundary for "Jefferson County." Go beyond it, and new ter rain will start generating. That being said, there are a few secrets in the wast eland, so don't be afraid to venture into the unknown, if you feel so inclined! . Find out more about the author here: Credits: LETTERS FROM A DEAD EARTH (c) E.S. WYNN Published by Thunderune Publishing. Thunderune Publishing is not associated with Mojang or Minecraft. This map is a fan recreation of the book (that happens to be created by the author of the book ) and is not meant to be bought or sold. Any party may distribute the map as lon g as credit to both the author and the creators of various structures credited i n the map is maintained.

. Originally designed to look best with Santiago3's texture pack "The End Is Extre mely Nigh" Get it here: Special Thanks to: Santiago 3 (Texture pack) SveinKB (New Mexico Suburbs) Randy Morgan (Feedback) Desiree Wynn (Supportive and awesome sounding board) Kevin Winnick (Music for associated youtube videos) Daniel Chartrand (DJ SYNN) (Music for associated youtube videos) Krista White (Music for associated youtube videos) Cavechunk (Water tower, empty pool, bank tower, etc. schematics.) Oldshoes (Broville) Everyone involved in the creation of Greenfield, Modern City and Dead State. Reichenstein7 (Twin Brick Condos, Microwave Antenna, etc.) Matt23116 (Empire State Building) emerindyl (Isis) HappySk1LL (Mall) scroogemc (Library) drchocobo (Fairbanks Housing) Supersnaketate (lots of stuff) WoutR (Kingsview Apartment Complex, Torch Factory, etc.) matioshka (Dystopic City bits) NoobLars (Apartment building with Cafe') Formule (Formule's building, Triple towers) ew0054 (North Korean Apt, 1950's, etc.) jacksmith13 (Skyscraper) Abrightmoore (32x32 apt building) Lazy_Architect (Lazy tower) TheVrok (Lots of stuff) zelrokyz (Apartments) DxGamer (9 story modern apartment) WashuChan (Apartment Block) Tempus (3 leafs) DrakeBD (Modern Residential Tower) cyanidesandvich (Premier Hotel, Large Office Building, etc.) Jetkidish (Metlife Building, WIP hotel, etc.) Helkellen (lots of stuff) faragilus (Spiral Skyscraper) blueflame6 (Round office building, Modern Hotel) papab3ar (Blue Hotel) Jefferman1 (Office Building) Dragonrider (Sable Supplies) Fatrabbit (Glass Tower, Office Building) edusenx (7 floors) bobdole ("skyraper") upruppu (Modern Unfurnished Skyscraper) AdamNDJ (Cobble towers) the_nexus86 (Medium Office Building) brinton (Luxury Apartment High-Rise warfighterxl (Hotel) SchematicDownloader (Condos) devilbat26000 (Stronghold Home) Jacknife (Qantas A380) the11ama (Urban School) dakotacore (Smaller scale modern home) Polonx (McDonalds) Meatshield (Powerplant)

meatballo (Thornville Medical Center) Spliter cell 354 (Small Forest) Steam_Punker (Erupting sand volcano) dolmashin (Fountain) Mario Esquer (Marty Partner) Goodreads (Lots of favorite, non-storyline quotes) . . .And everyone else from the MCSchematics forum who inspired me, provided rou gh elements or unfurnished buildings (especially those I've forgotten to name sp ecifically. To see/download/use some of the structures I built by hand for this project, che ck my posts on MCSchematics: