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Spc William Dennis was the MP that was shot.

When we got the word back at the unit chaos broke out. The arms room opened up and emergency issue was put in effect. Anyone with a weapons card was issued an M16 and a magazine full of ammo. We loaded up a 2 1/2 ton truck and deployed to the Curundu Elementary school / Albrook stables area. We conducted a sweep of the jungle line across from the school. The razor grass must have been 8 - 10 feet tall and we quickly lost sight of each other.
QUARRY HEIGHTS (USSOUTHCOM PAO) - A US. Army military policeman was in good condition Wednesday after being shot while trying to apprehend a person suspected of larceny in the Curundu area of the Ft. Clayton military reservation in Panama. Five suspects are presently in the custody of the Panama National Guard. The National Guard apprehended four of the suspects following an intensive manhunt in the thick jungle behind the Curundu Service Station. A fifth suspect was apprehended in the Ft. Clayton area. A military police special reaction team and scout dogs, helicopters from the 210th Aviation Battalion, U.S. Military Criminal Investigation agents, and Panamanian DENI agents joined the U.S. MP's, the Panama National Guard and Panama Traffic Bureau in the intensive search. The manhunt began when two MP patrols saw a person running into the jungle near the Curundu Elementary School carrying a TV and video game set at abou t noon Wednesday. The suspect fired at one of the MP's, injuring him slightly in the knee area. He was evacuated to Gorgas. Reinforcements were immediately ordered to the scene to join in the search. One key suspect apprehended by the Panama National Guard during the intensive search is still in custody. Several others apprehended during the manhunt centering in the thick jungle behind the Curundu Service Station were questioned and released. U.S. Southern Command and 193d Infantry Brigade Provost Marshal, Col. CD. Madden, praised the skill, responsiveness and teamwork of the law enforcement personnel of both Panama and U.S. During the manhunt, traffic was diverted from the Curundu gate, and some school buses took alternate routes from their schools.

Combined force reacts quickly to local robbery, MP shooting

Quarry Heights, Panama

Vol. XVIII, No.1

Sept. 3, 1982

We heard someone screaming and thought that they must have found the suspect. A few minutes later a K-9 handler came running out of the grass carrying his dog that had passed out from the heat. Everyone around was pouring their water from their canteens on the dog to try and revive it. After abandoning the search CPT Prentice sent me to Gorgas hospital to check on SPC Dennis. At this time we did not know the extent of his injuries, only that he was shot. I had expected the worse. When I arrived at Gorgas I found him in the treatment room sitting up on the table joking with the nurses. He had been shot in the knee with a .22 cal handgun. It was a rare thing for a Panamanian to have a handgun. The times were changing. John S. Sporrer (MSG / Ret.)