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Finding Peace Within Master Kirael through Kahu Fred Sterling A Drow Elf, the angelic realm, and

the Elven world are well represented in this session, but you will not hear them because they speak in their own languages. They also want to know about 2012, a journey that offers so much energy to we the people. I will start with a Dwarven king, Rannas, who asks: What will we hear from the world of we the people in 2012? Will they be kinder than they have been in the past, or will they still be caught up in their journey, unwilling to acknowledge us? Rannas is actually asking about the cellular consciousness of we the people, and I answer that the year 2012 will be about we the people shifting on the cellular level. Such a shift actually starts from this day forward. Your journey, Rannas, will be addressed so vividly, so brightly, that it will be heard around the world. El Gordon Dubboon, a prince from the Elven world, asks: The Elven world is predominant in the fourth light and will take a brighter spot on this Earth plane in 2012. The people will awaken so strongly that they will no longer be able to sit back and wait. This prince has been in and out of the Earth plane for over 50,000 years. He stands before you humbled, not because you are human but because you are we the people and you really make a difference in this world. The prince says he is as proud as he can be of those of you who recognize the Elven World, and as for those who do not know they exist, you will know it soon. I now introduce you to a Drow Elf, one of those who live underneath the Earth. He has come to the surface. He is dark in complexion, wearing dark clothes and what you might consider to be glasses on his face. They are actually blinders; he wears them because the light is too bright for him. This Elf asks: We will come to the surfacenot as a collective, but we will be making appearances now and then. Is it safe for us to come here? My answer is to beware, my friend. Some people will not take kindly to your coming up through this Earth plane, but your journey will be honored by many humans and certainly by us in the out worlds, because it is important for this shifting process. Four goddesses of light are here. One we consider to be the queen of queens has something to say: The world, especially your political leaders, must be ready for what will happen in 2012 when the female energies grow exponentially. The goddess light will come up through the ranks right about now. We also have a friend here from Andromeda named Extuio 12. He asks: We have made new crafts available for this great shift in consciousness, and we wish to introduce them in 2012 to those who are willing to see them. We are here to acknowledge you.

These Andromedans are the same species as the Asian peoples of your world. When they release these crafts in 2012, you must be attuned to them. If you are, you will know exactly what to do when you see them. I am trying to give as many of these energies a chance to speak as I can, because they are lining upDrow Elves, Elven leaders, goddesses, and Sirians. They all want to know what you will do, and they will speak through me in a collective voice. I will turn my energy over to them so that they can hear your thoughts as they express their energies. Be kind with your thoughts. The Collective Speaks This is our opening statement. So much energy has been placed on the year 2012, but in reality, the shift has already started. You cannot stop it; you cannot even slow it down. To those of you who will leave this Earth plane before it happens, so be it. To those who are staying, so be it as well, but be prepared to witness things you have never witnessed before. Have no fear, for fear does nothing good for anyone or anything. Envision what we show you in your mind right nowthe waters raging, the land eruptingbut you must not be afraid, because fear is the price paid by those who lack courage. All of you have the courage to sit here and listen to our words, so you will have the courage to embrace the journey and avoid fear. As some of you may remember, we identified Master Kirael as the king of the angels a very long time ago, though he has never prospered from it in any way. He never tells you he is an angel; he just comes in and talks with you and answers your questions. The great ones already come to him. Some of the mediums of this Earth plane want to talk to him to find out where they will In 2012 no one has a choice: You will have to heal. So from the first day of 2012 forward, you must be aware of the photon energy. You will breath it and use it; you will need it to heal. be in 2012. You all want to know these things. We are willing to share our knowledge with you. We are speaking in a collective voice. Not one of us is shouting over the others. If you can hear our words, you will hear the daintiness of the goddess light or the rasping of the Drow Elf or the softness of the prince of Elven territories. We all speak in unison to tell you that this is the great shift in consciousness. It is enlightenment beyond your wildest expectations, and any time you feel fear, you will have to stand alone. But if you take this fear and inject a little bit of love into it, then your angels, guides, and the galactic empires will be with you in that very moment if you ask for them. We pray, my friends, that you hear these words. Kirael Responds to Questions from His Human Audience About the Coming Year Though my words are very few, your fearswhether small or largemust be turned aside. You must be willing to go into this journey called the great shift in consciousness, sit through the winds and the fires, and know that you will come out of it perfect. In Lemurian numerology, 2012 is a five, the number for love. What is our responsibility as lightworkers in 2012?

That number five is no accident. The Maya brought 2012 to your attention by stressing 121212. They were privy to Lemurian numerology, a powerful journey that has lasted for 50,000 years. Yes, five is the number of love. So at the turn of midnight on January 1, 2012, speak loudly in your heart. Be aware that your love is the only thing that you will have to encounter, and youll have to encounter it in the now. So be in love, my friends, because 2012 is the year of love. What is the significance of the Mayan calendar ending on December 12, 2012, and is there a good place for we the people to be on that particular date? On 121212, the Maya predicted an end to their calendar and the beginning of a new calendar of love and light. But you, as spiritualists, do not have to wait for that date. December 12, 2012, is the beginning of the new energy. The Maya never said things would be boiling over. They simply said that 121212 would be the end of the world as they knew it and that the new world would be formed at that very moment. So if youre just learning to meditate, it might be a little bumpy for you. December 12, 2012, is a dynamic day for the inhabitants of the Earth plane. This is already the most sovereign space that a spirit can come to, and it will become sovereign on new levels on 121212 because your spirituality will take you into this new journey. If you go into 2012 without your spirituality in place, you will go bumping along with the politicians and moneylenders in pure fear, but if you go into 121212 with your spirituality in place, you will have no fear. This is a powerful time, because that day has five twelves: midnight, noon, the month, day, and year. As to the question of where you should be: in meditation. You do not need to meditate the whole day, but devote some time to it. You might be wise to get together to meditate, reflect, and make your journey so filled with love and light that youll know and feel this newness. You ask, What if we are in the middle of an earthquake, or a flood, or the winds are blowing? I say, Congratulations! According to Chinese astrology, 2012 is the year of the dragon, which is considered a powerful year of success and happiness. What is the significance of this dragon year in relation to the Mayan calendar? The dragon will make its presence known to many but not all of you. The dragon will come forth in a vivid and almost overbearing light for some of you who may be meditating when you suddenly feel the hotness of its breath on your face. You will open your eyes to stare into the face of your dragon, right in your own living room. You ask, In my living room? Thats right. You cant begin to understand the power of this beautiful energy of the dragon. In the Mayan world, in Lemurian time, and all the way up to your current understanding of life, the dragon is the Chinese symbol for welcome home. Photon Energy and the Four-Body System How will the photon energy weave more strongly with the healing of our four bodies in 2012?

By the year 2012, you will be able to hold your hand out and create a ball of energy that comes from the God Creator itself. You will heal with that ball of light, which is photon energy, or love. You will walk into a hospital without having to step around the doctors and nurses and without having to be introduced, and you will use your abilities with the photon energy to heal. In 2012 no one has a choice: You will have to heal. So from the first day of 2012 forward, you must be aware of the photon energy. You will breathe it and use it; you will need it to heal. Close your eyes for one second and picture that ball of golden particle light that is part of the God Creators love, just like you are. As the fourth dimension draws nearer to the Earth plane, how will we feel the photon energy in our four-body system? The four-body system is held together because of the photon energy. With the photon energy, you can fly if you want to, or you can become a medium or a channel if you want to. You need only decide and get it done. The four-body system is the mark of being present, of being in the now. Whether you are two-legged or four-legged, the mark of being present is in the four bodies, which are woven tighter and with more elasticity than you are presently aware of. In the year 2012, you will start flying in your meditations. Those of you who want to be mediums or channels will start this properly in 2012. This journey of flying is no big deal. Every one of you has already experienced flight in another lifetime. You cannot fly on your current plane of consciousness because it is the ultimate space for the yin/yang journey, but that journey is coming to an end and flight will soon be a possibility. Earth Changes and Interplanetary Events What can you share with us about Earth changes, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, or environmental mishaps in 2012? They are not mishaps. You will experience earthquakes, floods, and all the things you just mentioned. Mother Earth has to cleanse herself. She has started a little ahead of schedule, but thats great, because everything that happens in 2011 will not have to occur in 2012. Your job is to get through the fear. You say, Whoa, all my dishes fell out of the cupboard! Thats all right. Just clean them up and throw them away. Next time get plastic dishes. The earthquake on the East Coast was just a reminder for the people who live there. That earthquake lasted only forty one seconds. The next one will last for three to four minutes, and it will feel like a lifetime. Mother Earth has to cleanse, so what can you expect? You can expect disruption all over the place. Get yourself ready. Be prepared. You do not have to hoard supplies. Just be prepared to sit with the masses and pray. Pray with them? you ask. Thats right: Pray with them. Get off this religious thing and get to spiritual prayer. Im not saying anything bad about religious journeys; I am just saying that your prayer should come spontaneously from the heart. It should not be a canned prayer, a begging prayer, or a bargaining prayer. Do not worry about what you cannot control. If an earthquake is going to happen, it will happen. Now that you know these things will happen, you will have a little more power over the journey. If you feel an earthquake coming, youll know how to get through it. Your only job is to get through the storms, the floods, and the earthquakes without fear.

On June 5 and 6, 2012, a transit of Venus across the Sun will occur. What does this next transit of Venus signify? Venus will cross your Sun and then disappear for many, many years. As it crosses the Sun, it will signify the awakening of love. You wont have to see it to know that it has happened. When the Venus transit ends, you will feel the love permeating from inside Mother Earth, and you may even feel it through your feet. When Venus moves off the Sun and takes its journey out of here, it will leave its mirrored love of light with you. Whatever you do, do not look at your Sun during that time because it will burn your eyes. You will have to view it with your minds eye. You have spoken to us previously about Planet X, also called Nibiru. Where will Nibiru be in 2012 in terms of its proximity to Earth? Nibiru will come and go in this shifting process. I am told that it is behind the Sun at this time. The Andromedans will give crafts to the Nibiruans as they come through this shifting process. They will pull right up beside this planet and take those Nibiruans who want to get off their planet wherever they want to go. You will not be able to tell them from your own species because they, like you, are two-legged, mid-air breathers. They will come in the Andromedan crafts, set down on the Earth plane, and walk right into society. You know this being called Imhotep? A lot of others like Imhotep will come into this journey, and they will be coming in through Nibiru. Healing Techniques and Medical Breakthroughs Kahu Fred has developed new techniques in signature cell healing during this past year. What do these changes have to do with our shifting four bodies in the fourth light? The medium has almost perfected the Lemurian consciousness of healing. The changes to the signature cell healing process will make you more conscious in all four bodies. When you perform signature cell healing, you will have to light up like never before. Do you remember my analogy of the 100 points of light? These 100 points of light refer to what happens when you give your attention to the process of improving your daily life in this dimension. The 100 points of light are the result of your commitment and willingness to complete the healing journey. Imagine a bank of ten rows of ten lights. If you notice that some sections are unlit, put all your energy into igniting those lights. Dont let a distraction hinder your focus. You will find that you have the power to ignite all of the lights simultaneously. Thats the power of your concentration, your focus. That is how completion occurs. Those lights represent the force of the energy you put into your journey. You have the power to light up the world in healing if you are committed to igniting your journey. If you perform signature cell healing and change it by dimming your light just a little, it will not matter. But if you dim your light too much, it will stop the healing. Fifty thousand years ago, in Lemuria, signature cell healing was the only healing available. In 2012 be prepared to take signature cell healing to its fullness if you use it. Its as close to being perfect as you will ever see it.

What major discoveries will we see in the medical field in 2012, and will the photon energy play a role in them? Photon will most assuredly play a role. Some cures that have been held back will be released because the medical world will have no choice but to release them. They already have cures for cancer, tuberculosis, and other things. You may not want to print this, but Im not afraid of anybody. Cancer has already been forced out of this journey. In 2012, they will know how to take the blood out of you and put it back into you instantly. Also in 2012, your brain will be expanded 12 to 15 percent more than it currently is. Think about this young fellow named Obama. He uses 44 percent of his brain. If he goes 12 or 15 percent above that, you will have to put him in a bottle. You will want to keep himnot as a president, but as a seer. The medical world has finally told you about the neurons in your heart, but the doctors didnt tell you about the channel of energy that goes from your heart to your brain and how it talks to your brain and vice versa. You will be able to talk to your heart from your brain and your brain from your heart. Heart attacks will be fairly well on their way out of this journey by 2012, and they will be completely out by 2013 or 2014. What will happen with WikiLeaks in 2012? Not only will these leaks not stop, but they will actually come out stronger and stronger, and some of you will go into fear. Why go into fear? If you know the truth, you have nothing to fear. What you hear will shock you. You will say, Oh my God! The powers that be at the time actually shot a president? Yes, they shot a president. Before you get out of 2012, these WikiLeaks will cover incidents all over the world. I suggest that you all listen to them. If you do, you will find out what your president is really all about. If he has the courage to do anything at all, he had better do it in 2012. He will have no choice but to go through Project Bluebook and then say all the things that he wants to say. Protecting Our Planet What groundbreaking developments will we see in sustainable and alternative energy in 2012? It will be a banner year because the journey of going green will unfold. You will see advances in which cold water is used to provide air conditioning. The water will be pumped in and recirculated. Maybe by 2013, little towns will dig down into the ocean to get water to heat and cool their homes and then pump it back again. Its called blue water, and it has been around since day one, waiting for someone to do something with it. People can use it to heat, cool, drink, and bathe. Then they will put it back into the ground again. In 2012 you will see people rolling up their sleeves to clean up the messes left by an industrialized world. You will go green in earnest in 2012. You have previously guided the goddesses of the silver wings of light to do a ceremony every month to shield planet Earth from the energies of the full moon. Will the energies

of the full moon become stronger in 2012, and should more people take part in helping with this protective shielding of Mother Earth? Yes and yes. Your ceremonies were just practice runs for 2012. You need more power behind you for the 2012 energies, which means you must have more goddesses awakened. Now, what is a goddess? Goddesses are filled with light and they take the lead. Goddesses can be male or female; it doesnt matter. You must protect your Earth, especially from the full moon. The full moon in 2012 will affect Mother Earths core if you dont shield her from its energy. The full moon I am talking about involves the Suns energy radiating directly off the Moon. It is the way this energy comes off the Moon that you must shield Mother Earth from. It happens on the full moon, and it takes just four or five minutes. It takes no more than a few thousand of you to shield the Earth, but it must occur around the world. You must be coordinated in your efforts. Talk to the people; tell them that you do not want this Sun energy from the Moon to harm Mother Earths core. Economic and Political Concerns A few years back, you spoke to us about the Amero currency, the unified currency for Mexico, the United States, and Canada. Would you have an update for us on this? It was supposed to be introduced this year, but it would have eradicated the money processes from America, so the government doesnt think it can sell the idea of the amero. The money has been printed, but it is sitting in vaults in Washington, DC, where you used to have gold. Britain has all your gold. Your government will try one more time to sell the idea of the amero, and I can tell you that this will not be an easy journey for them. In what areas of the U.S. economy do you see positive growth? Thats a tough question. I cannot say that the U.S. economy will do very well in 2012. I can pray that we the people in the center of the economy will feel empowered and pray that the poor people will feel even more empowered. You know the soul ages the young, medium, and old soul? Look at it this way: the young souls are poor, the medium souls are middle class, and the old souls are filthy, rotten rich. A lot of the poor and the rich will leave the Earth plane. The money will flow into the middle class, the medium-aged souls. Thats the great shift in consciousness. Two thousand and twelve is a presidential election year in the United States. What can you share with us about the elections? You can either get in your bed and pull your sheet over your head or make your voice known by voting. The Republicans, Democrats, and Tea Party will have to shut up and let we the people talk. Some of you might be browbeaten or even shot, but you can achieve what the people in the Arab world have done and you can do it through your electoral process. You have a president, and if he wants to stay in office, he can. If he does not want to stay, he does not have to. You must vote and vote your heart. If you vote your heart, the people around you will vote their hearts too. If three or four

people around you vote their hearts, then six or eight other people will vote their hearts, and that will cause ten or twelve others to vote theirs. Before you know it, 2,000 people, then 4,000, then 50 million will vote their hearts. You can do it. The year 2012 is the year of the politician getting out of the way. It will not be a good year for politicians, because you will ask them deep, deep, deep questions, and you will not let up until you get answers. They will not be able to give you canned answers. You will get in front of the cameras and say, I want to know what you will do about this deficit. If you are given the same canned answers, kick them out of office and go to the next guy until you get the right answer. The 2012 political arena will be bloody, so to speak. You are we the people, and 2012 is your last great hope to make sure this world changes. What is the truth about Chinas financial and political influence on the United States? They have none. The Chinese people are just waking up and asking themselves why they are working in a factory to sell things to the United States. That doesnt make sense, because they get two dollars a day to make purses, but they need four dollars a day just to eat. You think that the Arab uprising is big? Wait until you see the Chinese explode. The Chinese will step away from their sewing machines and say, What will you do if I will not work today? The whole country will shut itself down, and the leaders will say, Well, we will kill you then. The people will answer, You cant kill all of us. We are too darn many. Understand that we the people of China will stand up and be counted in 2012. If you did a census on them, you would not believe the numbers. They want to feel good about the world in which they live. They want to get a days pay that matches the pay in America. How much money do you think the United States actually borrowed from the Chineseone trillion dollars, two trillion, seven trillion? You have borrowed nothing. Its all just a paper transfer. No money switched hands. Rise to the Level of Your Spirit Self Can you speak on finding peace within in 2012? Peace in the body is a four-body process. It is about the emotional body on top of the physical body and the spiritual body on top of the mental body. When you were born into this journey, the God Creator said, We have a space for you on Earth. Go down there and do what you want to do. Then you traveled through the spirit world to reach your human self. You brought your higher self, your spirit self, down into the magical mental world, then into the emotional and physical worlds. If you want to rise to the level of your spirit self again, you must start with the physical body and travel up into the emotional body. Get these four inches of junkthat is, all your negative emotions out of the way and have an emotional body filled with love, like Master Jesus or Master Buddha or the Lady Quan Yin. After you have lightened your emotional body, go into your mental world and bring about 10 or 15 percent of your full mental process into the Earth plane. You will see your mental process expand. Your spiritual body will say, Oh my God, I found you! Where have you been all my life? Do not ask for this to be done. Be willing to do it. Your physical body is such a gem. It houses your cellular consciousness, which is the seat of your evolution. Get past your fears and anger, because they will tear you down. Understand that you are human and then release the fear and anger. All of the energies that were in here asking questions before I came in

understand your love. They understand that you are never actually mean. They know you have to pretend to be meanyou have to be veiled to be mean, sick, or mentally anguished. You have to prepare to be those things by donning a veil because those emotions are not natural for you. You are love, a beautiful light of love. Let your love guide you. Pay attention to nothing but your love. Angels are coming in by the gross because they want to get this shifting process going. Every time you walk down the street, your angels walk with you. But on the day you wake up with a bad attitude, they back off a bit. When you are in love, the angels hug you close. So if you want to do something, do it in love. If you cant do it in love, do nothing. When you do nothing, it will be heard loud and clearand thats saying something in itself. It means you do not want to play. Pay no attention to those who do not want to play. The angels will not help them, and you do not have to help them, either. Say a kind word and go on your way. Let your silence take its toll, because if you say a kind word, they will scream at the top of their lungs for days and still nobody will talk to them. Eventually all will become silent, which will be the golden measure of love and light. So, my friends, I wish you all a golden 2012. Youll love 2013 too. God bless you and good evening Kahu Fred Sterling is a master medium, a minister, and a messenger. He is a shaman of Native American ancestry who walks between the third-dimensional world of the human and the boundless realms of spirit. For more than twenty years, he has been the medium for the loving light and wisdom of Kirael, a master spirit guide. To learn more about Kahu Fred, visit or contact him at 1-800-390-1886, karinna@, or