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Jack Baker MUS 495 Sam Kincaid 1-8-2013 Final Project Proposal If Ive calculated right, 14% of the

final grade for MUS 495 is based on the production quality of 30 minutes of music created during the term. The following proposal (3.5%) outlines my ideas about what I want for my final thirty minute project.

My personal goal for this final project is to come out with 30 minutes of music that holds a cohesive musical theme throughout. I hope to use ideas and material from some of the m any projects Ive left on the back burner to be completed later. There are a total of 26 songs I narrowed my choices down to, then to 8 based on their shared theme. My first and most ideal line up of music is 8 different songs Ive thought about a lot in the past. About half of the songs have some minimal work/analysis done on them. The shared theme is derived by systematically analyzing and breaking down eight different classical songs Ive grown up with and loved. The break-down reveals chord forms and tension and release structure so I can try to add my own addition of harmony, melody, and rhythm sections while trying to keep an element of the original composers interpretation . The percussive aspect will have a very large influence from the fast, precise, dynamically contrasting, and complex styles of various world class drum corps in addition to stylistic influences from personal mentors. The songs Ive chosen thus far are, Etude in Am- A nice fast guitar etude written by Matteo Carcassi. Spanish Ballad- Possibly one of the most renowned classical guitar songs, anonymously composed. Spanish Dance- A nice piece with a feel similar to an old Irish folk song (Green Sleeves?). Prelude in D- Written by J.S. Bach (1685-1750) and made popular by Yoyo MAs performance on cello. Malaguena - A traditional Spanish Dance song usually played on guitar. Bouree in Em- The fifth movement from Suite in E minor for Lute, written by Johann Sebastian Bach. Moonlight Sonata- Piano Sonata No. 14 in C-sharp minor written by Ludwig Van Beethoven. Clair De Lune- A suite meaning moonlight written by Claude Debussy.

Ive estimated each songs length and came out with a sum of about 00:23:07. I know the lengths of these songs will lengthen and shorten on an individual basis and I have back up songs to add into the mix if the 30 minute mark isnt met or if I run into difficulties with a particular song. If these dont all reach completion in time I expect to do some kind of combination of these contemporary renditions along with totally original songs that dont use a previous work to create its structure. Im planning on composing the songs using MIDI and then recording as many parts live as possible given the time constraints.