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Clinical Education & Support

Nurse-to-nurse Web-based Go-Live

support, including onsite education courses support with followup calls & assessments & Quick Reference Guides education media

Administrative Parent

Make Your Facility a Safe Place

Developed by nurses, for nurses, the Safe Place Infant & Pediatric Security Solution maximizes system capabilities and your specific facility needs. Our expert Clinical Nurses assist administrators in configuring a software solution that suits a facilitys workflow goals and existing practices.

Whats in a Step-by-Step Kit? 1. Staff Education DVD 2. Safe Place Resources Manual 3. Quick Start Reference Guide for
Safe Place Software

support ensures smooth implementation during system launch educational courses include quizzes and progress reports

Web-based Clinicians Empower

monitor your system through a secure VPN for seven days after Go-Live with our Enhanced Go-Live package (optional) and educate system users who will perform troubleshooting or train future users with a Train the Trainer course (optional) provide support and direction with policy writing

4. Parent Education DVD 5. Parent Education Brochures 6. Deterrent Decals 7. Infant Security Room Poster


Step-by-Step Kit Includes Tools for Now and the Future

The Step-by-Step Clinical Education & Support Kit is included with every Go-Live support package and provides continued support for staff long after implementation. The kit contains the tools and resources you need to educate staff, families and parents, and establish an ongoing, effective security solution.

education DVD includes modules and how-tos guides and FAQs serve as quick support in a busy environment Start Reference Guide reviews software features and functions

Valuable Quick


parent education materials, and deterrent decals keep staff, parents and families informed


How Can We Help You? To get a custom educational program that fits your hospitals needs, contact us at 800-669-9946 for a free quote or visit

Go-Live Basic Clinical Education Package*

Length Schedule A Schedule B Schedule C Schedule D 1.5 days 2.5 days 3.5 days 4.5 days Classes 3 6 11 16 Go-Live Support 12 hours 24 hours 24 hours 24 hours Class Members up to 35 up to 75 up to 150 225 or more

Additional Courses*
Enhanced Go-Live Train the Trainer VPN review 7 days after Go-Live; includes follow-up review Enhanced instruction for users who will educate other staff

*Note: Our Clinical Educators are available from Monday-Friday, between 7 a.m. and 7 p.m. local time, for a maximum of nine hours per day.

Go-Live Packages Aid in a Smooth Implementation

Experienced Clinical Educators provide a variety of Go-Live educational courses to thoroughly prepare your staff for the launch of your Safe Place system. Each package includes Go-Live Support after the launch of your system and can be customized to your priorities.

Train the Trainer Course Empowers Your Staff

Our Train the Trainer course provides intense instruction on the conceptual framework of a Safe Place system and is suitable for users who intend to educate other staff or complete advanced troubleshooting.

Customized Clinical Support

Each Clinical Education support package is hand-tailored to your facilitys needs and policies so you get the most out of your security solution. An onsite clinical assessment determines end user system proficiency and includes a site walk-through, policy review, and system review. Our experts can also plan, attend and evaluate an abduction drill to offer feedback and suggestions.

hardware functions and causes of radio frequency interference common end user errors and corrective actions in the writing and implementation of best practice policies

Enhanced Go-Live: Follow-up Analysis through VPN

Seven days after your systems launch, our service experts connect to your system through a secure VPN to verify optimal performance. Enhanced GoLive support includes an analysis of system functionality and a review with our Clinical Educators.

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