¬for dispIay on screen and on-air onIy

¬contact brand representative for another fIe
if reproduction process/venue is not the above
¬for use over white background onIy
¬do not recreate, or aIter Iogo artwork and coIors
How u Non-Proít Mediu Compunv Proíts írom
8uilding Open Source Online Publishing Plutíorm
WNE1.OKC (P8S) purtnered with leuding NYC digitul írm 1ierru ¦nnovution to build u cost-eííective
content munugement svstem (CMS) on the WordPress Multi-User plutíorm (WPMU). 1he Open Source
plutíorm is publiclv uvuiluble und hus the potentiul to trunsíorm online publishing in other non-proít
mediu orgunizutions.
As websites huve become increusinglv essentiul íeutures oí public mediu projects
-with íunders euger to support progrums thut include integruted website concepts-
WNE1.OKC reulized thut u stundurdized, customizuble solution íor munuging
development, publishing und muintenunce oí websites would oííer munv beneíts
Seeling u íexible, low-cost content munugement svstem
(CMS) íor creuting und muintuining the websites thut ure
so importunt to toduv's public mediu, WNE1.OKC turned to
1ierru ¦nnovution to thinl through iníormution urchitecture
und possible soítwure solutions. 1he result. u Word Press
Multi-User (WPMU) CMS plutíorm íeuturing reudv-mude
globul templutes und u user-íriendlv interíuce. With the
WNE1.OKC CMS, unv public broudcuster-regurdless oí size
or budget-cun simplv und economicullv deplov elegunt, high-
quulitv websites thut will meet the íullest potentiul oí public
mediu in the digitul uge.
leutures und 8eneíts.
Stundurd templutes provide u consistent overull user •
experience, resulting in improved brund perception und
uudience retention.
llexible enough to support ull linds oí diííerent websites. •
progrum-speciíc, stution portuls, corporute, educutionul,
Eliminuting the need to design, develop und muintuin euch •
individuul site írees up signiícunt munpower und reduces
the time und cost to creute websites.
Allows broudcust content producers und others who do •
not huve udvunced technicul lnowledge to publish websites directlv.
8rouder purticipution in publishing web content resulting in more und increused •
írequencv oí new content, resulting in increused truííc.
lucilitutes uudience building und engugement through sociul mediu. •
"\N¦¯.O¦C oe·¦·c·co v|¦| ¯|c··e
¦o |·o|c·c·¦ e ||~||, ·us¦o·|.co
\¦`U-besco ·o·¦c·¦ ·e·e~c·c·¦
s,s¦c· (C`S`. As e ·csu|¦. vc |evc
o·e·e¦|·e||, |···cesco ou· oub||s||·~
c´´·|c··, e·o ´cx|b|||¦, v|||c
·o·s|oc·eb|, |ovc·|·~ ou· ·c|e¦|vc vcb
o·oou·¦|o· ·os¦s. \N¦¯.O¦C v|||
·e|c ou· ooc· sou··c C`S oub||·|,
eve||eb|c e·o vc |·v|¦c o·~e·|.e¦|o·s ¦o
|o|· us ¦o ´u·¦|c· ocvc|oo ¦||s oovc·´u|
oc||vc·, ·c¦vo·| ´o· ·co|e ·o·¦c·¦.'
rxrcufivr cirrcfor or corrortfr
riutucr :rorurr rxrcufivr
cirrcfor, iufrrtcfivr:, wurf.orc
9\]fi\:DJ 8]k\i:DJ
Averuge site design/build time 8-¹2 weels ¹-2 weels
Averuge site design/build cost S2S,000 - S40,000 SS,000 - S¹0,000
Monthlv cupucitv ¹-2 sites S-¹0 sites
WNE1.OKC intends to beneít írom the CMS bv verticullv
integruting online murleting initiutives und monetizution
strutegies ucross the WNE1.OKC networl, in uddition to
executing individuul website cumpuigns.
WNE1.OKC will mule its customized CMS publiclv uvuiluble
und invites other lile-minded orgunizutions with similur online
publishing needs to udopt und íurther develop their own
content deliverv networls.
WNE1.OKC is the Public 8roudcusting Svstem (P8S) uííliute
íor the New Yorl Citv metropolitun ureu und is the purent
compunv oí public television stutions 1hirteen und WL¦W2¹.
WNE1.OKC ulso hosts the digitul services 1H¦K1EEN HD,
Kids1H¦K1EEN, WL¦W Creute, WL¦W World, 1H¦K1EEN on
Demund, 1H¦K1EEN Kids on Demund, und V-me. us well us
un ever-expunding runge oí websites, including thirteen.org,
wliw2¹.org und 1hirteen EdOnline.
Since ¹996, WNE1.OKC hus been un eurlv udopter oí
¦nternet publishing, developing hundreds oí online projects
íor television progrums produced íor nutionul svndicution
und locul broudcust. Over time, WNE1.OKC íound itselí
supporting un urruv oí development, publishing und
muintenunce upprouches. Despite its lurge number oí web
properties, WNE1.OKC could not uchieve economies oí scule
producing websites, while inconsistent design upprouches
hindered its ubilitv to muintuin u consistent brund identitv.
¦n summurv, u universul plutíorm íor ull websites would
suve on ud-hoc reseurch und development, enubling more
íunding to be directed to such criticul elements us video
rights cleurunces und murleting. u single publishing plutíorm
would bring increused eííciencv und speed to the stution's
inteructive operutions, íreeing up resources íor plunning und
"¯|c ·|e||c·~c ves ·|ce·. |ov ¦o
·|~·e¦c ,ce·s o´ vcbs|¦c ·o·¦c·¦ |·¦o e
s|·~|c. ooc·-sou··c s,s¦c· ¦|e¦ ·ou|o
suooo·¦ \N¦¯.O¦Cs o|vc·sc |·|¦|e¦|vcs
e¦ e |ov ·os¦ e·o v|¦| |ov ¦c·|·|·e|
|u·o|cs ´o· |¦s ·o·¦c·¦ o·oou·c·s.
\c ·o||ebo·e¦co v|¦| \N¦¯.O¦C
o· bo¦| ocs|~· e·o ¦c·|·o|o~, ¦o
··ce¦c u·|´co. cx¦c·s|b|c vcbs|¦c
¦c·o|e¦cs e·o e ·cv oub||s||·~ s,s¦c·
besco o· ¦|c \o·o¦·css o|e¦´o··.
S|··c |·o|c·c·¦|·~ ¦|c ·cv C`S.
\N¦¯.O¦C |es |eu··|co oo.c·s o´
vcbs|¦cs ¦|e¦ ·cou|·co s|~·|´·e·¦|,
|css o·oou·¦|o· ¦|·c e·o ·csou··cs.
bu¦ oc||vc·co ·o·c vcb ¦·e´´· ¦|e·
o·cv|ous \N¦¯ s|¦cs. ¯|c··e ·o·¦|·ucs
¦o suooo·¦ \N¦¯.O¦Cs |··ove¦|vc
vcb oub||s||·~ e·o ooc· sou··c
|·|¦|e¦|vcs e·o vc e·c oc||~|¦co ¦o bc
c·~e~co v|¦| ¦||s |·oo·¦e·¦ oub||·
rrrsicruf, firrrt iuuovtfiou
creuting originul web content. und consistent design would help improve the user
experience ucross the P8S.OKC und WNE1.OKC networl oí sites, contributing to the
development oí strong online brunds und better equipping public mediu to respond to
the trunsíormutive opportunities oííered bv the web.

¦t wus evident to both WNE1.OKC und 1ierru thut u CMS und u set oí stundurd
templutes would enuble WNE1.OKC to develop und muintuin its networl oí websites
more eíícientlv und would give the orgunizution un opportunitv to build u consistent
brund ucross multiple sites. WNE1.OKC convened u cross-íunctionul teum oí designers,
developers und other stuleholders und estublished the íollowing gouls íor the project.
1o enhunce the user experience bv providing u cleur und consistent nuvigutionul •
írumeworl, íumiliur íunctionulitv und increused inteructivitv ucross ull sites.
1o stundurdize WNE1.OKC's website development process und mule internul •
worlíow more eíícient bv using u common CMS interíuce und publishing
1o provide u cost-eíícient und sculuble design und publishing plutíorm thut could •
support ull oí WNE1.OKC's primurv web uctivities.

1he project begun with u discoverv phuse led bv 1ierru. 1he discoverv phuse included
u thorough review oí WNE1.OKC's business gouls, chullenges, web ussets, internul
cupubilities und technologv requirements. 1he milestones írom the discoverv phuse
included. u content uudit, u design brieí, u íunctionul speciícution, the CMS selection
und u set oí stundurd website templute wireírumes.
1ierru conducted u content uudit oí íve oí WNE1.OKC's murquee sites to determine
the points oí commonulitv. Despite the diííerences in nomencluture und themes ucross
WNE1.OKC und P8S show sites, it íound thut most shured u common set oí core
content tvpes. locusing on these core components, 1ierru suggested u generic site
mup und u set oí generic show wireírumes thut could be used us the íoundution íor unv
progrum site build.

1ierru druíted u design brieí to.
summurize WNE1.OKC's business gouls •
describe the vision und content oí WNE1.OKC's •
deíne WNE1.OKC's brund positioning und turget •
mup out 1ierru's design und development strutegies •
During the design brieí phuse, WNE1.OKC cluriíed und
urticuluted its lev business objective. to implement u
stundurdized design írumeworl thut emphusized simplicitv
und consistencv over innovution or "breulthrough"
technologv. ¦í WNE1.OKC could simpliív the publishing
process und site design options, the broudcust teums could
íocus on producing quulitv content more eíícientlv.

Civen the lurge number oí sites to be published viu the
CMS, it wus importunt to creute u generic írumeworl thut
would ullow íor u common design, build und publishing
process. Everv site would be modeled uround u busic blog
structure. 1hut is, euch new element oí content would
be udded in the íorm oí u post. Euch post would contuin
metudutu such us dute stump, tugs und cutegories, us well
us stundurd íunctions such us user rutings, comments
und sociul mediu linls. ¦n order to muintuin u consistent
user experience ucross multiple sites, discouruge one-oíí
production requests, reduce time to murlet und mitigute
costs, WNE1.OKC decided to roll out u limited set oí
templutes und imposed restrictions on the íeutures thut
could be built.
Since the mujoritv oí the television content produced bv
WNE1.OKC is in the íorm oí seriulized or episodic content, euch episode would huve
its own "blog". 1he homepuge oí u given series, us well us vurious topicul puges,
would be structured us u "blog oí blogs". 1hus, the muin íeuture oí the homepuge íor
euch series would be u blog íeed, íeuturing the posts published in chronologicul order
within euch episode blog. 1heoreticullv, this would ullow two diííerent producers oí
"¯|c vo·| ¦|e¦ \N¦¯.O¦C e·o
¯|c··e |evc oo·c v|¦| \o·o¦·css |s
¦·u|, |·o·css|vc e·o s|ov·escs ¦|c
oovc·. ´cx|b|||¦, e·o oo¦c·¦|e| o´ ¦|c
\o·o¦·css o|e¦´o··. ¯|c, ocvc|ooco
e ´u|| ·o·¦c·¦ ·e·e~c·c·¦ s,s¦c·
(C`S` e·o subscouc·¦|, ·o||co ou¦
·u|¦|o|c s|¦cs us|·~ \o·o¦·css bu||¦-
|· ´ce¦u·cs e·o cx¦c·oco ¦|c o|e¦´o··
v|¦| ·us¦o· ¦|c·cs e·o o|u~|·s. ¦,
bu||o|·~ e C`S o· ¦oo o´ \o·o¦·css.
¯|c··e e·o \N¦¯.O¦C su··css´u||,
|eu··|co ·u·c·ous ||~|-¦·e´´· s|¦cs
¦|e¦ o·ov|oc e ~·ce¦ usc· cxoc·|c··c es
vc|| es co|¦o·|e| e·o ··ce¦|vc ´cx|b|||¦,.
Co·b|·co v|¦| ¦|c |e·~cs¦ ocvc|ooc·
·o··u·|¦, o´ e·, oub||s||·~ o|e¦´o··.
\N¦¯.O¦C e·o ¯|c··e oc·o·s¦·e¦c
¦|e¦ \o·o¦·css |s e· |oce| ·|o|·c ´o·
·cx¦ ~c·c·e¦|o· s|¦cs.'
vicr rrrsicruf, tufoutffic, iuc. .
two diííerent episodes to publish und muintuin their own set oí posts, while huving
u series homepuge thut uutomuticullv und dvnumicullv upduted us euch individuul
content producer mude u post. 1he sume would be true íor dvnumicullv generuted
topic puges, or íor unv number oí other tvpes oí "lunding puges". (We will discuss this
process in greuter detuil in the Deplovment section when we uddress WNE1.OKC's
development oí "horizontul uggregution" templutes thut ure being used to build its locul
site templutes.)
1he content uudit und site templute wireírumes highlighted certuin íunctionulitv
thut wus not ulreudv supported bv WPMU or existing plugins. lor exumple, the
teum discovered the need íor u customizuble homepuge promotionul tool thut could
íexiblv support imuges, video, uudio und u multiple choice quiz upplicution. Other
customizution ulso wus required to uddress WNE1.OKC's desire to use u single CMS to
publish websites hosted on multiple top-level domuins.
8used on the content uudit, the design brieí und the íunctionul speciícutions, 1ierru
conducted u survev oí multiple publishing plutíorms, including open source und
custom-built solutions, to provide WNE1.OKC with the compurutive dutu to select u
content munugement svstem.
Aíter u short deliberution period, WNE1.OKC chose WPMU íor the íollowing reusons.
Gi\mXc\eZ\ • . WordPress's long historv us un open- source project meuns there is un
uctive communitv oí contributors providing extensive "plugin" extensions - to the
point where WPMU could be used us u CMS íor entire website networls.
;\m\cfg\i@ek\i]XZ\ • . WordPress hus u stronger set oí user interíuce (U¦)
conventions (compured to newer plutíorms such us Drupul). 1he new publishing
tool needed to be íun und empowering, not overwhelming or intimiduting.
=Xd`c`Xi`kp% • As one oí the írst blogging plutíorms, WordPress helped to deíne the
medium. As such, the generul luvout und design conventions within WordPress ure
íumiliur to unvone who hus visited u blog.
:ljkfd`qXk`feC`d`kj% • A set oí stundurd site elements would reign in the tendencv
to over-customize, reducing the number oí design vuriubles to be considered und
moving the discussion uwuv írom "lool und íeel" und towurd how to produce more
und better content.
>\e\i`Z=\c% • 1he relutivelv generic lool und íeel oí the WordPress plutíorm would
uppeul to un older, less ¦nternet-suvvv public television demogruphic.
During the design und development phuse, WNE1.OKC's in-house design teum used
1ierru's wireírumes to creute puge templute designs íor three shows. W|Je Aoqle.
Natare und Amer|cao Masters. Euch show site used its own color scheme und unique
gruphic ussets. 1hen, 1ierru's development teum creuted u WPMU theme íor euch
show site.
1ierru's teum instulled existing WPMU plugins und developed custom plugins to
bridge the íunctionulitv gup between WPMU und the demunds oí WNE1.OKC's
proposed iníormution urchitecture. One importunt exumple is the 'Collections' plugin.
A truditionul blog is orgunized chronologicullv und bv cutegorv. 8ut in order to support
seriulized television shows, WNE1.OKC needed the ubilitv to orgunize content uround
episodes. So, 1ierru creuted u íexible Collections plugin which ullows WNE1.OKC
to deíne unv number oí collections und sub-collections und ussign posts to those
collections (e.g. the ubilitv to creute blogs within blogs). 1his gives the plutíorm much
greuter íexibilitv thun the tvpicul blog dutu schemu bv how it relutes pieces oí content
to one unother. On the íollowing puge is un imuge oí the Collections plugin in uction.

wicr tuctr's rrisocr ttuciuc rtcr :rss.orc.wurf.wicrtuctr)
8elow is u screen grub oí the collections udmin U¦.

1ierru ulso creuted u plugin íor publishing llush-enubled promotionul content. 1he
plugin ullows WNE1.OKC's site editors to quicllv und eusilv promote new content in u
highlv visuul, enguging wuv. 8ecuuse the promo ureu is powered bv llush, WNE1.OKC
hus the íexibilitv to use imuge, video, sound or unimution to promote its content. On
the íollowing puge ure imuges oí the llush promo plugin on two diííerent sites.

cottrcfious tcuiu iu worcrrrss
rttsu-rutstrc rrouo trrt ou fur wortc rocus uourrtcr :wortcrocus.orc:
rttsu-rutstrc rrouo trrt ou utfurr's vicro ttuciuc rtcr :rss.orc.wurf.utfurr.ctfrcor\.vicro.:
8elow is u screen grub oí the WYS¦WYC (Whut You See ¦s Whut You Cet) editor.
8evond orgunizing und promoting its content, WNE1.OKC ulso wunted to explore
creutive wuvs to encouruge users to interuct with its sites. 1ierru developed u multiple-
choice quiz plugin (see below) thut provided un udditionul inteructive íeuture not
tvpicullv íound in blog soítwure.
t scrrru rrou fur rrouo tcuiu iu worcrrrss
t ouiz fouf ou fur uourrtcr or wortcrocus.orc
ouiz rrsutfs ou wortcrocus.orc
¦n uddition to television content websites, WNE1.OKC ulso publishes sites íor
speciul events or progrums thut huve unique íunctionul requirements. lor the unnuul
"Celebrution oí 1euching und Leurning" coníerence site, 1ierru creuted u plugin íor u
sortuble schedule oí events (see below). Producers cun use the plugin to creute speuler
events, ussign them to cutegories und 'content strunds' und ussociute them with u
speuler's bio. 1he plugin hus mude it eusier íor producers to munuge und updute the
site und íor visitors to índ the events und speulers thut spurl their interest.

srtrcutstr scurcutr ou fur crtrsrtfiou or frtcuiuc tuc trtruiuc wrssifr
While worling with WNE1.OKC, 1ierru mude its írst open source contribution to the
WPMU communitv. 1ierru developed WPD8 Proíling ¹.0 to identiív plugins thut muv
not huve proper cuching enubled or supported. 1ierru írequentlv íound the need íor
íull dutubuse querv proíling on u puge-bv-puge busis. 1ierru used the WPD8 Proíling
plugin tool to optimize projects und plugins thut ure in development. 1he plugin
provides the totul number oí queries to the dutubuse per puge, us well us the totul
time it tules to render those queries out to the puge. Additionullv, line-bv-line, euch
individuul querv will displuv with the originuting SOL stutement, time executed und the
íunction cull used to execute the querv.
¦n June 2009, 1ierru releused u new version (¹.¹) oí its WPD8 Proíling Plugin íor
WordPress. http.//wordpress.org/extend/plugins/wpdb-proíling/
crtrsrtfiou scurcutr tcuiu iu worcrrrss
1he upduted plugin displuvs ull oí the db queries ut the verv íooter oí the puge showing
unv slow und potentiullv huzurdous queries, which cun bring vour db to u hult. 1he new
version checls to see ií vou huve db cuching enubled, either viu severul plugins or viu
u built in WPCACHE íunction. ¦t ulso mules enubling it more uutomutic with u new
udministrution interíuce.
Using WPMU und the innovutive components und customized templutes provided bv
1ierru, WNE1.OKC is now uble to publish rich-mediu sites thut do not lool lile stundurd
blogs. ¦n under ¹0 months, thev huve used this plutíorm to expeditiouslv luunch more
thun S0 sites und sub-sites, with u consistent user experience, und little or no dutubuse
or server-side customizution, ull oí which íeuture sociul mediu integrution und u
common bucl-end.
1o íucilitute migrution oí legucv websites to the new CMS, 1ierru developed u cruciul
Djungo/Pvthon content migrution upplicution to uuto-process, stundurdize und eusilv
import legucv WNE1.OKC websites into the WPMU írumeworl. 1he 1ierru teum
devised u content migrution plun, including un unulvsis oí legucv content porting issues.
1ierru then developed un uutomuted script íor processing the content írom the
originul sites und importing it into WPMU. Aíter importing the content, 1ierru und
WNE1.OKC conducted u ínul review oí the content beíore luunch. 1he content
migrution web upplicution ucceleruted the luunch time oí the three initiul pilot websites.
Luter on, the 1ierru upp enubled WNE1.OKC to migrute numerous udditionul sites to
the WPMU plutíorm without 1ierru's ussistunce.
Worling with 1ierru, WNE1.OKC migruted two nutionul sites-W|Je Aoqle (www.pbs.
org/wideungle) und Natare (www.pbs.org/nuture)-to the new CMS und reluunched
them upproximutelv íour months írom the írst discussions. 1he next site, Amer|cao
Masters (http.//www.pbs.org/wnet/umericunmusters/), wus luunched upproximutelv
one month luter. Since then, WNE1.OKC hus hud the in-house cupubilitv to luunch new
sites without íormul colluborution with 1ierru.
¦n uddition, WNE1.OKC developed the expertise to eusilv creute new WPMU templutes
thut expunded the upplicution bevond "verticul," episodic content to "horizontul,"
uggreguted und curuted content. lor exumple, WNE1.OKC wus uble to luunch
horizontul sites íor WNE1.OKC, 1H¦K1EEN.OKC und WL¦W.OKC, uutomuticullv
incorporuting existing content írom the nutionul WPMU content dutubuse, while
udding site-speciíc, locul content.
As ulluded to previouslv, other chullenges in implementing WPMU included.
Developing the ubilitv, using u single codebuse, to simultuneouslv host sites using •
the unique server conígurution ut P8S.OKC, us well us on WNE1.OKC's own more
conventionul server conígurution.
1he ubilitv to publish sites under its own domuins (worldíocus.org, etc.) in uddition •
to the P8S.OKC (pbs.org/nuture) und locul WNE1.OKC domuins (1hirteen.org,
WNE1.OKC, etc).
8v utilizing existing WPMU plugins, und in colluborution with the tech teum ut P8S,
WNE1.OKC wrote custom code which ullowed íor eusv deplovment oí sites ucross ull
oí these use cuses. On the íollowing puge is u screen shot oí the Sites plugin thut wus
creuted to munuge the publicution oí sites on multiple domuins.
t srtrcfiou or wurf.orc's wruu-rowrrrc sifrs
sifrs rtuciu, usrc fo ututcr fur rustictfiou or sifrs ou uutfirtr coutius
WNE1.OKC emburled on the development oí u CMS plutíorm to beneít its own
ubilities to creute und publish web content in un eíícient und cost-eííective wuv.
8ut huving reulized the beneíts within its own worl, it now lools to redistribute this
innovutive open source-bused code to unv und ull public broudcusting-reluted non-
proít orgunizutions interested in joining u colluborutive technologv plutíorm.
lor some time now, most non-proít orgunizutions huve recognized the beneíts oí
using the ¦nternet us u murleting chunnel, und in using open- source solutions to iterute
new upprouches. Yet munv non-proít orgunizutions íuce chullenges in leveruging
these plutíorms to creute or cupitulize on brouder strutegic opportunities. WNE1.OKC
believes thut its newlv creuted und proven CMS cun contribute to udvuncing brouder
institutionul strutegies oí non-proíts in generul, und help enuble mediu compunies, in
purticulur, to muintuin u competitive edge with respect to commerciul counterpurts.
1owurd thut end, in the spirit oí colluborution und shured innovution, WNE1.OKC is
muling its customized WPMU-bused CMS uvuiluble to unv non-proít urts, culturul or
mediu entitv thut believes it cun beneít írom u similur plutíorm or íeutures.
1he íollowing is u purtiul list oí WNE1.OKC sites using the 1ierru-customized WPMU
¹. Amer|cao Masters - www.pbs.org/wnet/umericunmusters/
2. Asceot o[ Mooev - www.pbs.org/wnet/uscentoímonev/
3. 8laepr|ot Amer|ca - www.pbs.org/wnet/blueprintumericu/
4. C|oema´s fx|les - www.pbs.org/wnet/cinemusexiles/
S. Crv [or ¬elp - www.pbs.org/wnet/crvíorhelp/
6. 6reat Per[ormaoces - www.pbs.org/wnet/gperí/
7. Tbe ¬amao 5park - www.pbs.org/wnet/humunspurl/
8. look|oq [or l|ocolo - www.pbs.org/wnet/loolingíorlincoln/
9. Make ´fm laaqb - www.pbs.org/wnet/muleemluugh/
¹0. Natare - www.pbs.org/wnet/nuture/
¹¹. kel|q|oo & ftb|cs Newsweeklv - www.pbs.org/wnet/religionundethics/
¹2. Wbere We 5taoJ - www.pbs.org/wnet/wherewestund/
¹3. W|Je Aoqle - www.pbs.org/wnet/wideungle/
¹4. Tbe Mas|c lost|oct - wpmu.thirteen.org/wnet/musicinstinct/
¹S. 5ecrets o[ tbe 0eaJ - www.pbs.org/wnet/secrets/
¹6. WorlJ[ocas - www.worldíocus.org

¹. Tb|rteeo - www.thirteen.org
2. 8roaJcast|oq Wb|le 8lack - www.thirteen.org/broudcustingwhileblucl/
3. Carr|er - www.thirteen.org/currier/
4. Celebrat|oo o[ Teacb|oq aoJ learo|oq - www.thirteencelebrution.org
S. Car|oas - www.thirteen.org/curious/episodes/
6. 6reeo Tb|rteeo - www.thirteen.org/greenthirteen/
7. 6reeooaest - www.thirteen.org/sites/greenquest/
8. los|Je Tb|rteeo - www.thirteen.org/insidethirteen/
9. lt´s tbe fcooomv. NY - www.thirteen.org/itstheeconomvnv/
¹0. leaJ|oq w|tb r|oJoess - www.wliw.org/leudingwithlindness/
¹¹. learo|oq Matters - www.leurningmutters.tv
¹2. lo tbe lootsteps o[ Marco Polo - www.wliw.org/murcopolo
¹3. Masl|m vo|ces - www.thirteen.org/muslimvoices/
¹4. Dar vao|sb|oq W|lJeroess - www.thirteen.org/ourvunishingwilderness/
¹S. PTv 0|q|tal Arcb|ve - www.thirteen.org/sites/ptvdigitulurchive/
¹6. Pabl|c Telev|s|oo kocks - www.publictelevisionrocls.org
¹7. keelI3 - www.thirteen.org/sites/reel¹3/
¹8. 5eptember II - www.thirteen.org/september¹¹/
¹9. 5oall - www.thirteen.org/soul/
20. 5aoJav Arts - www.thirteen.org/sunduvurts
2¹. Tbe C|tv CoocealeJ - www.thirteen.org/thecitvconceuled/
22. Tb|rteeo loram - www.thirteen.org/íorum/
23. Tb|rteeo r|Js - www.thirteen.org/lids/
24. 0ocerta|o loJastrv - www.thirteen.org/uncertuinindustrv/
2S. 0osaoq ¬ero|oes - www.thirteen.org/unsungheroines/
26. WNfT.orq - www.wnet.org/
27. WllW.orq - www.wliw.org/
New Yorl public mediu compunv WNE1.OKC is u pioneering provider oí television
und web content. 1he purent oí 1H¦K1EEN, WL¦W2¹ und Creutive News Croup,
WNE1.OKC brings such uccluimed broudcust series und websites us WorlJ[ocas.
Natare. 6reat Per[ormaoces. Amer|cao Masters. Cbarl|e kose. W|Je Aoqle. 5ecrets o[
tbe 0eaJ. kel|q|oo & ftb|cs Newsweeklv. v|s|oos. Coosaelo Mack WealtbTrack. W|lJ
Cbroo|cles. M|[[v aoJ lr|eoJs, und Cvbercbase to nutionul und internutionul uudiences.
1hrough its wide runge oí chunnels und plutíorms, WNE1.OKC serves the entire
New Yorl Citv metro ureu with unique locul productions, broudcusts und innovutive
educutionul und culturul projects. ¦n ull thut it does, WNE1.OKC pursues u single,
overurching goul-to creute mediu experiences oí lusting signiícunce íor New Yorl,
Americu und the world. lor more iníormution, visit www.wnet.org.
Contuct inío. Dun Coldmun
Executive Director oí Corporute linunce
(íormer Executive Director, ¦nteructive)

8YflkK`\iiX@eefmXk`fe (www.tierru-innovution.com)
1ierru ¦nnovution designs und builds digitul products thut ure enguging, eusv to use
und cost-eííective. 1ierru helps clients identiív their purticulur needs, develop digitul
strutegies und implement customized solutions thut scule with their vision und
growth. 1ierru oííers u íull runge oí services írom designing und developing websites,
publishing soítwure und mobile upplicutions to conducting user experience reseurch
und executing murleting initiutives. Clients include. C8S Corporution, 1he Council on
loreign Kelutions, 1he CW Networl, Nupster, NlL Networl, 1he Poetrv loundution,
1urner Sports ¦nteructive, Wurner 8ros. und WNE1.OKC (P8S), umong others.
lounded in 2002, 1ierru ¦nnovution is privutelv held und is bused in New Yorl Citv.
Visit www.1ierru-¦nnovution.com íor more iníormution.
Contuct inío. Jumie 1rowbridge
347-4¹0-S900 x ¹0¹