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A Cup of Coffee with God Part 8 Fate and Freewill

(An Uncommon imaginary dialogue between God and Me)

Gan, Chennai

As long as Freewill exists Fate will also exist

Me: Hi God! Welcome again! God: Very Happy to be here! Me: I want to ask you about Fate and Freewill! God: Its my pleasure to Answer you! M: There is a huge debate among people saying Freewill exists and several others say that only Fate exists. Whats the Truth?

G: All Duality is Illusion. They merely appear different for our eyes. Freewill and Fate are also a type of Duality. They are two sides of the same coin. You cant have only one side for a coin. It defies all logic. When two activities are intertwined, mutually dependent on another, and single event alone can not sustain, immediately duality occurs. DUALITY EXPLAINED Sl.No Dual Aspect 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 Explanation

Darkness and Light Absence of Light is Darkness Hot and Cold Absence of Hotness is Coldness Life and Death Two aspects of Existence Freewill and Fate Love and Hate Reality and Illusion Tall and Short Fast and Slow Heaven and Hell Man and Woman One and Many God and Universe Absence of Freewill is Fate Absence of Love is Hate Absence of Reality is Illusion Comparison of Height Comparison of Speed Two aspects of Minds Experience Two aspects of Human When one splits, many occurs God and his creation

M: Do you mean to say that Fate and Freewill are one and the same. G: They are two aspects of a single parameter. One alone can not survive independently. It will lose it's sheen. You create your FATE using your FREEWILL. With your FREEWILL you again solve your FATE. Necessarily both are intertwined. It is simply foolish to curse your FATE alone. You have only created your FATE using your FREEWILL. You are the Author, Actor and Director of your own Episode of your Drama called LIFE. M: A lots of seers say EVERYTHING is PREDETERMINED. What do they mean? G: Yes! When ONE splits many occurs. You are the God. You are the Self. You create your own Destiny using your FREEWILL. You experience your own Heaven and Hell. Everything is in your Hand. Everything is pre-determined to the extent you have created your own Drama. You can only rewrite your Drama in a different Style. M: Then do you mean to say that I have Freewill? G: Yes! Your freewill comes with its own consequences which are inevitable called Karma .You will reap what you sow. All your Thoughts and Actions will be dormant in the seed form waiting for the suitable opportunity to sprout. M: After my Death will all my previous actions vanish? G: Death in itself is an Illusion. You are Immortal. You exist somehow, somewhere and somewhat. You body may change. Your mind may change. You sex may change. You always exist in some form and name. Irrespective of the name and Form your sense and feeling of 'I' will never change. This is the Beauty of

the Design of Existence. M: This looks like an never ending puzzle? what is the way out? G: Drops of ocean can only at the maximum merge with the ocean and become one with the Ocean. The lower order can never comprehend the higher order. This way the puzzle is easily solved. M: I still don't understand what I should do! I am more confused....! G: The way to liberation is Jnana. Jnana is self knowledge. No amount Power, Position, Property and Penny will entail you Jnana. Once you realize the Self, all your actions will be of the Noblest and of the Highest Order. Do all your actions as a submission to God, I quote a phrase from Ramana's wisdom which will definitely help you in this regard: - -3 . [3] [ ] . ( ) .

( ) ' ' . , , , . , . , , [] . , , , , . . . "Nishkamya Karma", is the unselfish performance of the duties of Life. It is the ---FIRST STEP--- towards the attainment of the Final Beatitude of life. . 1 . . 2 . . , . . This way you simply surrender to God. Surrender to God is the easiest and surest way to liberate yourself. M: Thank You God for enlightening me with the wisdom to living! G: You are no different from Me! Love you so much!

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