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Module 7 1. The discovery of radioactivity further confirms the existence of sub-atomic particles. Who discovered radioactivity?

- Henri Becquerel 2. What is the mass of a proton in gram? - 5.929709x10^-24 3. The number of ___ in an atom defines the isotopes of an element. - Neutrons 4. The boron group is what group in the periodic table? - Group IIIA 5. What is the most abundant element in terms of the number of atoms? - Oxygen 6. What is the most abundant element in the atmosphere? - Nitrogen 7. What principle states that the electrons fill the orbitals, one at a time, starting with the lowest energy orbital then proceeding to the one with high energy? - Aufbau principle 8. What is the unit of luminous intensity? - Candela 9. What is the unit of luminous flux? - Lumen 10. How many dynes are there in one newton? - 100,000 11. What is the measure of the inertia of an object? - Mass 12. What is the coefficient of restitution for a perfectly elastic collision? - 1 13. What is the coefficient of restitution for a perfectly inelastic collision? - 0 14. What refers to the force perpendicular to the velocity of an object moving along a curve path? - Centrifugal force 15. Angular momentum is the product of - Moment of inertia and angular speed 16. What is defined as the weight per unit volume? - Weight density 17. The ratio of the sines of angles of incidence and refraction is equal to the ratio of the speeds of light in the two media. This statement is known as ____. - Snells Law 18. What lens is commonly used to correct nearsightedness? - Divergent 19. What refers to a pair of equal, opposite and parallel forces? - Couple 20. To completely specify the dynamic state of a body, the number of coordinates required is the number of ___. 21.


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- Degrees of freedom What refers to the amount of heat needed to raise the temperature of an object one degree Celsius or 1 K? - Heat capacity What is the internal energy associated with the atomic bonds in a molecule called? - Chemical energy One calorie is equivalent to how many joules? - 4.184 A vapor that is about to condense is called ____ vapor. - Saturated What types of materials behave like iron when placed in a magnetic field? - Ferromagnetic materials What physical property that refers to the temperature at which ferromagnetic materials can no longer be magnetized by outside forces? - Curie point By definition, a rubber is a substance that has atleast_____elongation in tensile test and is capable of returning rapidly and forcibly to its original dimensions when load is removed? - 200% What is the maximum stress below which a material can theoretically endure an infinite of number of stress cycles? - Endurance limit ? - Stress ruptured strength Which of the following materials has permeability slightly less than that of free space? - Diamagnetic materials What materials has a permeability slighter greater than that of free space? - Paramagnetic materials What is the purpose of molybdenum is steel alloy? - To increase dynamic and high-temperature strength and hardness What combination of elements has high electrical resistance, high corrosion resistance, and high strength at red heat temperatures, making it useful in resistance heating? - Nichrome What refers to a measure of a materials ability to undergo appreciable plastic deformation before fracture? - Ductility? What refers to the cost of borrowing money or the amount earned by a unit principal per unit time? - Rate of interest Under conditions of perfect competition, the price at which any given product will be supplied and purchased is the price that will result in the supply and the demand being equal. This statement is known as the.






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- Law of supply and demand A type of bond to which are attached coupons indicating the interest due and the date when such interest is to be paid is called. - Coupon band What is the feature of some bonds whereby the issuer can redeem it before it matures? - Callability What is defined as the reduction of a value of certain natural resources such mines, oil, timber, quarries, etc due to gradual extraction of its contents? - Depletion What refers to the value of asset which a disinterested third party, different from the buyer and seller, will determine in order to establish a price acceptable to both parties? - Fair value Double taxation is disadvantage of which business organization? - Corporation What is another term for current assets? - Liquid assets What management function involves selecting candidates and training personnel? - Staffing What management function involves orienting personnel in the most effective way and channeling resources? - Directing Strategic planning is undertaken in which management level? - Top management level What law created the national council for the promotion of E-Commerce in the country? - E.O. 468 What is a new regulation issued by NTC providing the guideline for mobile personal communication having a global coverage using satellite? - GMPCS Radio programs not suitable for children must be aired after what time? - 9 PM What is the prime time block for FM radio in Metro Manila? - 6:00 AM- 8:00 PM Outside Metro Manila, commercial load shall not exceed ____ minutes for one hour program. - 15 What is the standard IF sound carrier for a cable tv system? - 41.25 MHZ In Metro Manila, AM radio with airtime from 9 PM to 12 midnight is - Class C

53. What is the otherwise known as PRC Modernization Law - R.A. 8981 54. When was the implementing rules and regulations (IRR) of the R.A. 9292? - August 31, 2007 55. Under R.A. 9292, the rate of retainers fee to be charge by the consulting electronics engineer for routine or ordinary consultation will not be less than ____ per month - P1500 56. What unit of measures the dosage rate of radiation? - Milliroentgens per hour 57. Ethics is synonymous to - Morality 58. What is another term for punitive damages? - Exemplary damages 59. What is a civil wrong committed by one person causing damage to another person of his property, emotional well-being or reputation? - Tort 60. In housing of a building cable system has the same function as slot but circular in shape. - Sleeve 61. Potential energy is energy due to - Position of body 62. What is conserved in elastic collision? - Kinetic energy 63. Individual rigidity values. - Has no substance 64. The ratio of load bearing force and applied force - Chemical change 65. Ratio of rigidity values. - Compares the value of the strength to the other 66. What is the disadvantage of leiss reign style of leadership? - Less management control and high risk 67. ? - Aluminum 68. What causes the hurricane to move from counterclockwise in the northern hemisphere? - Coriolis effect 69. What is defined as a financial security note issued by businesses or corporation and by the government as a means of borrowing long-term fund? - Bond 70. Water has the highest density in the form of - Liquid 71. Approximately what percentage of the elements in the periodic table are metals? - 80% 72. The properties of a material that changes when the amount of a substance changes are called ___ properties. - Extensive

73. What mechanical property of a material refers to the resistance to plastic deformation? - Hardness 74.