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.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA .....uk.....P15 Kenya’s development from the early nomadic and indigenous tribes to becoming a leading African economy Plus a look at a number of ABMA courses and a Sudoku puzzle to do between classes Views and opinions expressed by contributors to ABMA Global do not necessarily reflect the thoughts of the ABMA nor reflect ABMA policy...P5 All your latest ABMA information ABMA Career Centre....P4 SEACOM’S undersea cabling....... All rights reserved.. in any form.. UK.......com Turn to page 16 to find out how taking an ABMA course can kick start your career Contents F EATU R E S ABMA Industry News........com Website: www... No part of ABMA Global may be reproduced.....P10 Effective resource use and how to reference your work Life After ABMA..P16 An in-depth look at Public Relations and Personnel Administration An example of what can be achieved with an ABMA qualification ABMA Country Profile...........ABMA Global The Association of Business Managers & Administrators Wembley Point 1 Harrow Road London HA9 6DE.......... speeding up connections in Africa R E G U LAR S ABMA Notices......uk.abma......................... www........abma.....P7 Ensure you know the rights and wrongs of applying for a job and how to successfully negotiate an assessment day ABMA Study Skills.... without the express permission of the ABMA........uk.......P18 ABMA Course Study.... Tel: Fax: Email: +44 (0)208 733 7000 +44 (0)208 733 7033 3 info@abma......

increasing Internet speeds will have potentially limitless benefits for business. particularly in fast moving digital industries such as information technology and telecommunications. ABMA courses in computing such as Professional Computing and Information Technology. whilst improving the speed of provision significantly. meanwhile proudly announced the beginning of the East African Marine System. The SEACOM submarine cable has linked South Africa. Kenya and Ethiopia to India and Europe. This consequently helps in improving communication within the business and service provision to the customer through efficient networking. seven cables are scheduled to go live and fierce competition amongst broadband providers is expected to dramatically lower the cost of Internet usage.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . both domestically. Fibre optic submarine cables have evolved from early telegraph cabling which began intercontinental communication in the nineteenth century. and internationally. Mr. Source: www. As part of this work.allafrica.abma.uk. Mozambique. Improving computing skills allows professionals to work more independently and. computers and PDA's (Personal Digital Assistants).ft. whilst increasing an organisations efficiency. a US$130 million project which will improve communication across East Africa linking Kenya directly to the United Arab Emirates.com www. Computer Science and Information Processing and Computer Systems Engineering and Hardware Maintenance prepare students for management careers in computing. The submarine cable will provide international fibre optic bandwidth internet access to millions of people across East Africa. Tanzania.4 ABMA Global Association Business Managers Association ofof Business Managers Administrators & and Administrators NEWS Africa Communications Update Africa's telecom industry is primed for a revolution with the completion of the SEACOM Electronics' submarine cable. Kenya's president. in the next two years Africa's telecom landscape will be immeasurably changed. Together with a number of other projects. Madagascar.com www. Mwai Kibaki. Global connectivity through business and cultural exchange has been encouraged by the rapid spread of the Internet and communications technology. The advent and spread of the Internet in the twenty-first century has encouraged greater use of submarine cabling and the number of intercontinental cables laid across the sea has increased significantly to carry ever increasing amounts of telephone and Internet traffic. Kibaki hailed the project as bringing 'Digital Citizenship' to his countrymen and competing private and public projects will only benefit the consumer with cheaper prices and easier access to the Internet. Improved Internet speeds and greater access to the Internet is expected to have as dramatic an effect upon people's lives as mobile telephones have had in the last ten years and will increase the use of and access to technology such as laptops. for IT professionals. ABMA training allows them to become an integral part of business. As well as an expected rise in the use of consumer technologies. An increasingly important feature of modern business is the ability to network and communicate quickly.

com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . Now Available From the ABMA Website. www.ABMA Global 5 Important Announcements December 2009 Deadlines Registration Fees: Examination Spreadsheet: Examination Fees: Dissertation Submission: 1st October 2009 1st October 2009 5th November 2009 7th December 2009 N.uk.B. be it an ABMA Co-ordinator or a College Registrar.uk. then let us know who they are and why they should be nominated and they may also be featured in ABMA Global. ABMA Outstanding Achievement Award The ABMA Advisory Board has selected students whose achievements reflect excellently upon both themselves and their institution to receive an ABMA Outstanding Achievement Award in recognition of their efforts. You can now download the following documents from the Student Forms section of the website: ? ABMA Student Registration Form ? ABMA Examination Forms ? ABMA Dissertation Cover Page Should you wish to suggest any other resources that would be useful on the ABMA website. there is also a handy study skills section and publications. As you will have noticed.abma. available to be downloaded by students and colleges.. An official certificate will be included along with the medal which will be highly valued in the workplace and be an endorsement of the student’s achievement.abma. please let us know via the contact us page at www. such as previous editions of ABMA Global.com. the ABMA has recently updated its website to enable students to acquire all the necessary forms and have access to important examination information. In addition to having all your essential information and course details at the click of a button. Make sure your fees are despatched so that they are received at least one week prior to the deadlines to avoid the disappointment of failing to sit examinations during the December series. This award is not limited to students however and should you wish to nominate a particular member of your college staff. A photo may also be included in ABMA Global..

An ABMA qualification holds value in the UK.abma.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . See your ABMA Co-ordinator or visit www.COMPUTER SYSTEMS ENGINEERING AND HARDWARE MAINTENANCE DIPLOMA 1 • Computer Repair and Hardware Maintenance I • Introduction to Programming • Computer Architecture • Computer Fundamentals • Dissertation ‘I am currently studying for my Diploma 1 qualification in Computer Systems Engineering and Hardware Maintenance and I am pleased to study a course which my local University does not offer.’ Tshiamo Matseka. Botswana DIPLOMA 2 • Computer Repair and Hardware Maintenance II • Management of Information Systems • Troubleshooting of Computer Software • Networking Essentials and Data Processing • Dissertation ADVANCED DIPLOMA • Computer Repair and Hardware Maintenance III • Software Methodology and Installations • Engineering Aspects of Microprocessors and IT Applications • Network Engineering and Object Orientated Programming • Dissertation Become what you want to be with an internationally recognised ABMA qualification INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED DIPLOMAS ABMA is established in over 18 countries and the list is growing.com for more information www.uk. PROGRESSION INTO EMPLOYMENT ABMA Diplomas are recognised throughout many industries and ABMA will support your application for employment.abma.uk. I find it reassuring to know that when I have completed my ABMA Advanced Diploma I will have a recognised qualification that is sought after. PROGRESSION ONTO UNIVERSITIES We are affiliated with many universities throughout the UK and America as well as universities all over Africa. America and in your home country.

In contrast. www. an interview gives a limited perspective based on what a candidate suggests they can do. An assessment centre provides employers with the opportunity to view candidates over a longer period of time. By getting candidates to complete various tasks associated with the role..uk. rather than demonstrating what they can actually do.abma.ABMA Global 7 ABMA Career Centre Attending an Assessment Centre An assessment day is an important part of the recruitment process..com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . particularly for large organisations recruiting for managerial positions. It is vital to any organisation that the right people for the job are recruited and an assessment centre is one of the best ways to fairly assess and select candidates. There is also a short feature on completing an application form as well as writing a good covering letter. the employer can develop a better understanding of how effective the candidate will be in a work situation. Assessment days are comprised of a number of specific tasks which will demonstrate a candidate's skills and knowledge related to those of the job’s requirements. In this edition's ABMA Career Centre we take a look at what an assessment day is comprised of and how you can best prepare yourself for the pressures of trying to show you are suited to the career you have chosen. See overleaf for advice on attending assessment centres and how to impress.

much like the day itself is focused on the suitability of the candidate for the role and sometimes is known as a 'competency based interview. Be yourself Being genuine will show your personality. In most roles it is important to be a team player and this means you should interact with the other candidates on the assessment day. www. The interview. such as computer systems engineering or information technology. Group Exercises The primary reason for conducting group exercises is to gauge an individual's ability to work with others. Talk to someone who has been to an assessment day before and listen to what they recommend. A case study will sometimes require a candidate to take on a different role in a staged simulation in order for the employer to see how they might cope with different situations or to see how they would resolve problems. Below are some of the common features of an assessment day: Personality Test Personality tests are used in order for an employer to understand a candidate's typical reaction to various situations. candidates can demonstrate their skills and personal qualities in a working scenario.abma. Most roles in management will require several technical skills as managers will have to be able to lead and develop their team. However. when you are under pressure. for example. It is understandable to be nervous and to some extent all of the candidates will be. understanding some of the tasks you are likely to face will help you cope with your nerves. otherwise the test will highlight inconsistencies in your responses. as well as generally being enthusiastic and co-operative. Interview An interview is a very common feature of any assessment day.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA .' Candidates are asked to demonstrate their suitability to the role according to the skills they have and they should try to demonstrate the key skills necessary to excel within the role. or an ability to write in a technical way. Group exercises also show employers how individuals interact within a team and which role within a team they naturally adopt in leading a group or following others authority. Aptitude might mean an applied knowledge of a subject or demonstration of particular skills such as programming in computing. Employers will often get candidates to demonstrate their technical skills by giving them an aptitude test. Aptitude tests give an indication of the candidate's ability to respond to challenges that they would face on a day-to-day basis within the role. but you should focus on being yourself. Research the role Knowing what skills the role demands will give you an idea of what the company expects. These tests will focus on determining your ability to form relationships with other people and how you cope with different situations. Aptitude Test Some jobs require a large amount of technical skill.8 ABMA Global TOP TIPS Being prepared and following some basic advice will give you the best chance of success. Case Studies Using a case study as a live example. A bit of preparation for your assessment day will help you keep calm and enable you to do the best you can. Assessment Day An assessment day might seem a nerve-wracking process. It is important in a personality test to be genuine and reflect your true character. for example in roles related to journalism.uk.

seperate piece of paper before you write it down on the application form to avoid making obvious mistakes. middle and concluding paragraph. Covering Letter: The covering letter is the first thing an employer will see when you submit your application. rather than leaving it to the individual to explain themselves on their Curriculum Vitae (CV) or covering letter. Simply ask the potential employer or university to contact us directly. It is important that it is well composed. ? Application forms sometimes require detailed answers.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . Use relevant examples from your professional and personal life.co. A good way to conclude your letter would be to provide a summary of the reasons why you want the role and how you can be a valuable asset to the company. Ask someone you know to read over your covering letter to make sure you haven’t made any mistakes. ? The final paragraph should include your contact details in order to ensure that the employer can contact you. Source: www. Write the answer on a IN SUMMARY Ensure you practice writing your answers to make sure you avoid making mistakes on your application form. ? Write clearly and neatly in your best handwriting.co. This allows the employer to find out the information they want from the candidate and understand their skills and abilities better than a CV. professional successes or projects you have completed. ? Before you start. The opening paragraph should address your reader using their surname and appropriate title. You should clearly state your intention to apply for the role in question.abma.uk.uk www. Below are some tips on how to write a good covering letter and how to give yourself the best possible chance to get the job you apply for: ? The letter should be composed with a beginning. ? The middle paragraph should focus on how you meet the employer’s needs including specific skills that relate directly to the role for which you are applying.wikijobs. such as your ABMA Dissertation. starting with your most recent job or piece of work experience and finishing with the oldest. DON'T FORGET Should you require a reference.ABMA Global 9 Application Form: An application form allows the employer to ask the questions about the candidate.uk www.monster. Your greatest achievements. the ABMA will be happy to provide one for you. Include any reference numbers at this point to make it easy for the employer to sort your application. On your covering letter check and re-check that you haven’t made any spelling or grammatical errors. academic and personal life. ? Make sure you list your work experience in order. which might not always be related to the job in question. addressed correctly and describes which position you intend to apply for. write down the important experiences in your professional.

abma. you will be able to structure and plan your research. It is important that when viewing any material that is related to your subject. that you remain objective. you should know what it is you will be discussing and how you will be approaching the subject. Think about how you expect the piece of work to look upon completion and work towards that. e-journals (electronic journals). government information. is the language used of a high standard? Does the source state their qualifications and position in employment? Consider the date when the piece was written as online material can become out-of-date very quickly. The Internet has very little censorship or editing restraints. The Internet provides valuable online resources such as e-books (electronic books). we will also show you how to correctly reference your work to avoid problems with plagiarism and to achieve the best possible grade for your project. Question the source of the material. meaning time will be saved overall. Consider the task you have been set or the arguments you wish to discuss within the piece of work.uk. In this edition of ABMA Global . news websites.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . Sources of Information . financial data. Strategic and thorough research is the backbone to any successful project. Ensure that you have a thorough understanding of all the topics to be discussed. Your Guide to Researching Skills Plan Your Research The importance of effective research cannot be over-emphasised. this means that almost anyone can post their thoughts or opinions on various websites.Study Skills. company websites. whether it is an ABMA Dissertation or a company research assignment.The Internet The Internet is becoming increasingly popular as a research tool with a large amount of information available to students. Also consider how the piece of work will be marked and ensure you spend enough time researching the key areas of the assignment. With this vast amount of information available it is crucial to ensure that the information you are using is both reputable and reliable. places to buy books and much more. By doing this preparatory work. www.10 ABMA Global Study Skills On the following pages we will be taking a look at how you can improve your research skills in order to produce a dissertation or assignment of the highest possible standard. Before beginning the piece of work.

If you do not have this. Journals and periodicals will be organised in much the same way. Referencing is a straightforward process and a helpful guide can be found on page 12. www. please speak to your lecturer who will be able to provide this for you. be selective about what you read. as these can change dramatically from year to year. speak to a member of staff. Some textbooks. Remember books will usually be arranged in alphabetical order according to the author’s surname and initials. Use the most recent. The types of resources on offer may include: Computers Books Academic/Electronic Journals Newspapers Audio resources Video resources Familiarise yourself with your library. Above all. for example.The Library Ensure you are aware of what library resources you can use to produce your assignment before beginning any piece of work. reputable information available in the work that you produce. You simply will not have time for this. Make sure that you know where the relevant textbooks for your ABMA course are kept. Ensure the information you are using is up-to-date where possible and most importantly reference your work. Usually. you are risking being accused of plagiarism. Consider the amount of work you have to produce as an ABMA Dissertation will carry a specific word limit.uk. will have new editions released each year. Identifying Relevant Information Use the ABMA Reading List to guide you towards the resources needed for your particular subject. Acquaint yourself with the opening hours and the limit on the amount of resources you can borrow at any one time. Make sure you read only the information that is relevant to your piece of work and take notes accordingly.ABMA Global 11 The general rule when using the Internet as a research tool is to ensure you stick to reputable websites.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . Decide on how much material on any given subject area you will need to research. subject specific books will be kept together. Learn where different resources are kept and how readily available they are. Do not read every resource from cover to cover. If you use the work of somebody else without crediting them as the source. If you are in any doubt.abma. Plagiarism is taken very seriously by both college officials and the ABMA and could result in you being banned from taking any ABMA examinations in the future. Visit your nearest library and speak to a member of staff to see what resources are available to you. Sources of Information . This is particularly important when quoting data and statistics.

3) Some sources will not always provide the name of the author. journalists need to be able to look at sources on the Internet and adapt it into news. Only the source you have read should go in the references. “Databases are like old-fashioned card files.3) said. For example: A debate by Quartner (1998 cited Murphy 2005) argued that… www. Other examples 1) In the case of two authors.12 ABMA Global ABMA Study Tips Your Guide to Referencing As part of the ABMA Dissertation. This is precisely the case if the author’s name does not occur naturally within the text: A more recent article (Herbert 2000) explained that in the digital age. The page number only needs to be included if the citation is from a particular section of the source as opposed to the source as a whole.uk. considerate and hardworking are the qualities of a good boss (Anon. If you use a source but fail to acknowledge it in the references section of your work. In this case the author should be given as 'Anon'. p. For example: Being kind.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . Citations that occur within the text If the author’s name occurs naturally within the text then it should read: As Herbert (2000. you are expected to use and reference reputable sources and case studies. where frequently the authors name is not given.abma. 'Anon' can be replaced by the name of the paper. 2004) All the names should then be supplied in the references section. Referencing is a vital skill that will help you not only in your life as an ABMA student but also during the rest of your career. For example: The number of applicants to UK universities has leapt by almost 10 per cent (Financial Times 2009) 5) If someone has been quoted within another source. it could lead to you being accused of plagiarism resulting in probable disqualification. For example: More people than ever are switching to mobile broadband (Taylor et al. the surname of the first author should be given followed by et al. both surnames should be provided: Guida and Dolleston (2009) argued that… 2) In the case of more than two authors. you should first quote the original source followed by the new source. 2003) 4) In the case of newspapers.” It is important to notice how both the date of publication and the particular page are quoted.

Page number(s). D.gov. Available from: http://www. Followed by In: Surname. INITIALS. Place of publication: Publisher (if available). Public Relations.. Directed by Oliver Parker. Journal Title. Place of publication: Publisher.g. Harlow: Pearson Education.direct. Year. INITIALS. Year of publication. Referencing a video or a film: Title. Title. e.g. Available from: URL [Accessed Date]. Title of newspaper. J. and Yadin.) Year of publication. INITIALS. 1998. Subsidiary originator.uk. Year. 4 (5).ABMA Global 13 Correct referencing including examples The references section should include all sources that you have cited within the text. This should be done in the form of a list and should appear in alphabetical order by the author’s surname. e. 1996.uk/en/EducationAndLearning/UniversityAndHigherEducation/WhyGoToUniv ersityOrCollege/DG_4016998 [Accessed 13 July 2009]. Daily News. A Study on Risk Cost Management. London: Directgov. 1690..g. Title of book. e.php/ijbm/article/viewFile/1766/1677 [Accessed 13 July 2009]. www. Referencing a website and an electronic book: Author's / Editor's Surname.. Title of contribution. (Optional but director is preferred) Production details – place: organisation. INITIALS. 3rd ed. P. Place of publication: Publisher. The benefits of higher education. Othello. e. Botswana Beacon of Hope. Directgov. INITIALS.g.g. International Journal of Business and Management.. F. p. Referencing a book: Author's Surname. Referencing a newspaper article: Author's Surname.5. 2009. volume (issue). Referencing a quotation in a book: Contributing author's surname. 2008. Year.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . of author. Title. Title of article. p. 5th ed.. Communication in Business. In: Little.. Oxford English Dictionary. page numbers (if available). Page number(s) or publication. INITIALS. Zhang.1. Title.. (or Newspaper Title..) Material designation.org/journal/index. (Edition). Available from: http://ccsenet..abma. Year of publication.. Referencing an electronic journal: Author's Surname. Y. Edition (if not the first). Film. (When referencing films. e.g. Harlow: Prentice Hall. the preferred date is the year of release in the country of production. USA: Castle Rock Entertainment. Locke. Day and month. Available from: URL [Accessed Date]. 26 March. Jefkins. Daily News. e.

PUBLIC RELATIONS AND PERSONNEL ADMINISTRATION DIPLOMA 1 • Principles and Practice of Personnel Management I • Public Relations I • Business Administration • Communication in Business • Dissertation ‘The knowledge I got from doing my ABMA Diploma has helped me to have a good understanding of the aspects of Public Relations and Personnel Administration.’ Sefela Gopadileng.uk.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . See your ABMA Co-ordinator or visit www.com for more information www. Botswana DIPLOMA 2 • Principles and Practice of Personnel Management II • Administrative Law • Corporate and Strategic Planning • Customer Service • Dissertation ADVANCED DIPLOMA • Management Information Systems • Marketing • Organisational Development • Public Relations II • Dissertation Become what you want to be with an internationally recognised ABMA qualification INTERNATIONALLY RECOGNISED DIPLOMAS ABMA is established in over 18 countries and the list is growing.uk.abma.abma. PROGRESSION ONTO UNIVERSITIES We are affiliated with many universities throughout the UK and America as well as universities all over Africa. I believe I can make an effective contribution to the organisation which I work for as I learnt a lot from this course. America and in your home country. An ABMA qualification holds value in the UK. PROGRESSION INTO EMPLOYMENT ABMA Diplomas are recognised throughout many industries and ABMA will support your application for employment.

Kenya borders five countries in East Africa and has a population of just over 39 million. developing www.ke Kenya has cemented itself as an exclusive holiday destination with a culturally diverse history. following a royal charter and concessionary rights to the coastline from the Sultan of Zanzibar. Nairobi. Eight years of primary education follows. is home to the nation’s government as well as being a thriving commercial centre. which is an integral component of the overall education structure. Kenya's educational system begins with three years of pre-school.go. ABMA courses have been thriving in Kenya since the establishment of the organisation many years ago and continues to offers students a diverse and internationally recognised portfolio of courses. Those students who achieve the necessary entry requirements can further enhance their employment prospects by undertaking an internationally recognised qualification with the ABMA.abma. that the international press has seen fit to feature the ABMA on two occasions recently and the success of ABMA's Kenyan students is well documented throughout Africa with some establishing their own companies and others going on to work for governmental departments and international companies.information. an icon of the struggle against foreign rule formed the Kenya African National Union and ruled from Kenya's independence in 1963 until his death in 1978. developing cities and picturesque coastlines. please contact us via email at student@abma. politics and economy and it is the Kenyan people's ability to stay connected with their ancestral history and the land in which they lived that ensures Kenya remains a top tourist destination and one of Africa's most interesting countries. some of whom still reside in the park. Kenya has cemented itself as an exclusive holiday destination with rich cultural diversity.uk.gov www. We wish all ABMA students continued success in their endeavours and should you wish to tell us your thoughts on the ABMA or if you simply want to let us know where your studies have taken you.ABMA Global 15 ABMA Country Profile KENYA Kenya is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and also boasts a thriving business sector.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . Jomo Kenyatta. The reserve is known for its game and rich wildlife throughout the world and the Masai people. Despite their comparatively small size.uk. the Masai Warriors were ferocious and quickly gained power and land but the real changes to Kenya’s history occurred through colonisation. Source: www. cities and picturesque coastlines. Kenyan students can consider themselves in good company as students from all over Africa earn places at university and undertake successful careers in many different sectors following completion of their ABMA studies. One of Kenya's most popular destinations is the Masai Mara National Reserve. Today. Kenya's colonial history can be linked closely to that of Zanzibar following Imperial Germany's protection of the Kenyan coastline and the subsequent arrival of the British East Africa Company in 1888. The country has seen many changes in its geography.com and you could be appearing in the next edition of ABMA Global. first arrived in the region known today as Kenya in the mid 18th Century. After a great deal of unrest throughout the following years.cia. concluding with the pupils sitting the Kenya Certificate of Primary Education (KCPE) which determines which students can continue on to secondary school or vocational training. particularly during the 1950's when Kenya was in a state of emergency during a rebellion against British rule. So well received are ABMA courses in the region. Kenya's capital city.

students can apply for a place. the public relations sector is not simply about making a company look good.” Sefela Gopadileng. Of course. Botswana One of the most popular career paths for graduates in business today. Financial Times Prentice Hall ISBN: 9780273634324 Interested in attending university? An internationally recognised ABMA qualification opens doors to further education and career progression.uk. www. The competitive nature of business today means that someone working in a role in public relations must be aware of the risks to reputation. Indeed. domestically and abroad.abma. create and maintain relationships. It is important to be able to network. You may find yourself talking to newspaper journalists or directly to the public through articles in local magazines or governmental publications. with exemptions.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . in some cases. be it an international or local business. Every company is desperate to stand out from the crowd and appear as interesting and attractive as possible in the eyes of the consumer. CURRENT TEXT BOOKS Public Relations Jefkins. maintaining a reputation is not an easy task. effective public relations is essential for organisations of any size from companies like Coca-Cola or Google through to associations such as charities and trusts.16 ABMA Global WHAT DO ABMA STUDENTS THINK OF PRPA? Public Relations and Personnel Administration (PRPA) “The knowledge I gained from doing my ABMA Diploma has helped me to have a good understanding of the aspects of Public Relations and Personnel Administration. as organisations continually seek to reinvent themselves through new. individuals whose role is to maintain and enhance an organisation’s reputation has moved from being a luxury of the world's largest brands to a necessity of every business. exciting and innovative forms of service provision. Multi-tasking and time management skills are essential for any successful employee as is an ability to plan effectively. A role in public relations is not a simple career but one that is evolving. build business and use your creativity to strengthen a company’s image making a difference to their sales figures and overall reputation. be able to handle the press and maintain an organisation’s image at the forefront of the public's mind. I hope to be undertaking a degree programme in the foreseeable future on the strength of my success with the ABMA. and on completion of the ABMA Advanced Diploma. Gaborone Academy of Education. I believe I can make an effective contribution to the organisation which I work for as I learnt a lot from this course. As competition between companies grows and the media's perception of industry carries more weight with the consumer. The ABMA has links with many universities. all of which will need to appeal to the public while at the same time being able to identify threats to your organisation’s reputation. So what characteristics make a successful Public Relations Manager? Certainly an awareness of the surrounding business world and the impact their words have on the public. Of course it is entirely possible that your career will take you to a company handling public relations for a range of clients as opposed to working for a specific company or organisation.

Head of the Public Relations Department at Zambia Institute of Business Studies and Industrial Practice (ZIBSIP) states that an intimate knowledge of customer service. Diploma Management Information Systems Marketing Organisation Development Public Relations II Personnel and Human Resource Management Gerald Cole Cole. From demonstrating the ability to prioritise through to understanding the importance of reacting to research and efficient data recording. The content of the syllabus is so rich that it has given the students all the confidence to execute their duties with ease. this qualification will help you learn about the workings of business while the dissertation unit helps to build confidence and provide proof that you possess all the skills necessary. CIPD’s Talent and Resourcing Adviser. Reuben Phiri.” Taking an internationally recognised qualification with the ABMA will mean that you are well positioned to undertake a successful career not simply because you have learnt the fundamentals and necessary skills but because the personnel administration aspects of the qualification will enable you to build a foundation on which to apply these skills and know-how to your everyday work. dissatisfied employees will vote with their feet and leave making it important for employers not to take the loyalty of their people for granted.abma. ABMA Advanced Diploma can be completed at a later date whilst employed. Excellent communication skills are fundamental to success not only to portray organisations in a positive light through various forms of media. ABMA Diploma 2 can be completed at a later date whilst employed. one third would consider switching jobs once the economic downturn has ended: “Once job opportunities increase.” Claire McCartney. Dissertation Thomson Learning ISBN: 0826458637 We would like to wish all ABMA students good luck in their forthcoming examinations www. very competitive and very exciting.000 industry professionals. Programme Structure Diploma 1 Principles and Practice of Personnel Management I Public Relations I Business Administration Communications in Business Dissertation CURRENT TEXT BOOKS Personnel and Human Resource Management Diploma 2 Principles and Practice of Personnel Management II Administrative Law Corporate and Strategic Planning Customer Service Dissertation Adv. have taken a keen interest in PRPA because the programme accommodates the students needs and is tailored in such a way that there is smooth progression all the way to university. such as time management and project planning. Student can enter employment with a wide understanding of complex concepts chosen subject area demonstrated with practical experience making the student very appealing to employers. Students who have completed the programme have spoken highly of PRPA because employers find their diploma fitting to the industry. The Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) has announced that following a study of 3. it's certain to be very pressurised.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . business and communications can provide a sound footing in the world of public relations: “Students. including those already working. Student can enter employment with a broader understanding of their chosen subject area. but also when relaying results from research and projects to those people you represent.uk.ABMA Global 17 ABMA Progression Student meets entry requirements INDUSTRY NEWS Advanced Diploma University (With exemptions from first year where applicable) Diploma 1 Diploma 2 Student does not meet entry requirements Business Foundation Certificate Student can enter employment having learnt the fundamentals of their chosen subject area. to be a success in public relations Wherever your career takes you.

I feel ABMA courses are wonderful as they have made me who I am today. please visit our website at www. particularly due to the dissertation. a former ABMA student from Zambia who studied Professional Computing and Information Technology at Golden Gates Training Institute in Lusaka. ABMA taught me how to prepare for the interview. not simply because of the relevant information I have studied but also because of the practical dissertation I have produced. and in what way was an ABMA qualification of benefit to you? My ABMA Diploma in Professional Computing and Information Technology has benefited my career by opening the door to many opportunities that were otherwise closed. I can work as a Data Manager. To what extent do you feel the skills you have obtained from your ABMA qualification are relevant for your position at EasySave Zambia Ltd. when it comes to getting jobs worldwide. How do you feel that the ABMA provided for your needs as a student. I would recommend ABMA courses to any potential student due to their international recognition and carefully constructed content that will ensure that you stand out from the crowd. My ABMA Diploma in Professional Computing and Information Technology covered many areas of business including those related to finance. Sales or Human Resources. To read about other successful ABMA students.uk. I was pleased when I got the job. Would you recommend ABMA Diplomas to other students? 100 per cent.abma. I have become much more appealing to potential employers with many international organisations seeking equally qualified individuals. Due to the internationally recognised qualifications ABMA provide. These are quality diplomas that will make other students happy. A career in management is easily attainable. EasySave Zambia Ltd.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . Here he tells us of his experiences as an ABMA student: How did your new employer respond to your international qualification from the ABMA? My employer responded very well to my ABMA qualification. ABMA has added massively to my well being in life and I am able to work well in the business world. ICT Manager. an ABMA qualification gave you in the job market? Undertaking my ABMA Diploma did not simply provide me with the necessary grades but also ensured that I developed good organisational skills whilst the flexible and well produced syllabus ensured that I studied material that is applicable to many different industries.18 ABMA Global Life After ABMA Meet Boston Leji.com www. I am well placed to be considered for a wide range of managerial roles.uk. do you think.abma. I am a good communicator and a computer specialist. Software Programmer and can even secure a role in Marketing. What advantages. Since completing his ABMA Diploma he has gone on to secure a position with EasySave Zambia Ltd as Sales Manager. looked at my skills and consequently contacted me for an interview. ABMA qualifications make you more appealing to companies looking to employ qualified individuals. I also feel confident of establishing my own business. For example. Boston Leji Sales Manager EasySave Zambia Ltd. Completing an ABMA Diploma gave me the choice of where to continue my career and with which company as organisations were able to see my hard working nature. I was given first priority among other people who applied for the same job.

Prior to securing this position.com and you might be in the next edition of ABMA Global. Boston spent two years working for Barclays Bank Plc in Zambia.uk. Part of the Southern Cross group of companies. The company also helps people open offshore bank accounts with Standard Bank Isle of Man Ltd. Good Luck! www. Boston also intends to continue his ABMA learning in the future in order to further develop his career prospects. As many previous ABMA students have found.ABMA Global 19 EasySave Zambia Ltd. individual or family assurance and travel and business insurance policies. Barclays Bank has many branches throughout Zambia and Boston was based in the capital city branch in Lusaka. row and column contains the numbers 1-9 just once. EasySave Zambia Ltd is a consulting firm that offers international financial advice to both individuals and companies. Due to the nature of the way ABMA courses are compiled.uk. Boston has been able to use transferable skills from the ABMA course in Professional Computing and Information Technology in a sales role for EasySave Zambia Ltd. These attributes have given him full confidence in his ability to perform at the highest level. The organisation specialises in advice on investments.abma. the skills and knowledge Boston acquired during his time as an ABMA student have helped him to develop his career. ABMA Sudoku Challenge 5 1 7 3 4 2 5 2 3 7 5 8 2 6 4 9 3 1 7 3 8 3 6 8 8 1 9 3 5 9 6 6 4 2 3 Difficulty Rating: Moderate 2 The objective of the ABMA Sudoku Challenge is to complete the grid by ensuring that each 3x3 box. to the address: info@abma.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA . including a photo and your employment information. If you would like to feature in ‘Life After ABMA’ then please forward us your details.

UK.uk. 1 Harrow Road. London. HA9 6DE.com www.com Copyright© 2009 ABMA .com Association of Business Managers and Administrators Wembley Point.uk. Tel: +44 (0)208 733 7000 Fax: +44 (0)208 733 7033 Email: info@abma.www.abma.abma.uk.

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