Nehru s time Birals paid two lakh Rupees bribe to each to the three member commission to stop TATAs

small car
Birla paid two lakh Rupees bribe to each of the three member commission to stop TATA’s small car project during Nehru’s time and we were saddled with the junk heavy Ambassador car A 3 member commission was appointed by Nehru, after TATA put up a proposal for a small car plant in India, to study its feasibility. The Birla’s paid Rs.2 bribe each to the three member commission. Hindustan Motors of Birlas were manufacturing the curse of India, known as the ambassador car, at that time. Ambassador cars very heavy vehicle and guzzle fuel and had a very inefficient engine. In those socialist period, India was taken for a ride by the politicians and the business houses like the Birlas. . Like every other government commissions this corrupt commission returned the verdit that the project by Tata's for small car as 'unfeasible.' . Congress party is the only party in the history of politics, was on the pay roll of a foreign dictator like Saddam Hussain. In every other nation, some individuals of political parties were corrupt, but in the case of the Congress party of India, it is an organization for corruption and is a liability on India. I still remember the time when Rajiv Gandhi came and visited Chabria in the Jumbo house, in Dubai, for funds in return for favor like a thief in the night when Chabria was wanted in India by the police. After the Bofors bribe to Rajiv Gandhi came to light, P.C. Alexander used to fax, confidential decisions of the Indian cabinet, headed by Rajiv Gandhi, to Win Chadda the Bofors agent living in Dubai. Now the congress party itself is taken over by a christian child prostitute by name Antonia Maino planted in India by Rome. Antonia Maino assumed the fake name of Sonia Gandhi after marrying the Bofors chor Rajiv Gandhi. Antonia Maino was planted in India by the mafia organization of the christian pope known as Opus Dei. The situation is like that was in Sikkim where CIA sent a lady agent to teach the prince English and got married to the prince and produced the kids. Prince became King and wanted to make a new nation out of Sikkim and they only India has woken up. There are now many prestigious awards in India instituted in the name of this thief Rajiv Gandhi. Sonia Gandhi paid the judges to technically clear Rajiv Gandhi, from the Bofors investigation as the Bofors Chor Rajiv was assassinated by a female christian suicide bomber sent by LTTE.. As per French secret service Ottavio Quttrochi, the boy friend of Sonia Gandhi paid LTTE for the assassination. .