Text Structures vs.

Text Features
Text Structures
Description Sequence Cause/Effect Compare/Contrast Problem/Solution Why?
• • • • Organizes text Gives form and support to the ideas presented Text structure helps determine author’s purpose allowing better understanding of the text Text structures can be identified in a paragraphs, groups of paragraphs, chapters, entire essays, or even whole books Text structures can overlap and be intertwined

Text Features
Title Headings/Subheadings Graphs and Charts Pictures and Illustrations Captions Boldface Type Italics Glossary Index Topic and Summary Sentences Sidebars • Bullet Lists 1. Numbered Lists Underlining Why?
• • • • Makes text more readable Organizes text into different sections Highlights important information Helps make text more visually appealing

Think of text structures like the bodies skeleton.
1. Like the skeleton, text structures give support and organization. 2. The skeleton is not seen with the naked eye. Same for text structures; you need to read closely with an analytical mind to find them. 3. Text structures are a major part of the text; without them, you would have muddle of words. Without your skeleton, you would be a muddle of skin and guts.

Think of text features like features of a person.
1. Both text features and features of a person add visual appeal. 2. Both physical features and text features can be seen at a quick glance. 3. Both are more minor than the structure that gives them their overall support and form.

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