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EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP

Operating Instructions

EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP

Dear customer, Thank you for choosing a paper cutting machine from EBA. With the purchase of this quality product you can be sure you have made a good choice. Please read these operating instructions before putting the machine into operation and observe the safety regulations.


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP

Read through the operating instructions carefully

Table of contents
Safety precautions Installation Operation Blade replacement Maintenance and cleaning Possible malfunctions Accessories Manufacturers Declaration Pages 4 11 12 13 14 25 26 34 35 36 37 42 43 45


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Children must not operate the machine!

Paper clips or hard material will damage the cutting blade!

Do not cut hard materials or materials which may splinter!


The machine must be installed on a sturdy, dry and level floor!

The machine must not be located outside!

Do not use in the vicinity of inflammable liquids or gases!


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP The machine may only be used for cutting paper or similar materials!

Never leave the blade unattended. Do not dismount or transport the blade without protection! Risk of injury!


This machine is only constructed for "one-man operation"!

Disconnect from the mains before starting any service work or before removing the panels!

Replacement of blade and cutting stick may only be performed when the main switch is switched off!


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP

All components which may endanger the operator are covered by a guard!


Operating the machine without safety device (front safety guard (A), rear screwed safety guard (B) and panel (C) is forbidden!



The dangerous cutting movement is safeguarded by a movable guard (A) and a safety two-handed control system! (B)

Before working with the machine and after every blade replacement the automatic cut-off function of safety guard (A),(correct if distance between cover and table is < 15 mm) main switch (B) and control panel (C) must be checked.

15mm 0.59inch


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Protect mains cable against heat, oil and sharp edges!

230 V / 10A min 115 V / 15A min

Connect the power cord to a single phase socket

Ensure free access to mains


When not in use for a longer period switch off. (Main switch to "0").


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP

Unpack the cabinet (A), (accessories) or stand (B), (accessories) and assemble according to the enclosed separate instructions.

2 strong people are required to lift the machine onto the cabinet or stand. Beware of fingers! Risk of injury!




Only on EBA 430 E Screw on the backgauge crank (A) and operating handle (B) (found together with tools in the tool set).

Plug into socket.


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP


It is not allowed to operate the machine if the operating and safety instructions have not been understood. Please check the safety devices upon their function and completeness before working with. All covers have to be mounted (A). The release for cutting is allowed only if the cover is closed and the two-hand safety device is operated at the same time (B) The front cover should not close by itself (otherwise please adjust the hexagonal screw at the right and left(C). (Remove the cover) (D). We recommend to keep a test result booklet.



Position the main switch to "I" (A). Insert the key for the control system and move it to the right (B). Open the safety guard (C). The machine is now ready for use.

Only EBA 430 EP Press button (D). (Reference point is driven to).



EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP

EBA 430 E
EBA 430 E The backgauge has to be adjusted by the handle with calibration ring (A). Measurement has to be adjusted from the rear.

EBA 430 EP


EBA 430 EP The graduation is done manually via the handle with calibration ring (B) or by programming (C) the cutting measurements. " the pressure lever (D) (If Display shows " has to be moved to the right, so the backgauge (E) is moving).


EBA 430 E
EBA 430 E Measurement is indicated on the back side-lay (A). The fine adjustment is achieved by using the calibration ring (B). The scale is divided in mm (One complete turn corresponds 10 mm = 1 cm).


EBA 430 EP

EBA 430 EP Measurement is shown in the display of the control device in inches or cm (C).


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP

Optical cutting line (A) that indicates the exact position of the cut.(Only use when no exact cut is required).

Only for EBA 430 E Change of measurement through oversight is avoided by pulling out the lever.


Position the paper on the back gauge (A) and side-lay (B). To move paper stacks, please use the stacking angle (C). (Run backgauge to the front for turning the paper stack).


Close the safety guard.


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Before every cut the lever must be pushed to the left and tightened with light pressure.

Press both buttons of the two-hand activation (A) simultaneously and keep them pressed until the paper is completely cut.

Cutting stop or interruption Release one or both buttons (A) of the twohand control.


Operating elements

A - Guard front B - Safety two-handed control system C

- Overload switch (Blade drive/Backgauge drive)

cm inch

D - Backgauge control E - Clamping F - Main switch G - Handwheel for backgauge setting H - Key switch I - Backgauge J - Side gauge left K - Display cutting size (cm or inch) L - Select program step down M - Select program step up N - Stop and delete input O - Start P - Eject function Q - Keypad R - Changeover cm/inch S - Clear program T - Select program U - Enter V - Program number W - Program step X - Specified size

EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP EBA 430 EP Start machine Main switch to position "I", insert the key for the control panel and turn it to the right. Open the safety Front guard Press button backgauge moves to the rear and searches for the reference position, wait until a measurement of 38,5 cm or 15,16 inch is shown in the . display Warning! Before storing or cutting a measurement please check if the correct measurement scale (cm or inch) is stored. How to store see below picture on the left.

cm inch

Dimensions control - cutting to specified dimensions Enter dimension at the numerical key pad LED "S" appears. Press button dimension is approached, LED "S" disappears. Dimensions below 9 cm can only be button held pressed. approached with the is released, the (When the start button moves to a measurement backgauge of 9 cm measurement 9 cm blinks, now push again the start button, backgauge moves to for example 7 cm). Insert paper and move by means of the stacking angle to the backgauge and side lay at the left . Close the safety guard Move the pressing lever to the left by a slight swing. Release the cutting.


A. E

cm inch

Cut according to markings Adjust the backgauge with the hand-wheel to the back. Insert paper and move by means of the stacking angle to the backgauge and left side-lay Turn rotary control to the right until the marking on the paper to be cut is below the cutting line indicator. The further the rotary control is turned to the right, the faster the backgauge moves. Return of the backgauge is quick by turning the rotary control to the left. Close the safety guard




Eject function button is kept pressed the backgauge If the moves to a measurement of 9 cm (Basic button adjustment) and when released the returns to the measurement last set. button is released while the If the backgauge moves to the front, the backgauge stops and moves back to the measurement which has been set last time. Move the pressing lever swing. Release the cut.

E to the left by a slight

Cutting activation Warning! Run backgauge to the front for turning the paper stack. Do not interrupt the upward movement of the blade by performing switching procedures. Release blade only when LED "S" has gone out. Close the front guard . Blade must always be at the top and be covered by the clamp. Do not touch the blade - risk of injury! (see security information on page 34).


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Programming only EBA 430 EP This control system enables you to store 9 programs with 9 programmable steps. One step represents one measurement. After entering the program numbers you are able to change between several program steps with the button and First figure in display = program number, Second figure = program step. Dimensions below 9 cm can only be button held pressed. approached with the on the Display the entered dimension is too low. (Smallest measurement 3,5 cm). on the Display the entered dimension is too high. (Largest measurement 38,5 cm). Each program step corresponds to one dimension. The indicated program step can be overwritten at any time. These programs remain stored when the machine is off. Should you change to another dimension unit all programmed measures are converted into the new unit (cm and inch).

r h.

cm inch

u o

cm inch

Entering a program Press P appears in the Display. ... Enter program number 1...9. (First figure in Display = program number). Enter dimension, or move the backgauge to the desired measurement with the rotary control. Store the dimension next program step appears. Enter the next dimension. (should an ejection be desired before this cut push the button, measurement and eject function are stored now). Store the dimension. Should the entered program be required immediately Press (program is closed). again (backgauge moves to the Press dimension of the 1st program). Or:

p 1 9

p + s Escape the program mode.

The eject function must be programmed in the 1 st dimension if the paper stack should be ejected at the end of a program where several cutting processes are made.

Eject function Set the measurements push the button. Store the dimension. Backgauge moves in the program for unloading paper to the front and then to the measurement which has been set in the panel. Cancel a program Press P appears in the display.. ... Enter program number 1 ... 9. Press twice. Each program has to be cancelled separately. Single program steps can only be overwritten.

z h S s

Working with programs appears on the display Press ... Enter Program number 1 ... 9 you are able to change With the button and between several program steps. With the backgauge moves to the indicated dimension. With the backgauge stops.

p P 1 9 r

p 1 9 c
General LED "S" blinks the basic position will appear. LED "S" is off the actual dimension appears. In the program mode the ejection of paper is not possible. The ejection of the paper has to be programmed.

Deleting the last program step

Press 0 . Press g. p + sEscape the program mode.

the After each cut pressing the button backgauge moves to the next dimension. Escape the program mode Press appears on the display. Press Escape the program mode.

p P s

Program buttons h andr programms By means of buttons h and r dimension of your choice can be reached. (Basic adjustment h = 38,5 cm, r = 9 cm). p and simultaneously hresp. r ( hU resp. r D appears on the display. Insert the desired dimension. gStore dimension.

Display in cm or inch Press Display changes between cm and inch. (See picture left).

Adjust the eject-dimension The eject dimension is programmed to 29,50 cm. It may be changed as follows:

Press p Press p + z e on Display. Insert the desired dimension. g Store dimension.


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP If the cutting quality decreases: Check the cutting depth (see page 34). Check the cutting stick (see page 30). Replace or grind the cutting stick (see page 26-34). The blade may only be grinded by a qualified workshop or from the manufacturer Krug & Priester, D-72336 Balingen. Danger! Risk of injury The blade is extremely sharp. Do not dismount or transport the blade without protection. Changing the blade may only be performed by trained staff.


Turn the blade depth adjustment screw to the left until it stops (Screwdriver found in tool set).

Lower the blade by pressing both cutting buttons (1.). Keep one button pressed and turn off the main switch (2.).




EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP The 3 eccentrics are now exposed and should be turned counter clockwise to position "0" with the special wrench (A) (found in tool set). Until the red arrow-like eccentric marking corresponds to the position "0" (B).


Remove the special wrench and turn on the main switch until the blade returns to the home position. Danger! Do not put main switch on position "0" whilst blade is moving upwards! The clamp must always overlap the blade! Risk of injury!





Remove the 2 blade screws (1.). Then put the blade changing tool (2.) into place and fasten it to the blade.

2. 1.

1. 3.

The remaining screws should then be removed (1.). Loosening the grips of the blade changing tool lightly (2.) will now allow the blade to be taken downwards out of the machine (3.).



EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP If needed the cutting stick can be turned or exchanged. (The cutting stick can be used eight times). Danger! Risk of injury!

2. 1.



Screw the exchange blade to the blade changing tool as follows: (A) make sure there is a space ot 4 - 5 mm or 0.15 - 0.20 inches (B). blade must be covered (C).

4-5 mm 0.150.20 inch


Place the blade to be exchanged with the blade changing tool mounted (1.), into the blade carrier and push it up to the top and screw it into place with the grips (2.).




EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP


Lightly tighten 3 of the 5 blade screws (1.) (with washers), remove the blade changing tool (2.) and lightly tighten the remaining blade screws (with washers) (3.).

2. 3.

Remove all tools and distribute paper along the entire cutting length.



Close the safety guard (1.) Lower the blade by pressing both cutting buttons (2.). Keep one button pressed and turn off the main switch (3.). Open the safety guard (4.). With the special wrench (B) the 3 eccentrics shall be screwed so far down (5.)until the paper is cut along the entire length of the blade (The blade must remain parallel, not too deep into cutting stick).

3. 4. 5. 2.

Turn main switch to position I. (1.) The blade will return to the upper position and the blade screws should be tightened firmly (2.).




EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Cut a stack of paper to test. If the last sheet has not been cut through move the knob for the adjustment of the blade depth setting (A) to the right (about - turn if maximum of stacking height is going to be cut - the blade is set lower - do not set it too low, blade will become dull sooner. Danger! Blade must always be covered by the pressing bar (see picture below at the left).





Maintenance work may only be performed by trained staff. Disconnect the mains before starting any service work or before removing the cover.

Oil the backgauge (A) control weekly i.e. grease it. (Use non-resinous oil and grease). Twice a year the remaining 14 grease parts (B) (see picture). To do this switch please bring the main switch to position "0" (E) and move the machine on its left sidfe. Danger! of tilting! Remove cover (C) and lower panel (D) (tools in tool set). Remove remaining paper Grease the machine Check the two joining bolts and pushing bar for wear Mount the machine upright




EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Safety check According to 40 VBG 7i a safety check according to the safety stipulations has to be made every 5 years by a service team authorised through our service department. The carrying-out of such a check has to be attested on the test certificate. A corresponding test label must be visible and affixed to the machine. In Germany such a safety check is regulated and we recommend it for all other countries, too.


Machine does not function

Machine is plugged in?

Main switch to position "I"? Control system activated? (Turn key to the right)


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Machine turns off: EBA 430 E and EBA 430 EP Extreme load of machine (cooling phase. Security switch (A) turns off. About 1 minute, push the safety button (A). Machine blocked Blade is dull Eliminate the disturbance, push the safety button (A). EBA 430 EP only: Safety button (B) jumps out. Backgauge blocked Safety button (B) jumps out. Eliminate disturbance, push the safety button (B).


Poor cutting quality or blade stays in the paper stack. change the blade (C) (see page 26-34).

Does not cut through the last sheet: Turn or turn around the cutting stick (A), readjust the blade by means of the blade adjusting knob (B)


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Motor runs but blade does not move downwards. Security brake has been activated! Inform the service team! "Service"

EBA "Service"

Display illumination off Machine is plugged in? (A) Main switch on position "I"? (B) Key turned to the right ?(C) Push in the security button! (D) Check the fuse of the buildings electrical installation!


EBA 430 E Cut cannot be made. If cover is open: close it. If cover is closed: open and re-close it. (Security check). EBA 430 EP Cut cannot be made. Measurement has not been driven to correctly. LED "S" does not turn off. Push again the button. Security check of the cover (see above)

Measurement below 9 cm Hold the button until the measure is achieved.

Backgauge does not move, the display " shows " Turn the pressing lever to the right.

Backgauge does not move to position (pressing lever has been turned to the right). " is in the display " inform service people.

cm inch


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP None of the above mentioned methods helped to solve the problem: Contact Service team under "Service"

EBA "Service"

Subject to alterations without notice.


Recommended accessories:

Blade Nr. 9000 120

Cutting stick (6 pieces) Nr. 9000 220

Paper knock-up block Nr. 9000 520

Blade changing tool Nr. 9000 515 Cabinet Nr. 42618001

Stand Nr. 43051100


EBA 430 E EBA 430 EP Remarks:


MANUFACTURERS DECLARATION This machine is approved by independent safety laboratories and is in compliance with the EC-regulations 98/37, 73/23 and 89/336. EBA is certified under the DIN EN ISO 9001 quality standards. The exact technical specifications can be found on the technical specifications sticker on the machine. A wiring diagram is found in the electric switch box. Applied standards and technical specifications: 230 Volt-Version: EN 292; EN 294; EN 349; EN 27779; EN 55014-1; EN 55014-2; EN 60204; EN 61000-3-2; EN 61000-3-3; prEN 1010-1; prEN 1010-3 Sound level information: The sound level is 71 db (A) as defined by DIN 45635/Teil 27.

Wolfgang Priester -General Manager-45-

EBA Made in Germany

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EBA Krug & Priester

72336 Balingen


Printed in Germany EBA 04/2002 D