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Family Nursing Care Plan - Cough and Colds

INTERVENTION PLANS HEALTH PROBLEM Cough and Colds FAMILY NURSING PROBLEM Inability to make After the nursing After GOAL OF CARE OBJECTIVES OF CARE NURSING INTERVENTIONS nursing 1. Discuss with the family the cough and cold. 2. Provide adequate knowledge on the various ways of maintaining cleanliness in their surroundings. 3. Proper intake of medicines or alternative inadequate preventive one (ex. if resources and as such Lagundi)

RESOURCES REQUIRED Material Resources: -Visual Aids and low-cost materials needed for the actual demonstration Human Resources: -time and effort on the part of the nurse and family

Home Visit

decisions with respect intervention

the intervention the family causes, effects and complications of

to taking appropriate family will be able to will: health actions due to eliminate the cough lack of knowledge and colds and will a.) Acquire adequate its prevent the recurrence information about the of the disease in the disease, including signs future. and symptoms of the disease, and measures. b.) Be aware on how to reduce the chances of spreading communicable diseases to other family members. immediate preventive health care assistance regarding management.


covering the mouth when sneezing or coughing and proper disposal of nasal or oral discharges. 4. Promote proper personal and environmental hygiene among all members of the family.