Group 1 hate narrow-minded, prejudiced Bigot person Counterfeit fake; false Enfranchise give voting rights hinder;

obstruct Hamper to start a fire Kindle harmful; poisonous; lethal Noxious calm; peaceful Placid Remuneration payment for work done Talisman lucky charm Abhor Group 2 rough; coarse; harsh cheat; defraud hidden; undercover cause storage area (like garage) for a plane complex; difficult to solve something subtle; a fine shade of Nuance meaning taking credit for someone else's Plagiarism writing or ideas Renown fame Tangent going off the main subject Abrasive Bilk Covert Engender Hangar Knotty Group 3 Abasement humiliation; degradation Billowing swelling; fluttering; waving recoil in fear or servility; shrink Cower away from Enhance improve; make better or clearer Harangue noisy, attacking speech Labyrinth a maze Nullify to counter; make unimportant Plaintiff petitioner (in court of law) Replete full Tangible can be touched

Group 4 cancel; deny; repeal speech which offends religious Blasphemy sentiments Credible believable puzzle; mystery Enigma Harbingers indicators; bringers of warnings Labyrinthine complicated; highly convoluted cuddle; snuggle Nuzzle statement giving strong praise Plaudit Reprehensible shameful; very bad slow; late; overdue; delayed Tardy Abrogate Group 5 Absolution forgiveness; pardon; release Blatant obvious Creditable praiseworthy Ensconce establish firmly in a position Hasten hurry; accelerate; rush Laceration a cut Obdurate stubborn Plausible can be believed; reasonable a respite; postponement of a Reprieve sentence Tawdry of little value; gaudy Group 6 Abstain desist; go without; withdraw Blighted damaged; destroyed; ruined Credulous gullible; ready to believe anything Enshroud cover Haughtiness arrogance; pride Lachrymose tearful; sad deliberately make something Obfuscate difficult to understand Plethora an excess Repudiate shun; eschew Tedium boredom

Group 7 self denying; refraining from indulging free-spirited; carefree Blithe Crepuscular active at dawn and dusk clear pronunciation; accent; Enunciation articulation Headstrong stubborn; willful Lackluster dull; monotonous; bland Objective unbiased; not subjective Pliable flexible; not stubborn Rescind retract; repeal Temper to moderate; soften Abstemious Group 8 difficult to understand; obscure 1. ancient weapon (type of gun); Blunderbuss 2. a clumsy person Cringe recoil; flinch; shy away Envenom to cause bitterness and bad feeling Hedonism self indulgence; pleasure-seeking using few words; brief; to the Laconic point Oblique indirect; slanting Plumage feathers of a bird Resignation acceptance of fate stubborn; resolute; holding firm to Tenacious a purpose Abstruse Group 9 Accolade tribute; honor; praise Bolster support; prop up Cryptic puzzling; enigmatic Ephemeral short-lived Hedonist a pleasure seeker Lamentation expression of regret or sorrow Obliterate destroy; demolish; eradicate Plummet fall suddenly and steeply Resolution determination Tentative not certain

Group 10 Acquiesce to agree to; give in to Bombast arrogant, pompous language Curtail cut short someone who appreciates good food Epicure and drink Heed listen to Lampoon ridicule; spoof Oblivious totally unaware Podium raised platform Resonant echoing Tenuous flimsy; not solid

Group 1
sharp; pungent (used of smells and tastes) Boorish ill-mannered believing that people act only out Cynical of selfish motives Epistle a letter (form of communication) Heresy against orthodox opinion Lance spear; spike; javelin difficult to understand; partially Obscure hidden deeply moving; strongly affecting Poignant the emotions Respite a break; intermission Terse concise; to the point Acrid

Group 2
Acrophobia fear of heights Bourgeois middle class Debility weakness; incapacity concerned with letters; through Epistolary correspondence Hiatus interruption; pause Languid tired; slow Obscured hidden; covered; buried

calm; collected; self-possessed Poised Resplendent shining; glowing Therapeutic medicinal; curative

Group 3
Acuity sharpness (mental or visual) Braggart someone who boasts Debunking exposing false claims or myths typified; characterized; Epitomized personified Hidebound rigid in opinions Languish decay; fade away; get weaker Obsequious servile; submissive Polemical causing debate or argument Restorative a tonic Thwart prevent; frustrate

[decorous (a)] make a mistake Err Hinder obstruct Largess generosity Obsolete no longer valid speak pompously or Pontificate dogmatically restrained; holding something Reticent back; uncommunicative Tirade stream of verbal abuse

Group 6
Adulation strong admiration; worship to show irritation Bristle lure; trap; trick Decoy wandering; irregular Erratic Histrionic theatrical; exaggerated praise Laud Obstreperous noisy and boisterous Portend foretell withdrawal; cancellation of a Retraction statement giggle quietly Titter

Group 4
forceful; inflexible muscular an athletic competition with Decathlon ten events speak ambiguously; avoid Equivocate telling the truth 1. picture writing; 2. writing Hieroglyphics which is difficult to read or enigmatic Larceny theft; robbery; stealing Obsession a dominating concern Ponderous weighty; slow and heavy Retention preservation; withholding Timorous cowardly; fearful Adamant Brawny

Group 7
Adversity hardship Broach start to discuss; approach Deference respect obscure and difficult to Esoteric understand Hoary old Lavish on a grand scale; wasteful Obtuse mentally dull Portent a warning sign; omen Revere worship Tome large book

Group 5
Adroit skilful / skillful Brevity being brief Decorum dignified, correct behavior

myth or story Odious hateful Posterity future generations common Rife dormancy. stagnant Posthumous after death thoroughness Rigor walk unsteadily Totter Group 1 eagerness. support Hone sharpen. put forth new Burgeon shoots Deleterious harmful a polite phrase to cover Euphemism something unpleasant Hypocritical insincere Lethargic tired. sluggishness. poverty. observe in an obvious Ogle manner Postulate hypothesize. whet Lax careless. enthusiasm.Group 8 Advocate support Brusque blunt. 2. quickness grow. Degradation debasement praise Eulogy a person obsessed with Hypochondriac health. attempt to change base metal into gold Burnish polish Deliberate to think over deeply Euphony pleasant sounds Iconoclast person who opposes orthodoxy flippancy. Officious meddlesome Group 3 Alibi an excuse that shows someone . make unnecessary Poseur someone who puts on an act Riddled full of (usually full of holes) Torpid inactive. propose Robust strong. barricade. flourish. polite Alacrity Group 9 Aesthetic concerning art or beauty Bulwark fortification. wall Defunct no longer in existence Etymology the study of word origins Hyperbole grossly exaggerated speech Legend 1. take up. intrusive. tough Tractable obedient. lazy. increase. having imaginary illnesses in large numbers Legion domineering. healthy. not strict Obviate avoid. Torpor inactivity Group 2 medieval chemistry. without energy stare at. easygoing Affable Bureaucracy officialdom deprivation. abrupt Defoliate cause leaves to fall off Espouse promote. social. key to map. dutiful. joking about serious Levity matters concerned with the sense of Olfactory smell Potable suitable for drinking Rotund round Tranquil peaceful Alchemy Group 10 friendly.

Delineation definition. annoyed shame [ignominious (a) = Ignominy shameful] flexible. support demarcation. one who is Group 8 Amass Callow accumulate immature . lessen very bad (something which Exceptionable we should object to) Illuminate to light up or make clear very angry Livid burdensome. stratagem Ruse go astray. ponder Transcribe copy concerned with usefulness Saccharin falsely sweet Transient short-lived. risky Sagacious wise Trepidation fear Altruism Group 5 Alleviate make less severe Cacophony discordant loud noises Denounce condemn. Exculpate pardon. misleading person who tries to persuade Lobbyist someone to support a particular cause burden Onus Precarious unstable. cold coax use up. false. detached. compelling. hard to Onerous undertake Preamble introductory material Sacrosanct very holy. inviolable Traverse to move across Aloof Cajole Deplete Group 4 to lessen the line that tells you who Byline wrote an article Demur hesitate. empty. strong Potent Ruminate think over something. outlining Evacuate vacate. commit a Transgress sin Allay Group 7 putting others first. speak out against Exasperated frustrated. disobey. abandon a personal peculiarity. ephemeral Group 6 distant. Idiosyncrasy something unique to an individual Libertarian someone who opposes tyranny Ominous threatening powerful. refuse Exacerbate make worse Ignominious shameful Liniment soothing lotion Omnipotent all-powerful Pragmatic practical trick. supple Lithe Omniscient all-knowing Pragmatist practical person.was not at a crime scene Buttress strengthen. explanation. being selfsacrificing Caldron huge cooking pot Deplore regret free someone from blame. acquit Illusory deceptive.

quarrelsome Derogatory uncomplimentary Exemplify to serve as a good example Impecunious having no money clear Lucid highly decorated Ornate Precipice steep slope Salubrious health-giving shirker. vagueness Candid frank. setting a Exemplary fine example Impartial unbiased. neither . destine. haughty Lofty Opaque does not let light through a previous occurrence used as Precedent a guide a wise person Sage something of little value. openness Deride ridicule. very bad Immoderate excessive. neutral Loquacious talkative 1. someone absent Truant without permission Ambivalence Group 9 Ambiguity uncertainty. poor Lukewarm 1. 2. erotic unoriginal. profane ridiculous. Trinket knick-knack Group 1 lack of clarity. beneficial cut short Group 10 unclear in meaning. confer holy orders Ordain on a priest Precinct district of a city Sallow yellowish Trivial unimportant Ambiguous Group 3 Ameliorate make better Capitulate surrender. mock outstandingly good. wavering. give in to Desecration spoiling something holy acquits. 2. unenthusiastic. honest Deprecate criticize. make fun of.Depravity moral corruption Execrable very. can be interpreted in different ways Candor frankness. silly conventional done in a hurry something which teaches you a lesson. rich. arrogant. absolves. being undecided Cantankerous bad-tempered. removes Exonerates blame Impoverished destitute. magnificent Precept guiding principle Salacious lecherous. extreme snooty. dull Trite Group 2 Ambulatory Capacious Desecrate Exhaustive Impious Ludicrous Orthodox Precipitous Salutary Truncate able to walk around (used of hospital patients) spacious to damage or pollute a holy place complete and thorough wicked. denounce scholarly explanation or Exegesis interpretation Immutable unchanging. permanent Longevity long life Opulent wealthy.

outstanding Sardonic mocking Unalloyed undiluted. become Ossify fixed and rigid prevent or make impossible Preclude Sanctimonious hypocritically holy nor cold 1. agreeable Prerogative right or privilege Savant person with knowledge Unctuous oily. 2. cease Desist getting free/rid of. practical chant. discontinue. difficult situation Sanguine optimistic. beginner Tyro Group 8 Analgesic medicine to combat pain type of private political Caucus meeting Deteriorate worsen. not hidden Overt Predicament dilemma. emigrant. Exorcism eliminating (especially demons) Impromptu unrehearsed. cheerful found everywhere. kill. storm in the ocean Palatable good to eat. invocation. decline Exposition clear explanation Incessant without stopping Maelstrom whirlpool. moist. someone Expatriate living away from his own country Inadvertent not intentional Luscious juicy. noise Tumult Group 4 Amelioration improvement Carping constant criticism stop. poverty. illegal Lynch hanging obvious. succulent push out of a position Oust Predecessor one who came before Sanguinary bloodthirsty. using excessive flattery Group 6 Amity friendship . total Group 5 Amiable friendly Cartographer person who makes maps Despondent having no hope. turn to bone. Ubiquitous omnipresent Castigate Destitution Expedient Incantation Group 7 Amorphous lacking in shape Catharsis purging of pent-up emotions put off. in an emotional Overwrought state Preeminent famous. spontaneous Lummox clumsy person Ostentatious showy Precocious developing early Sanction give approval to Turpitude depravity scold strongly hardship. prayer assassinate. bloody novice. prevent Deter Expedite make faster Incarceration putting in prison Machinations plots and plans worked up. misery convenient. miserable refugee.

insignificant. diligent.Group 9 Analogous comparable burning Caustic Detrimental harmful praise Extol Incipient just beginning Magnanimous generous. unskillful pale Pallid Presumptuous assuming too much. critical Dichotomy a division into two parts extend. . self-important Scrutinize examine carefully Unfetter set free Group 10 Anarchy chaos. a leaning toward Magnate powerful businessman a remedy that improves but Palliative doesn't cure a feeling that something Presentiment might happen person on whom blame is Scapegoat placed for faults of others Underscore emphasize Group 3 a building which is an addition to an existing Annex (n) building blame Censure intended to teach. seize. Group 4 Annex (v) take possession of. Didactic instructive irrelevant. out of place Malady illness Palpable easily felt. antagonism Censorious disapproving. big-hearted fence made of posts Palisade Prescient having fore-knowledge to climb Scale Undermined damaged. on the outside Extrinsic unimportant. painstaking Unequivocal clear. easily perceived Pretentious pompous. obvious Group 2 Animosity hatred. Inconsequential negligible Malediction a curse remedy for all ills Panacea speak misleadingly and Prevaricate evasively sink Scuttle to remove a priest from his Unfrock position Group 1 Anecdote a brief amusing story speed Celerity Dexterous skilful with hands Extraneous irrelevant Incoherent not clear Maladroit clumsy. attacked arrogant Scrupulous careful. lack of government Cavalcade procession of vehicles Devoured greedily eaten/consumed deport from one country back Extradite to the home country Inclination tendency. predict on the basis of Extrapolate known data Incongruous not fitting in.

capture intellectual Cerebral lacking confidence Diffident Fallacious false not easily seen. Chary reluctant to give slow. put off Sentinel guard. tell off. not outstanding Malingerer person who deliberately tries Prodigious Serendipity Uproarious . example. excessive devotion Indigenous native to a particular area Malleable flexible. stick used for polo 1. animal which takes digested food from another very large fortunate coincidence. very old-fashioned punishes puzzling situation overly particular. embankment Dike Fanatical obsessive. unconscious Group 7 Antagonistic opposed. subtle. hysterical. waver Indelible cannot be wiped out Malinger deliberately avoid work. prehistoric. model. intact. hostile. cautious about. extravagant Sequester isolate Upbraid scold. not Inconspicuous noticeable Malefactor a wrong-doer 1. sentry Unwitting not deliberate. Paradigm way of looking at things unspoiled Pristine an institution in which Seminary priests are trained never having happened Unprecedented before to avoid work Paragon a perfect example Procrastinate delay. 2. 2. strong opposition trickster who claims Charlatan knowledge he doesn't have dam. unsought discovery hilarious. scrounger. neutral. without a Unscathed scratch Anomaly Group 8 Antediluvian Chastises Dilemma Fastidious Indolence Mallet outdated. very funny Group 6 Parasite Antagonism hostility. 2. reprimand Group 5 something which does not fit in a pattern. 2. 3. wooden hammer. finicky laziness 1. falling behind with one's Dilatory work Fanaticism passion. shirk apparently contradictory Paradox statement Proclivity tendency towards Sensuous appealing to the senses unharmed. can be shaped Paramount of supreme importance Prodigal wasteful. aggressive wary of. irregularity Certitude certainty Digress wander off the subject Falter hesitate. fixated Indifferent 1.

satisfying Indulgent desires damaged. controllable dried up Parched unholy Profane calm. not gullible Utilitarian useful Apathetic Group 10 putting man at the Anthropocentrism center of one's philosophy changeable. intoxication Marshal to gather together . old fashioned Choleric easily angered Diorama model of a scene Fecund fertile Inebriation drunkenness. concerned only Parochial with local matters Profundity depth Skeptical doubting. beginner Inductee Manipulatable influencable. unskilled.Group 9 a book which is a collection of poems or stories Chicanery trickery person who dabbles in a Dilettante subject without serious study silly. spoof member of the working Proletarian class minor battle Skirmish a believer in an ideal world Utopian Group 1 Antiquated outdated. peaceful Serene outcome Upshot Anthology Parity equality Profound having deep meaning Servile overly submissive. spoiled Marred an outcast from society Pariah swearing. uninterested. Inept useless person who believes in Martinet strict discipline a mockery. lethargic person who records historical Chronicler information Dirge mournful song Felicitous apt Ineffable cannot be expressed in words pouched mammal (like a Marsupial kangaroo) narrow-minded. cursing Profanity jagged. enthusiasm Fervor incompetent. imitation for Parody ridicule. suave Urbane Group 3 lack of interest or emotion Apathy Circuitous indirect Disapprobation disapproval passion. unstable Chimerical hard-working Diligent possible and practicable Feasible pampering. foolish Fatuous novice. saw-like Serrated sophisticated. groveling take someone's position Usurp (usually by force) Group 2 indifferent.

frugality. Discordancy jarring not continuous. whimsical. Discriminate see the difference Flamboyant showy. stopping and Fitful starting . inconsistency Flagrant clearly wrong Inexpedient not advisable Meager in short supply biased. one-sided. frugal. meaningless Appease Group 8 Arbitrary random. Circumlocution long-windedness to distinguish one thing Discern from another unpredictable. seek Solicit Variegated multicolored. costParsimony cutting dull. thrifty Proponents promoters. avoid Parry producing a lot Prolific slow-moving. flawless. Fickle easily swayed inactivity. mystic to make a clear distinction. cannot make Infallible mistakes Meander wander from side to side evoking sadness or pity Pathos Prosody study of versification to ask for. ornate perfect. soothe. for no definite reason Clairvoyant psychic. make peace with Circumscribe limit disagreement Discord skill Finesse Inevitable cannot be avoided Matriarchy society governed by women Parsimonious economical. boring. committed Partisan to one group Proscribe forbid comfort for grief Solace dull. fearful cautious. calm down. supporters refine an ore Smelt Vacuous empty. speckled Group 6 Apprehensive worried.Group 4 of doubtful origin using too many words. uninspiring Vapid Group 5 pacify. hesitate Vacillate Apocryphal Inexorable relentless Maverick a loner stinginess. considering all Circumspect sides cacophony. lethargy Inertia person who intentionally Masochist inflicts pain on himself ward off. ordinary Prosaic a Swedish buffet of cold Smorgasbord dishes person wandering without a Vagrant home Group 7 Arable can be cultivated Circumvent avoid something which does not Discrepancy match up. silly. lethargic Sluggard person waver. harshness.

eloquent customers an inequality unreliable. stealthy Disdain contempt. display in a Flaunt showy manner Infamous famous for something bad soft. immature corrupt. something Cliché unoriginal Disparage criticize. or Protégé guided by another Soporific inducing sleep Veneer surface coating Archives Group 10 ancient. Discursiveness indirectness show off. covert. place of storage of old documents overused expression. trivial offence person under protection of. old fashioned Clandestine secret. belittle Flustered worked-up. bare. fervor. lying face down. Vehemence forcefulness Arcane Disinterested unbiased defy. behave in an Patronize arrogant manner towards main character in film. 2. code of behavior Sparse spare. known only to a few people shout. outdated. book. meager Venerate revere. be Prostration overcome with extreme weakness Somnambulist sleepwalker violence. disreputable Group 1 Archetype classic example of Clemency mercy hostile volatile. changeable person who insists on strict Pedant adherence to rules or narrow learning Protocol procedure. reject Flout Ingénue naïve. melodious. scream Clamor long windedness. Protagonist play etc. can be bribed Venal Group 2 collections of old records.Group 9 obscure. worship . ripe Mellow one who give support Patron (usually financial) 1. not calm Ingrate ungrateful person Mercenary concerned only with money Peccadillo minor weakness. lucid. unsophisticated person Mendacious given to lying Paucity shortage Protean changeable Sophomoric juvenile. Soothsayer fortuneteller Vehement forceful Archaic Group 3 Articulate Clientele Disparity Fly-bynight Inimical Mercurial clear. conclude Infer Menagerie collection of animals condescend to. strong dislike making jokes about serious Flippant matters deduce.

false Insentient unfeeling Milieu environment in a thoughtful mood.Group 4 deception. difficult to control Inscrutable mysterious. objective concerned with argument or Forensic debate (esp. indulge circulating. banal unsophisticated. trickery Artifice Coalesce come together. for legal evidence) inherited. Disseminating spreading (information) bravery Fortitude Innocuous harmless. 3. freckled. figuratively without equal Peerless cautious. severely simple Coercion force Diurnal active in daytime Fortuitous happening by chance Innovate create. distract. intermittent talkative. sharp-witted picture made from fragments of other pictures having stubbornly held opinions . broadcasting. not moving Vertigo dizziness Group 6 without luxuries. merge Dispassionate neutral. bravery. Verbose rambling Group 7 Assiduous thorough. entertain. diligent Cogent lucid. ponder Docile gentle and easily lead Fraudulent fake. valor Pellucid transparently clear Punctilious paying attention to small details Spurious false Verbosity using too many words Group 5 craftsman pamper. cause Divert a detour Fractious irritable. fuss over. inoffensive Metaphorically symbolically. thinking Pensive deeply Purloin steal Stagnant still. painstaking Pejorative derogatory Ascetic Group 9 Astute Collage Dogmatic perceptive. well argued 1. mundane. narrowProvincial minded Specious false minor. wise Prudent spotted. dotted Speckled truthfulness Veracity Artisan Coddle Group 8 Assuage to calm Cogitate think over something. unimportant Venial Puerile childish Sporadic not continuous. impenetrable Mettle courage. 2. long-winded. introduce something new Meticulous very careful. inborn Innate come together Merge Pedestrian common.

provoke Misanthrope hater of the rest of mankind Perceptive observant Pyromania compulsion to start fires section of a poem Stanza Vignette small sketch Asylum Collate Dolt Group 3 weaken Attenuate Commandeer take possession of nonsense Drivel useless. person who Instigator entices others to do something Misnomer wrong name Percipient perceptive. sober. serious Staid Vestigial not developed Group 2 Atrophy waste away from lack of use Collusion plotting and planning speak slowly with words Drawl running together Furtive hidden and secret Insurgent a rebel Misogynist hater of women Perdition damnation Quagmire marsh. hopeless Futile Interminable never-ending Misrepresentation deliberately deceiving in a commanding Peremptory manner picturesque Quaint dockworker Stevedore an accomplished Virtuoso musician Group 1 person who does not believe in God local and informal (used of Colloquial language) Dotard foolish old man Furrow groove troublemaker. bland. not wasting Frugal anything Instigate to start. faithful. make less severe Perfidy treachery Quandary dilemma. bog Stereotype fixed image Vindicate prove right. puzzle .Frivolous not serious dull. dependable Vilification blackening someone's name Atheist Group 4 Augment increase. remove blame Group 10 place of refuge or safety arrange in order stupid person economical. boring Insipid swamp. irregular Mitigate lessen. smug dryly amusing Droll Galleon ancient type of sailing ship Intermittent sporadic. muddy ground Mire poverty Penury Pusillanimous cowardly dull. make bigger Complacent self-satisfied. insightful Quaff drink down quickly Staunch loyal.

plan. promising to turn out well Compliant easy to control. collect Inveterate habitual temporary prohibition or halt Moratorium to activity Perjury telling lies under oath oddity Quirk Stratagem plot. unyielding Momentous very important nomadic. strongly attacking Group 9 Banal common. end a Conciliate dispute Dynamic lively. energetic Garner gather. jovial. hesitate over to bring together. dull. harmful Group 5 favorable. trick enliven Vivify Balk Group 6 Austere severely plain Concatenate link together Dubious doubtful Garble distort. leap. something that is hunted. bound Intransigence stubbornness Modicum small amount Perfunctory superficial. vibrant. monotonous noise (n). 2. to speak with no emotion (v). cheerful. alive. dull Concise stated in few words very lively. unvarying Peripheral on the edge. moving from place Peripatetic to place 1. harmful Ramble wander aimlessly Strident loud and harsh Vociferous noisy.Stifle Virulent suppress dangerous. Stoic indifferent to pleasure or pain essential. cursory isolation to prevent the Quarantine spread of disease known for fortitude. not important Querulous always complaining impassive. 2. confuse. loud in speech Group 7 Aversion a dislike of . Ebullient happy Garrulous talkative Invidious arousing envy Moribund on the point of death Pernicious destructive. Drone 3. important Vital Auspicious Concatenation linking into chains to fool someone Dupe gaudy Garish brave Intrepid Monotonous dull. strengthen Stoke Vitriolic corrosive. muddle Intransigent stubborn. submissive 1. Quarry mine for stone add fuel to. indifferent Stolid liveliness.male bee Gambol frolic. animation Vivacity Group 8 hinder and prevent.

not developed. Germinal immature Irksome annoying. Stupefying stunning into silence Voluminous very large. overlook taking things from different Eclectic sources a category. Edifice construction Germane relevant Bard .Group 10 ordinariness. odd emaciated. consent Ratify Subpoena summons to court Voracious ravenous Back to top Group 1 troublesome influence Bane Condone tacitly support. Condoning ignoring building. bad Rancor feeling swagger. bad tempered fastidious. structure. bony and angular cannot be invaded gloomy. outcomes Stringent strict or severe dangerously unstable. show off Strut Voluble talkative Back to top Group 4 Befuddle confuse Confound confuse a model of a person Effigy Gibbering making meaningless noises satiric. unexpected Ironic in large numbers Myriad Perspicacious insightful. type Genre Irascible easily angered Mundane ordinary. sharp. charitable eternity use bombastic language astonishing. fussy branches. quirky. worldly Perpetuated caused to continue resentment. wise rough and unpleasant (of Raucous sounds) Substantiate give supporting evidence surrender. stronghold Bastion Conflagration big fire wipe out. remove all trace of Efface just growing. animosity. give up Waive Group 2 poet overlooking. disregarding. subdivisions of a Ramifications complex system. infuriating Mutinous very rebellious Personable attractive approve. shocking. Volatile evaporates easily Banality Condescend Eccentric Gaunt Inviolable Morose Persnickety anger [irate (a) = very angry] generous. dullness talk down to unusual. spacious Ire Munificent Perpetuity Rant Back to top Group 3 fortress.

revolutionary to increase. absurd Navigable suitable for sailing Perspicacity insight destroy. urge Goad Irreproachable cannot be criticized. Grate (v) shred Belabor . tear down Raze Subterfuge a trick grow less Wane Back to top cannot be cancelled. turn to stone Receptacle container. cautious Wary Back to top Group 9 contradict Belie Consensus general agreement Eloquent fluent and persuasive in speech Gratuitous unwarranted Jaded tired. wandering from Itinerant place to place Negate cancel. without Gratis payment nomadic. perfect Nebulous vague relevant Pertinent denial Rebuttal not obvious Subtle hesitant. immoral. to grow Wax Back to top Group 8 Beleaguer besiege. worn out Negligence carelessness Petrify 1. unchangeable Nefarious wicked. approach. stop. holder someone who campaigns for Suffragist voting rights Weighty serious Group 7 explain in unnecessary detail person with refined taste and Connoisseur good judgment Egregious outstandingly. disreputable Peruse read carefully Recant disclaim. deny Pervasive spreading everywhere Recapitulate summarize Succinct concise Waylay accost. 2. bored. aggravate. obviously bad 1. hinder Back to top Group 6 mislead. terrify. to annoy. vessel. retract statement Subversive rebellious. lure Beguile Congenital present from birth Egalitarianism belief in equality prod. demonstrative Glacial hostile. 2. attack Consecrate dedicate exit Egress free of charge. demolish. icy Irrational unreasonable. unfriendly. vex.Back to top Irrevocable Group 5 Begrudge resent Congeal to solidify Effusive gushing. cold.

pessimistic annoy Nettle an event or happening (plural: Phenomenon phenomena) Recuperate get better after illness Superlative extremely good. Jingoistic nationalistic an appearance of Nonchalance indifference. total. the best sharpen Whet Bellicose Back to top Group 4 kindly sorrow and repentance defraud. calm and composed Phlegmatic calm. Gregarious outgoing Jaundiced cynical. imperturbable put right something that Redress Benevolent Contrition Embezzle Guile Group 2 aggressive. changeable Group 3 complain about sorry set free sudden loud laughter put at risk. withered Belligerent . aggressive complete. sneaky. official procedure grumpy. granular short pleasure trip miserly. stealthy stubborn Willful Bemoan Contrite Emancipate Guffaw Jeopardize Back to top Group 1 war-like.Back to top Group 10 Belittle to demean Conspicuous easily seen. steal cunning. ready to fight living or happening at the Contemporary same time Emaciated very thin. peevish someone who cuts himself off Recluse from life Supercilious proud and haughty young dog Whelp Gritty Jaunt Niggardly Philanthropy Red tape Surly Whimsical Back to top coarse. rude capricious. stingy charity. endanger wandering from place to Nomadic place Philistine uncultured person Redolent smelling of. supremely Consummate good hard to pin down Elusive extroverted. paperwork. craftiness extremely patriotic. prominent Elucidate make clear Gravity seriousness specialized language used by Jargon experts Neologism newly coined word Petulant sulky. love of mankind formalities. sociable. giving off odors Surreptitious secret.

flatterer enthusiasm Zeal Back to top Group 6 compassion. rejoicing Nostalgia longing for the past very religious Pious Refute disprove Sybarite lover of luxury crazy. wacky Zany Bequeath Back to top Group 5 kindly. customary. Guileless honest in a joking manner Jocular having no special features. Nondescript dull and ordinary plunder Pillage Redundant unnecessary. gentleness. Endurance stamina Beret Corpulent . furtively. common Endorse give support or approval to concerned with the sense of Gustatory taste Judicious correct in judgment. harmless Benign Contumacious stubborn involve in hostility or Embroil argument frank. superfluous Susceptible vulnerable flimsy. appear unwariness. being Gullibility easily fooled gaiety. criticize Berate Conventional usual. patience. happiness Jollity a person of no importance. delicate Wispy Back to top Group 8 scold. known for wrong Notoriety doing of central importance Pivotal entertain Regale Sycophant bootlicker. fondness Contusion a bruise Emerge come out. pensive. not Nonentity famous Pinnacle topmost point Referendum public vote Suspect doubtful melancholy. stealthily cunning Wily Back to top Back to top Group 7 leave something in one's will to be given after one's death Conundrum a puzzle Emulate to imitate something admired Gullible easily fooled Jubilant ecstatic.was wrong Surreptitiously secretly. delighted. trustfulness. wise infamy. Wistful expressing a longing for Benignity Group 9 type of cap fat staying power. frail. straightforward.

Cardinal important 1. lacking Feckless in initiative quality of being calm and Imperturbability not easily disturbed [imperturbable (a)] Meretricious falsely attractive. soothe. tawdry Back to top Group 10 Bestial behaving like a beast. a move Feint intended to deceive Inured hardened. brutal Corrugated highly folded Enduring lasting Hallowed worshipped. social isolation Ostracism [ostracize (v)] inclination.Hackneyed common and over-used Jurisprudence science or study of law new. calm Placate dismiss to a lower position Relegate Taciturn quiet. slow (a). sorrow. leaning. incisive Incise (a)] concerned with morals [moralize Moralistic (v)] shunning. consecrated Juxtapose place next to Novice a beginner. habituated Mettlesome spirited [mettle (n)] Puissance power Recondite obscure Stygian very dark . helpless. in speech Glib cut into [incision (n). 2. be discontented Stipulate specify [stipulation (n)] Augury Back to top Group 1 reduce in intensity renounce. on purpose Deliberate (a) Equivocation speaking ambiguously Abate Group 3 Diaphanous transparent. tyro harmless medicine with no Placebo effect. 2. swear to refrain Abjure from something words used to coax or Blandishment flatter [blandish (v)] ill-mannered person Boor [boorish (a)] 1. thin and delicate pretended attack. 3. unusual Novel pacify. contrition concerned with the sense of Tactile touch Zenith summit Group 2 prediction. to think over (v). major. Penchant predilection Rarefy make less dense [rarefaction (n)] Repine fret. high ranking church official. saying little fanatic Zealot Back to top [equivocate (v). dummy medicine Remorse regret. looking for omens [augur (v)] Boycott refuse to have dealings with slick. superficial esp. equivocal (a)] feeble. tendency.

touching. entice Inveigle Minatory threatening turned to bone. ill-mannered Churlishness behavior mob leader (who appeals to base instincts) Demagogue [demagogy/demagoguery (n)] daring. abutting Contiguous [contiguity (n)] (used of vibration) reduce in Damp extent Ellipsis omission of essential words wiping out. Virtuosity virtuosi (n. complete Extirpation destruction [extirpate (v)] behaving or dressing like a Foppish] excessive talkativeness Volubility [voluble (a)] Touting Back to top [ossification (n)] measure depth of (v). perceptiveness Encomium praise coax. social mistake Gaffe Hortatory encouraging. futile job which pays salary but Sinecure requiring little effort Accretion Back to top Group 5 Ambidextrous able to use both left and right hands equally well guilt [culpable = Culpability blameworthy] Discernment judgment. supporting [tout (v)] skill. exhorting expressing great scorn Opprobrious [opprobrium (n)] Recumbent reclining. excessively concerned with fashion blunder. cajole. magical Runic Back to top Group 4 Group 6 punctuation mark signifying omission adjacent. slang) most typical. the perfect Quintessential example of [quintessence (n)] mysterious. expertise [virtuoso (n). wheedle. growth produced by adding from the outside occurring in the wrong time Anachronistic period [anachronism (n)] long lasting (often used for Chronic diseases in which case the opposite is acute) rudeness. exact Plumb (a. lying down Caret Back to top accumulation of matter. coated with thin layer of metal . audacity (has a Effrontery negative connotation) story or incident in peaceful Idyll or ideal setting [idyllic (a)] interval between reigns or Interregnum governments Nugatory of minor significance. become rigid Ossified Group 7 Anodized electroplated.

celerity Dispatch (n) Epistemology theory of knowledge stubborn. expressing care and Solicitous concern Aphoristic Back to top of summer weather) 1. giving the Verisimilar appearance of reality Colander Group 8 Amalgamate Baleful Coerce Inchoate Iniquitous Libertine Millinery Natty Occluded Sidereal Back to top join. to write List (v) in order sad. aptitude get by begging Cadge Abysmal Group 9 Avaricious greedy for money Extirpate wipe out totally Halcyon peaceful and happy. difficult to carry Cumbersome [encumber = to burden] Diaphanous transparent. unjust [iniquity (n)] dissolute person. inclined to Maudlin weep Refulgent glowing. consolidate [amalgamation (n)] evil force [coercion (n). send (v). sentimental. thin and delicate 1. very bad approval [opp. 2. irascibility [testy (a)] Vituperate attack bitterly 1. with hands Dexterity [dexterous (a)] still in existence (opposite Extant of extinct) challenged. traits Untoward unexpected true to life. dapper. radiant below the threshold of Subliminal consciousness Testiness irritability. . Froward disobedient lying flat on one’s back Supine exhibiting primitive.expressed tersely [aphorism (n) = short statement. smart obscured. wayward. Approbation disapprobation] Bent (n) inclination. called into Impugned question uprightness. speed. prodigal hats and hat-making neat. maxim] orthodox [canon (n) = set Canonical of accepted works] Commensurate equal in significance skill. 2. to lean to one side. esp. reduce Whittle step by step Back to top Group 10 bowl with holes used to drain vegetables etc. or Throwback ancestral. bulky. calm (esp. carve with knife. honesty Probity Raconteur person who relates a story kindly. blocked of or related to stars Group 1 very deep. coercing (a)] undeveloped. 2. nascent evil.

without Artless trickery. willingness to Complaisance please [complaisant (a)] forerunner of the Daguerreotype photograph behave in a sycophantic Fawn way. prettiness [comely (a)] Abscission cutting. liking for Gregariousness crowds [gregarious (a)] emerging. bringing into being Engendering [engender (v)] excessive. grovel [fawning (a)] sociability. contemptible. satisfy Slake Back to top Group 4 making amends for sin or crime [atone (v)] flexibility. biased Tortuous indirect. satiation (n)] quench. or is composed of Pastiche parts taken from varied sources Debacle Back to top take off (esp. in Paean song) scolding. immoderate Intemperate [intemperance (n)] Lugubrious sad. mournful Suborn bribe Tendentious dogmatic. simple Comeliness beauty. disease due to lack of vitamin C. teaching satisfy. criticism [reprove Reproof (v)] 1. of clothes) learning.disaster speak without preparation or Extemporize rehearsal [extemporaneous (a)] Incumbents occupiers of a job or position Lambaste attack verbally Noisome disgusting work (usually artistic) which imitates. scholarly knowledge Erudition [erudite (a)] Plaintive sad. newly formed Nascent praise. 2. gloomy Nonplussed confused Pedagogy science of education. Scurvy rascally serving as a guardian Tutelary [tutelage (n)] Atonement Back to top Group 3 Group 5 without effort. fill completely Satiate [satiable (a). concerned with Arboreal trees device to separate substances Centrifuge by spinning them at high speed Cloistered isolated make someone aware of an Disabuse error in thinking causing. of a hat) put on (esp. process causing leaves to fall off . winding excessive or meaningless Verbiage wordiness Doff Don Back to top Group 2 living in trees. tribute (esp.

resistance Intractability [intractable (a)] Luminary eminent person underling. sap energy Vitiate Back to top Back to top Group 6 Asperity using harsh or critical tone Blowhard boastful person Disingenuous crafty Evanescent short-lived [evanescence (n)] cannot be touched. flatterer Torrid hot and steamy Veracious true [veracity (n)] Mannered Pluck (n) Sedulous Syllogism Vicissitude Back to top stylized. criticize. contend (v)] Debilitating weakening [debilitate (v)] quirk.Contentious causing argument [contention (n). ready to fight Pugnacious [pugnacity (n)] Back to top Group 9 clique. unpretentious. excess Slew Toady sycophant. unstable Labile use of similar sounding but Malapropism incorrect word Posture (v) to put on an act Proximate immediate. servant Minion Undergird support.) denoting natural abundance showing respect [deference Deferential (n). strengthen weaken. 2. abstract Intangible [intangibility (n)] changing rapidly. bashful. belittle Empirical found by experiment or practice Gainsay contradict Hyperbole exaggeration [hyperbolic (a)] 1. not Modest excessive Prolixity wordiness [prolix (a)] Rebus puzzle in which pictures give Coterie Group 7 Foreshadowed indicated a future event [foreshadow (v)] Gaucherie awkwardness [gauche (a)] Heterodox unorthodox quality of being difficult to Inscrutability comprehend [inscrutable (a)] Limerick short amusing poem . minor weakness Foible Importune beg. fancies symbol (horn filled with fruit Cornucopia etc. nearest aggressive. small group with common interests Denigrate decry. pretentious courage persevering. defer (v)] stubbornness. follower or attendant Acolyte Admonitory scolding [admonition (n)] Caprices whimsies. solicit [importunate (a)] Pertain be relevant to [pertinent (a)] glut. eager and thorough type of logical reasoning unexpected change in fortune or circumstances Group 8 disciple.

Exacerbated exacerbation (n)] Exact (v) to demand. 2. sense of something unfavorable cunning.clues withered. etc. 3. not directly derived from theory 1. speak Alleviated Group 3 Armada fleet of ships slow person who falls behind Dawdler others [dawdle (v)] . 2. old Sere like a fox [compare with bovine Vulpine (cow-like). chop into small pieces. 3. 2. something which Emollient softens (n) Fusillade long burst of gunfire infallibility. appeal Apostrophe to someone not present (a figure of speech) roman soldier (commander of a Centurion company of 100 soldiers) softening (a). following a Faddish fashion Hapless unlucky put a wrong interpretation on Misconstrue something Perennial long-lasting torn (past participle of the Rent verb to rend) fragment of pottery Shard Xenophobe person afraid of foreigners Corroborate Group 2 slight fear. extort whimsical. punctuation mark. obvious saying 1. (v) to argue about minor matters. porcine (pig-like). to instigate or speed up an action (v) go back on promise or Renege retract statement Apprehension Back to top Group 1 made less severe [alleviation (n). to play on words when Quibble finding fault. scheming Conniving [connive (v)] mockery [deride (v)] Derision short. witty saying Epigram lack of energy.] Back to top in an affected manner medical term meaning to Palpate examine with the hands Platitude unoriginal. insoluble product of a reaction in Precipitate chemistry (n). alleviate (v)] 1. 2. inability to make Inerrancy mistakes [inerrant (a)] 1. weariness Lassitude over-insistent on matters of Pedantic book-learning [pedant (n)] branch of science concerned with things as Phenomenology they are perceived. (n) a minor verbal point in an argument Back to top Group 10 give supporting evidence [corroboration (n)] made worse [exacerbate (v). Mince walk with tiny steps. hurried (a).

minor (a). allowance made for container when Tare weighing Unprepossessing unattractive Back to top 1. 3. to undermine (v). impurities left after refining Expiate atone. equivocation (n)] capable of making mistakes Fallible [fallibility (n)] Hallow respect. inclination Scabbard cover for a sword small boat Skiff 1. weed. to drain. final part Coda of document Commingle mix ambiguous. 2. finale. 2. Panegyric laudatory words forewarn of. horizontal Propensity tendency. worship Indigence poverty material used for writing on Papyrus before paper was invented 1. person who Hack writes to earn money. something similar. to Pique stimulate interest. annoyance (n). open to Equivocal interpretation [equivocate (v). liquid inside plants (n). 3. make amends for 1. Impeding impediment (n)] gap. output Analogue proportional to input (engineering) piece of music at the end of a musical work. missing part [plural = Lacuna lacunae] united in purpose. 2. to annoy (v) 1. forming a Monolithic single unit multicolored Pied Roster list of names appropriate (of behavior). shadow. 2. tyro Neophyte speech praising someone.something worthless. chop roughly. 2. sense of Umbrage injury Dross Back to top Disinter dig up [opposite inter = bury] 1. 2. vulnerable to. 2. 2. hired horse Prone 1. a Sap fool (n) Back to top Group 5 Aberration deviation from the normal insincere talk Cant . in the arts Dilettantism [dilettante (n) = person who dabbles] weaken Enervate having evil intentions Malevolent [malevolence(n)] new convert. offence. Façade false appearance or demeanor hindering [impede (v). indicate Presage jagged edge Serration 1. perceived Slight insult (v) and (n) 1. 2. Seemly decorous Back to top Group 4 Group 6 dabbling esp. front elevation of building.

a dried plum Ready (used of wit) quick Resolve firmness (n) Squalid dirty and demeaning made dirty or impure [opposite Sullied unsullied. type of evergreen tree. meditate (v). Lumber timber (wood) 1. respect [venerable (a). catch Descry sight of not intended to be taken Facetious seriously unseemly. think.Group 7 mediator. talent appease. 2. 2. a goddess who gives inspiration] Prescience foreknowledge Prune 1. smell Waft (n) Atavism Back to top Group 1 . disable 1. ridiculous error drift smoothly (v). try to gain favor Propitiate [propitiation (n)] Stanch to stop Travesty parody. at a distance). deception. double Duplicity dealing Exigency urgent matter. hesitate to accept cunning. to trim. inappropriate (of Indecorous behavior) grow and spread [proliferation Proliferate (n)] Scotch (v) to prevent. walk in an ungainly way. transaction making less severe [mitigate Mitigation (v)] Obligate compulsory Predilection leaning. to walk in an arrogant manner. filmy. Veneration venerate (v)] Forage Back to top Group 10 object. regression [atavistic (a)] Filibuster delaying tactics Gambit opening move. person appointed to judge a dispute [arbitrate (v)] to see (esp. stop. Pine grieve narrow-minded. 2. pressing need offer strong objections. 2. show off Strut (v) Toy (v) to play with lending money at high interest Usury rates Wag (n) a witty person Arbitrator Back to top Group 9 search for food 1. excessively Prudish concerned with morals [prudery (n). prude (n)] Quixotic impractically idealistic Stipple cover with dots of paint etc. Demur Group 8 reappearance of ancestral traits. whiff. a source of inspiration (n) [in Muse mythology. 2. supporting rod (n). like gauze Inefficacious ineffective 1. Expostulate remonstrate Gossamer delicate. interest. sully (v)] worship.

press loose matter down tightly (e. remarks deviating from the main point [parentheses are Parenthesis round brackets in punctuation] vigorous. twisted or bent to one side. 2. 2.g. genuine [verity (n)] Veritable Arduous Back to top Group 2 to adjoin Abut Consternation worry and concern judge’s hammer Gavel right to sell property held as a security. abnormal suppress Quell Score (n) written form of music Back to top Wry Back to top somewhere [venturesome means courageous or willing to take risks] 1. raised bank of a river. 2. 2. abnormal Gall growth on a plant 1. morning reception held by a Levee monarch Preternatural unnatural. process of Abrasion scraping or rubbing [abrade (v)] Adumbrate outline. grow feathers. take off circular current shoulder decoration wrong idea [fallacious (a)] 1. bitterness (bad feeling). going Group 4 Condescension Divest Eddy Epaulet Fallacy Fringe talking down to someone [condescending (a)] remove.1. decorative border with . putting Venturing forward. 3. having welldeveloped muscles [a sinew Sinewy is a tendon] Steep (v) to soak in water to plug. leave nest [fledgling (n) = an Fledge inexperienced person or a baby bird] cut or dig out Gouge insignificant. hazarding. 2. risking. of little value Picayune fascinating [to rivet literally means to fix metal Riveting plates using metal pins] solo speech Soliloquy person who requests or Supplicant begs for something [supplicate (v)] supernatural. confidence. legal hold on job Lien etc. dryly humorous Group 3 hard kill or destroy a large part Decimated of (originally one tenth) 1. indicate concerned with thinking or Cognitive perceiving [cognition (n)] condescend Deign passionate Fervid 1. damage to skin caused by scraping. pack Tamp explosives into a hole) 1. 2. going beyond Transcendental normal experience [transcendent (a)] true.

bathe with hot Group 8 1. to talk down to. try. protruding. to be a customer of 1.) [stint (v)] Temperate moderate Back to top Group 5 Antipathy hatred Aver affirm Expatiate speak or write at great length Flag (v) 1. limiting the Stinting supply (of supplies/money etc. 2.Leaven Patronize Prominent Statute Back to top tassels (n). 1. 2. cause bread to rise using yeast etc. to thresh (separate grain from Flail chaff). 2. disuse 1. 2. 3. condescend. 3. to attract (v) treat with substance such as tar Caulk to make water-tight 1. 2. 2. 2. hang out (when Loll used of the tongue) Malign slander Secure (v) 1. 2. (v) to enlist compulsorily Desultory aimless. Forbearing forbearance (n)] political domination. win Disarm over to one’s side [disarming (a)] 1. 2. to lose energy. stir up. complete Hegemony authority Improbity lack of honesty or integrity Qualm hesitation or fear Allure Back to top Group 6 Abeyance state of inactivity. 2. eminent. to fix firmly. complex and detailed (a). Elaborate to expand on (v) Foment 1. inconsistent in effort poem concerned with death. person enlisted compulsorily Conscript into the armed forces. modify. 2. to signal 1. to obtain Talon long pointed nail or claw Back to top Group 7 1. take away weapons. to form an edge (v) to make light. assess purity someone excessively patriotic Chauvinist [chauvinism (n)] separate. obvious law [statutory (a)] liquids (medical) maneuvering. Elegy praise of a dead person Fallow uncultivated tolerant [forbear (v). to wave arms about wildly Indicted accused (of crime) laze around. tool used to thresh grain. discontinuous (not to Discrete be confused with discreet prudent. attraction (n). 2. diplomatic] Assay . struggling to get Jockeying ahead of others [jockey (v)] Minutiae small details regret [rueful (a)] Rue Somatic concerned with the body holding back.

Undercutting undermining Cloture Back to top worn away. to stare at. 2. attack loudly in words. soft material used to Lint cover wounds assumed attitude of Pretension superiority.1. arrogance Pundit expert ceremonial fire Pyre satisfy Sate type of musical rhythm with Syncopation missed beats Group 1 Group 9 closure. Fulminate denounce thunderously. obtain made up. 2. lampoon Exemplar model type [exemplary (a)] art of preaching and giving Homiletics sermons challenge. match up with (in British usage jibe Jibe means mock) 1. flirt Dally Dissemble avoid the truth be excessively fond of Dote [doting (a)] 1. criminal starting of . Diatribe stream of criticism Gerontocracy government by the aged Maculated spotted Quisling traitor thoroughness. manufactured Fabricated [fabricate (v). abrasion (n)] Apposite fitting. perseverance Sedulity [sedulous (a)] type of fishing net Seine to offer Tender talk nonsense Waffle Abraded Back to top Group 2 Burlesque 1. violent denunciation. firm fluff. 3. 2. 3. sign up for the army. straying from accepted Errant standards Fervent passionate Stomach (v) to tolerate junction between two nerve Synapse cells offering a lower price. wandering. 2. suitable tirade. false. explode noisily Hawser thick rope or cable agree with. question someone’s Impugn honor etc. 2. complement. Group 10 Arson deliberate. eroded [abrade (v). wrong. fabrication(n)] 1. terminating a debate by voting Congruent matching [congruency (n)] waste time. Peer nobleman one who is strict about rules or Stickler details Enlist Back to top fires Carrion dead flesh. comic play. carcasses Intelligible can be understood Ironclad cannot be altered. an equal.

2. provide with Endow money etc. Esoterica obscure details hesitates Falters mindless talk Prattle 1. Prohibitive exorbitantly expensive conservative. Compromised reached an agreement by giving up part of a claim Drabness dullness give gift. 2. fake Quack mock. Macerate weaken Nostrum remedy 1. of reputation). tease Taunt Group 4 amazed.Incubus encumbrance. nominal Figurehead leader fight. charlatan. damaged or put in doubt (esp. small stream. real but undeveloped Partiality bias walking slowly and heavily. nightmarish thing Lope run with long strides soften or break up by soaking. routine Seminal essential. one who insists on correct forms of Purist language etc. 2. tool for cutting. prohibiting. spoil (reputation) Back to top Group 3 1. disturbance Fracas Agog . grip. 2. obtain by application of pressure Group 5 Chorales simple hymns Dissonance discord. wise Saw saying Sibyl prophetess Back to top Jamb Milk Back to top door post to squeeze. disagreement Frieze decorative border essence. revive Symphony type of musical composition Tarnished made dull. formative Brook Emboss Eschew Limpid Liturgy Nexus Back to top Group 6 1. avoid transparently clear form of worship connection instrument to measure distance Odometer covered Purchase 1. buy Quotidian daily. tolerate decorate with a raised design shun. 2. wide-eyed with enthusiasm Amortize pay off a debt in installments Curmudgeon grumpy person Dormancy state of inactivity Efficacy effectiveness phrase used as a label or to Epithet express the essential nature of symbol of power. Plodding uninspired Rekindle relight. main point Gist Latent hidden.

Vagary freak Dissident Back to top Group 10 soothing ointment or anything soothing [balmy Balm (a)] mark an accurate scale on a Calibrate device violently disruptive Cataclysmic [cataclysm (n)] Impropriety inappropriate behavior center.Back to top Group 9 corridor.). passageway (esp. needy [indigence (n)] Indigent lowest point Nadir mental state characterized by delusions or excessive Paranoia fear caution. insure Group 8 person who disagrees [dissidence (n)] Enigmatic puzzling [enigma (n)] Foolhardy reckless [foolhardiness (n)] Homogeneity evenness. dam across river. work) Shirk total abstinence from Teetotalism alcohol Aisle Group 7 Arresting (a) attracting attention. Pith essence present from the beginning Primordial of time examination or survey Reconnaissance conducted in advance [reconnoiter (v)] left-handed (or counterclockwise) [dextral Sinistral .right handed] moderates Tempers subvert. Plaque decorative plate or sign Plausibility believability [plausible (a)] resistance. striking extended gunfire to cover an Barrage attack. soft part of stem. a concrete example of 1. surface deposit on teeth or in artery etc. represent something as a Personification person. 2.. ability to spring Resilience back [resilience (a)] set of three (literary works Trilogy etc. tetralogy = set of four something unaccountable. 2. deluge or information etc. between rows of seats) Discountenance disallow Imperative must be obeyed poor. wisdom Prudence revival from Resuscitation unconsciousness [resuscitate (v)] avoid (esp. uniformity 1. attempt to Undermine overthrow . Chantey type of song sung by sailors concerned with iron or its Ferrous compounds Manipulative scheming speak in a pompous manner Orate Psychosis severe mental disturbance enjoy Savor put down for future Table (v) discussion Underwrite give guarantee.

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