The way of the cross is the way of true glory.

I test you not only through your trials, but also by moments of superiority, in moments of success. If you would realize how those situations are really only there to pose a new challenge before you, a new opportunity to make another grade, to climb another step higher, spiritually... you would take each of them much more gracefully. Take them as from Me, saying, 'Thank You, Lord, for entrusting me with another test, another challenge, for You know I can handle this one by Your grace!' If you had a glimpse of the blessings I have in store for you when you pass those tests the way you should, you would put on your best behavior, there would be no complaint or murmur on your lips, only praise! Life is a school in which you are being tested, taught & prepared for greater purposes hereafter. Yet all you can think about is your fun. ‘When’s the bell gonna ring, so I can run out & have fun with my friends?’ You try to get by with the least necessary amount of effort invested in My studies, hoping you’ll just about make the grade in order to enjoy both, the fun & pleasures here & now, AND the rewards later. You’ll be sorry one day, & wish you had done better! Only those with good grades will pass on to the real privileged opportunities, similar to the way things are in the world, which is only a shadow, an example of things to come. Sometimes I give you things to see how you will handle them. To see if you’re going to be willing to give it back to Me. It’s like playing ball with a very young child. At first they want to keep the ball for themselves & they run off with it & shake their head when you say & beckon, ‘C’mon, roll it back to me!’ You’ve wondered sometimes how kids could be so dumb, right? Well, there you go. Sometimes I manage to break someone, & their ego is shattered on the ground, & when they don’t accept My hand then to lift them up again, sooner or later the Devil will revive them with his same old enticements of lust for pleasure, love of money & egotism. Yes, there are trials & tests still before you. Greater ones than you have ever experienced so far. But in My eyes, you have passed them already, for I know you will cling to Me as your only hope. You have put Me first, and are determined to keep doing so. I lead you down the rugged paths into the abyss & depth of despair so you will cry out to Me. For look at who are the ones who go astray: is it not the rich and the noble ones, the ones for whom everything comes so easy? Solomon went astray because he didn’t have to go through the hardships his father had to go through, which made him appreciate the kingdom, for he didn’t just receive it by birth, he couldn’t take it for granted, because he had to suffer persecution even from loved ones before he could inherit it. Without the things you suffer you would never be able to learn the lessons I want you to learn. It’s those many afflictions & sufferings that make you righteous (Ps.34:19). Yes, troubles will come, and troubles are necessary, in order for mankind to appreciate My blessings that I will bring over them, even My rule, which they would resent otherwise. First they must see the righteousness of the Devil, before they will be able to appreciate Mine. Even you must have those days of battle and of pain, in order to appreciate the good days. Soon I will have to withdraw a whole lot of blessings from mankind: because they don’t appreciate them, but are taking them for granted. Satan is My sheepdog. And even those judgments I’m allowing the Devil to leash out upon the world will bring people into My fold. A mighty harvest shall come through the troubles that are awaiting the world. If you want the full reward, the full blessing, you’ll have to go through the hard times, full length, breadth & width. Glory in your sufferings, excel in your tough times... that’s rising above. To smile in situations where others would despair. To be calm when others would freak out. To feel safe & secure when there is nothing to hold on to, no rope, no net – only My invisible hand. Trust in the face of adversity. When you can’t look anywhere but up, lying flat on your backs, I can get through to you the best & reveal My will to you. By running away from a testing in one situation, you may only find yourself having to start from scratch in another situation, or having to repeat this lesson later. In other words, the progress is slower than when one sticks to the situation they’re in. But I give you choices & vents to ease your pains & trials. There IS no perfect situation on Earth. The question is, are you strong enough to stick it out here until you’ve got the victory? Are you willing to obtain a complete victory over your trials by faith & through clinging to My power? Or are you going to run off, hoping the pain will go away? The greater blessing lies in gaining the victory over the enemy at hand, to win this battle here & now. I never condemn you for taking the easy way out. I love you way too much to condemn you for your weaknesses. However, the consequences of your choices must always be borne by yourselves. This is a golden opportunity right now to win a golden victory. The only thing you have that’s just as real as what We’ve got Up Here is the Spirit. Though human spirits on Earth are encased in earthen vessels, it’s the raw material that My Kingdom is made of. It still has to be refined, processed & purified, which is the painful process of trials & testings. You are the diamonds we’re digging out of the mines of the darkness of your physical world... Only that darkness could bring forth such precious jewels & gems. Without the additional beauty from the

sufferings of the present world, the final outcome wouldn’t be the same... It’s the touch that leaves the beholder breathless. Testings, trials, purgings, & then some more testings... It’s a rough & tough exam you’re learning for: the hour which is to come upon the whole world to tempt them that dwell on the Earth. If I am to keep you through it, I must be sure you’re not so attached, so affected by all that’s going on in the World. If you’d spend more time with Me about your issues, you’d find out that I’ll take care of them... If you go to a doctor with a problem, you have to sit in a waiting room for a few hours, then you have to tell him your troubles, & you have to listen to his advice or follow his treatment. If you can take the time to attend to your physical problems, how much more should you take time with Me to counsel about the affairs of your life! Consulting time with Dr. J.! Things only become too much to handle when you don’t perfectly rely on Me. There are situations in life, where circumstances seem to push you to the edge; the absolute extreme & limit of just about as far as you can go before you’re about to quit & yell at the Enemy, ”I surrender!” That’s what you call tests, but that’s the only way I can train you for this war. If you can’t handle the situation anymore, just say sincerely: ”Sorry, but I’ve got to get a hold of the Lord’s mind for this situation first right now, so, would you mind if I just take a break & pray for a few minutes?” Or, ”Come on, let’s pray together!” Living in the darkness is just drifting along effortlessly, but living in the light is a constant struggle & fight! It’s dangerous, because you’re exposed to your enemies, & they come to pick at you & see whether they can uproot you. The wind and the weather will test you severely, and the sun will sear you with scorching heat... But all this will only make you thirst for Me more desperately, will make you cling to Me for dear life, in utter reliance on Me, & that’s when I can use you. Letting go of the flesh & the enticements of the Word in order to put Me & My will first in your lives is a crucifixion of the flesh, & the Enemy fights it, but I highly honor each sacrifice you make for Me! Even though the times ahead will be the darkest in all of history, you will be My shining lights in it, for you hold My truth, & you are My candles & torches in the night, My diamonds of dust. You were created for this purpose, & I have prepared you for this. The greater the desperation, the greater the vacuum, the power with which you draw strength, energy, input & counsel from Me! The greater the need, the more I can fill, for I can only fill the hungry with goods, but will have to send the rich, the full, the self-satisfied away empty. So, isn't it a blessing to be small & desperate, clinging to Me for every day of your life? Isn't it so much more blessed than the self-satisfied, lukewarm mode of confiding in the flesh? Stir yourselves up & implore Me, seek Me & beg Me to fill the need. Where there is no need, there is no space to fill... There will always be a few things in life you won’t understand, which will be an inexplicable riddle to you. Those are My tests & challenges for you. It’s a test of love, to see whether you will love unconditionally, a test of your loyalty to Me, to see whether you’re willing to go on for Me, even if I don’t give you your heart’s desire. Remember, the blessings don’t precede obedience, & sometimes there are a few things I require you to do before I can bless & reward you, & I test you & see how you will behave even if you don’t receive your heart’s desire. Whether you will have a murmuring attitude about it or stay cheerful, loving, giving & thankful for those things I do bless you with. In all & any challenges you face, take them as from Me, fully conscious & certain of the fact & truth of Rom.8:28, that I know what I’m doing & wouldn’t allow this if I wouldn’t know that this is good for you. Always see My hand in it, whatever befalls you, & I will help you find the hidden purpose. Don’t be distracted by the ugliness the Devil wants to show you: stay focused on My beauty! Desperation is good for you. It’s only if you still see these things as a burden instead of a blessing that you view them as punishment. Anything that makes you pray more than you usually would, is a blessing in disguise. Praise Me for your troubles! ”The Lord hath given, the Lord hath taken it away; blessed be the name of the Lord!”

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