Rice in the eyes of a child

Budding photographers from Hong Kong's primary schools submitted their images to the Rice is life photography contest, which aimed to raise awareness of the importance of rice. Children aged 12 and under were encouraged to illustrate the role of rice in their daily life. Here are the winning shots. (The short descriptions of the photos by the kids are translated from Chinese to English by Zhongqiu Wang and Lee Huiwen.)

Gao Jingxi, Grade 5, Saint Joseph English Primary School The joy of watching Papa enjoy his lunch.

Zhong Zhixuan, Grade 6, Saint Joseph English Primary School Step by step, a farmer toils under the hot sun in order to harvest rice.

Cai Zijian, Grade 5, Saint Joseph English Primary School The warmth of cooked rice.

Ye Huiying, Grade 4, Leung Kui Kau Lutheran Primary School Rice is cooked this way. Jackie Ma, Grade 5, Pui Ching Primary School The Chinese character 米 refers to rice. The character resembles a field. We can see rice everywhere and it is important to us. Beside the character is a bowl of cooked rice—the fruit of our daily struggles for a decent meal.

Zeng Ziqing, Grade 6, Y.C.H. Chan Iu Seng Primary School No gourmet or fast food can beat the delicious and nutritious meals prepared by our mothers.

Camille Bastine, Grade 2, French School Brown rice is healthier than white rice.

Zhao Kangzheng, Grade 4, Saint Joseph English Primary School Please do not waste rice as it would sadden the hearts of farmers.

Li Yingxi, Grade 5, Bishop Walsh Primary School Every day Papa works hard just to provide for the family while Mama happily cooks each meal so that we can all grow up healthy. No matter how tired Papa is or how busy Mama is, the whole family will put aside all troubles of the day to have dinner together. Each bowl and mouthful of rice we eat together represent every minute and second of our happiness and bliss. My wish is for everyone to be able to treasure every grain of rice filled with family warmth.

Nicole Le, Grade 6, St. Margaret's Co-Educational English Secondary and Primary school What is rice? Rice is an energy-giving food, which has made the world go round for hundreds of years. It is a valuable source of nutrients and carbohydrates. It is also inexpensive and has long storage life, which is very practical. What is rice to me? To me, rice is the “pearl of the farm” because farmers have to work long hours to grow rice for us. Even some poor children have to work, which explains my photo.


Rice Today October-December 2013

Rice Today October-December 2013


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