INDIAN INSTITUTE OF MANAGEMENT Operations Management I Mid-Term Examination, PGP I, PGP-ABM I, & FPM I November 03, 2010 Duration: 2 hours (9:30am – 11:30am)
Chetan Soman and Sachin Jayaswal

PLEASE READ CAREFULLY: 1. Please write your name and section on each of the pages indicated. 2. The examination consists of 8 numbered pages (including this cover page). 3. Show your solution only in the space provided following a given question. Extra sheet may be used only for rough work. 4. Be brief and precise. State assumptions, if any, clearly and provide a brief justification. 5. For obtaining full credit, clearly show all your supporting work. 6. Total marks = 30 7. This is an open book, open notes examination.

Question No. I II III

Topic Nashik Resins Company Indian Army WIMWI Studios

Weight (Marks) 12 08 10


2 .

Bins 1-24 can hold upto 250 kgs of grapes each whereas bins 25.M. finally. farmers (using their bullock-carts) bring grapes from the fields to the process plant during 7 A. at what point during the day must carts begin waiting before unloading into the storage bin? 4. When the appropriate bins are full. How long will carts wait on average? 3 .Name: I. 1. On peak days. A conveyor belt moves grapes from the bins to the processing plant. Construct the Process Flow Diagram. The green grapes are processed on “green” line at the rate of 600 kg/hour whereas the black grapes are processed on the “black” line at the rate of 600 kg/hour. What is the maximum amount of time that a cart must wait? 5. 26. construct an inventory buildup diagram(s) for the bin area at NRC. approximately 1500 kg of grapes are brought in per hour. Holding bins 25-27 are for green grapes only. 2. incoming carts must wait for unloading. Carts dump their contents in holding bins. Assuming. Assuming that grapes arrive continuously over time. About 70% of them are green grapes while the rest are black grapes. that each cart can accommodate about 75 kg of grapes. During the grape harvest season. 3. Holding bins 1-16 are for black grapes only whereas holding bins 17-24 can be used for storage of both green and black grapes. to 7 P. 27 can store upto 400 kgs. Nashik Resins Company (12 Marks) Section: Nashik Resins Company (NRC) produces and markets resins.M. NRC has 27 holding bins.

4 .

3. blood pressure) Medical examination Psychological interview Exit medical evaluation Average Time (Minutes) 10 8 5 7 16 12 10 These activities can be performed in any order. there are three paramedics and two physicians on duty during each shift. Other activities can be carried out by either physicians or paramedics.e. Which activity accounts for the current bottleneck? How many people can be processed per hour? What is the total idle time per cycle? If one more physician and one more paramedic can be placed on duty. with two exceptions: Medical history must be taken first. 1. 2. weight. and exit medical evaluation is last. Develop a layout and balance the line. 5.Name: II. height. how will you redraw the layout? What is the new throughput? 5 . 4. At present. Only physicians can perform exit evaluations and conduct psychological interviews. Indian Army (8 Marks) Section: The pre-induction physical examination at Indian Army involves the following seven activities: Activity Medical history Blood Tests Eye Examination Measurements (i.

6 .

WIMWI Studios (10 Marks) Section: WIMWI Studios is run by SoChe Kumar. Normal Duration (Weeks) A 5 B 3 C A 4 D A 6 E B 5 F B 7 G C. however.Name: III. At the moment.F 8 Table 1: Activity precedence and normal time Activity Immediate Predecessor Activity Crash Normal Crash Time Cost Cost (Weeks) (Crores) (Crores) 3 20 30 2 10 20 2 16 24 3 25 43 4 22 30 4 30 48 5 25 45 6 30 44 Table 2: Crash times and costs A B C D E F G H 7 . also will be coming out with a blockbuster movie during the middle of the upcoming summer. both nationally and internationally. who hated the Operations Management courses during his WIMWI days because of the deadly quizzes. Therefore. just when his movie is to be released. management feels that this will pay off in much larger box office earnings. a WIMWI alumnus. SoChe has decided to use the project management concepts to help plan and control this key project. SoChe has also gathered additional data as given in Table 2. Although this will require substantially increasing an already huge budget. WIMWI studios is about to begin the production of its most important (and most expensive) movie of the year.E 9 H D. has gathered that another studio. He has identified the eight major activities and their precedence relationship as given in Table 1. WIMSI. however. Now. he and his top management team have concluded that they must accelerate production of the movie and bring it out at the beginning of the summer (15 weeks from now) to establish it as the movie of the year. SoChe. Determine the least costly way of meeting the new deadline of 15 weeks and the corresponding additional cost. he applies most of the stuff he picked in those courses.

8 .

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