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Mata pelajaran Kelas/ smt Hari Tanggal : Bahasa Inggris : IX/I ( Reguler) : Selasa , 13 Desember 2011

Choose the suitable expression to complete the short dialogues. 1. Hereka Retno Hereka : What do you think of my new tie dye shirt? : Did you make it on your own? : Yes, I did. b. Can you show me how to make tie dye shirt? d. Wow, its great!

a. I doubt it. c. Certainly! 2. Laila :

Sanusi : Sure. I said that you should mix all of the ingredients together. Laila : Oh, alright. Thanks. a. Could you repeat that again? b. Repeat! c. Really? d. Are you sure? 3. Hereka : Retno : Of course, thats all you need to do. a. Are you sure thats all the steps? b. Sure. c. Certainly. d. Of course, thats all you need to do. 4. Asep Ida :

: Thank you. I made it from recycled paper. a. Wow, thats awesome! b. Are you sure thats all of the steps? c. Dont mention it. d. Thanks, Ida. 5. Fredy : Adi : Well see. Im sure we can finish our assignment just on time. a. Im sure that we can do this. b. Are you sure? c. I doubt that we can finish our assignment. d. Really? 6. Ratu Ketut Ratu : Lets ask everyone in our class to help clean the beach. : that they are willing to. Not everyone cares for our nature. : Yeah, but its worth trying. b. Certainly c. Really : Really? : b. : Really. c. Absolutely. d. Are you sure? d. I doubt

a. Mmm.. 7. Panji Bayu a. Right

8. Ramon

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2 : Sure. The fourth step is to check the printers name. Click the small arrow printer that youre using. a. Could you repeat the fourth step? b. Sure. c. Will you help me, please? d. OK, thanks. 9. Yapis Retno Yapis : Type the number of copies that you wanted to print. Then, click OK. : is that it? : Yes thats all. b. Yup, thats all c. Thanks so much d. Anytime Danias

a. Mmm

10. Ratu : I dont think we can clean the river. Ketut : . b. Im sure we can do it a. OK c. Mmm d. Dont mention it 11. Adi : Are you sure? Iwan : a. I doubt it. b. Im uncertain about it. c. Im sure. d. Are you sure? 12. Ajeng Danias : . : Yes, Im also very disappointed with what careless people done to the nature. c. I doubt it a. Thats very is appointing b. I agree d. Im sure

13. Bonar

: Is it possible to make other people aware of the loss that they can cause? Putri : I dont think we can make everyone aware of their damaging action. a. OK. b. What was that again? c. Im very certain about it. d. Im not so sure about it. 14. Laila : Then, cut shapes from unused paper or magazine to decorate the card. Diah : . a. I dont know b. I doubt it c. Im perfectly sure d. Right 15. Diah : Wow, the card that youve made is beautiful. Laila : . Diah : Yes, Im perfectly sure a. Are you sure? b. This is terrific. c. This is awesome. d. Oh, no! Read the text and choose the correct answer for every question below. Questions 16- 24 are based on the manual below. How to operate a blender Make sure the switch is off. Place ingredients into the blender container. Add some water if needed. Put the lid on. Place the container on the motor housing. Plug in the cable. Select one of two speed buttons as required. Use PULSE switch for precision blending. When adding ingredients or seasonings, remove the small lid for adding things in the middle of the blender lid. After grinding, press the switch off. Unplug the cable. 16. What does the manual tell you? a. How to grind. b. How to use a blender. c. How to make use a refrigerator. d. How to operate a mixer. 17. What do we press when we want a very smooth result? a. Off switch. b. On switch. d. Pulse switch. c. One switch.

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3 18. How many speed buttons are there? c. Three. a. One. b. Two. 19. What is the purpose of the text? a. To describe something. c. To narrate a story. d. Four.

b. To instruct something. d. To argue on something. d. Certainly.

20. Do you always have to add water? c. Yes. a. Of course. b. No.

21. Use PULSE switch for precision blending. The word which is not the synonym of the underlined word, EXCEPT. a. fine b. well c. chunks d. excellent 22. What do we do when we want to add something in the blender? a. Open the lid. b. Open the small closure on the lid. d. Place the container on the motor housing. c. Plug in the cable. 23. When do we plug the cable in? a. Before placing the container on the motor housing. b. Before putting the lid on. c. After placing the container on the motor housing. d. After pressing the switch on. 24. The following are the synonyms of lid, EXCEPT. a. cover b. top c. close d. cap Questions 25 to 35 are based on the following text. ORANGUTAN Orangutans or Pongo pygmaeus belong to the Primate order. The orangutan spends most of its time in trees. Each evening it builds a new treetop nest. They are endangered because of habitat lost and poachers keep on killing, owning, and exporting orangutans. They only live on the island of Borneo and in the northern corner of the island of Sumatra. Orangutans are characterized by rough, long, reddish-brown fur. Male orangutans are about 95 cm (37 in) in length and about 77 kg (170 lb) in weight. Females are smaller, reaching about 78 cm (31 in) in height and weighing only about 37 kg (81 lb). The male has puffy cheeks and a hanging throat-pouch. This pouch contains air sacks that help produce a groaning, bubbling call, which can be heard at least 1 km (0.6 mi) away. Half of the orangutans diet consists of fruit, but they also eat young leaves, soft inner bark, termites, eggs, and occasionally monkeys. When a female is ready to mate, she will seek out an adult male. Orangutan are mammals; females give birth to a single infant about once every four to eight years. The gestational period for orangutans is just under nine months, nearly the same as in human beings. Infants stay very close to their mothers for the first three years until they dont consume their mothers milk. Adapted from: Microsoft Encarta 2006. 1993-2005 Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved. 25. Why are orangutans endangered? a. Habitat lost and hunting. b. Hunting and helping. c. Killing and reserving. d. Habitat lost and saving. 26. What is the males throat-pouch for? a. Digesting. b. Keeping food. c. Producing a loud groaning and bubbling call. d. Produce bubbling call and keeping food. 27. Where are the orangutans habitats? Ulangan umum semester 1 tahun pelajaran 2011/2012

4 a. Only in Borneo island. b. Only in the Java island. c. In Borneo and Sumatra island. d. In Borneo, Sumatra, Kalimantan island. 28. How often do orangutans give birth? a. Once a year. b. Twice a year. c. Once every three years. d. Once every four to eight years. 29. How long do orangutan babies consume their mothers milk? a. Nine months. b. Three months. c. Three years. d. One year. 30. Infants stay very close to their mothers for the first three years. The underlined word means . a. Orangutan babies b. Orangutans c. adult orangutans d. old orangutans 31. What is the function of the first paragraph? a. Explaining what orangutan is. b. Explaining orangutans diet. c. Explaining orangutans habitat. d. Explaining orangutans anatomy. 32. What is the third paragraph about? a. What orangutan is. c. Orangutans habitat. b. Orangutans diet. d. Orangutans anatomy.

33. When a female is ready to mate, she will seek out an adult male. The underlined word refers to . a. an orangutan baby b. male orangutans c. adult female orangutans d. female orangutans 34. What does the last paragraph tell you? a. Orangutans habitat. b. Orangutans diet. c. Orangutans reproduction. d. Orangutans anatomy. 35. The word poacher means . a. hunter b. animal saver Text for number 36 to 38 On a bright and sunny day I went fishing. When I reached the jetty, I put a worm on the hook and threw the line in and waited for the fish to bite. I was very ...(36) when I did not catch anything after waiting for three hours. I pulled in the line and to my surprise, there was a small fish at the end of the line. ...(37) was so small that I did not feel anything on the line. I was even more surprised when the fish started to talk, "Let me go ..,(38) I will turn you into a frog." I was so startled that I just stared at it. 36.a. happy 37.a. It 38. a. and b. good b. She b. or c. interested c. He c. because d. disappointed d. They d. for c. pet lover d. animal lover

For questions 39 and 40 choose the word closest in meaning to the underlined words. Elephants are the largest mammals in the world. Although they have huge (39) bodies and great power, their movements are slow and gentle (40). 39. a. very big 40. a. fast b. wide b. sharp c. spotted c. polite d. rough d. soft

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5 Read the text and answer questions 41 to 42 The Jaguar (Panthera Onea) Although the jaguar is an animal that is not found in Asia, it is famous in Asia because of the car named after the animal. This report provides information on the characteristics, habitat and life of the jaguar. The jaguar belongs to the cat family. It is one of the four big (roaring) cats: the lion, the tiger and the leopard. Because it has spots, a jaguar is often mistaken for the leopard. However, a jaguar has larger rosette markings, a stronger body and a shorter tail. A rosette is a rose shaped spot on an animal. The rosettes of jaguars sometimes look like the print of an animal paw. The jaguar is brownish-yellow in colour and has spots on the head, neck and legs, and rosettes on other parts of its body. It can weigh up to 100 kilograms and has a powerful jaw that it can easily crush the skull of its prey. 41. Which paragraph tells about the differences between a jaguar and a leopard? a. Paragraph 1. c. Paragraph 1 and 2. b. Paragraph 2. d. Paragraph 2 and 3. 42. How do people differentiate between a jaguar and a leopard? a. A jaguar has larger marking on its body. b. A leopard has a stronger body c. A jaguar only lives in Asia. d. From the shape of their bodies. Read the letter and answer the questions no 43 to 45.

Jl.Mawar 45 Manna South Bengkulu 1 st November 20011 Dear Komala, Hello friend, how are you there ? I miss you so much. I hope everything is OK with you. Gabriella and I will spend our school holiday in Bali again next mounth. We wont stay long because our school holiday is very short. We plan to stay in Bali from 11 th December until 15th December 2007. Anyway, can you pick us up at Ngurah Rai Airport as usual ? We will leave for Bali on Sunday 10th at 08.00 a.m. from Soekarno Hatta Airport . According to the schedule, it will take us one hour to reach Bali. I will call you when we arrive. That is all. Thank you very much for your help beforehand. See you there. Love, Melawaty 43. Why did Melawaty write the letter ? a. Komala never contacts her again. b. She is afraid to go to Bali herself. c. She wanted Komala to pick her up at the airport. d. She wanted Komala to accompany her to go to Bali. 44. Melawaty and Gabriella left for Bali at a. 06.00 a.m. b. 07.00 a.m. c. 08.00 a.m . 45. From the letter it can be concluded that Ulangan umum semester 1 tahun pelajaran 2011/2012

d. 09.00 a.m.

6 a. Komala often picks up Melawaty at the airport. b. Melawaty and Komala arent close friends. c. Melawaty and Gabriella arent students d. Komala doesnt know Gabriella Text for number 47 48 Last week I went to the theatre. I had a very good seat. The play was very interesting . I did not enjoy it. A young man and young woman were sitting me They were talking loudly. I got very angry . I could not hear it . I turn around again . I cant hear a word ! I said angrily. It is none of your business. T he young man said rudely. This is a private conversation. 46.. Where did the story take place ? a. In the office b. At home c. In the play d. In the theatre

47. Why was the writer angry to the young man and woman ? Because a. they watch the play seriously b. the writer couldnt watch the young man and young woman. c. the young man and the young woman were talking very loudly. d. the people didnt pay attention to the play. 48.. What is the name of the text ? a. Report b. Recount c. Descriptive e. Procedure


49. What time is the extra show of The Flass Moon on Sunday ? a. at 3 p.m b. at 6 p.m c. at 10 p.m d. at 12 p.m 50. The advertisement tells you about a. the ticket price of the show b. the performance of The Flass Moom c. the famous band of the year d. the members of the popular band

Ulangan umum semester 1 tahun pelajaran 2011/2012

Ulangan umum semester 1 tahun pelajaran 2011/2012