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> In a small booklet " Numerology made plain" by Yvon Tailor he > states > > that vibration is " a movement to and fro" or "oscillation"..

"as > the > > forward and backward swing of the pendulum of the clock". > > " Just as the pebble thrown into the water starts a succession of > > ciruclar ripples around it, each individual wave going an equal > > distance ABOVE and BELOW the water level,..." >> > > In practical marketplace this means that certain tops and bottoms > > will relate to each other after certain regular time periods. > > These time periods follow the same law. Its the same key no matter > > what cycle you look at. This was expressed by Gann in Tunnel thru > the > > Air. > > Looking at the marketplace again the "above and below" (lo/hi) > > statement is important not to take literally. The reason for this > is > > that a particular cycle may produce various results. > > Its not that simple as a high to next low, next hi and so on. > > It may as well produce series like : > > low-low-low or > > low-low-high or > > high-low-low etc. >> > > Now what causes these irregularities ? > > The answer is inversion. > > I admit that Gann did not deal much with them tho he gave certain > > rules. These rules are the same for every cycle duration. > > Short or long. > > The easiest way to deal with them is actually work two cycles > > together because that will give you a warning. > > The second warning is that they may be observed in the sky. > > This means they are related to a particular phenonoma that may be > > found in your ephemeris. That is a great help. >> > > As with all cycles they vary slightly. >> > > Some recurring points vary more than others while others again are > > very stable. Its still good enough to forecast the events within a > > timeframe of two days but dont be surprised if it comes in one day > > early or late. > > The reason for this is that price need to be "fulfilled". within a > > certain phase. > > As there are several phases it means that there may be one > particular > > price point within each one. To make it simple we may say that

> these > > points are bound together at these intervals. > > It may be 24 points intervals or any other regular number or it > may > > be apparantly random if you only look at few phases only. > > In any case having solved the cyclic recurrence of the Law of > > vibration you will find that it creates certain pictures or > > better "geometric" pictures on the different wheels. > > The most popular is the Square of nine of course. > > A particular secquence may look like a: > > high 371, low at 391, high at 334. > > If you look at the square of nine u will find them lined up in a > > perfect triangle. > > Another picture may look like : 371, 334 and 467. > > Still a triangle but of a different shape. > > There are many more examples but the main idea is that knowing > when a > > certain angle is going to operate in the marketplace it is > possible > > to calculate the price point extremely accurate(excluding lost > > motion) > > This is what Gann did in 1909 !! well as knowing the > vibrational > > time coming up. > > It is still possible to do this but even knowing how it works > means > > that you have to get practice in order to use it with confidence > and > > accuracy like Gann. In this way it may be your tool as well. >> > > I wish you all a silent and peaceful Happy New Year and hope that > > this little post was of interest to you. >> > > Allan Hi S.. One more thing. Trade signals for december 2003 were 4 trades. For January it is 4 signals as well. They are for March wheat basis a dec 27/30 low: Top Jan 2 Low Jan 13 Top Jan 15/16 Low Jan 21 Top Feb 5/6 (the move Jan 21 - Feb 5/6 potentially volatile) The current fluctation in wheat is around 20 points pr trade I expect Jan to be about 20 points pr trade as well. High dec 19/20 to sell....we made top 18th Low dec 27 or 30th.. wheat contracts made low ....30th/31st and 2nd. March was latest.

I expect lower to monday 13th but could also be an early low friday 10th.Squaring Price With time 14489 15386 . As this area holds ..Strong Wheat 24839 dow If you measure from the time Robert bought his first cotton till his sell in September you have exactly 224 days or 360 degrees of Venus. Now if u look up in the geocentric ephemeris on that day where do u think u find Venus located ???. March 7 2005 Major High 112 days back Nov 15/2004 Top 224 days back Jul 26 /2004 Low 336 days back Apr 5/2004 Top .we saw top monday 6th (yday)at 334 1/2.. Of course 112 degrees. Break of 318/320 should yield 311 which I like very much as mentioned in my previous message 6947. (cancer 22 ) I also like the fact that measured 420 pages -224 gets u to page 196 and this page as u have seen ties us directly to the time when Robert bought his first Cotton in January of 1927. Lets take a look at it using a few of the major tops and bottoms in DOW from 2004/05 Oct 25 2004 Major low 112 days fwd Feb 14 2005 Top before final one March 7 224 days fwd June 6 2005 Top of reaction 336 days fwd Sept 26.. Mark the Jupiter link to Venus/Earth around all these dates. 301 is also possible as it is another 180 degree move /from 334 1/2 High again jan 15/16 and finally around Jan 21 as low before a rally is expected untill Feb 5/6 The major Allan(TL) posts were: 12977 .Converted Moon Longitude and March Wheat (12-6-03) 13476 . On page 112 in Tunnel there is a lot of discussion of the date June 1/1927 as well as on page 113. So Monsieur Gann wants us to take notice of the number 112 and its multiples or 180 degree motion of heliocentric Venus from tops and bottoms.High jan 2nd or friday 3 rd... We saw low sept 22 around 10350. Measured 112 days from May 19 u arrive at Sept 8 and this is the day Robert in fact sold his cotton due to expectations of a final high.Converting Longitude to Price Extensive (1-4-04) 14342 .

960. 224 days fwd Oct 17 …upcoming Mark the Uranus link to Venus/Earth around all these dates. April 20 / 2005 Major Low 112 days back Dec 29/2004 Top 224 days back Sept 8/2004 Top 336 days back May 19/2004 Low 112 days fwd Aug 10/2005 Top 224 days fwd Nov 30/2005 (upcoming high ??) Mark Uranus again.22% for 1073 trades.112 days fwd June 27/2005 important low before final. Even better results were possible if you examined (and eliminated) the location(s) which were associated with . Maybe someone may post a few charts marking the turns so everyone may see from the three examples mentioned ? U may want to look at other high and lows too and u will find the number 112 (or 180 degrees) indeed plays a very nice tune in the marketplace for Dow… just like Gann wrote in his little book where some say nothing can be found.62% PER EVENT! The overall return from trading the Dow from 1915 to 2000 using this rule alone was 4. In checking Venus transit 11d 57m any sign using Market Trader Platinum I found that buying 6 days before Venus made its transit over this point and selling 9 days after the "hit" was associated with an average return of 4. If u combine 112 with 49ers as well as the traditional counts of 91/182 etc u may end up with a very powerful tool if u expect a cycle turn at these dates. Now if u look closer at these turns u will see how important they are.

On the square of 90 a reading of 180 degrees for a planet converts to 180 * 0. First of all I want to point out that using planets converted to price the idea is that they repeat at certain angles according to the time cycles.1444 For the sq90 he would divide 90/360 and get ratio 0. The nearest square of 90 is 270 and u find earth long converted to price at 275 It also makes a 225 degree aspect to price Helio venus long 239 equals price 330 (239*0. U can be sure that Mr Gann asked himself the same question and what to do with it. What seems to be the problem for most is the tight range of 24 dollars/cents/points etc. Nov 19 low 374. I want to show u a few examples using March wheat with earth and helio venus which seems to control that market. The next example is the Nov 14 high at 418 ½ Earth long 51 equals price of 373 (51*0.25=60+270=330) Helio venus was then 1 cent from the low. For the sq52 he would then divide 52/360 and get ratio 0. Im using the sq90 for this.90 and 144 or widening the ranges on which the planets hit the various angles according to his time cycles. I have followed the discussions and I have waited a little while before I decided to inform u more. So what did he do ? He designed his squares of 52. The 180 degree angle comes in at 418.25 equals 45 points.25 For sq144 144/360 ratio 0. Second it also worthwhile to know where they are on a daily basis and may be very helpful in order to understand why prices sometimes move where fast when certain planetary longitudes are broken. Low Oct 15 price 331 Earth long 21 answers to 21*0.25 equals 5 points rounded off. Earth long 56 equals 14 points up from 360 or 374.Its been a while since I posted my converting moon longitude to price.25=180) Helio venus was on a 52 degree angle. .4 The ratio is then how much 1 degree is expressed in price points. Some markets transit 24 points in a day.25+360=373) Nearest 90 harmonic is 360. He also tried to locate what planets worked on the various squares and in what market. (418-373=45/0. So to find 1 degree converted to price he would do the same thing as I have shown on his wheel of 24.

Dec 24 low 358 Earth long 92 or 23 price points (92*0. Helio venus long 317 or 71 degrees over price. 270 degrees 422 Close Friday 406 As earth angle of 90 degrees is 406 and venus 180 degrees at 402 March wheat is in a weaker situation if it cant hold above these angles on the sq9 when the market closes monday.25). 90 degrees is 408 ½ while 180 degrees is 431 Ye saw what happened when wheat broke 386 friday. (yes u can check that too).25=14+360=374) Exact.25+360=378). 180 degrees 402. The 270 degree angle is price 360. Again I must stress that I believe Gann used angular repetition according to his time cycles.25=23+270=293)up from 270 equals 293. The current positions are Earth long 104 or 26 price points up from 360 or 386.5 Helio Venus long 349 or 357 (349*0. 430 level is very important. 386 on sq9 is 90 degrees to 406 . Using it with sq9 will help u find which angles are even more important. Helio venus we find at long 8 or price 362. Dec 12 top 421 ½ Earth long 72 or price 378 (72*0. 1 cent away. Helio venus long 294 or 240 degree angle to price and also on the 90 degree angle on the sq9. As u can see in the above examples March wheat trade on basically hard aspects in relation to earth and venus. Next area up is the old top 422 which is also a 270 angle to venus. The 180 degree line is now at price 423. . Gann used the squares of 52/90 and 144 to keep an eye on the broader picture. 1* of Neptune 49ers 112 days of venus Take venus low to low and hi to hi and project degrees forward for next hi lo.25+270=357. 420 * of Mercury travel & divisions 224 days of venus travel & divisions 1* of saturn 1* of Uranus. However u may use it as guidelines in ur market to find at what areas support/resistance most likely is coming in. 180 degrees is 428 U also find saturn at 385.(56*0.

. > (for overall tops or year high triangulation of neptune and pluto is >the one to look out for ).mercury 19. > glen.37931 37921 37881 As i said before i am focussing on wheat and ftse . i.i am repeating >myself here so i am going to do something i really did not want to .neptune 5. > P. .Go back and check > pay attention to whole picture when something triggered beaurifully one >time then barely registerd another it is because of reinforcement it was >there or it wasnt look how things are being reinforced and look at trend >changes on chart there should be multiple triangles because every >culmination is the beginning of a new move so isolated triangles are only a >reaction not a change in trend.e 1-9 integers apart in any sign.again when i say triangulation i am >only talking about integers. or against three or more slower moving >planets in sequence i.i. > glen Look up subjetct: An Neptune rules Pharmaceuticals.look at >what happens when mars .uranus 13.pluto27.uranus 19.e if saturn is at 17 neptune is 18..uranus 9.sun 23 > mars29.drugs Mars rules Aries which rules the Head Venus rules beauty.etc hits 16 and 19.saturn 17.venus mars on the planets >that are 1or 2 degrees apart. > > The usefulness comes as we analyse what happens when trangulations are >made by faster moving planets such as jupiter. such as chiron >8.jupiter if this doesnt help either i >am totally barking or nobodies bothering to do their homework.sun 10 > jupiter16..neptune 18 ( as it is now).cosmetics A high is expected in AGN on July 11th and a lo on July 21-22nd Back to the former.e i >am going to show you. venus. > last up turn was neptune 18 jupiter 17.mars 20 > mercury24.neptune 00. > Example1 > Look at Helio chart on Nov 3rd 1970 .chiron 8.saturn 18. > Example 2..ftse i have the >natal date for but for wheat it is ok to use helio sun. > > With ftse as i have said before instances where 2 major planets are at >17 and 18 of any sign for example upmove we are currently experiencing has >neptune 18 saturn 17.pluto 2.venus 15. > Look at helio chart on Dec14th 1972 > chiron 15.s remember i am new to this stuff myself and am just passing on my >discoveries any help with developing this i am eager to receive. > venus 7.

5 = 576.C# .5 * C = 384.Heliocentric Venus is 180 deg Neptune on July 18th.C.G# .916 C# = 4. Post#25422(Master 15)by Brian goes more into the 15 deg axis.D .944 F# = 2.143 C = 33215 Note The Dow is presently VIBRATING in Key D# in the Above Scale From: "ispi9" <ganndi@o.the document which is attached in that post is available in the Solaris section.561 D# = 9. ali2vic <ali2vic@yahoo. This continues as follows: C .F ..D# . the 15 deg aspects of this cycle also gives CITs.E .G . and C at 259. Helio Mars is 135 Neptune on July 23rd.A .5 Hz C is at 256 Hz. D would be 384 * 1. It is the difference between C at 256 Hz.841 A# = 14. then G would be> Vic Example of Natal Vibration The Pythagorean Comma. 2003 9:10 pm Subject: Re: [wheelsinthesky] Re: Bradley Siderograph+cycle start from high ?? He who Laughs LAST laughs LONGEST Here is My Laugh hahahaha hehehehehehehehe hohohohoho It is all MUSIC to my Ears and SPHERES (Time and Price) C C# D = 384 = 405 = 432 .90&0(conjunct)aspects of this cycle gives indication of a CIT in this stock. C = 256 G = 384 D = 576 A = 864 E = 1.296 B = 1.A# .. the 180.762 F = 22.374 G# = 6.> Date: Wed Nov 5.B .F# .

the first one is. And Gann referred to this as a markets "vibration" Some markets are harmonically in opposition or 180* in vibration from each other like Pork Bellies and Orange Juice. . an octave. Occult Geometry and Hermetic Science of Motion and Number. Does each market have a key???? I think so. And it is the "fundamental" tone. "time angles govern price". Lets get on the track to some serious Do Re Mi. because experience has taught me so. or perhaps Fa So La Ti Do. but when does this happen ? Gann made two statements that are the key to his trading application. You could call middle C -. For it is the beginning or the completion of a cycle --again. Muscially it would be like the Pythagorean spiral you have referred to with A sharp opposed to D Nothing is set in stone and if you believe otherwise that is fine -Best Regards. there was bitter discussion about copyright violations over some tired ass wheel of twenty four. I have had in my possession a time period that governs when the wheel returns to its origin. when twenty four of these octaves run out. Siimply it is the same note but at a higher or lower octave. The last time eye was in here. For some time now.D# E F G G# A A# B C = = = = = = = = = 450 480 540 576 600 640 675 720 744 etc etc the cycle then REPEATS in the next HIGHER OCTAVE Crystallised Rock Emerald if you like VR. Raleigh's book.360* or 0* -. So then eyem thinking thinking thinking. the wheel returns to its position. Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do. did Gann operate on this same time factor.S. I refer you to A. I will give you my thoughts -.Middle C on a piano is the center so to speak and each C above and below middle C is a complete octave or 360 degree movement harmonically. read the first page and you see that the wheel returns to its position. the law of seven and the law of three. I acquired this from the akashic records. monday tuesday wednesday thursday friday saturnsday sunsday and the repetition of the octave returning to the Do or monday. an octave. whichever you like. ie. and the second one "Everything seeks a gravity center" The two laws that govern all matter are the law of heptaparaparshinokh and the triamazikanmo.whichever you like.

George Bayer knew the 192 day cycle. proving up the relationship between 144 and 192. In looking back from 1940. consolidate. neutral principles. Do you think these numbers were arbitrarily used ? ten octaves of 192 calendar days are 1920 days.902. then finally teaches you the law of seven. which deny. 48 days times 24 hours in a day is 1152 hours. 48 hours times 60 minutes is 2880 the fifteenth octave of 192. and this is the 360 octave of the master time factor 192. hours.25 divided by the time factor 192 is 1. Bayer says the THING that moves the wheel is engraved on every violin made. Supreme commander gave the world fifteen days to respond. on page 238 Gann discusses the law of three. Here Gann being at his cleverest. this would be 360 plus 23. Uranus sits 19. the eight square of 144 or the sixth octave of 192. August 30 1932. or 360 hours. THE time factor. and the 192 day cycle times 36 cycles is that moons node return. I recommend you to the book Cosmic Secrets by Russell Smith. I also refer you to page seven and ten. days. which by the way is governed by the law of octaves in pascals triangle. it sits at exactly 23 degrees aries. the Do. one over. young Bobbie discovered his master time factor on june 19 1927. when the wheel is reset. the law of vibration to show you the law. and this one is the ending and the beginning of the next cycle. a diatonic octave. . FA. again the master repeating time factor. 7680 is forty octaves of 192 calendar days. go check that out. and shock price levels. Gann sent his hero to Paris to keep him from losing his brain for thirty one days. 31 divided by the master time factor is 1618. our hero supreme was born on june ninth 1906. and if you use the circle. eight days at 24 hours is 192 hours. Read professor OBJOYFUL analysis of the reason Marie left.This is 192 calendar days. and twenty four of these diatonic octaves is 192 calendar days. Young Hero Gordon girlfriend Marie left him on june 5 1927 and returned August 30 1932. his gas seven. The earth year 365. this is exactly 7680 days from his birth. and the second octave of the master time factor is 384. he again is teaching you the fib spiral. the law of seven. with his positive. Our other master guru. the difference is 48 units. I refer you to Brydlovan theory of numbers. but Gann returned her exactly seven days early. turn to page forty and read how gann describes the WHEEL.19 astronomical units from the Sun. negative. His tunnel kept pilot sleeping for seven days. a Week. Now. Our young hero discovered his time factor on 6 19 1927. The cycle of 192. 383 degrees. notice his description of Uranus. LA vibration. you can use the 144 square within the 192 CD octave. He teaches you the fib spiral first with 619. and notice how Gann is again speaking of the WHEEL. Check the relationship of the 144 square to this 192. the retro guy who goes backward 360 degrees every 18. this is exactly 1913 days from her stage left exit. the first diatonic octave.924024 days. disguises the master time factor right in front of your EYE ballz. He chose the ten octaves because the number ten is the alpha and the omega. 192 is four octaves of 48. ie the law of vibration. 48 days times 24 hours is 1152. and see it is the moons node. then he teaches you the master time factor of 192 CD. check the position of Uranus on last date of the book. Knowing this time factor is only half of the gordion knot. times 60 is 69120 seconds.

between any two vibrations are inner octaves and inner octaves and inner octaves and inner octaves and inner octaves.. (b) Mercury @ 0’ on Sunday 30/4/2000 Closing price on Friday 28/4. brings us to the the 11-25-02 high. Subtracting 15 degrees (Jup/Ur) gives the 4-29-02 low. Subtracting 15 degrees again gives the high that occured on 9-1-01 subtracting 15 again gives a low at 3-22-01 another 15 gives a high at 9-1-00 and another 15 gives a low at 2-25-00 and then a high on 8-24-99. produce changes If I remember my astro studies correctly planetary rulers are : Mercury is the ruler of soybeans. I did some research several years ago on Wheat. Neptune rules soybean oil. Let the hate mail Begin Taking the June 62 low and adding 180 degrees of heliocentric Uranus brings us to July/Aug 2003.... Sign rulers are: Virgo rules soybeans.. it is simply moving to a gravity center between to stopinders on the diatonic scale. these points corresponded with turns in the market.2 + 9 TD gives Exit 12/5/2000 . the extent of my data. if you want the hourly movements caculate the hourly octaves and if you want the general direction of the market calculate the day time angles.4 11/2/2000 Double Top + 9 Trading days gives Exit 25/2/2000.242. as they cross 23 20. I prefer octaves within octaves. Learn that book and you have the Gann dillemna solved. Virgo and Capricorn. (a) Mercury conjunct Saturn on 10/2/2000. High 273. I initially found that if you look at the geocentric position of Venus as it passes 25 to 26 degrees in Taurus./Ur. respectively 12 degree 16 minutes of a sign.. I also looked at the heliocentric positions but they didn't work as well. however after reading George Bayer's 'George Wollsten. we note that Venus and Mars and no other planet bring about the changes. "Taking wheat for example. Some of you will no doubt immediately recognize that these positions are 120 degrees (a trine) apart. 248 at the Close.. The single blue arrows are the 60 degree divisions and they also work pretty well. and then apply your time factor to get your gravity points where the price happily runs to every day without fail. I don't remember soyoil offhand. These two planets. I think it was Pisces. if you want the minute movment. 2003 and subtracting 15 degrees of Helio Jup. I decided to look at it again to present to the group. calculate the minute octave.the best ever writtin on trading. Expert Grain Trader'.. is is simply wheels within wheels. Those positions generated the best results. On the chart they are represented by the double blue arrows. learn the octaves and inner octaves. Taking the October 1981 low and adding 90 degrees of heliocentric Uranus brings us to July/Aug 2003 again! Taking the low that occured in the Dow on July 3.. 271 at the Close . At any moment in a markets action. I looked at how his strategy performed last year to August. I've never had a first trade chart for wheat but I was always curious to know if there is anything at 25 or 26 degrees on that chart. I don't trade Wheat.

4 at the Close (d) Mercury @ 0’ on Thursday 27/7/2000. showing the year to date.. Worthy of note is a correlation between points of maximum and minimum separation with market turning points .. small swings in one direction appear to last about 9 trading days.60 at the Close + 9TD gives Exit 10/8/2000. The use of these plottings are to make a trader aware of possible turning points which are often backed up by one's favourite technical system. He no longer supports it. I find that Moon. Tested on 4 Years of data. I am programming impaired having been exposed to Basic at an early age and thus am crippled or else I would be programming with the Swiss E as well. although points of minimum separation are more reliable I find from other comparisons with other cycles... declination for each planet for Noon over NYC and then load it in as Data2. 245. and rise from a Mercury/Jupiter conjunction Re. about 30 degrees of Mercury travel.(c) Jupiter conjunct Saturn (22 01 21 Taurus) on Friday 23/6/2000 . s&p The Chart is multiples of 30* between Venus . and so on. the fans are based upon the Moon.from Nov 1999. RA.. but it suffered from a being an approxiamation. the Sun parallels Mars and Mercury has Max Declination and yesterday Merc conjunct Saturn (helio). Please take a look and see for your self. and Saturn make the best planetary fans. Sensitive points and the Spi Attached is a chart of the Spi.2 at the Close + 9 TD gives Exit Friday 6/7/2000.. the Sun. For example: Open = Long of Sun High = Moon Low = Merc Close = Venus In the example I posted. All of these are operative in Wheat.. Similar turning points result when using larger cycles and smaller cycles and lining them up this way is useful. Kenn's Top Secret-don't tell another soul-method of using dummy price files in ascii of longitude. Today. The platform is Tradestation 2000i. What follows is an Easylanguage program for making these files using the ASCII Data2 file that .Jupiter.. yellow helio synodic Venus/Mercury cycles on a daily Nov Soy Bean chart to end of May 2001. as you can see they can be quite useful. I use Mikula's Astrotrader add-on for Tradestation. 244. 272.. Prices tend to fall from a Mercury/Saturn conjunction. Data3. Or I have some files with longitudes of several planets.. The ASCII method using a dummy price file as Data# is very fast and uses little resources.. but it's got my name and numbers all over it. Saturn and Mercury.. I wrote the Easylanguage for the fans and gave it to Mikula who then screwed it up and put it in with his package. Yes... There is an august member of this list who has incorporated the Swiss Ephem into the newer Tradestation.. I chart the astro with W. latitude. Patrick no longer supports it so I consider it abandonware. so it stays home else I'd give it to you. 235.60 at the Close The strategy uses Helio Jupiter.D..

PltData4 = Close of Data2. PltMove1(0). {******************************************************************** Study : Planetary Lines 03 Last Edit : 05/21/2001 Written By : Kenneth R.0 ************************************************************************} Inputs: SlopeUp(1). I have used this particular study to fan Heliocentric Merc-Venus-EarthMars with interesting results and and to use just one planet. PltMove3a(0). {price scalar for time-price} StartDa(1011231). I let it alone. {holds the planet data returned by AstroTrader} {Used in calculating planetary motion} {Used in calculating planetary motion} {Used in calculating planetary motion} {Used in calculating planetary motion} {-------------Below sets the precalculation variable-----------------------} PltData1 = Open of Data2. 0 slopes the line downward} Scale(. usually the Lights and Heliocentric Mercury and Saturn with more fun results. PltData3(2). but incorporating an array would make it more flexible to use. . PltMove4a(0). PltMove2(0). PltMove1a(0).holds Longitudinal data for either one or four planets. Copyright (c) 2001. (Sell this and may a Pelican fly up your nose. {1 slopes the line upward. PltMove3(0).125). Dir(1). PltData2(2). PltMove4(0). All rights reserved. PltData3 = Low of Data2. Since it works.) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Name: Alpha Lines AT2000 version Purpose: plots planetary fan lines a la Gann Version: 2. {start price for plot1} StopDa(1501231).0. me being more interested in result than elegant code. {start date for plot1} StartPr(0). PltData4(2). The pelican remark is reflective of my prior residence in Florida when I wrote this. PltMove2a(0). Macht. {stop date for plot1} {*********************************************************************} Variables: PltData1(2). PltData2 = High of Data2. This is BAD code writing at its worst.

PltData2[1] < 100 then begin {no crossover} PltMove2a = PltData2 .PltData2[1] > -100 and PltData2 . Plot2(StartPr + PltMove2. If PltData4 .PltData4[1] > -100 and PltData4 . If Date = StartDa then PltMove2 = 0 else PltMove2 = PltMove2 + (PltMove2a * Scale * Dir). If Date = StartDa then PltMove4 = 0 else PltMove4 = PltMove4 + (PltMove4a * Scale * Dir)."P2").PltData3[1] < -100 then begin {normal cross over} PltMove3a = (PltData3+360) . Plot3(StartPr + PltMove3.PltData2[1]. end. end.PltData1[1] > -100 and PltData1 . end. Plot4(StartPr + PltMove4. end.PltData2[1] < -100 then begin {normal cross over} PltMove2a = (PltData2+360) ."P4"). Plot1(StartPr + PltMove1.PltData3[1] > -100 and PltData3 . {*********************************************************************} If PltData4 .PltData1[1] < 100 then begin {no crossover} PltMove1a = PltData1 .PltData4[1] < -100 then begin {normal cross over} PltMove4a = (PltData4+360) . {*********************************************************************} If PltData3 . If PltData3 . If PltData2 .PltData1[1]."P1").PltData4[1]. If PltData1 .PltData3[1] < 100 then begin {no crossover} PltMove3a = PltData3 .PltData2[1].PltData3[1]. end."P3"). end. If Date = StartDa then PltMove3 = 0 else PltMove3 = PltMove3 + (PltMove3a * Scale * Dir).PltData4[1]. end. end. end.PltData1[1]. .PltData4[1] < 100 then begin {no crossover} PltMove4a = PltData4 . {------------------below determines a planets movement from the previous bar-----------------------} If PltData1 . {*********************************************************************} {---------------------Below assigns the input data to the Different plot statements-------------------} If date >= StartDa and Date < StopDa then begin If Date = StartDa then PltMove1 = 0 else PltMove1 = PltMove1 + (PltMove1a * Scale * Dir).PltData3[1]. {*********************************************************************} If PltData2 .If SlopeUp = 0 then Dir = -1 else Dir = 1.PltData1[1] < -100 then begin {normal cross over} PltMove1a = (PltData1+360) .

Strong Wheat A note here. Heliocentric Venus was on Dec 30th on 134 degrees longitude while the next low in March (28) came in at 276 degrees longitude.Lorrie Bennett moon conj neptune moon conj merc The major Allan(TL) posts were: 12977 .Squaring Price With time 14489 15386 . Lets have a look at the highs. If u look at Dec wheat it made its first low in this contract Dec 30th 2003 at price 313. 353.The next high was May 16 at price 358 and Venus long. If u spin out another 142 degrees from the March 28 low at 276 degrees u will arrive at 58 degrees or June 26. If u spin another 142 degrees u will arrive at 200 degrees longitude answering to Sunday Sept 21st. The next low in wheat was March 28/2003 at price 296. Mars does go 120 to a Jup/Ur 15 BUT is goes Hi-Lo-Hi-Lo in 60 degree increments not 120 as is currently believed. I thought I would give a little feedback on spin out from highs and lows in wheat that may be of interest. In the Cowan books Mars is shown in 120 degree increments. Dec wheat made a nice major low the next day June 27 at price 313. Not only do we know what causes this but the public failed to understand Mars. Between the two highs was 150 degrees net longitude.Converted Moon Longitude and March Wheat (12-6-03) 13476 . My cycles confirm this as a possible low. . Dec wheat made a nice low friday 19th at 338 from which we have seen a 27 cent rally (so far) If u place the zero point on the square of nine at the Dec low of 313 u will find the following relationships: The March low at 296 was on a 90 degree angle The June low at 313 was on the zero angle The sept low was on a trine angle (almost with 2 cents) If we spin out heliocentric venus another 142 degrees from the recent september low we will arrive at 342 degrees which coincide with Dec 19 or at the extreme end of the contract. Dec wheat made a high on Feb 10 at price 343 helio Venus was 203 degrees. So your 120 is a low-low or hi-hi. The net differnce between these two lows was 142 degrees longitude. So does the spin.Converting Longitude to Price Extensive (1-4-04) 14342 .

The next day Dec wheat made a major high at 399.. If we project another 150 degrees we get long.. 293 which answers to November 18/19. My cycles also indicate a high for this day tho I do believe it may be broken in early Dec for a final high.. Just wanted to let u know that u can spin out and "be happy" always Have a great evening (and be happy) Allan Mon Sep 29.. Now our Sq9 what does it say for the highs? Well if u place the zero point at the first high at 343 in Feb 03 u will find that the May high (358) was almost perfectly on the 90 degree while the August top at 399 was almost just as perfect on the other 90 degree angle.but u do need the cycles to confirm... 2003 2:45 pm Show Message Option -------------------------------------------------------------------------------View Source Use Fixed Width Font Unwrap Lines -------------------------------------------------------------------------------"alblak1940" <alblak@.If we project another 150 degrees from the May high we arrive at longitude 143 answering to Sunday August 17..> alblak1940 Send IM Send Email Forward .

com Subject: [gann] 1914 . 2001 3:20 PM To: gannchatroom@yahoogroups...between 265 and 266 Sidereal Moons is 19. you get 9576 / 36 = over? Current Pope JP2 is #263. before they were thrown out. The book is 314 months long and 9579 should be at 314 degrees on the SQ9 (. (as in ".859 years. Make of it what you will-Regards JMH -----Original Message----From: kntrkn@aol.2 x phi^2=pi=3. the "Universal Religion". a Jup/Sat conjunction. If you like Fishing.1.. then poof . But . then 153^2 = 88 x 266. taking off 3 days for his Ascension. Ergo. as in the Galactic Center (266).941 418/3. Even the 19 astronomical units of [mailto:kntrkn@aol.1416=133 133x 2=266 (from Tunnel) TO ALL Since I never throw anything out --The below is not my work but it was in the public domain.) The intentional 266 Pope thing is for 2 more after this one. Someone was kind enough to identify the timespan of the Tunnel book signing to the end as 1940 days.266 I wanted to throw these out.6 pi+phi^4=10 pi/] Sent: Saturday.looking back from 1940") The Tunnel also has 36 chapters and covers 6 09 1906 to 8/30/1932 or 9579 days.but it is not. December 01. He has been called the Big Wheel and numerically represents "the Great Light or Sun" . is a big deal.1416 2xphi^2=pi/0. This same period covers 324 moons and 36x36 moon phases.. #266 is then the Non-physical one. As Robert is self-declared "the Man".

7 days) divided by 1.Slice and dice different ways.414 = 159. Multiply . T T T T A. And as 365.5degs or 180degs past N.720 (2 circles) = 271. Saturn moved 258.435 degrees. "The Tunnel Thru the Air" has 19 letters in the name. From January 1st to Robert's birthday is 159 days and June 9th is 159 solar degrees..5degs of Saturn times 1. Venus (224. 266 can be the new "418" (pages of the book) times Pi / 2. This is NOT my work.618 = 418 (.Jup (78. Around 6/10/1927. 383 / 1.414 = 270. How fast does MTAOM fly? 300 mph Jonah is gone for how many days? .8 The Sun square Node and Me/Ma conj to Ju/Ur conj create many midpts at 271-272. The following was delivered to me in order that I deliver it to you anonymously..435 times 365. Vibration is mentioned 3 times in the book. minutes and seconds. Converting 26 minutes and 6 seconds equals . I am just delivering it: 3 is the "key" She left at 3:00 The note is found at 8:00 8-3=5 hours or 300 minutes She is gone on page 118 and returned on 418 or 300 pages. Also 19yrs x 52. Two-thirds the Jup/Ven cycle (237 days) is 158-159 days. BTW. so is 270 degrees to 266. 266 / 7 = 2 x 19.a double negative) Speaking of numbers and lying about: if you convert the SqrRt of 266 to degrees. you get amazingly 16ø 18' 34'' From January 1st to the Fall Equinox is 266 days.6) The 258. about the $270-272 Major Motors top: Ju/Sa moved 383degs in 19 years.177weeks = 991 .2422 to get 159.2422 is to 360. Robert's 21st birthday. 4T a 40a T^4 a TT TT r (2 Pi r) Symbolically assembled as a square or a tic-tac-toe board or a mason's compass and square.

neglecting your family.Unfortunately I will not disclose how to use it.. But I will give the group something to ponder. but if he did his life would have been in danger as everyone would want his "keys". The Tunnel was meant to be kept secret and if you put years of research in. Kay this is for you as i suppose you like digging into the past . I have calculated them to an accuracy of 0. If you are fortunate enough to earn the meaning of 266 and Jonah then you will understand how perfect our world is. If you ask me it started in back then in Aug 23-24 1921 Ingress of Sun and Mercury (conjunction) + veryclose conjunction between Jupiter and Saturn . Gann says : Check out 1/3 of year from bottom + and then 1/4 and 1/2 from High Starting from Aug 23-24 1921 add 366/3 x 24 =2926 =7x418 =11x266 You need a high to project from . Project from then 418 days and repeat Also 266 days You come to Top 1929 Note that 418 pages of book divided by 266 give 7/11 >>>>>>>>>{418/ pi =133 266/2 =133} Also at 4 x 418 =1672 you have 19 Mercury Helio returns and Again Mercury conj Sun . In the end it was his demise!! Stomach that if you will. then you would never give it away.0001. It is my belief that Gann could have made more accurate public forecasts. No ?? Thry this one Top of June 1928 has the follwoing features: Is 457 days from Top being 5 x (366/4) May 30 1928 =11 Venus returns (helio) June 3 1928 =Lunar eclipse June 4 1928=Jupiter in Taurus Pope Number 266 Name John Paul II (1978-) Motto Number 110 . And no one else should i do .

133 is 100 + 33 . McWhirter and S. or from the labour of the sun) Hist.6 year Jupiter-Saturn synodic cycle that is inferred by mention of the dates of the conjunctions by both Gann and Jensen. It was drawn and referenced by Kepler and could be the basis for the 368 degree cycle of Bayer. maiden name "Katz" Polonised as "Kaczorowska".:Karol Wojtyla was born on May 18. He also comes from behind the former Iron Curtain. He might also be seen to be the fruit of the intercession of the Woman Clothed with the Sun labouring in Revelation 12 (because of his devotion to the Virgin Mary).5 days per lunation x 12 lunations = 354) There is an 18. 266 Sounds like the Galactic Centre or should I say it sounds like 26 Deg Sagittarius from an Astrological point of view What if the next POPE due is also from a Jewish Back Ground And on top of that he is French or based in France ???? Hi Gandi Possibly you mean the cycle of Meton of 235 lunations ? (29.6 year lunar nodal cycle of 230 lunations which is also a declination cycle. 1920 during a solar eclipse. It was referred to by L. (266 is mentioned on page 82 of TTTTA and 266=14 x 19) Gann said to always consider the half way point. Mean and Great Conjunctions. David Williams gave a good account of it in his now back in print book and it correlated to the 1987 stock market crash by extending Williams' date progression. That would make 266 in a 20 year period. Benner.Motto Description De labore Solis (of the eclipse of the sun. Lt. Cmdr. the Secundadein periodicities based on increments of 354 years. Now. His Mother was a Jew. a greater and intermediate . There is also an 18. the longitude of Texarkana emphasized by the error that Lufkin is not near Texarkana and 100 is the basis of the words cent and centiloquy. Ovason mentions it was used by Nostradamus who also used another ancient system. ( pg 78 TTTA " Therefore in cycles there must be a lesser. The mirror of 133 is 331 and 331-266 = 65 the verse of Ptolemy's Centiloquy referring to Least. When I went back to the 100yr ephemeris and counted lunar ingresses there were 133 in 10 years from June 1927 to June 1937.

cycle. The 266-Fan Club shud notice that if we measure 266 days from March 7 High we get Nov 28.") According to Ptolemy's nomenclature (and Bayer) the Least conjunction is on Lorin's 8/1 date .. Lorin counts ingresses rather than lunations.22 Saturn 199. Hi again Let me add a few comments...00 Jupiter 215.00 Mars 200. the Mean conjunction is on the 8/10 and the Great conjunction is on the 9/2 date. this may not be what Gann meant at all.. If we also implement the Top back in March at 10984 and add 180 degrees or 120 points we get 11104..11 Uranus 242. Another 180 degrees up or a total 540 degrees from this low is 11078 which is very close to the venus and earth longitude. HIGH July 29 at 10718.33 Neptune 265. Of course.05 Venus 266. )) Anyway.08 .33 Some Masonic idea is based on 1 2 3 as the complete set so doubled 11 . If we look at DOW this year it made a HIGH March 7 at 10984.33 gives hidden orders? Earth 211. The last HIGH before the Oct 13 low was 10608 on OCT 3 This was 10 points away from the 180 degree angle from the top July 27 as 10718-120=10598 These tops seems to connected by angular relationships. Best Allan Coincidences SP Natal April21 1982 0800 Helio: looking at the numbers after the decimal Merc 80.360 degrees up is 10 958 which is 3 points shy of top wendesday and friday last week. This is my projected top for NOV 29 altho I must say that my price project for DOW is not yet totally completed. I think that for his lunar cycles.22 .

53125 rounded off as 19 or 19.69 (or 3..5 and half of 266 = 133 I have tried to calculate and count the prophecies re Jesus i get 266 14x2 = 28 Ultimately the days of the creation cycle comes to 7 Finally we come to the book of Matthew (Matt take note) Read what Dr.3 sounds like a cycle of 16 or 17 Trading Days to me Note trading was from Monday to Saturday back then thus we can say that there was an average of 308-312 trading days per annum (i presently use 256) Saturday trading ceased at the NYSE on 29 September 1952 266 / 9 = 29.22 3/9=.approx 38 weeks 38 weeks is 38x7 = 266 days Like all Cycles they are not exact for the purposes we are using them for As we can see... Moon and Earth at approximately the same position) 266 /19 = 14 Then there is the Natural Cycle of Birth .5 (19 years = the Natural Cycle of aligning the Sun.11 2/9=.58 5 and 8 are important for 9 1/9=.33 etc Numerology of # 266 (2+6+6 = 14 = 5) # 9 is the end of a cycle Alphabets are all linked to Numerology and Cycles Take DNA D = 4 N = 14 A = 1 (4+14+1 = 19 or 1+9 = 10 = 1) # 266 # 2 is the Negative (New Moon or No Light) Vibration of the Moon # 6 = Venus 266 is also the Galactic Centre at present being 26:56 Sagittarius 266 SqRt = 16. half of 19 = 9.618?) = 72 Lunar Eclipses (an average between 72 and 73) 50% of every thing is important.. Ivan Panin has to say .55 (sounds like a Moon cycle to me) Then there is 19. 266 / 3. thus consider numbers 266x2 = 532 19x2 = 38. there are a lot of conclusions that we can draw from 266 Eclipses do play an important part eg.Pluto 205.

referring to the sun and moons positions with respect to each other. Ogo. there was a flaw. and nine for the eight ancestors of humanity and the Mande shrine. and the outside of the building is painted.and the menstrual period is one lunar month. Within these symbols are included eight signs for the primordial seeds of life.5 and "The lunar cycle (moon phases) repeats with a period of 29." http://www. He created four spirits.1john57.sjsu. Nommo became ruler of the universe.html ) "In western Africa.utah. bringing a sense of order to the world. and forms the basis of a system of ideographic writing which forms the 'basis of knowledge' in the culture.htm Crabcake indeed. five days later. restoring him to life. Amma brought the pieces of Nommo's body together. the number 266 plays a prominent role. [oh NO! not another Gann number!!] During these "In the beginning.nine lunar months -. wow! How many key Gann numbers can we pile up here?].com/number7. four representing the four elements and four cardinal points." http://sunshine. When.5 (266/9=29.] The number 266 corresponds closely to the average time of human gestation. Synodic comes from the Greek words meaning journey together. Ogo interfered with the creative potential of the earth by having incestuous relations with it. establishing also the four cardinal directions. "Amma and the Egg that Contains the Universe Dogon/Burkina Faso. The first creation of the world by Amma was. in which ritual ceremonies occur every seven years. You and the Navigator need to get a grip. After sixty years [Gann's Great Cycle. Nommo." http://wc. alone. time: Gestation is about 266 days -. His counterpart. however! Scientists have already done the necessary research." http://www. Mali "The early story of the universe has to do with a struggle between Amma.arizona. one of the males. male and female. and the 266 signs that embraced the essence of all things. in case you hadn't guessed. 266 of the symbols are drawn on the walls.astronomy.chpc. This is called a synodic period. was then killed by Amma. in opposition to that being created by Amma. each containing a set of twins. dividing the egg into air. a seed that resulted in the shape of man. [THE BASIS OF KNOWLEDGE. and Ogo. Insert another crabcake. Amma. fire. 8 days short of nine [solar] months. and also may have some significance in correlating with the average time between appearances of Venus. The shrine of Kangaba contains a chamber known as the 'vestibule of the master of the sky. The second creation began when Amma planted a seed within herself. :p I quote from three university sites: "The gestation period of humans is 266 days. one of her creations.html This western Africa mythological thing has my attention. "Human reproduction follows lunar time rather than sidereal. or solar. But in the process of its gestation.htm San José State University has you covered. Now the egg became two placentas. however. the creator. He then descended. Within this cosmic egg was the material and the structure of the universe. the ancestors of the Dogon people.pomona. meaning that the universe would now have within it the possibilities for incompleteness. a failure. broke out of the placenta and attempted to create his own universe. a participant in the revolt. Amma sent Nommo and the spirits to earth in an .' or the Mande. as Amma transformed into the earth the fragment of placenta that went with Ogo into the void. the parts of his body cast in all directions. But he was unable to say the words that would bring such a universe into being. was in the shape of an egg: the four collar bones were fused. and water.

"The Human Body. ever wandering the earth seeking his female soul. the basis of creation. Dogon. represent the basis of knowledge. the Pale "Doni Dyu.] The origin of creatures is in the signs. out of nothing.. The development of beings and things is also prefigured by the 266 primordial signs. the 52 of our] On Behalf Of super_romeman Sent: Wednesday. The universe emerged from the spirit and thought of a creator god who first brought forth. Minyanka/Mali "The primary mythic [mailto:wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. God created matter in the form of a placenta. the 24 of our hours. 60 [Gann's great cycle]. This system of signs explains the genesis of a world whose components were all sketched originally in the consciousness of God. the 12 of our months.a bit more "Every number connected with our measurements of time is a 'cosmic number. In the meantime. and the sacred words that create were made available to humans. best. eternally in revolt.. Ogo was transformed by Amma into Yuguru. the 60 of our minutes and seconds.pdf WELL!.answers. 2007 5:22 AM To: "Some fundamental poles in the complex Dogon numerical symbology" are 266 [Tunnel].' beginning with the 7 of our weekdays. the Seed of All Knowledge Bambara. these signs that designated in advance all that was to make up the creation. the 28 days of our lunar month. cards in the Major Arcana of the Tarot]." romeman Back to top » wheelsadmin1 Joined: 27 Aug 2003 Posts: 16318 Posted: Sat Aug 25. and 7 [Tunnel." http://www. who would always be Subject: Re: [wheelsinthesky] Re: BIG SURPRISE. the 30 days of our mean solar month. Malinke. Doni Dyu. Bozo. on the walls of which were engraved the first signs of all that was to be created. 2007 10:11 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. the seed of knowledge. always be incomplete. Nommo uttered the words of Amma. [The basis of creation! Calm down Romeman. Along the way. as Jack Benny used to say. August 22." the Buchanan and the Alford books in the WITS archive] http://www.answers. the 365 . numbering 266. and so the earth was restored. 22 [letters in the Hebrew alphabet.

days 6 hours of our solar year." Frank C. the 270 days of human gestation another. Hardly as interesting as your testings of the human gestation period but interesting none the less ? Jack Back to top » wheelsadmin1 Joined: 27 Aug 2003 Posts: 16318 Posted: Sat Aug 25. The subdivision of the ecliptic from the 12 signs in 36 'decans' is another cosmic number. 2007 5:46 AM To: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. Higgins. 94 best.. 2. 2007 10:12 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: [mailto:wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups.. "] On Behalf Of JFH28 Sent: Wednesday.160 years.a bit more I missed some of this discussion compliments of yahoo and their spamming servers but it occurs to me that 266 is also exactly a triple mer-sat synodical period.920 years during which the solstices and equinoxes travel backward through a degree. The precise intervals of the revolutions of the principal planets round the sun give rise to Subject: RE: [wheelsinthesky] Re: BIG SURPRISE. a sign. and 25. August 22. The Beginning of Masonry." p. and the whole circle of the ecliptic respectively. romeman Back to top » wheelsadmin1 Joined: 27 Aug 2003 Posts: 16318 Posted: Sat Aug 25. 2007 10:31 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- . and above all the 72 years.

. this is how I have my book marked up as to how Gann may be referencing the same thing in] On Behalf Of alblak1940 Sent: Friday.a bit more Hello Allan I will have to call on Robert’s interpreter to read the mysterious text on the site!! A friend of mine has a saying that “When I hold a hammer every thing is a nail”.. http://www..Mira is focused in one of our national newspapers today. Subject: RE: [wheelsinthesky] Re: BIG SURPRISE. 2007 10:02 PM To: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. August 25..then its another story.or if u simply look for "Mi" [mailto:wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups.From: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups.. August] On Behalf Of George Smith Sent: Saturday... suggesting when following a thread all sorts of things seem to Best Allan TL+++++ Back to top » wheelsadmin1 Joined: 27 Aug 2003 Posts: 16318 Posted: Mon Aug 27. Enjoy the Subject: [wheelsinthesky] Re: BIG SURPRISE.. MI – 528 Hz – Transformation and Miracles (DNA Repair) Please see the attached gif. 2007 2:21 am Post subject: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------From: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups.a bit more Hi George .com [mailto:wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. 2007 12:40 PM To: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups.

. a to-and-from movement. between the two poles manifest on the physical. a pendulum-like movement. 75 "The great Fifth Hermetic Principle -. or counterbalances. New Stock Trend Detector.The word “Letter” seems to be a good substitute for “Sign”. History repeats itself. "The Bible says.. The same when the main trend turns up. the other. One of the definitions or meanings of the word 'Compensate' is. At the least Robert was more cheerful and hopeful. p. On the Physical Plane we see many examples of this Law.' "The Law of Compensation is that the swing in one direction determines the swing in the opposite direction. The four seasons of the year teach us that there is a reaping time and a sowing time.. nothing can stop them until it has run its course. Man does not try to grow .. but when once a cycle is up and prices are due to decline. his own mind told him that he was at last on the right track.. a high-tide and a low-tide. -. while the long swing to the right invariably means the long swing to the left. And the same Law is manifested in all the phenomena of Rhythm. People believed that the Government by buying cotton.the one balances. The Kybalion.. 'to counterbalance' which is the sense in which the Hermetists use the term. An object hurled upward to a certain height has an equal distance to traverse on its return. and that we can not reverse this order of Nature's laws. a swing forward and backward. pp. the greatest panic in history must follow . 'There is a time for everything. has but a short swing in the other. neither government interference nor anything else can stop the advance until it runs its course. The seasons balance each other in the same way. As for me the usual grain of salt applies. The pendulum of the clock swings a certain distance to the right." Gann." Gann. and then an equal distance to the left. wheat and loaning money could stop the depression. or to the opposite pole -.embodies the truth that in everything there is manifested a measured motion. The Tunnel Thru the Air. '266' reveals some remarkable events that are to follow the election of the new Pope. 166-167 "Many a so-called wise economist . 1936. The force with which a projectile is sent upward a mile is reproduced when the projectile returns to the earth on its return journey.that in order to know and predict the future of anything you only have to look up what has happened in the past and get a correct base or starting point. The tides follow the same Law. "There are other features of the operation of this Principle of Rhythm of which we wish to speak at this point. 159.' All the laws of Nature teach this. a flow and inflow. That is what I have always contended. Tunnel.. The pendulum. 528 / 2 = 264 Thanks a million "To those who understand numbers. mental or spiritual planes. p. with a short swing in one direction. There comes into its operations that which is known as the Law of Compensation. a tide-like ebb and flow.the Principle of Rhythm -. 82 "My calculations are based on the cycle theory and on mathematical sequences. had not studied past history enough to know that after the greatest advance in history had culminated in 1929. pp. 136-137. There is a time to sow and a time to reap." Gann." Three Initiates. rhythm compensates. It is this Law of Compensation to which the Kybalion refers when it says: 'The measure of the swing to the right is the measure of the swing to the left.

He had read Emerson's 'Essay on Compensation. and do not get caught in the undertow when the tide is flowing Subject: Re: [wheelsinthesky] Coming full circle on 266 while digressing (!) on cycles I wonder if there is connection to SO and MI. It is the same with the stock market. Discern the signs of the [mailto:wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. just as the advancing year ever brings the rose of spring.C Sent: den 30 augusti 2007 04:25 To: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups." Gann. and when this time comes. I find that not only do the various stocks vibrate. There is a time to buy and a time to sell. Those who hesitate and are late in buying or selling in the last stage invariably have to take losses. 19 "Science teaches 'that an original impulse of any kind finally resolves itself into periodic or rhythmical motion. just as the moon returns in its orbit. and place. and that his reward was just as sure as the law was inevitable. romeman Back to top » wheelsadmin4 Joined: 24 Apr 2006 Posts: 6951 Posted: Sun Sep 02.oranges on Greenland's icy mountains. major and minor forces. p. 266 best. Truth of the Stock Tape.' From my extensive investigations. out of season. p. neither does he expect to cut ice from the tropical rivers in Florida. so do the properties of the elements periodically recur as the weight of the atoms rises.' and strongly believed that. You must learn to go with the tide. because it is out of season. protons and neutons denying and affirming." Gann. Since all great swings or movements of the market are cyclic they act in accordance with the periodic] On Behalf Of M . extreme pessimism. "Ticker Interview" Robert Gordon "knew that the law that 'whatsoever a man soweth. These vibratory forces can only be known by the movements they generate on the stocks and their values in the market. but that the driving forces controlling the stocks are also in a state of vibration. time. he shall also reap' was a divine law and a natural law. studies and applied tests. and not against it. hope.' also 'just as the pendulum returns again in its swing. neither bunches of bears nor bevys of bulls with hot air. that no man could break it or evade it. 2007 5:56 am Post subject: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Original Message----From: wheelsinthesky@yahoogroups. depression or bad reports. optimism. . can force prices above or below the zones of Supply and Demand." Tunnel.