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Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit Book List

G.W.F Hegel

On Christianity The Spirit of Christianity and its Fate The Philosophy of History Faith and Knowledge Natural Law Hegels Ladder (Hackett) Genesis and Structure of Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit (Northwestern, paper) A Reading of Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit (Fordham, paper) History and Truth in Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit (Humanities Press paper) Hegels Quest for Certainty (SUNY Press paper) Hegels Idealism (CUP, paper) The Phenomenology of Spirit Reader (SUNY Press paper) Recognition: Fichte and Hegel on the Other (SUNY Press paper) Hegels Phenomenology: The Sociality of Reason (CUP paper) Hegel and the Phenomenology of Spirit (Routledge paper) Reading Hegels Phenomenology (Indiana paper) In the Spirit of Hegel (Oxford University)

H.S. Harris J. Hyppolite

Q. Lauer M. Westphal

J. Flay R. Pippin J. Stewart

R. Williams

T. Pinkard

Robert Stern

John Russon Robert Solomon

Joseph Navickas

Consciousness and Reality: Hegels Philosophy of Subjectivity (Nijhot)

Charles Taylor Hegel (Cambridge University) Michael N. Forster Kojeve H.G. Gadamer Hegels Idea of Phenomenology of Spirit (Chicago) Introduction to the Reading of Hegel Hegels Dialectic Truth and Method The Review of Metaphysics Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit Hegels Concept of Experience Stephen Houlgate Frederick Beiser Terry Pinkard Jurgen Habermas An Introduction to Hegel: Freedom, Truth, and History (Blackwell) Hegel (Routlege) Hegel: A Biography Theory and Practice The Philosophical Discourse of Modernity Hegels Critique of Kant Albrecht Wellmer Axel Honneth The Persistence of Modernity Moral Development and Social Struggle: Hegels Early Social Philosophical Doctrines

M. Heidegger

Axel Honneth

Cultural Interventions in the Unfinished Project of Enlightenment

W. Marx

Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit Reason and World

K. Dove K. Westphal

Hegels Phenomenological Method Hegels Solution to the Dilemma of the criterion (in Stweart)

M. A. Gillespie Hegel, Heidgegger and the Ground of History C. Taylor Hegel The Opening Arguments of the Phenomenology in Hegel L. Feuerbach Towards a Critique of Hegels Philosophy The Fiery Book Ivan Soll Charles Taylors Hegel The Journal of Philosophy Vol 73 An Introduction to Hegels Metaphysics Michael M. Inwood A Warmingki W deVries Hegel (Oxford University) Hegels Phenomenology of Spirit Readings in Interpretation Journal of the History of Philosophy Vol 26

K. Dullkeit M. Westphal J. Flay Robert Brandon Kelly H. Adelman S. Rosen

Can Hegel Refer to Particulars (in Stewart) Hegels Phenomenology of Perception (in Stewart) Hegels Inverted World (in Stewart) Tales of the Mighty Dead Review of Metaphysics Of Human Bondage G. W. F. Hegel: An Introduction to the Science of Wisdom G.W.F. Hegel

H. Marcuse

Reason and Revolution Hegels Ontology

J.M. Bernstein

The State and Civil Society Beyond Representation

Paul Redding Peter Simpson Elliot I. Jurist

Hegels Hermeneutics Hegels Transcendental Induction Beyond Hegel and Nietzche

G. Batallie Jacques Derrida J. Flay Judith Butler Jean Wahl John O Neill MacIntyre Gary Shapiro Robert Pipin

Hegel, Death, and Sacrifice in Yale French Studies Writing and Difference Hegel and His Critics The Psychic Life of Power The Unhappy Consciousness in G.W.F Hegel: Critical Assessments Vol 2 Hegels Dialectic of Desire and Recognition: Texts and Commentary Hegel on Faces and Skulls (in Stewart) Notes on the Animal Kingdom of the Spirit (in Stewart) The Cambridge Companion to Hegel Idealism as Modernism

Rudiger Bittner G. Steiner P.J. Mills

What Reason Demands Antigones (Oxford University) The Owl of Minerva Vol 17 Feminist Interpretations of G.W.F Hegel

Heidi M. Ravven

The Owl of Minerva Vol 19

Benjamin Barber Tina Canter Kimberly Jutchings Allen Speight Roberty Bernasconi K. Marx D. Diderot J. Hulbert David Price Hinchman K. Nusser J. Hyppolite J. Robinson

Political Theory Vol 16 (Feb 1988) Ethics of Eros Hegel and Feminist Philosophy Hegel: Literature and the Problem of Agency Cardozo Law Review Vol 10 Early Writings(Penguin) Rameaus Nephew (Penguin) Studies in Romanticism 22. 1981 Hegels Intertextual Practice (in Stewart) Hegels Critique of the Englightenment (Florida) The French Revolution and Hegels Phenomenology (in Stewart) Studies on Marx and Hegel Duty and Hypocrisy in Hegels Phenomenology of Mind (Toronto)

Benjamin Sax R.Z. Friedman Allen Wood D. Hoy Henry Allison Karl Ameriks E. Fackenheim O. Lauer W.H. Werkmeiser Mitchell Miller

Journal of the History of Philosophy Vol 21 Journal of the History of Philosophy Vol 24 Hegels Ethical Thought Dialogue 1981

Kants Theory of Freedom Kant and the Fate of Autonomy The Religious Dimension in Hegels Thought (Indiana University) Essays in Hegelian Dialectic Hegel and the Philosophy of Religion The Attainment of the Absolute Standpoint in Hegels Phenomenology (in Stewart)

M. Murray

Modern Philosophy of History Review of Metaphysics Jun 1981

T. OHagan D. Verene

Journal of the British Society for Phenomenology Vol 15 Hegels Recollection

C. Lenhardt Yirmiyahu Yovel J.P. Surber J. Simon John Sallis J. Burbidge

Anamnestic Solidarity Hegels Preface to the Phenomenology of Spirit Hegels Speculative Sentence Hegel Studies Band 10. 1975 Contemporary German Philosophy Vol 3 Hegels Concept of Presentation (in Stewart) Method and Speculation in Hegels Phenomenology

Kants Critique of Pure Reason BooK List