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By Sri Kamakoti Mandali on Nov 20, 2010 | In Srividya
On the paurNamI of dAmodara mAsa, vakra- kubjikA or
vakreshvarI (one among the navaratna- kubjikAs) is
propitiated. The origin and mAhAtmya of vakra- kubjikA
is described in AmnAya- nirNaya and also the
procedure for her saparyA. BhagavatI, who represents
agni- kuNDalinI in mUlAdhAra and the yoni of mUla-
kubjikA, is worshipped along with her consort Lord
shikhAsvacChanda bhairava and with the
AmnAyanAyikA- s: tripura- bhairavI (UrdhvAmnAya),
bhuvaneshvarI (pUrvAmnAya), dakShiNA kAlikA
(dakShiNAmnAya), mUla- kubjikA (pashchimAmnAya),
pUrNa- chaNDI or aniruddha- sarasvatI (uttarAmnAya),
tripura- bhairavI (UrdhvAmnAya) and vajrayoginI
(pAtAlAmnAya). Like the mUla- vigraha of kubjikA, this
form also is worshipped with six faces which are
constituted by parA, mAlinI, mAtR^ikA, kAlikA, tripurA
and khecharI. The samaShTi pUjA however is offered
to the mUla- kubjikA (the summation of the navaratna- s)
along with navAtmeshvara- bhairava.
It is believed that vakreshvarI had blessed the rulers of Nepal with her protection, pleased with their upAsanA.
However, after a prince violated the modesty of a kumArI whose father was a well- known upAsaka of kubjIshAnA
and shrIvidyA (and also one of the teachers of Rana Jung Bahadur), bhagavatI turned wrathful towards the royal
family. According to our sources, a Buddhist oracle was consulted by the Nepal Royal family several years ago
which confirmed this unfortunate situation but no remedial measures were undertaken to appease the goddess. One
of my teachers recounted a vision of vakra- kubjikA during his period of upAsanA at Mandi in Himachal Pradesh. A
friend of his who was a Tibetan Lama also got a glimpse of ambikA and was cured of tuberculosis.
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