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Integrated Literacy Assignment

Caitlin Reese
02-Laninga-Fall 2013

Grade Level Content Expectation (GLCE) 4-H3.0.8 Describe past and current threats to Michigans natural resources; describe how Michigan worked in the past and continues to work today to protect its natural resources.

Maps and Images

Huron flows quickly with so many bays. Discovered first by explorers for so many days. Ontario is small but deeper than deep. Over these sandy beaches you could take a leap. Michigan is U.S. owned by law. It connects to Lake Huron by the bridge at Mackinac. Erie in winter gets icy if you believe that at all. Still a large lake but comparatively small. Superior is super, the largest of all. Its cold all year round, spring, summer, winter, and fall.

Huron Ontario Michigan Erie Superior

Picture and Trade Books

Appropriate texts for supplementary independent reading in fourth grade.

Threats to Michigans natural resources:

Asian carp

Sea lamprey

Zebra mussels

Emerald Ash Borer

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