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Ph.D. Candidate, Columbia University

MAILING ADDRESS: TEL: E-Mail: 3200 Broadway #3F (917) 453-6541

Joel Bordeaux

EDUCATION Columbia University, New York Columbia University, New York Georgia State University, Atlanta MAJOR AREAS OF SPECIALIZATION Proposed Dissertation Title: Son of the Goddess and Moon of Dharma: Facets of a Bengali Culture Hero. Comprehensive Exams: Syncretism as an analytic category, Tantra as an analytic category, Religious history of 17th-18th century Bengal, Shaivism in Bengal. Research Interests: Medieval and early modern South Asia, Sanskrit and Bengali literature, Hindu and Buddhist tantra. Research Languages: Bengali (reading, speaking, and writing); Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi, and French (reading). FELLOWSHIPS, GRANTS AND AWARDS Columbia University Instructional Fellowship Columbia University Teaching Fellowship American Institute of Indian Studies Junior Fellowship American Institute of Indian Studies Language Fellowship (Bengali) Critical Language Scholarship (Bengali) Foreign Language and Area Studies Scholarship (Bengali) Columbia University Faculty Fellowship American Institute of Indian Studies Language Fellowship (Sanskrit) PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (TEACHING) Adjunct Associate Professor, LeHigh University Religions of South Asia Spring 2012 2012 2006-08,2010 2009-2010 2008-2009 2008 2007 2005-2006 2005 M.Phil, Religion, 2008 M.A., Religion, 2005 B.A., Religious Studies, 2003

Lecturer, Stony Brook University: Hinduism Introduction to the Civilization of the Indian Subcontinent Hindu and Buddhist Tantra Spring 2011, Summer 2012 Summer 2012 Spring 2011

Teaching Assistant, Columbia University: Hinduism East Asian Buddhism Indo-Tibetan Buddhism Islam Hebrew Bible Life After Death Religion and the City Guest Lectures, Columbia University: Narrative and World Religions Guest Lecture, The New School: Pilgrimage Fall 2011 (Hinduism) Summer 2006, 2011 (Hinduism, Buddhism) Spring 2013 Spring 2011, Spring 2012 Fall 2010 Spring 2008 Fall 2007 Spring 2007 Fall 2006

PROFESSIONAL EXPERIENCE (NON-TEACHING) Administrative Administrative Aid Southern Asian Institute, Columbia University Research Graduate Assistant Dr. Jayne Werner, Columbia University Event Coordination Workshop Coordinator Tantric Traditions of Medieval Kashmir, Columbia University PROFESSIONAL AFFILIATIONS American Academy of Religion Bangiya Sahitya Parishad (Society for Bengali Literature) PUBLICATIONS
(With William Radice) The Kindness of Annada by Bharatchandra Ray. Cambridge: Harvard University Press (forthcoming). Review of The Final Word: The Caitanya Caritmta and the Grammar of Religious Tradition by Tony K. Stewart. History of Religions (forthcoming).

Jan 2004 Aug 2006

June 2004 May 2005

Feb 2005

Kshatriyas. International Encyclopedia of the Social Sciences, 2nd Edition. Ed. William A. Darity. Detroit: Macmillan Reference. (2008). Review of Being a Buddhist Nun: The Struggle for Enlightenment in the Himalayas by Kim Gutschow. Altar Magazine #4 (December 2004): 53. Review of Dance of Divine Love: The Rasa Lila of Krishna from the Bhagavata Purana, Introduced, Translated, and Illuminated by Graham M. Schwieg. Altar Magazine #5 (June 2005): 61-62. Review of Dialectical Practice in Tibetan Philosophical Culture: An Ethnomethodological Inquiry into Formal Reasoning by Kenneth Liberman. Altar Magazine #4 (December 2004): 60. Review of Invitation to Enlightenment: Letter to the Great King Kaniska by Matrceta and Letter to a Disciple by Candragomin. Translated with an Introduction and Notes by Michael Hahn. Altar Magazine #2 (September 2003): 57. Review of No One Cries for the Dead: Tamil Dirges, Rowdy Songs and Graveyard Petitions by Isabelle Clark-Deces. Altar Magazine #5 (June 2005): 59.

"The Maharaj Krsnacandra Rayasya Caritram and the Communalization of the Plassey Conspiracy." Paper presented at the South Asia Graduate Students Forum. Columbia University, February 2013. "Images of Vaishnavas in Annadamangal." Paper presented at Textuality, Religious Difference, Embodied Practices, and a Bit of Bhakti. University of California at Santa Barbara, November 2011. Satirizing Shiva in Bharatcandra Rays Annadamangal. Paper presented at Stony Brook University Department of Asian and Asian American Studies Colloquium. New York, September 2010. Reading Bharatcandra Rays Annadamangal as a Religious Text. Paper presented at International Congress of Bengal Studies. Delhi University, February 2010. US Hegemony and International Terrorism and Post-colonial Subjectivity. Panelist at Contemporary Issues and the World. Scottish Church College (Kolkata), July 2008. Symposium proceedings in Journal of Humanities and Social Sciences No. 5 (September) 2008: 28-51. Tibetan Yoga and American Dreams: Lucidity from Tantric Buddhism to Transpersonal Psychology. Paper presented at Under Construction: History, Identity and Representation in the Studies of Religion. Columbia University, March 2005. A Buddhist Perspective on Joseph Fletcher's Indicators of Humanhood. Paper presented at the Annual Georgia Philosophy Student Symposium. Georgia State University, April 2001.

TRAVEL West Bengal: Research Kolkata, West Bengal: Language Study (Bengali) West Bengal and Northern India: Sightseeing & Research Kolkata, West Bengal: Language Study (Bengali) Pune, Maharastra: Language Study (Sanskrit) July 2009 May 2010 June 2008 May 2009 Dec 2007 Jan 2008 June 2007 June 2005 Aug 2005