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ASHU SAXENA Gurgaon, India OBJECTIVE To establish myself as a known computer intellectual by going through a continuous learning process throughout my life span and working hard to achieve the goals. Technical Certifications
Sun Certified Programmer for Java platform 6. +91-8860899408

Successfully completed AGILE/SCRUM planning training at GE Healthcare. Successfully completed SDLC 4.0 training at GE Healthcare. IBM DB2 certified Database Professional (Fundamentals). Filed 2 patents at GE Healthcare which are under PEB review. Successfully completed Design Principles and Design Patterns training in GE Healthcare.


Software Engineer at GE Healthcare since October 2011 to July 2013 as a JAVA/C++/HTML5 developer. Systems Engineer at Tata Consultancy Services from September 2010 to October 2011 as a JAVA developer (Mobile Application/Web Services SOAP) with Android/Blackberry and J2EE development using Struts 2 and Hibernate 3. Freelance Web Developer ( and NGO websites, also using php with CodeIgniter. Php REST Web services development and mysql database connection.

PROJECTS: Java Based DICOM Print Service: This was an initiative to retire the old existing Print Server in our platform, where in the whole Print Service Class Provider was implemented following the norms of DICOM. Presented the Technical Design Review for the same and developed the code and testing strategy for the same. Automated the test cases and did the FMEA. Java Database Storage Service: This was again an initiative to retire the legacy C++ database storage service. This included changes at the procedure levels to enhance performance and match the frame rate for C++ database service. The reliability and performance tests along with rigorous nightly builds for daily automation tests were part of its FMEA.
HTML5- based DICOM viewer: A unique DICOM viewer application which used only HTML5 APIs to display, render and communicate for DICOM images. Designed the architecture for DICOM network exchange from browser and handshake. Coded the full HTML5 parser and renderer of DICOM images. Coded for the ROI image manipulation unit of DICOM. Used HTML5, WebSocket, Chrome Developer Tools &


MRO:- A mobile application for the British Airways MRO(Maintenance and research operations) for the technicians to keep a track of their tasks and assigning tasks to them. Working as the Lead Developer for the Sybase Unwired Platform. Supporting IPhone

Development for the UI. Developing SAP related functions for the Application residing on the SAP Server. Used SUP 1.5.5, Xcode 4, MAC OS. Nielsen Survey Application:- A mobile application for the Nielsens on field Survey engineers. It has a complete application support for the end user to get instant updates for any new survey. Working as the lead Developer for the application. Developed a library for ZIP compression for the J2ME devices. Designing of the custom elements for the application. Designed the layout for the Display on J2ME devices supporting multiple devices. Managing the ftp and Web Service connections. Managing the push and GPS services. Custom UI components using the low level canvas. Used J2ME 2.5.2, Nokia 2170 simulator PDF Reader:- A portable version of the PDF Reader which has the capability of rendering a PDF document on a mobile device. The current version is compatible with PDF version 1.4 and earlier. The newer supports are soon to be upgraded. Worked as the lead Developer for the application. Designed the algorithm for the PDF Parsing and rendering . Designed the layout for the Display for blackberry device. Tools used were Blackberry 6.0, 9800,9550 BB simulator. Singapore Airlines:- SIA App. is end user application which is thick client application of Singapore airways website in Blackberry version. This App. contains five modules such as booking, check in, my status, seat selection and extras. Creating functionality for the representation of data in a blackberry device. Worked on web services in order to get the data from the SIA server. Developing complex UI of the screens using advanced features of blackberry. XML parsing and corresponding display. Making custom fields for the data display. Used Blackberry 6.0, 9800,9550 BB simulators. IT Enabled Academia:- This was a project which was developed for IBMs TGMC-08. It was a smart campus system eying to automate each and every activities involved in any institute. It was a complete ERP solution for any institute. Created algorithm for automated Timetable generation. Made Action servlets controlling the application. Implemented AJAX. Designed the front end view pages. Web Service using SOAP 1. Implemented Web 2.0 features like forums and chat rooms. J2EE with Struts 1.0 framework. IBM DB2, IBM WAS.

Achievements : Won 5th prize in national project development competition, IBM-TGMC-08 . Won Technology award for contribution to Java Print server and Database server. Won Top Contributor Award for contribution to SR images update at GE. Won First Prize at HTML5 Coders Challenge held at GE HealthCare. Won Technical Excellence in JAVA award for the month of July in TCS for contributions to the J2ME Zip Library. Won On The Spot Award for the month of may in TCS for contribution to the project. Successfully qualified FOR Round 3 of Google Code JaM 2010.

Educational Qualifications:-








12th 10th

2005 2003

I.S.C. I.C.S.E.

Kamla Nehru Institute of Technology,S ultanpur Lucknow Public School,Luckn ow Lucknow Public School,Luckn ow


89.75% 89.4%

I hereby declare that the details given above are true to the best of my knowledge and belief. Ashu Saxena