अƴक ूट /aṣṭakūṭa System of Match making

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Word Meaning

aṣṭ/अƴ : Eight क ू ट /kūṭa : multitude, uniform substance (as the etherial element )

Time(kāla) as blocker of all manifestions. – 8th bhāva in chart sustains or mars marriage. belonging to primary deities of class of 33 – अƴलिΊम /aṣṭalakṣmi – अƴमÌगल /aṣṭamaṅgala : eight auspicious objects. Used to reckon fruits of karma in Prashna (8=11th (gains) from 10th ) – अƴदलपƬ कालच\ /aṣṭadalapadma kālacakra: Octal petal Lotus used to indicate influence of Time. – अƴवसु /aṣṭavasu : Names of 8 Vasu. being māraka to 7th .Word Significance Following are some related words. 8th bhāva is to block.

‘blocks’. Muhūrtā f. who married Dharma or Manu and mother of the Muhūrtās (Harivamsha Puraana) [MW] .Theme of Match Making Only muhūrta (मुहू त[ Significance of पुǽष ) books discuss Match making. Why?. Light (Vasu’s) are used to unblock muhūrta is primarily to remove the negative karma found in the natal chart. A marital partnership is thus a help partners to remove one negative karma. & ήाकृ ित /puruṣa & prākṛti. Name of a daughter of Daksha. the Dark One. Kāla. The giver of fruits of Ignorance.

36 Points Score सैक पदगण पदाध[ saika padagaṇa padārdha saika = Number plus One padagaṇa = number multiplied padārdha = number halved Formula ((N+1)xN)/2 – Substitute N as 8 (9 x 8 )/2 = 36 .

3. 6.The Eight kūṭa or Unifiers 1. leading to friendliness Yoni : Organ of birth which gives body. 2. Humility in marriage dina : day/daily. 8. Daily nature of couples. Sex Graha maitri : Graha Friendships. 5. 4. 7. controls flow of energy in body. Flow of Energy and resources nāḍi : tubes (snake like) in body. tendency to belong or follow a group. . heap or grains. Physical needs of person. Social Influence rāśi : Sign. gaṇa : tribe. varṇa : Colour or Nature. Karma performed due to natural tendency vaśya : humbling. Tendency to fight and compromise.

न¢] nakṣatra prakṛti cakra Creative Zodiac .

Lord or Nakshatra .(1) Varṇa/Colour/Nature/Karma Signifier : Saturn Based on Moon sign.

(2) Vaśya/humilty Signifier : Jupiter .

Kshema. Saadana. Sampat.(3) Dina/daily nature Signifier : Mercury Count from Girls Nakshatra to Boy’s in cycles of 9. mitra and paramitra are good. .

(4) Yoni/Creator of Forms Signifier : Venus .

Saptamsa and Yoni Related? Research Suggestion Following assignment is suggested for research. .

Friendliness Signifier: Mars.(5) Graha Maitri. Ability to compromise Check Rashi and Navamsha lord of Moon Check Stronger moon of D1 and D9 .

(6) gaṇa/group or tribe Signifier: Moon. The social influences .

(7) Rashi. The supplier of resources.1st from Bride is good 2nd: Loss of Money 3rd: Sorrow 4th: Quarrels and Misunderstanding 5th: Loss of Children 6th: Diseases.12.8.11. Danger and Separation .9.10. The bride be in waxing side from Groom 7. The Sun sign Signifier: Sun.

The Kundalini energy . Signifier: Nodes.(8) nāḍi.

Each graha gives 2 types in it’s Class and 2 sexes of each type. 7 x 2 x 2 = 28 Nakshatra maṇḍala. Dina: 27 Nakshatra or 28 Nakshatra? Vashya : How many types? Other Kūṭas .Explanation of Each Kūṭa Meaning and significance of each Kūṭa – – – – Yoni : 7 Graha with body gives 14 Animals (Bodies).

Proposed Graha mapping kūṭa Graha Saturn Jupiter Mercury Venus Mars Moon Sun Nodes 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Varṇa Vaśya Dina Yoni Graha maitri Gaṇa Rāśi nāḍi .

.Rules UL indicates Marriage 2nd and 7th are māraka or breakers – – 2nd from UL breaks marriage 7th secondarily also can marriage Use Rules for māraka. from māraka chapter of Parāśara [BPHS]. Treat UL as lagna.

– Rule #1 Breaker: The Graha which breaks UL. – . Rule #2 Unifier: The UL lord’s Kūṭa can be naturally matching for most couples. that graha’s kūṭa should be primarily matched.Kūṭa rule proposed Kūṭa unifies whereas maraka breaks Hence.

Other Factors Other factors for consideration on special cases. .

Saturnine troubles. Saturn as Yama. Then avoid the nakṣatra pair in same zone. Zone § Siro/Head § Kantha/Neck § Kukshi/abdomen § Kati/Hip § Pada/Feet Defect Husband’s Death Wife's Death Loss of children Poverty Distant Travels . The Rope.Rajju. the lord of death Use: When either partner has a दोष /doṣa/defect listed below.

obstruct each other. more so. in the Image.Vedha. It’s best to avoid those pairs. if Ketu or Rahu is ill disposed towards UL Most Important if individual’s badhakesha lord or Ketu is breaking marriage . The Obstructer Gaṇeśa’s hurdle Nakshatra’s with same color depiction.

Ghätaka. The war lord. Kärthikeya Gives Violence. Use: •When Mars dosha is found •Mars is maraka for UL. Mars as warrior general. destruction and infidelity Note the natives moon sign from column 1 and avoid column of opposite sex lagna for partner. For other uses refer Article of Pt. . Rath on Ghaataka.

Examples Examples will be shown for the above 2 rules. .

The following couple are divorced.Example 2 Compare the charts with the explained Kuta System. India Wife Date: March 23. India . 25 N 32' 00" Durgapur. 1970 Time: 9:15:00 Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 88 E 08' 00". 1975 Time: 15:00:00 Time Zone: 5:30:00 (East of GMT) Place: 76 E 36' 00". Husband February 18. 28 N 15' 00" Bikaner.

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