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Text Structures

vs. Text Features

Text Structures Text Features
Description Title
Sequence Headings/Subheadings
Cause/Effect Graphs and Charts
Compare/Contrast Pictures and Illustrations
Problem/Solution Captions
Boldface Type
Why? Italics
• Organizes text Glossary
• Gives form and support to the ideas Index
Topic and Summary Sentences
• Text structure helps determine author’s
purpose allowing better understanding Sidebars
of the text • Bullet Lists
• Text structures can be identified in a 1. Numbered Lists
paragraphs, groups of paragraphs, Underlining
chapters, entire essays, or even whole
books Why?
• Text structures can overlap and be • Makes text more readable
intertwined • Organizes text into different sections
• Highlights important information
Think of text structures like the • Helps make text more visually appealing
bodies skeleton.
1. Like the skeleton, text structures give
Think of text features like features
support and
organization. of a person.
2. The skeleton is not 1. Both text features
seen with the naked and features of a
eye. Same for text person add visual
structures; you need appeal.
to read closely with 2. Both physical
an analytical mind to features and text
find them. features can be
3. Text structures are a seen at a quick
major part of the text; glance.
without them, you 3. Both are more
would have muddle minor than the
of words. Without structure that
your skeleton, you gives them their
would be a muddle of overall support
skin and guts. and form.