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Guide to the unseen Self

Kirael august 2002 gennem Fred Sterling By Rev. Fred Sterling through the loving guidance of KIRAEL from the Seventh Dimension OPENING STATEMENT Today we will be speaking about the "unseen self," or "essential self," or "higher self" as others refer to it. Over much of the history of the human world, you have limited yourself by pretending that you are alone and disconnected in the universe of all that is. Now it is becoming more evident to even the average human being that there is so much more to your deliverance onto a material plane such as this. You must now be more aware that you are a connected source, and in that connection you must also be able to understand on multiple levels simultaneously. Allow me to explain. When we speak of the unseen self, the simple truth is that it is unseen only to your human eyes. And even so, if the eye is well trained, it can begin to detect the outer levels and the core levels of what we consider to be the essential self. Many see this as a "glow" or aura pattern surrounding the vibrational essence of another entity. Now I don't want to get overly sticky on these points. If you were to ask me in simple terms to describe the so-called "unseen self," I would suggest to you that it is really the "atlas of road maps" which provides guidelines as to what you would best be experiencing while on the material plane. It is the part of you that, unlike your material presence, is not subject to your magnetic framework or your cellular consciousness. It is that larger, wiser, ageless self which harbors within it the plan you have chosen to experience as an incarnate being. The unseen self, my friends, is that part of you which is on its own journey. Now here is where I would like to be exceptionally clear with you. The essential self, like you on the material plane, is but part of the Creator. The Creator's Light is that part of it which shows it exactly what it is to determine while on this particular journey. The higher self has a total love affair with the human light, for it is through the human light that it can stay connected to the source of what you consider to be the material plane. Though the higher self does not interact with the human plane as much as you might think, it is still you the human being that holds it in a position where it can maintain a desired journey. To clarify again, the higher self is on a journey of its own - a cosmic journey. It has its own destination, its own set of reality, and its own path as depicted by its own thought

process. You of the material plane have, of course, an exceptionally different journey. Your journey is to explore the five senses and to experience what the Creator has created. The essential self in that light is always concerned about where you are, but never so concerned that it will do your plan for you. While it is totally enthralled with your energy because you are learning for it, it is also on its own path enjoying its own journey. So when you go about your busy days being human and ignoring your higher self, the higher self is absolutely elated by the whole process because then it has time to experience its own journey. But believe me when I say to you, the higher self will be at your beck and call at a moment's notice. The moment you enlist your higher self's reality or your higher self's powers, it automatically moves right into alignment with whatever your journey is. For centuries of time there have been energy forces that have not wanted you to understand this. They would much rather you flounder about in your world called the material plane, believing yourselves to be limited creatures in need of someone to control you. The truth is that there is absolutely no separation existing in any of the processes, and you as the material plane human being are involved in all levels of consciousness. You in fact know everything that your higher self knows, although you are usually conscious of only your 10% third dimensional reality and therefore imagine you are separate from your own higher reality. Most of you listening to this or reading this are aware of it, but what I share with you today will take you to another level of that awareness. Beginning on June 21, the unseen self will be guided by the force of Light to begin a much more meaningful interaction with its material plane vehicle, the human element. You can be assured that as of June 21, you will have much more access to your essential self, and the 90% of your cosmic energy will be flowing through you at a very high vibration. Listen very carefully to what I am about to say. For those of you who have already learned to enlist the aid of your higher self, I suggest that the demands you make of your higher self must be so clearly defined as to leave absolutely no question in the thought processing of your essential self. For nearly everything you are about to pray for - and I do hope that you are praying - is going to start to show itself around you. What you need to hear at this point is this: You may have prayed for something in the past for which you now have no present energy. The higher self is going into your past prayers and bringing them forward. Be very clear with your higher self of what you do want brought forward and what you do not want brought forward. Leave not your essential self to make decisions for the material plane experience. The question may arise in your mind: Do I have authority over my essential self? Please listen to this answer very carefully: You are your higher self, and therefore there is no

question of authority. The authority is the I AM presence of Creator Light within which you exist. Your material plane presence is but a position of energy that is so set up in the magnetic field as to be able to use the five-sensory process. You are limitless. Hence, you are awakening not just to the sixth sense, but now to the seventh sense. This might have caught some of you unaware, because very few of you have even heard of the seventh sense. The seventh sense is that which we call the transitional sense, meaning that it opens up a portal between your 10% and 90% beingness, evolving itself at a level that is matured by the presence of the guidance realm. In essence, you are now becoming unified with the guide world. "Unified" meaning that you have better access, clearer conduction and, most of all, a better memory. The difference between times past and this very day is that while you have always had this connection, you have usually chosen to experience limitation because no one had identified this connectedness for you. The date that I have mentioned, the 21st of June, is the beginning, the opening, if you will, of the portal. Those of you who take advantage of it from the beginning will move at a very rapid pace. Those who never read my words or hear these words will simply move at their own pace. I suggest to you that as of the 21st of this month, you remove from your vocabulary, "I can't." I suggest you remove from your vocabulary, "I don't know." I suggest that you go to the exact opposite, the yang of that process, by saying, "I can" and "I do" and "I know." Those of you who would tell me, "Well, I would love to meditate, but I can't," you could find yourself for the next 23 or 24 years expressing the same energy. Or you can say instead, "I can and do meditate. I am not totally clear to the level, but I do meditate." You can say, "I can see auras. I can hear my guidance," and in so doing, you will move at a rapid pace, a pace that is almost blinding in speed. Those of you who have been listening to me for years, you have waited for this very time. Why would I wait this long to tell you? Well, first of all, there are so few of you compared to the six billion-plus on your planet system. But hear me, my friends, the Earth plane is headed for critical mass. It is headed for a critical mass that is going to be led by the workers of Light, not by a cult or ideology, but by those who are awakening at a rapid pace. To awaken is to understand that a cult or any group or organization that would hold you within its bounds is literally depriving you of the Light. There is no group that can stand before you and tell you they have the answer, for the answer is already existent, as it always has been, in those you consider to be workers of the Light. Let me pause here to define "workers of Light." Workers of Light are those who understand that their unseen self is not only not unseen, but completely brilliant in its own fashion, and willing and able to exist within the material plane. When you are willing to turn to the guidance reality of the highest source of all, then and only then will you recognize your own power.

For today, accept the light as I suggest it, that you are about to move into the new realm. The Shift that you search for is upon you, my friends. The search that you have waited for, the understanding of this Great Shift, is already in motion. It has been for some time, but you will see it clearer now by reading these words. Those of you fortunate enough to be sitting before me this day - I say that not because of my presence, but because of what I bring - I enlighten each and every one of you to the understanding that though the day has not yet arrived, you can and must begin to prepare. Those who read this in months to come will arrive at an even greater clarity of the position you can now hold. For if you exercise the knowingness that your essential self is connected to the very fabric of the Creator's Light, you will begin to dispel the notion that you have limits upon you. You will see that anything of your choosing is already in motion. You need then only use the will and the word to define the process and the progress by which you evolve. Remember, my friends, you are the fabric Light of Creation. No matter how far it has been distilled down, even down to your material human self, you must be aware of the greatness that you truly are. Hold me never in great esteem without holding yourself in the same light; yet let me, if you will, be your guiding light for as long as you need. For when the day arrives when you no longer need my guidance, you will recognize your fabric as the fabric of Creation, and that fabric shall hold you in the light of all which will ever be as it exists in the very moment you recognize it. That will serve as me opening statement. Q: Thank you, Master Kirael. My question to you is, "How do we prepare for the greater day when we shall awaken?" KIRAEL: I would suggest to you this: Turn your mind on. You have lived for a long, long time thinking you have restrictions which deal with the material plane. Turn your mind on. Let yourself see the beauty of what is your potential. The other thing I would say is to be as clear as you can about those things which have already transpired so that you can utilize them to refocus your new experience here on the Earth plane. For instance, in our soon-to-be-published book called Guide to the Unseen Self, we speak of the first seven years of life and we speak of the nine months in the womb. Most people would say, "What difference does it make what was going on with me while I was in the womb?" Well, when you read this information, you will begin to see that in the womb you set the vanguard of your experience in this incarnation. So what can you do to prepare, not so much for a particular date, but for the grand shift in your energy form? I suggest to you this: Learn everything that is yet unlearned. Begin to recognize that what is to be learned is in the process of becoming a reality, so you have a way to begin to set the reality that you will focus your energy upon as we speak.

Preparation, my friends, is through the Ten Principles of consciously creating your world, for you must start with the will and the word. When I introduced to you the Ten Principles of Conscious Creation, I gave you the words to use with the will. In your process of understanding, you will come to a brilliant clarity that can only become brighter and brighter as time passes. So preparation is, first of all, to make sure you know that you are limitless and second, to know that you are Creation, and in Creation you are the process by which the Creator experiences itself. Q: You have mentioned the portal opening on the 21st of June, and you have also spoken on several occasions about "the Second Coming Portal" and how the energies coming through are seeking the Christ Light on this plane. Would you elaborate, please? KIRAEL: I will answer this way: I have used words along the lines of what you say. What I need to make very clear is that those who have been looking for the coming of the Christ energy for so long have not found it for the simple reason that it is all around them. They are looking outside of the Christ Light to try to find it and therefore never see it. The Christ Light in its simplest terms is the very thought essence of the Creator. It is the most powerful energy force that is known to an evolutionary society. It is a journey that the human especially has utilized to maintain its process of understanding. So to answer your question, I suggest to you that as this portal is opened and energy is flowing in and out of it, you must be clear that it is about your thought process. This is what I was saying in my opening statement - What you think is what will be. You must be highly critical of yourself to make sure that you maintain the Light of Christ energy. The Christ energy is in the total of Truth, Trust and Passion. Everything associated with the Christ energy is of a positive vibration. The positive vibration of which I speak in this case is the one word in your human language that has no opposite, for the Christ energy came in love. Love is the process by which you the human being is connected to the Source of Light itself. So the portal that opens allows for the love to shine within the world. [Guide to the Unseen Self: Part II in the September 2002, Kirael Shift Report, Kirael responds to a myriad of questions on the essential self. Learn how to experience your higher self while still incarnate in the human world. Ed.] ******************* "Guide to the Unseen Self" Pre-Publication Special Offer: Call toll free 1-800-390-1886.

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