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The Four Ancient Styles : Manual Of Swordmanship

A) The Heavenly Fang Style

This style focuses on the usage of Yin Yang power to strengthen one s sword, creating simple yet greatly devastating moves. Found by Master Tian Long in the early Heian period. 1) Dragons Bite Focus your Yin power in one hand and unleash it on a light-speed up and downward slashes. 2) Raging Fang Focus your Yin power in your left hand and your Yang power in the right hand, then unleash the concentrated power towards your enemy with a single downward slash. 3) Celestial Rise Focus your Yin power in your foot and your Yang power in the upper body, then strike your enemy upwards. 4) Crumbling Sky Focus your Yin power on your foot, jump like an eagle soars to the sky, and while in the air, focus your Yang power in your both hands and stroke your enemy below. 5) Heavens Fury Focus your Yin power on the hands and Yang power on your foot, strike your enemy upwards then focus your Yin power again on your hand to send your enemy back to the earth, then focus your Yin power on your hands and Yang power on your whole body, then fall down and stab through your enemy below with all of your might.

B) The Earth Tiger Style

This style focuses on the spiritual power of the users own body, creating magical and destroying moves. Found by Master Kagetora Dosei in Tokugawa Shogunate period. 1) Rampaging Claw Run toward your enemy like a hungry tiger, jump then swiftly slash your enemy left and right to emerge cutting waves like a scissors cut through papers. 2) Beastly Gale Jump to the air, then with light-speed slash your enemy with spinning move to generate a big cyclone to crush your enemy. 3) Lightning Panther Prepare your sword into thrusting position, the run as fast as you can to stab through the enemys body with a killing energy on your swords tip to generate a thunder spear through the enemys body. 4) Ravaging Earth Put all of your power in your hands, slash the earth with full-strength and light-speed to create jagged rock that will crush your enemy. 5) Predator Wings Jump a bit, then slash your swords swiftly and strongly left and right and keep your body afloat by concentrating your spiritual power in your feet, rinse and repeat to completely shreds your enemy.

C) The Water Flower Style

This style focuses on hi-speed slice and dice, thus creating an almost like dancing sword style. But although it looks mellow, therein lies great power. Found by Mistress Sakurako Jingunji in the Sengoku Period. 1) First Dance : Dance of Lily Slash upwards, then jump to the air and keep slashing left and right upwardly to keep you in the air. Lastly, stab your enemy from the heights down to earth. 2) Second Dance : Dance of Lavender Spin your body like a tornado and rip your enemy starting from the feet and upwards as you spin to the air. Finish it by slashing downward strongly. 3) Third Dance : Dance of Daisy Thrusts your enemy three times in the vital areas, then slash up and downward twice toward the same areas, then slash up-left-right-left-down to whole vital areas of the body. 4) Fourth Dance : Dance of Daffodil Simply stab your enemy in the seven vital areas, twenty times per area and top it off by a deadly stab to your enemys heart. Make sure you do it with lightning speed or the effect wont be devastating. 5) Last Dance : Dance of Lotus Slash your enemy upward, jump, then slash upward again, shreds your enemy by spinning your body like a raging whirlwind, and sends your enemy back down by stabbing the seven vital areas and finish it with a devastating thrust to the ground.

D) The Nameless Style

This style is only inherited by blood, and this style focuses on counterattacking. The katana was said to have to move smoothly like a lone river but unstoppable like a raging torrent. The founder remains in shrouds, but the last one said to use this style was Master Kuro Kekkaichi in late Tokugawa Shogunate Period. 1) First Position Casually hold your sword beside your body, wait for the enemy to come, then block the incoming attack. 2) Second Position Cross both of your arms with your sword faces upwards. Wait for the enemy to come, block the attack by opening your arms to the side. 3) Third Position Hold your sword facing left side of your body, and hold the tip firmly with your left hand. When the enemy comes, block the attack by smashing the enemys sword upwards. 4) Fourth Position Hide your sword behind your back and wait for the enemys attack. Swiftly draw your sword from your back to deflect the enemys attack, quickly shift your blades edge to attack. 5) Zero Position Casually hold your sword like the First Position but face your enemy backwards. When the enemy comes, feel the enemys aura and duck right before the enemy attacks to dodge, then counter.

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