Why cant superman defeat lex luthor?

While I was waiting for blogger to log into my log in I decided to type here in microsoft word. There is a simple and then an intermediate then an advanced answer. I will tackle the two former. The simple answer should be “obvious”. Dont quote me on this because I am not that old in years and I have no interest in DC comics. I cant say its a feature of the justice league, but of several members such as the phantom girl and superman. They suffer from the same affliction. They have not DOF in temporal space. They can only react to situations in the moment. A subtle clue is in the situation where superman does deflects bullets with his body, but ducks the gun. Flash I believe can vibrate the matter of his own body and pass through matter. I did have a flash comic book as a kid. It was strange. He had this obsession with running on a treadmill and trying to change past events such as the death of a loved one. What a great plot device, the melodrama of alien-human love. I never understood how he could go FORWARD in time. Also, due to the inverse-square-law of chronokinesis an observed faster moving person is actually moving slower. The POV of the faster moving object would experience everything in slow motion ie. Bullet time. Marijuana actually speeds up time for the one under its influence, but being “stoned” you experience things as moving slower. Pot is the element of earth, hence “being stoned”. You would most likely see flash as what he appears in drawing in Futurism terms. He is a blur not just goes from one place to another instantly. Lex luthor is a DIABOLICAL GENIUS and none of the so-called justice league could stop him. No earthly law can. Because of the features of his mental processes. Somewhere in there we have transitioned into the intermediate answer. Supermans name is KAL-EL. KAL as in KALA, Kala means time. Such as in MALAKALA the man the lord of death (Shiva) has nightmares about. KAL without the A means more towards the concept of illusion. Not the same as maya. The blur effect I was alluding to. This is in spacial or temporal terms. Eastern man avoid these pardoxes by having different types of time. Chinese folklore concerns itself very much with COSMIC TIME. Western man seems to like to avoid the issue like the proverbial plague. On the subject, in Westward journey, the word and theme of CHING (desire) comes up a lot. CHING here I think is best equated with KAL as illustrating something about the nature of monkeys perceptions as the narrative progresses. There is a point of contention philosophically. We can see this even in tibetain dream yoga texts where dali lama says to consider the substance of reality and dreams to be comprised of the same thing, as reflections in a mirror.

This is wrong, the substance of dreams and the phenomenal world, maya are comprised of the same thing. Rather, maya and the dream world are comprised from the same substance. The reflection in a mirror is not an illusion per se. The best way I can make my point clear, the other meaning of CHING is that if you take half a circle on paper and place a mirror at a right angle to the half, you see a “whole” circle. I ask the neonate. Which is the “real” circle in your buddhist viewpoint? Tilopa said: “Buddhas do not practice nonsense”. Bodhi is 7th dimentional consciousness. The jewel in the lotus. 12 gravitational fields around a circle in the middle, the gravitational field of the sun, the yantra of the solar system from the viewpoint of 7th dimentional consciousness. The “real” circle is not the circle on paper, nor the mathematical representation, the irrational ratio of PI, hence the name or any other manner of thing. The real circle is literally the reflected image. We can do the same with a ¼ of a circle, which is actually technically better. The “whole” and “real” circle only appears on a certain incident angle relative to the observer. So what is all the hooah about this word, ching? “When the heart is clear the mirror is bright”. “Overthrow the darkness, restore the light” In hong kong, the term Qing has another colloqual meaning: “Heroic bloodshed”. I often wonder if people that translate ideas even have any real qualifications like the people that draw maps. The green of envy, is the same connotation of Qing or Ching in the westward journey Heroic bloodshed, the literal killing of desire the object of desire. Kal is the “illusion” that the mirror image is the real heavenly realm. The real is the substance of what is reflected **OFF** the mirror. Without that understanding you would get nowhere with dream yoga. PS. A disclaimer here also about desire, its not that desire is bad, the astral body is the desire body, and when the astral is close to its objects of desire, then misfortune occurs, such as cursed objects. Which invariably become difficult to let go of. This is one of the issues of many so called spiritual paths founded by “masters” who were comprised mostly or bound to lower realms. The assumption is that when the astral is seperate, when the somatic identity free from the confines of the physical plane and it vehicle and its laws, then it will persue all desires and survival and lust instincts without control or restraint.

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