how this application affects Malaysians?

Flash Video and HTM L5technology to display a wide variety of usergenerated video content, including movie clips, TV clips, and music videos, as well as amateur content such as video blogging, short original videos, and educational videos. Most of the content on YouTube has been uploaded by individuals, although media corporations including CBS, the BBC, Vevo, Hulu, and other organizations offer some of their material via the site, as part of the YouTube partnership program. Unregistered users can watch videos, while registered users can upload an unlimited number of videos.

Benefits of using Youtube i. YouTube Has Made The World Smaller
One of the most amazing things about YouTube is its ability to make the world smaller. And, no, it doesn‟t mean that YouTube has literally shrunken down the globe. What I mean is


ouTube is a videosharing website, created by three former PayPal employees in February 2005 and owned by Google since late 2006, on which users can upload, view and share videos.[4] The company is based in San Bruno, California, and uses Adobe


that YouTube has given us the power to travel the world with a single click. Sure, before YouTube existed we could learn about distant countries and cultures by reading books and articles online, watching documentaries and looking at published pictures. But YouTube allows us to take things a step further and learn about places and cultures around the world from the actual people who live there. I think it‟s absolutely amazing that with a quick YouTube search we can watch a Malaysian music video, or find out everything there is to know about Malaysia and other countries. It is opening up new doors for people, who were once ignorant to the world around them, to become aware of cultures around the globe and to see that there are all sorts of interesting people living on our planet, interesting music and dance that we‟ve never heard before, and so much to see, learn and soak up.

ii. YouTube Helps People Get Discovered
In recent years, YouTube has opened new doors for talent discovery. Never before has it been so easy for talented singers, dancers, actors and artists to achieve instant fame. Today, a person can upload a video of himself singing to YouTube and, if it gets seen by the right person, he could receive millions of views, get a record deal and begin a whole new life overnight. Case in point: Najwa Latif. When her sister uploaded some videos of her singing to YouTube to share with family and close friends she had no idea that the videos would be seen by music manager and that she would have the opportunity to become a popular singer and become a pop icon among teenagers. Before YouTube, singers had to perform to small audiences in bar gigs and small performances, hoping that the right person would be there. YouTube offers an audience of millions. Of course, uploading a video to YouTube doesn‟t



guarantee your ticket to fame, but it does increase the chances of someone with real, genuine talent and originality getting discovered. For example,check out Mat Luthfi‟s first YouTube upload below, and then check him out at the end of last year,so thanks to YouTube.His videos are famous among Malaysians and in the world such as Indonesia,Singapore and Brunei. Amazing, right?

iii. YouTube Offers A Platform For Spreading Truth & Inciting Change
YouTube has given people in Malaysia a platform through which they can post videos to show the world, first-hand, what is going on in our country; to show the world the reality of situations that may not be being broadcast on the news or may be hidden by the government; and to let people know about different issues that they may not have heard about and getting viewers to take action. Non-profit organizatio 3

ns, fundraising teams and more have used YouTube to spread the word about everything from the death penalty to saving the rainforests with web video activism on YouTube. Millions of dollars have been raised and petitions have been signed as the result of YouTube campaigns. But what is really amazing is the way YouTube has revealed the truth about various political situations and evens around the globe. One of the most amazing examples of YouTube as a platform for spreading the truth is the story of Mona Fandey, who kills Mazlan Idris,a state assemblyman for the constituency of Batu Talam in the state of Pahang,wanted to boost his political career.An appointment was mae for cleansing rituals to be performed at Mona‟s house.Mazlan was told to lie on the floor face up while Mona placed fowers on him.She then told Mazlan to close his eyes and wait for the money to “fall from the sky”.Juraimi then,using an axe,chopped Mazlan‟s head off.They also dismembered and partially skinned Mazlan‟s body.His body was found in 18 parts


buried in a storeroom near Mona‟s house in Pahang.

probably saw it on the news or on their favorite variety show.

iv. YouTube Has Revolutionized Entertainment
YouTube has also changed the face of entertainment. We used to watch television, go to the movies, read books. Today we can spend hours on YouTube, watching video after video. YouTube has shows, movies, home movies, animated shorts, web series and more and we can watch it all from home for free. And YouTube entertainment isn‟t limited to YouTube alone. YouTube clips are being shown on the news, and on popular television shows like Maharaja Lawak,Lawak Ker Der JalanJalan Cari Makan and KetukKetuk Ramadan.To those who missed this shows in television,they can watch it on youtube. Whereas people used to ask friends, over dinner, whether or not they had seen the latest box office hit, now people ask if their friends have seen the latest viral video and odds are they have. Even if they didn‟t see the clip on YouTube, they 4

v. YouTube Has

Revolutionized Education

YouTube is chock full of how to videos, tutorials and lectures. If you have a question or want to know how something is done all you have to do is search for it in YouTube and odds are there is an educational video waiting to teach you everything you need to know. In fact, some people are even beginning to use YouTube as a tool for offering a free education to people around the world. For instance, hedge fund analyst Salman Khan quit his job to start offering a free education on the web, via YouTube. For example through the „Khan Academy‟, Khan offers over 1,400 tutorials, teaching about everything from


math and finance, to physics, chemistry and biology. With videos like Khan‟s on YouTube, all that a person needs is an internet connection and they have access to a fantastic education, even in third world countries. This is pretty incredible and revolutionary.Besides that,UKM‟s students who are majoring in Business Study can use the Youtube to watch tutorial on how to learn to be a great businessman.

of time that make a lazy generation lazier. We must keep in mind that Youtube is a relatively new resource and has yet to undergo the test of time like other media such as the television and radio.It is up to us a s a society to determine which direction we will go;will we waste another innovative media that is probably the most innovative media,(due to the fact that the minute someone posts any information,any other person around the globe with access to internet can view it)or will we as viewers take full advantage of the informative potential online streaming has to offer,or will we find a shade of gray between white and black?As viewers,we have all the control,and it is up to the mass to dictate what the like not to the few.Asit has beem said,God only helps those who help themselves,as a society we shouls live by this and learn from the mistakes we‟ve madein wasting other media.

Bad Effects Towards Malaysians.
There is no doubt that Youtube plays a major role in contributing to the massive influx in information avalaible to us,and impacts our country on a major scale.The site has the potential to deliver us a plethora of knowledge,but tends to favourtrivial videos that have little or no significance in the grand scheme of things.Again as you can see our society takes something that could mould us into enlightened global citizens but turns it into several wastes 5


When looking for useful information youtube can be incredibly helpful; however, inappropriate material can appear just like in any other search engine. Caution must be used with younger children on this site, but this isn‟t anything new to parents.There are many different political ads on YouTube which tackle current issues, leading viewers to create their own responses and fuel creative discussion which can sometimes be negative in nature. Some, however, feel as though these issues should not sway one from continually sharing on the site and the way in which the video content is delivered to viewers.But an article on Teen Ink noted that so much free speech has the potential to create controversy, as there are some who will stand up to certain organizations or people in the form of videos. This is seen to be a negative effect as it can lead to copyright violations and censorship.

Youtube Quotes

“Kids on the Youtube,
learning how to be cool.”-Toby Keith “Failure is not an option. It just happens all the time. Like, all the time.” –Craig Benzine We can make every day better for each other. If we're all on the same team, let's start acting like it. We've got work to do. We can cry about it...or we can DANCE about it.” –Kid President



One‟s personal views can greatly reflect how they view YouTube. Those who see YouTube as a place to share and watch a multitude of videos on various subjects embrace the media influence which YouTube brings. Yet, there are some that see YouTube as something which should be controlled in order to be maintained. It is only a negative idea to those who make it a negative idea; it is not necessarily negative by nature. To understand the way media is influenced by YouTube, it is best to think about how one chooses to share what they learn or see on YouTube. ANIS NAJWA BINTI ABU BAKAR A143335 NOR ATIKAH BINTI ZAINAL ABIDIN A143325


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