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Sayyid Hasan Nasrullah speaks about the motives of the rise of Imam Hussain In the Name of Allah the

Most Beneficent the Most Merciful My dear brothers and sister, Assalamu Alaikum Wa Rahmatullah Wa Barakatuh. I would like to present an analytical summary of the movement of Imam Hussain (pbuhaf), and his rise and it's results in modern terminology, and see the objectives, the means and the results, and to take lessons from it's wisdom for our own lives and our own objectives and path. We will try to present this in an organised manner so that the idea becomes clear, especially for the youth. Before we get to the year 60 of Hijrah, which is the year of the rise and movement of Imam Hussain form Medina to Mecca and from Mecca to Iraq to Karbala. The actual battle took place on the 10th day of Muharram of year 61 - just 10 days into the year 61. Before the year 60 by a few years, it is well known that the ruler of the land of the Muslims was Mu'awiyeh Ibn Abi Sufyan, due to what happened before that time and the peace treaty with Imam Hasan (pbuhaf) and what happened after the peace. I do not want to go into that now. The important thing is that in the year 55 or 56 Hijri, Mu'awiyeh decided to take allegiance from the Muslims for his son Yazeed, and to appoint Yazeed as his prince and the future Khalifah. and indeed, he took the allegiance in Shaam (Syria) and it's neighbouring areas, and he sent letters to his rulers in the cities and countries to take allegiance for Yazeed as the prince and Khilafah after him. This was a new phenomenon, there was no princeship before that, and it was the beginning of the "Mulk Al-Athoud" (ruling as King) about which we have narrations from Rasulollah (pbuhaf) in which he warns us of this kingship which will befall the Muslims. This decision was faced with resistance and refusal by the Ahlulbayt and at their forefront was Imam Hussain (pbuh), and also from the majority of the remaining Sahabah of Rasulollah who were still alive, and also from the children of the Muhajiroon and Ansar, and especially in Medinah. This forced them during the years after that to use a variety of methods to impose this option, and in one of the years, Mu'awiyeh personally had to visit Medinah and to form a large meeting and to bring about specific conditions to be able to impose this option. In those years also, many of the opposition wrote to Imam Hussain and many of them visited him and sat with him and talked with him. From Medina, from Mecca, form Iraq, Yemen and other places, and they offered him to lead a revolution at that time in the face of Mu'awiyeh. But Imam Hussain (pbuhaf) asked everyone to be patient until the death of Mu'awiyeh to see what will happen then. Of course, he had his reasons and analyses for this which is not our subject right now due to time constraints. In year 60 of Hijrah, Mu'awiyah passed away and Yazeed was announced as the Khalifah of the Muslims, and he asked for allegiance to him as the Khalifah, because he is no longer a prince. And he sent to the rulers to take allegiance from the people even by force. And he wrote a special letter with a special request to the ruler of Medina, because it was very important for Medina to give allegiance. Because Medina means the Ahlulbayt and Sahabah. Medinah means the remainder of Rasulollah and the sons of the Muhajiroon and Ansar, which is why it was necessary for allegiance to be taken from Medinah, so that the matter is established, and for the ruler to gain the right and authority to rule which he needed. Those of whom he specifically asked for allegiance from were three people: Hussain Ibn Ali Ibn Abi Talib, Abdullah Ibn Umar Ibn Al-Khattab, and Abdullah Ibn Zubayr Ibn Al-Awwaan. These three in particular he wanted allegiance from, and he wrote to the ruler of Medina: Whoever refuses, cut his head off and send his head to me. I spoke yesterday about what caused Yazeed to dare to do things to this level. What happened at that time happened, and the whole Ummah came under a new humiliation. Imam Hussain (pbuhaf) was not surprised by this matter. He expected and was ready for

Here the matter becomes different. there is Allah. have peace with whom I want. But more importantly. this is not a value. And he also had a deep and clear evaluation of the state of Islam. This is a point I want to explain a little bit because there is a difference between the two matters.I don't care. and what will be the state of Islam and the Ummah in the year 61 and 62 and so on to the future in the decades and the centuries. . he wants to change the system of values in their lives. you fast or you don't fast. This is clear. there is no Allah. This evaluation was strongly present in the mind and heart of Imam Hussain (pbuhaf). What are your traditions and culture and you system of values . In Islam. The master is better than the slave. and you don't interfere . Rasulollah (pbuhaf) .established a new system of values: religious. He wants to return them to the original Jahiliyah. as values. Rasulollah (pbuhaf) .new .this situation from a long time ago. In a second scenario. Not just the Ummah. but it may not be a threat to their religion and their beliefs and their worship and their values and their traditions and customs. Hussain had to make his decision and draw his path and appoint a clear objective and work to achieve it.this is a value. the leaders in religion. Imam Hussain had a deep and clear evaluation of it all. over 23 years .and we will come back to this in a moment in the words of Hussain . ethical. the religion of Mohammad (pbuhaf) at this time. and the objective he wanted to achieve was also very Mecca.he wants to destroy it. The white is better than the black.I have no business with that.I want to do what I want. The rich is better than the poor. to their lives. imprison whom I want. society and economy.I don't care. to their security. You see in one instance. Very well. But what is this threat? It is a threat to the people.that Imam Hussain had a very negative evaluation of the state of the Ummah. in Arabia. to their prosperity. he comes to the people and says I have no business with your religion. the religion of Allah. to their settlement. In the year 60 of Hijrah it is clear . social. nor white over black. You pray or you don't pray.what did it used to say? The Arab are better than foreigners. The system of values which was there at the time of Jahiliyah . the commoners. He had an evaluation of the situation . as principle. I want to do what I want. of the values of this system is: There is no superiority of an Arab over a foreigner except by piety. as laws and as shari'ah. The Qur'anic value is: The most honourable among you with Allah is the most pious. let’s take the matter of the system of and cultural . are in a very high level of danger and threat. the Qurayshi was better than a non-Qurayshi. For example.and so on. to their calmness. and within Quraysh. in Medina. a ruler comes and he doesn't just want to have power over the people. politics.what does it say? There is no superiority of an Arab over a foreigner. Islam.which govern your life . no! He wants to change their beliefs. danger for the we say in our modern terminology . and humanitarian . And he had a very clear choice. a system of values . And based on this analysis and evaluation and weighing of the situation and understanding the aspects of the matter. Their religious and Islamic traditions and customs and way of life . and his evaluation of the situation was very clear. Rasulollah (pbuhaf) came and said no. For example.which didn't exist before in that society. We call these values. and have power over you. he wants to change their shari'ah. not just danger for the people. What you believe. The man is better than the woman . I want to rule over you and manage your affairs. you worship Allah or you worship statues or you don't worship anyone at all . This is called danger for Islam. to their peace. The leaders. a ruler comes who wants to govern the people in this country. the families and tribes used to compete to establish their own superiority. There is no superiority of black over white except by piety. Imam Hussain saw that the state of Islam and the state of the religion as a Message.based on his realistic and correct analyses of the state of the Ummah which is in pieces here and there. lets say for example in an Islamic country or even a non-Islamic country. Even in that society. fight whom I want. the people.the system of values which he brought . In one scenario. I will give examples. the rulers. you do Hajj or you don't do Hajj . what is it's state and situation in the year 60 of hijrah. So then the point of value is piety. nor a man over a woman. Obviously this is a bad and hard scenario. to the developments of their lives. nor such over such except by piety.

the war of Dahis and Al-Ghabra'. The issue of shedding the blood of the people. and the huge dangers . This is one was something normal and part of an objective and as part of a campaign. . the probability of having an effect . Very well. To the original Jahiliyah! With it's values. And at the end . and the difference in number. But in the second scenario. and traditions and customs. and the difference in preparation. In the first scenario. In Uhod. not for women. it is as though he killed all people.In the year 60 of Hijrah. and master and slave.these were reborn .from the Sunnah and Shia and the different groups .it's all in the books of 61. It was back again to the Arabs and who is better. which are similar to some of the Arab quarrels these days. the defence was for Islam . and the system of values. the danger is on the people. Before Rasulollah (pbuhaf). and laws and so forth. they used to say that enjoining the good and forbidding evil has limits in the first scenario . In Badr. So then. and for the sacrifices that must be made. killing people. and Qaysi and Yemeni.despite the difference in weapons. and tribal quarrels . we suffice with these two examples. In the second scenario. Islam came to establish this great sanctity.this was a new system of values which Islam established in Arabia.saving blood and preserving the blood from being they killed one another.on purpose . and white and black. There was no sanctity! Not for blood. And that's why in some situations. The Arab tribes used to differ on the schedule of the water .this is there in the books of Fiqh.this ruler wants to target all the symbols of the religion and all the strengths of the religion.the war of Bassous. Here we have a situation in which there is a ruler who is changing the traditions and customs. because our speech might get lengthy. then Quraysh would have accepted them. stealing peoples wealth. it was the duty of the Muslims in Badr to stand .and the same in Uhod and so forth. taking the daughters and wives of people . People’s wives. the system of values which was established by Rasulollah (pbuhaf) was almost over. For this reason. the danger is on the religion! On Islam! On the message! In the first scenario. the extent of the danger of these actions. when the danger is on Islam as Islam. There are no longer any limits for the amount which must be paid.many were killed.they killed one another. and Quraysh and non-Quraysh. not for wealth. or not having any effect and so forth. And they spoke of the capability. and on religion as religion. the stance in Badr and Uhod was not a defence for the personal and material existence of Rasulollah and the companions of Rasulollah. and the system of relations which Islam brought. Of the examples. their properties. So then. the availability of supporters.because of the dangers. There is no more sanctity. and the principles.otherwise. their honour . and wars were fought for long years . But the jurists of the religion . the means. is that the system of values which Rasulollah (pbuhaf) established and was not running in Jahiliyah is this great respect and great sanctity for blood . And this was proven in the year 61 as well.have placed conditions for enjoining the good and forbidding evil in the first scenario. 62.definitely obligatory. The sanctities were no longer there.even if it was just one person.even before it is a defence of the people . blood used to be spilled with no accountability for the most simple reasons. this system of values was almost over. 63 of Hijrah . and wants to return the Ummah to the original Jahiliyah. the defence was for Islam. in a line of poetry there was an error . and to promise those who shed blood of people unjustly . on a flock of sheep . not just for normal people! For the Ahlulbayt of Rasulollah there is no sanctity! For the sons of the Muhajireen and Ansar there is no sanctity! For the daughters of the Muhajireen and Ansar in Medina there is no sanctity! For the Mosque of the Messenger there is no sanctity! For the Ka'bah and the House of Allah there is no sanctity! All of this became clear . there is a type of enjoining the good and forbidding evil . and on values as values these conditions are dropped. Rather it was a defence for Islam which Quraysh wanted to terminate by terminating Mohammad (pbuhaf) and the believers with him. In the year 60 of Hijrah. their wealth. if the Muslims had stood in Badr or Uhod and given up on Islam and given up their religion.

which is said in times of tribulation. is that the presence of this ruler over the Ummah means Islam is gone. Let us come . .Based on this differentiation. to what is beyond that. what has remained? – “And that nothing is left from the religion except subabah like the subabah of a container. what remains? Two drops? Three drops at the bottom of the cup .” But what betterment? It is on this scale of betterment. that what has remained from the religion of Rasulollah. he wrote to them: “And I have sent my messenger to you with this letter.falsehood/oppression is not being prohibited! And that nothing is left from the religion . this analysis says that the current state is of the second type. Let us come and see what they say about their objectives! What is their analysis. in what reached us from narrations. I rose to seek betterment in the Ummah of my grandfather. “Do you not see that the truth/justice is not enacted? And that falsehood/oppression is not being prohibited?” So then. and is not of the first type. This was the objective.after you drink. and life with the tyrants except dullness. as a message. and that is to save Islam and to preserve Islam. the one who made the movement and revolution and the rise.not me astaghfirullah.little which goes very quickly. Subabah meaning . and revive the book and Sunnah. the resistance in Palestine. Goodbye to Islam. he didn't say goodbye to the Ummah – “And goodbye to Islam! When the Ummah is troubled with a ruler like Yazeed. showing himself that he is realistic. says that what have you got to do with this whole story? Go give allegiance and do not endanger yourself to murder.” Meaning . Not only is there a suspension of truth/justice . The big scholars and researchers.” Lets take another evidence. or little grass in a wabeel desert. and revive Islam. and Hussain refuses to give allegiance. When he sent his letters to the leaders of Basra and Kufah. Look at the answer from the Imam: “We are for Allah and to Him is our return!” . Marwan. Marwan son of Hakam meets Imam Hussain and advises him to give allegiance.a cup of water . what is their evaluation of the situation? We return to the words of Hussain (pbuh). Very well. when they make a move and when they rise and make sacrifices and jihad. I want to enjoin good and forbid evil.this is the proof. we are in a society. and revive the way of Mohammad Ibn Abdillah (pbuhaf) in the Ummah.He didn't say goodbye to the people. all of which brings us to the same result. say that the objective of the movement of Hussain (pbuh) exceeded the issue of normal betterment or the issue of power. and revive the religion. It is clear that the analyses of Imam Hussain of the situation in year 61 Hijrah.wabeel meaning bad. from the book and Sunnah.” So then. And in another narration. Let's see what Hussain (pbuh) says. But Indeed. as values.” What has remained from the religion? It's like someone wants to live in a desert. an Ummah in which truth/justice is suspended completely. and me and you are their followers. unfruitful and corrupt. “And I did not rise in immorality or out of arrogance. nothing will remain. The suspension of truth/justice.let us come to the same person. tragedy and trouble – “We are for Allah and to Him is our return! And goodbye to Islam!” . in which there is only a little grass which is not edible nor digestible in a wabeel desert . And that's why I say that the movement of Hussain (pbuh) . the resistance in Lebanon. people come and accuse them of an agenda. For I do not see death except happiness. we come to Hussain (pbuh). And that the matters have to come to such a level so as to threaten Islam as a religion. the resistance in any place. Today for example. from the religion of Allah (swt). the next day morning. After the letter comes to the ruler of the Medinah. nor as an oppressor or wrongdoer. his analysis. and understands politics. “And that nothing is left from the religion except subabah like the subabah of a container.which will evaporate as well. if prolonged will lead to it being forgotten and lost. and revive justice. the Imam (pbuh) says: “Let the believer desire to meet his Lord while he is on the truth. He says.also so that we don't take too long in searching for the evidence .

and the uncle of his father or uncle of I don't know who. No. and his uncle Hamzah .was the battle of Badr and battle of families and tribes? No. this is the analysis.defending Islam.who are the grandfather of Yazeed. This meaning is also confirmed in some poems and words of some of the Ummayyads on that day when they said: "A day for the day of Badr!" Because what happened in Badr? From Imam Hussain's side. and continue your efforts. someone asked Imam Zainul Abideen (pbuh): "Who is the victor? For whom was the victory?" Then Ali Ibn Hussain Zainul Abideen (pbuh). now let’s go to the options. in her famous speech. As for the options. Then this one comes to say "A day for the day of Badr!" So this is the reason for the battle which happened in the year 61 of Hijrah. for by Allah you will never erase our remembrance and you will not deaden our revelation!" So then the matter is the matter of the revelation which descended upon Rasulollah. From the first night the news arrived.the uncle of his father. this is the threat. And from here Imam Hussain took his choice.just like the other elites in that I said . This matter is not on the 10th day! When some people hear the speech of Hussain (pbuh) on the day of Ashura. like the rest of the Muslims . To confirm this meaning outside the words of Hussain (pbuh).” So then. Even on the tenth day. Hussain wouldn't have remained silent.since someone comes and says: "A day for the day of Badr!" . A battle of tawheed and idol worship.meaning the Sunnah of His prophet – “for the Sunnah has been deadened and the innovations have been brought alive. she said: "Do what you can. they think this talk is just on the tenth day. And this was the case during the whole journey until Karbala and in Karbala. There is no third solution. but what was their logic: bow to the rule or Yazeed. and after that. it is the matter of the remembrance of Mohammad (pbuhaf). either murder or allegiance. And this was the objective of Hussain (pbuh). he was clear in the famous speech which we keep on repeating in the occasions: . you will know the victor. Lady Zainab (pbuh) in the presence of Yazeed. that is: protecting Islam. said to this questioner: "If the Athan is recited. while she is locked in chains. stopping the attack on Islam as a religion and principles and ideology and sharia and values. again between allegiance and murder.for the Sunnah . and not a fight over power and little political and social issues and so forth. like the rest of the sons of the Muhajireen and Ansar. Hussain was placed under two options: allegiance or murder. And in Mecca. Hussain (pbuh) spoke to them. The reality is that all people were placed in front of two options: either allegiance or murder. and try your best. the brother of the grandfather of Yazeed.was placed under two options: allegiance or murder. we also take a few proofs. That's it. and it came to the extent that people were sent to kill Hussain even if they found him holding onto the robes of the Ka'bah. Was the battle of Badr .and I call you to the book of Allah and the Sunnah of His Prophet” . But this is a supposition. and proved. it's from Medina. and his cousin Ubaydah Ibn AlHarith emerged to fight who? And to kill who? Utbah and Shaybah and Waleed . who has just returned from imprisonment of the journey from Karbala. Hussain (pbuh) . There is no third we come and say what is this situation now? . and cried out. But I tell you even if there was a third choice. and Hussain wouldn't have let go. Those who were with Rasulollah from his family and Sahabah were . It was a battle of Islam and Shirk. This is the objective." So then this is the dimension of the fight. And that is why we find that Hussain (pbuh) confirmed his decision on the tenth day. defending Islam. his father Ali. and spoken to the people in Medina and in Mecca and in all Islamic regions. rather he would have stood. that he be left alone. the matter would end with battle and martyrdom. and objected. So if you listen to me I will lead you to the path of salvation. When they returned to the Medina. then this matter deserves all sacrifices. this is the reality. like the rest of Ahlulbayt. There are no red lines in this path. So long as this is the objective. and in front of her is the head of her brother and the head of the martyrs.

when he used to see a family or tribe or messenger. And between him and himself. explain to them. or for Hajj . And on the way to Karbala while he and the caravan were on the way.two strikes of the we say nowadays . So it was not required for Imam Hussain to have a battle whenever and wherever it may be. and he utilized all the abilities and human resources! Anyone he could have written to. speak to them and talk to them. Then let’s go to battle. and wake it up. (he had) meetings with individuals and in public.his religious duty was's clear where it will lead to: the attack on the remaining droplets of the container and the little grass. between him and Allah. and the humiliation of the message! "And how impossible is humiliation from us! Allah refuses that for us."Behold. The second option then is to go to battle. we are depressed and we cannot live with falsehood anymore . All the Muslims who came for Umrah. and make a strong pulse within it to become aware and to challenge and to oppose . the illegitimate.he utilised all of this time this space of time. Like. however martyrdom if achieved would serve the objective (better)! So Hussain (pbuh) was going to victory in all cases! He was going to victory in all cases! Because victory is to achieve your objective! The defeat of the enemy is to fail to achieve his objectives! That his campaign falls even if he stays alive. And neither was this a requirement! Hussain (pbuh) came by analysis to an end that standing against Yazeed. the victory of Hussain. A military battlefield victory was not viable. Hussain (pbuh) from Medina and until the tenth day . He remained months in Mecca near the House of Allah (swt). has settled between two.he met them and spoke to them gave lectures to them.. So then. Allegiance to Yazeed . what serves the objective is martyrdom! The military victory . He was utilising the night and day in order to make the truth . and expose all the conspiracies. after he departed the Medina and the letters started to come to him and he wanted to leave Mecca. But he had to utilise all the time and all the space and all the resources: the human and promotional resources available in order to serve his objective. he is talking about the humiliation of the Ummah. he sent to some of those who forsake him saying that I am going. Meaning if there is still anything left from this religion in this Ummah . ok let’s get up in Medina. and he utilised the space: Medina and the Mosque of the Prophet when he went to say farewell. So he was utilising all the efforts. and awaken them. he wrote to! Anyone he could speak attention well . and Mecca .whoever he saw on the way to Mecca he used to come down and speak to them.but even the humiliation here.Mecca at the time of Umrah and Mecca at the time of Hajj . we are martyred and the matter is over. make them aware. is guaranteed to expose all the masks. Hussain (pbuh) didn't have the slightest doubt that he was going to martyrdom. his duty . Hussain (pbuh) took this option. he used to go to them himself. "Thus whoever joins us will be martyred. son of the illegitimate [by birth]. When going to battle. and whoever forsakes us will not obtain the victory!" Therefore. even if it leads to my martyrdom and the martyrdom of those with me.and until Karbala. between unsheathing [the sword] and humiliation. and the believers. and his messenger. This does not achieve the objective. And your victory is to realise your objective even if you become a martyr! This is the concept! Which is why Hussain (pbuh) when he went out." and so on.he didn't walk on the side road he took the main road . the success of Hussain. and is guaranteed to awaken the Ummah and shake it's feelings and emotions. and the humiliation of the religion. So then. he is not talking about personal humiliation.establishing Yazeed and enabling Yazeed and giving legitimacy to Yazeed will destroy what is left..and this is what actually happened. And he knew ever since he departed Medina that he is going to martyrdom. he spoke to! On the whole way from Medina to Mecca . In Mecca. and the triumph of Hussain is achieved by the martyrdom of Hussain! And the martyrdom with Hussain (pbuh)! So he took this option and went." Unsheathing is war. And Hussain is not the Hussain who gives allegiance out of fear over himself to sacrifice the religion of his grandfather Rasulollah (pbuhaf). humiliation is a concept .if it had been achieved would have served the objective.

what is reason for all these gatherings and discussions and study and research – for us to understand – oh brothers and sisters – and for all Muslims (in all their different groups and schools of thought) to understand the greatness of this achievement which was realised by Hussain through his blood and his rise and his martyrdom – and it is the protection of their religion. of this sincerity . Because Hussain is the one who protected for us all of this. and was protected and continued by Hussain”. and would be impossible to ignore or conceal or boycott or distort or stop its effect . a good point anyway remaining from the time of jahiliyah . Thereby the Ummah is awakened. The last section of the speech tonight. Because there was still something . And after Hussain. the role of the word of truth . In order to open the role of Zainab. and to clarify the dangers that are threatening Islam and threatening the Ummah. Many of those who came afterwards were cautious not to be seen as against Islam or a threat to Islam. This is of the customs which was there in the jahiliyah and before jahiliyah. nothing just happens. and to knowledge. He was looking for a type of battle which was impossible to conceal by anyone. there was a rise of revolts in the Medina of the Prophet. on this occasion.until the Day of Resurrection! And that is why it is said that “Islam began by Mohammad. that they never used to kill the women was not for humanitarian and moral reasons. could be classified of the first type and not the second type. on this event. this pure blood. They used to keep the women for immoral reasons and inhuman reasons! They used to take them as booty. of this clarity. and this is one of the explanations or meanings of the narrations of the Prophet: “Hussain is from me and I am from Hussain. It was necessary that this great battle of martyrdom and jihad should take place. is a battle of heroic and historical proportions. Many of those (rulers) who came afterwards. every effort. Even bringing the women and the children with the caravan had a reason. so that they can be the voice that carries the message of the oppressed blood to the whole Ummah.had a reason. use them and so forth. and to the schools of thought. they cried for Hussain.the Prophet of this Ummah peace be upon him and his family.clear and explain the truth. and other events which continued and changed the face of history. rather some of them used to show great respect to the scholars. we find much focus on Hussain from his children. and Islam is protected. So this is a point.after the blood was spilled for this truth. Until he reached Karbala. and to jurisprudence. And of course. this event . and to the practices of Hajj and so on and so forth. from his family. of this insistence. is to come to some morals and some conclusions.and the women would carry this everywhere so that it would extend throughout history. with the demise of every loved one. and Hussain saw that what would protect Islam and shield Islam. Hussain who is present in every calamity and every event and every Jihad and every happiness and every sadness. Every single speech. they cried for Hussain. They used to take them as booty. every movement. such that with every calamity. and all attempts to attack this religion and this message will fail. in which there would be a great martyrdom of this level of challenge. because the one murdered is the son of the daughter of Mohammad . So then. make them slaves. First of all.the effect it had on the Ummah – changed this reality.alhamdulillah remaining at that time . Nothing is based on Hussain brought the women with him. in the event of Al-Harrah. and the objective was achieved.that they never used to kill the women. visiting Hussain. of this certainty. Allah (swt) loves whoever loves Hussain”. and the generations are awakened. sending peace upon Hussain. From here. Everything that Hussain did was very carefully planned and decided.a good point from one angle . and not some unknown character which could be forgotten by time or ignored by history – never. nothing is random. from our Imams. on this remembrance. and with great precision. every activity . and the protection of their . and to religiousness.

and the martyrs before the Hijrah and after Hijrah. so much so that the Prophet said “No Prophet has been hurt as I have been hurt”. So Hussain asked them for time in that night. that this Islam which has reached us – and this is of the fruits of Karbala – did not reach us just through academic universities and academic study and research and the Hawza Ilmiyyah and the efforts in knowledge. as it was during history. Second. and blood and martyrs and being oppressed. through the Mujahideen with the Prophet. and much blood. understand the sacrifices which brought it to us. since the beginning of the Prophethood. Third. Allah (swt) who promised to protect the religion. Without the sacrifices and patience in Badr. and for a few minutes we will all recite this Qur’an. throughout history there are significant sacrifices. “Surely We have revealed the Reminder and We will most surely be its guardian. we must understand oh brothers and sisters. Tonight there is a virtuous tradition and good custom which the brothers wish to keep alive – after the end of the lecture – between the lecture and the majlis – which is taken from the night before the tenth of Muharram. Hussain did not protect one group or school of thought or sect. Hussain through his blood. In following the example of this worship and this elevated state which was lived by the companions of Hussain with him in Karbala. with the Muhajireen and Ansar. and we seek a true and real understanding of this religion regardless of our differences of opinion and schools of thought and beliefs and ideas and discussions. this Islam which is in our hands – and I say this especially to the generation of the teenagers – we must understand it’s value. and hold fast to it. we wish to recite the Qur’an. with the ink of the scholars and the blood of the martyrs throughout history – whom He supports and helps and assists. and get to know it. and the protection of their Shariah. That was first. through the blood of his family and companions. without the sacrifices and patience in Karbala. and supplication to Allah (swt). after the lecture inshallah the brothers and sisters will give out copies of the Holy Qur’ans. understand it’s price.values. and recitation of the Qur’an. and Ruku’. with the scholars. The matter is not a miracle exclusively with nothing to do with the actions of man. and this is our responsibility. not only in the level of intellect and thought. and indeed Hussain and those who were with Hussain spent that night – as it is mentioned in the narrations – they stayed up the whole night. Rather it reached us as a result of all of these sacrifices which I mentioned. just be patient with us for this night. and much patience from harm. and keep it alive. with his Ahlulbayt. what could have been the result of this confrontation between Islam and Polytheism? Between Monotheism and idol worship? Between Islam and its values against the Jahiliyyah and its values? Therefore. And therefore. Today. and clasp it. placed a rigid barrier against any threat to Islam as a religion and as values. between standing. they were in a hurry to complete the battle with him. but even on the level of feelings . when – well they wanted to start the war on Hussain on the ninth day of Ashura.carried by sacrifices. and the sacrifices of man and the struggle of man. to confirm that the true objective of the revolution of Hussain and the martyrdom of Hussain and the sacrifices of Hussain is for this Qur’an to remain alive in our eyes and our minds and our hearts and our lives inshallah. Hussain with his blood gained a crucial achievement in history in the interest of the protection of the religion. through his body. without the sacrifices and patience in Uhod. this Qur’an which is in our hands. with his righteous Awalia. Hussain rose for the sake of the religion of his grandfather and we are all believers in the religion of his grandfather. Rather he strengthened and returned and revived this Islam and forced this Islam even on those who could have conspired against it. and we follow this religion. Hussain asked them for time in that night. keeping Islam alive and keeping the truth alive might not require much sacrifice. This religion has reached us . for we wish to pray to Allah (swt).” He (swt) protects it through whom? He protects it through His Prophet peace be upon him and his family. that it’s fine. to understand the magnificence of the sacrifices and offerings which were given by Hussain to achieve this objective. to the martyrs in Mecca who were killed while patient.

You try it my brothers. Even when you go back home. and what was the state of Hussain. and then a bullet or an arrow is shot at him from here or there. we have narrations from the Prophet. Anyone who related to Hussain in this world… anyone who related to Hussain and any thing which is related to Hussain – meaning the wise and the not wise. He could have left the baby and the mother in Medinah. the touch of your family. everything – this is a distinction in the movement of Hussain – his wives. Very well. and his wealth. For example. whoever does not comprehend these emotions. you can remember the moments and hours and days in which you were informed of the martyrdom of your son and your loved one. but the fathers . Look my brothers and sisters. and maybe he would have been given a palace and a salary and slaves and servants and spend the rest of his days and he is in comfort. Only one girl was left who was ill and her movement would be difficult. who is thirsty. And I will also admit and say that maybe 20 or 30 years ago. to martyrdom. and especially when we become alone. and he grasps the neck of his father and his blood bursts out into the air. Me and you are able to begin to understand. We used to speak about it. Imagine yourself with the emotions of a human who was carrying his breast feeding baby. Hussain in order to achieve this objective – and there is similar to this matter throughout the history of humankind – there is no other similar matter to this in the history of humankind – in order to achieve this objective. Imagine you are carrying your baby in your hand. Very well. and as for the destiny of Islam and the Ummah… no problem. this kind of emotion we never used to understand. his children. and hit him with arrows and slaughter him from the artery to the vein. Of course. Let’s remember these feelings. Yesterday the sisters. and even the breast feeding baby. and we are afflicted. a baby who is innocent. and what was the state of Zainab which remained with her until her demise. and brought their children with them. the people and money. all the sisters who came to the gathering of Sayyidul Shuhada. and he could have not gone out and he could have forsaken the objective and give allegiance to Yazeed and go to Damascus. But when someone lives these emotions. whoever has not lived with similar emotions to the emotions of Hussain on the Tenth day of Muharram cannot comprehend exactly what happened on the Tenth day. He brought out everyone with him. I tell the fathers of the martyrs. all his sons. Everyone who was related to Hussain and everything which was related to Hussain – Hussain brought all of it with him to the field of sacrifice. and they throw arrows at him. who is unconscious because of thirst. and I will try to make it clear. and our sadness climaxes. all his brothers – except those who refused to come – the sons of his brothers who were in his care. Whoever does not understand these emotions. this pain we did not experience. But he did not give allegiance. and especially in his last moments. to the battle. and the field of donation. Otherwise. and the field of offering. and has nothing to do with all these matters. the situations change. discuss it. he did not go out alone. and also I speak of the martyrdom of brothers and the sons of the brothers… what were your emotions? What were your feelings? What were your pains? Yes we used to stand strong. explain it from a mental or intellectual or theoretical position. he went out first. the mothers of the martyrs.and emotions. but we are also human and we have emotions. if you have a breast feeding baby. to death. all his wives. all his daughters. and imagine that he is thirsty. and I thank them. the father of the martyrs. that the touch of your family gives a special emotion. because we did not experience it. the sons of his uncles. He went out. be proud of our martyrs. all his sisters. Here we come a little to the subject of emotions. and goes forward to a group – imagine yourself like this – and he goes forward to a group and requests a drink of water for his thirsty baby. Why does he take them with him? And he knows where he is going. carry it in your hand like this – because the touch. But when he went out. clean and pure. be honoured by our martyrs. anyone who remained from his companions. we feel pain and sorrow. All his sons – he did not leave a single son from the children or teenagers in Medinah.

and in the last breaths you hear your wife. the children with Hussain. I want to give in front of Allah (swt) this testimony. yes. and their children are killed every day in Iraq. and we want to be like that. we understand that at a time. he is martyred. from the women and teenage ladies with Hussain.” Brothers and sisters. and on the heart of a woman who is Zainab. which carried the concerns of our resistance for years. with purity and chastity. and refused oppression and humiliation and dishonour. A testimony about you brothers and sisters. and the screams of the orphans are in her ears and in her heart – she sits next to the body of her master and her brother Abi Abdullahil Hussain. Imagine the emotion that someone who is loved by you.and mothers whose children were killed have experienced it. Very well. that you are sincere and genuine and truthful in your allegiance to Abi Abdillahil Hussain. with foresight. and here is greatness. your daughters. after a few years we experienced another emotion. we learn from them throughout history these lessons which are filled with wisdom. and here is uniqueness . your sisters are screaming and there are people who want to take them as booty and steal from them. But what is the state of the heart of that man whom all of these emotions were cast into his heart in one moment and in a few hours!? What is his state? What a heart this is? What a spirit this is? What patience is this? What sacrifice is this? What sincerity is this? All of these feelings and emotions and pains all of it in one go!? On the heart of one man who is Abu Abdillah Hussain. and finally. in this blessed night. raises his hands to the sky and says: “Are you please oh Allah (swt)? Take until you are pleased. but I know. But what was their reaction? The man who carried in his heart all of these pains in one go. there is a human who is ready to sacrifice himself and his family and everything he has for the sake of Allah (swt) and for the sake of the people and the benefit of the people. What is his feeling? What is his emotion? Very well. after a few years we experienced this emotion. and our divine duty calls us and our religious and historical responsibility towards our religion and towards our Islam and towards our Ummah and towards our values. in Qana. We learn from Hussain when the divine obligation calls us. and on this night of the tenth of Muharram. but he cannot do anything. the respected scholars. We learn from them. These emotions we also lived. and in one of the moments. At the end of this talk – I do not need to confirm this meaning. these loyal and honoured and truthful and sincere for that woman – and let any woman imagine that her brothers have been killed. with feelings and human emotions. These emotions we experienced in separate times my brothers and sisters. the adorers of Abi Abdillahil Hussain. and everything that is related to us – this we learn from Hussain in the night before the tenth and on the day of the tenth. imagine yourself in a moment that you are injured with the injuries and the bullets. and towards our home countries. A few years ago we experienced one emotion. Imagine this emotion there. and he sons and her loved ones and dear ones and she will be taken as booty in a short while. that you are rightly and truly the lovers of Abi Abdillahil Hussain. to sacrifice our lives and our loved ones. and to give in front of the master of the martyrs this testimony. we learn from the men with Hussain. in Gaza. and to sacrifice everyone that is related to us.” As for that woman – and here is the magnificence. Yes. in the previous wars.” And that… That man raises his hands to the sky and says: “Are you please oh Allah (swt)? Take until you are pleased. we learn from Hussain and Zainab. and fire has caught her clothes… and he hears all of this. this night I bear witness to the whole world. . that you my brothers and sisters. with knowledge. a friend of yours. a body without a head. What are their feelings and emotions? Furthermore. who makes you stronger and supports you and helps you and loves you and fights in front of you. in the war of Summer 2006. the teenagers with Hussain. in Afghanistan and in other parts of the world. and gave sacrifices. and raises her hands to the sky and says: “Oh Allah (swt)! Accept from us this sacrifice.

oh brothers. a new day for the renewal of our allegiance with Hussain and the grandson of Hussain (Imam Mahdi) – in the face of all the grand Satans. and may Allah (swt) bless you. And I bear witness that your men and women did not leave Hussain for decades in any of these darkened nights. regrettably. you have never left the field empty in any of the days. you faced the invasion. nor any family more loyal and virtuous than my family. and let every man from amongst you take the hand of a man from my family and leave me with these people”. And as we know you. from one person saying to him: “Should we go? While you are killed and we remain after you? May Allah (swt) not make life after you worthy oh Hussain. Here. and for the world to see the expressions on our faces. Tomorrow we will renew our allegiance with Hussain – to support every oppressed in Lebanon and Palestine and Iraq and anywhere in the world. and truthfully you were with Abi Abdillahil Hussain throughout the years of the resistance. and after weapons. This night has covered you. and to all those listening as well.” And another one saying: “Oh son of Rasulollah.I would never leave you oh Hussain!” And they remained with Hussain on the tenth day.” And our generation – all praise be to Allah (swt) – has faced this deservingly. tomorrow as well is a new day for Hussain. if I found that I would be killed then burned then scattered in the sky. and this one speaking of the Heareafter. your women. a sentence which we say generation after generation: “We wish to have been with you oh Abi Abdillahil for we would have attained a great victory. oh loved ones. you have proven this. And of course. here is our strength. The women who were there in the night of the tenth refused this. And they came to a conclusion which says: we are looking at a reality which is unprecedented in history – unprecedented in history! In this spirit… in this spirit inshallah we will continue. Hussain gathered his companions and said to them: “Verily I do not know any companions better than my companions. this one speaking of Badr. and threatening the dignity of our Ummah and our homelands and our nations. this one speaking of heaven. this one speaking of Hussain and this one speaking of Zainab. They refused this. oh sisters. and this one speaking of martyrdom. And in this spirit. Indeed these people do not seek anyone other than myself – they want me and they would leave you so leave me and these people and go. they found them to be patient. so take it as a ride. then killed then burned then scattered in the sky – that being done to me a thousand times . and threatening what we hold sacred. We have inherited from the fathers and grandfathers. Here is our strength – before weapons. and your mujahideen and your family have created for this Ummah a great victory. for the weapon there is a holy objective. The men who were there in the night of the tenth refused this.Your men – your men. this one speaking of Karbala. and with weapons. the weapons in the hands of the resistance take a different meaning. and the fists of our hands which rise with strength to the sky and say: "Impossible is humiliation from us!” May Allah (swt) greaten your reward. Your martyrs attained a great victory. Here. this one speaking of Rasulollah. Many of the national institutions came to Lebanon and did studies on what are the psychological effects of the war of the Summer on the people. And the resistance becomes of a different nature and different identity. and in this spirit – in patience and truthfulness – you faced the aftermath of the war of Summer 2006. many people lost their homes and their wealth and their loved ones. your elderly. this one speaking of the honour of martyrdom. enduring. And they let Hussain hear some words which have remained for history. And when they used to come to ask them. In the night of the tenth of Muharram. and give you the reward of the lovers the believers who mourn for the family of Rasulollah and for Rasulollah and the family of . your young ones. so tomorrow as well. Tomorrow we will renew our allegiance with Hussain – to keep alive the truth and to deaden the false. then brought back to life. Tomorrow we will gather – no matter what the weather will be – just as we do every year – we gather tomorrow to make the world hear our voice. who are threatening our values. A new day for the allegiance with Hussain. and the previous wars and you faced the enmity of the Summer 2006.

and may He keep us and you . and may He give us the opportunity to realise all those hopes which were sought be the great Prophets of Allah (swt). and the honoured awliya. and may He make us victorious against our enemies and the enemies of this Ummah. and upon Ali the son of Hussain.firm on the truth which we have believed in. Peace be upon Hussain. oh companions of Rasulollah – and the mercy of Allah (swt) and His blessings. and upon the companions of Hussain. and for as long and the night and day remain. and upon the children of Hussain. and the great martyrs. and on the souls which departed in your cause. who went ahead of us in meeting Allah (swt). And Peace be upon you oh companions of Hussain and Zainab. .Rasulollah. and may Allah (swt) not make this my last time to visit you. Upon you all is my salam of Allah (swt) for as long as I remain. Peace be upon you oh my master and leader Oh aba Abdillah.