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The JOTC personnel also gave specialized instruction to the 101st trainers in vertical extraction and equipment lashing for the RB-15 rubber boats used in hel i-castinq. Kindle Liberty started 'Wednesday and will end Feb. 19. The joint exercise includes training in communications, a crisis action team, civil disturbances/and a joint emergency evacuation plan. Kindle Liberty is the latest in a series of annual exercises in the canal area to test the combined U.S.-Panamanian defense of the Panama Canal. Units from the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and the Panama Guardia National are participating in the exercise.

EMPIRE RANGE (193d PAO) -Elementsofthe 101 st Airborne Division (Air Assault) have arrived here to participate in the U.S. Southern Command's joint training exercise, Kindle Liberty. After arrival at Howard Air Force Base aboard C -5A "Galaxy" aircraft of the U.S. Air Force's Military Airlift Command (MAC), the 101st deployed to Empire Range base camp where they set up tents and a landing zone for their aircraft. Instructors from the Jungle Operations Traininq Center (.lOTC), Ft. Sherman, gave classes to the air assault troops prior to the exercise commencing. The classes included jungle living, plants and foods, and land navigation.

Feb 1982

Partnership training with the 53d Separate Infantry Brigade, the 193d's CAPSTONE sister unit in Florida, proved beneficial to both sides. The Reservists proved that

they could keep pace with their active-duty counterparts and the logistical support they


MAJ Kenneth Workman, LEA S-3 Opns Officer

The firSt indication-of any <threet to take 'over the canal was in the form of riots at

Rodmen Pier where unruly

crowds disrupted off-loading


This is one of the few times that we ever conducted Civil Disturbance (CD) training at Rodman Naval Station. This is 1st Plt 534th MP Co (STRAF). I'm in the rear in the Asst Sqd Ldr position. We probably had more people hurt / injured during this exercise than any other we ever did. At least half a dozen left arm injuries (a few fractures and some sprains) due to the way CD training was taught at MP school. Having the left arm up and parallel to the ground with the elbow sticking out when in the "On guard" position was just asking for someone to hit you there. We also had a few broken noses from projectiles breaking through the flimsy face shields we used to have. Notice the mask carriers strategically placed over the groin area, long sleeves and gloves in 900 Temps. We came prepared but anything can happen and usually did. John S. Sporrer (MSG / Ret.)

534th MP's fanout to seal off demonstrators

during civil disturbance training at Rodman.

Rodman Naval Base with the Bridge of the Americas in the background.

MP's move into a crowd of simulated rioters as "dispersion action" effectively stops a civil disturbance exercise at Rodman Pier.