TSL 3111 Punya Assignment Checklist

Checklist for Evaluating Teaching / Learning Materials [Put a Tick on each column (√

Name of Teaching / Learning Material Curriculum KSSR 1. Content Year 1 Standard Year 2. Proficiency Level of Pupils Above Average Average Below Average Year 2 Year 3 KBSR

The Level 2. Quality of Content (Appropriateness) Is the material appropriate for the learner or targeted group? Their culture? (Accessibility) Does the material easily available, within reach (Accuracy) Is the content current, relevant, and accurate? (Clarity) Does the material clarify the items needed If the item is Audio e.g recording, sounds, pronunciation. If the item is Visual e.g print, size, color, contrast. 3. Potential Effectiveness as a Teaching-Learning Low High Low High

Comments . How long it can be last? (Authenticity) Does the material is highly authentic? Like a realia (original object) or newly created? 4.Tool (Practicality) Is the material related to the content? It’s usage? Mobility? (Versatility) is the material can be use for many topics? Or other purposes? (Cost Effectiveness) Is the material costly or moderate? Cheap versus expensive? (Durability) The life span of the material.

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