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EOD Political Advocacy Cases - Screened by EO Technical (11/16111) 11

142 Ubf'.rty 06109/11 27-2857130 r.-4 52 Ves

(;Quldn' 10C3le on TEDS
(;Quldn'llo""le on TEDS
143 W)"Oming Campa:gn for Uberty 06lO9/11 27-2859990 c-4 52 Ves
(;Quldn' loC3le on TEDS
144 Missouri C:3mpaign for uberty 06109/11 27-2859026 c-4 52 Yes
City for
Couldn' locale on TEDS
06!09I11 27-2857069 <>4 52 Yes 145
c3; purpose Is to rJIse money to sf".nd to the
Assooation to Reduce the
06110/11 45-2485453 r:-3 52 X Yes
Treasury Department 10 help payoff nalional debl.
Nal'onal No political ca.''l'IpaiQ:'l. activltJes; legislative activities.
General advocacy org: activities may be less
147 Wesl Suburban P"lJiols 06110111 80-0609004 c-4 52 X X Yes educaUonDl and more ernodona rhetoric (see
Vr-.ry poIiliccl/p3rtis3n; website has substanti31 denial
148 Oklahoman's for Uberty 06115111 27-4542143 c-4 52 X X X Yes innamf'T'lilloryiemotional rtleloric. 00 edur ...,.tion<d
in(omlRtion fOlOld. Bad c4 adivitv.
We the Pecple of Maryland,
Lobbying and general advocacy. Need mOfe inio on
06115111 45-2437070 0-4 52 X X Yes
Clctual activities
Couldn'lloGale on TEDS
150 Take Back Our Country 06117111 27-2922748 v4 52 Yes
purpose appears to btl Meducating" on the
Act fOf America Mddle
, dangers of radicallslamlSh..'"l1ia laW/Muslim
06121111 27-4431473 v4 52 X X Yes
Brotherhood etc_ While themam:
aspeds 10 some artidcs on ..vebsitc. the
lTli:Jterialslartidesietc could be pre>poganc1a. Clnd
Primary adivities appear to be and political
152 New York Civic Actioo. Inc. 06125i11 45-2600388 c-4 52 X X Yes campaign activities, will compose cnndidate
IQuestionnaires. voter guides. elc.
Mldligan Faith and Freedool
Undear; more development needed to determine
06128111 45-1316674 c-4 52 X Yes whether politica1 activlies are primary 154
c3: 501 (h) election: educational aoivities. However.
corporate accountabmlty
have concems about one acrMty 01 O(g th(l.t Involves
06128111 45-2288010 c-3 52 X X Yes its Vvubsite and that vlill Mprovldo a means by \'k!ich
corporate employees and citizens wilh information
on ill"'Jal and fraudulenl C<>1JOr'Ote beh.vior may
CMomians fO( Regulatory
General advocacy 01'9: pUrpose is to inllUetlCe
06128111 45-2549959 v4 52 X regulations 156
activities and general advocacy; need
157 Free Congress Action. Inc. 06129!11 27-3186178 c-4 52 X X more info on engaging in
cJ: no 'NebSte; additional development to determine
Consecve our Repubhcs
0612911 1 45-2023073 0-3 52 Yes
if any political activities: request maleriAls. etc.; as
DIgnity v..-ell as compensatiol"l and allowance of discretionary
EOD PoliUcal Advocacy Cases - Screened by EO Technical (11116111) 12
S01c3; construction; additlon31
New Roosevelt Foundation.
06!:mt11 45-0821734 c-3 52 Ves
development recommended lo obtain materials
Inc. distributed, research conducted, more detail on
c4 appears to be engaged in lobbying & general
160 Progressives Inc. 07101111 45-2317777 c-4 52 X X adVQC;)cy, has retated 527 PAC
Polilic;al campaign activities to be substanti.:d
161 Arizona Citi7.ens United 071OS/11 45-2521317 c-4 52 X Ves based on Form 1024 narrah\le; development may be
wheres (he line America
c3 (expedited case); 501h eledicn; also general

07fQ611, 27-4818012 c-3 52 X X Yes advocacy: however. unsure whether good c3
activities: website is ,bare