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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly


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Hs \om-ep-I-ft Cpw \psS a\-kp-I-fn hmsX Hgp-In-sm-n-cn-p-Xv? Ahbs Cpw \psS lrZ-b-sf kP-e-am-p-Xv? Bob PohnX-n Xf-cmsX ssI]n-Snv \S-p ]cn. ssZh-am-Xm-hns m\hpw
al-Xzhpw A\-\y-am-Wv. ImcWw "Ir] \nd--h' Fv ssZhw ap{Z
Ipnbh Xo-bmbpw A\p-{K-lo-X-bm-Wv, `mKy-h-Xn-bm-Wv.
k`-bpsS Bcw`w apX Cp-hsc ]cn. ssZh-am-Xmhns kmnyw
k`-bpsS inbpw _e-hp-am-Wv, XI-cm kwc--W-am-Wv. ssZh]p-{X\v icocw [cnp-hm ssZhw sXc-s-Sp--h, "Ir]--\n-d-htf' F ssZh-kw-t_m-[-\-bpsS apn "CXm Rm
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apdnp Iodnb lrZ-bhpw \odp a\pw amXr-hm-eyns Ipfnbn im-am-hp-nt? hnXp-p
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lrZ- b - ns Xmf- a mbn amdpnt? P]- a m- e - b psS cl- k y \psS lrZ-b-kv]--\-amh-s.... Hmtcm aWn-ap-p-Ifpw
lrZ-b-tmSv tNp ]nSnmw. Atm tbml-ms
sNhn-I-fn apg-nb kzcw
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""CXm \ns A....''

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tam. BWn sNn-pg
dh. ^m. sNdn-bm Xmg-a
dh. ^m. t{]am-\v H.-sF.-kn.
{io. jmPn Imc-bv
s{]m^. tP_v Fw. G{_lmw
{io. tPman I-e-b-]pcw
{io. PnPn apf-aq-n
{ioaXn eoem I-d-bv

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Single Copy ` 10.00
Overseas: $40.00 or ` 2000
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Andhra Bank, Tiruvalla 689 101
A/c No. 110110100023901
IFSC. ANDB0001101

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abw _ohn Jp-B-\n

aikyadeepam monthly

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Greeshma Designs, Kottayam
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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

auehn Dkvam _mJhn

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k`m-]n-Xmhv P]-am-e-{]m\-sb-n Cs\ ]dp:
"Hcmv \nc-cambn ]m]n apgp-Ip-hm\pw P]-ame
{]m\ sNmm\pw Ignbn'. Bpw ]m]-n
Pohn- p- s Imv P]- a me
{]m\ \nccw sNmphm Ign- b n- . Hp- I n
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AXp ]q-ambn {]Xn_nw- _ np hynbmWv ]cn. ssZh-am-Xm-hv.
tbip-\m-Y t\Sn-
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Xs. AbpsS `mKyw
(tijw t]Pv 26)


aikyadeepam monthly

"Hcmv \nc-cambn ]m]-n

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sNmm\pw Ign-bn'. Bpw ]m]-n
Pohn-p-sImv P]-ame {]m\ \nccw
sNmp-hm Ign-bn-. Hp-In Ah
]m]w Dt]-npw As-n P]-am-e.

adn-bs tZhm-e-b-ambn am At{]w

Zin-pp; Atlw ]d-bp-p,
adn-b-n-tev {]th-in ssZh-n\v
a\p-jy-i-co-c-an-m-bn-cp-p. Fm
Ah-fn\npw ]pd-p-h
ssZh-]p-{X DS DSp--h-\m-bn-cp-p.

dh. tUm. tXmakv Ipgn-\m-p-dv

cnip ssZhamXm- h mb I\yI adn- b - s bpw

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I\y-I-a-dn-b-ns Ihn' F-dn-b-s-Sp-p. ]cn. I\yI-ad
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hnizm-k-k-Xyfn sNep-nb kzm[o-\-hp-amWv Cu
teJ-\-n N sN-s-Sp--Xv.

aikyadeepam monthly

am At{]-ans acn-b-Zi\w
\memw \qm-n Pohn-n-cp kpdn-bm\n k`m
]nXmhv am At{]w (306-373) adn-b-ns Hcp Ihnbm-bn-cpp Fp-Xs ]d-bmw. ssZh-am-Xm-hn\v ssZhns cm-Ic ]-Xn-bn-ep AXpey ]m-fnw
am At{]w {]tXyIamwhn[w kmy-s-Sp-n-bn-cp-p.
amXm-hns ssZh-am-Xr-Xz-s-p-dn-p Itm-enm

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

k`-bpsS hnizm-k-k-Xy-ns Hcp ASn-m\-ambn am At{]-ans Cu Nnsb k`

kzoI-cn-n-cp-p. AtXm-sSmw adn-b-ns
Aa- t em- - h w, \nXy- I - \ ymXzw XpSnb
hnizmkkXy- sfpdnpw am At{]w
hy-amb kqN-\-I \Ip-p-v. Xmjnbs {]_- - s - p- d n- p At{]- a ns
- n adn-b
- ns \nXy-I\
- ym-Xzhpw
- hpw hy-ambn m]n-s
- -Sp-p.
Because there are those who done to say that
Mary cohabited with Joseph after she bore the
redeemer, we reply, How would it have been
possible for her who was the home of the indwelling of the spirit, whom the divine power overshadowed, that she be joined by a mortal being
and gave birth filled with birth pangs, in the image of the primeval curse? If Mary was blessed
of women she would have been exempt from
the curse from the beginning, and from the bearing of children in birthpangs and curses. It would

AtXm-sSmw adn-bs tZhm-eb

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- mbn am At{]w
Zin-pp; Atlw ]d-bp-p, adn-b
- n-tev {]thin ssZh-n\v a\p-jy-i-co-c-an-m-bn-cp-p. Fm
Ah-fn\npw ]pd-p-h ssZh-]p-{X DS DSp-h-\m-bn-cp-p. adn-bs tZymXn-n-p-hm-\mbn am
At{]w D]-tbm-Kn-p asmcp kw ]pXnb
kzw F-Xm-bn-cp-p. Atlw ]d-bp-p, adnbw
]pXnb auXn-I-kz-am-Wv. cmPm--m-cpsS cmPmhv
Xs knwlm-k-\-n Bcq-V-\m-Ip--Xp-t]mse
ssZhw Ah-fn hkn-p. `qan-bnse kzhpw tZhme-b-hp-amb adnbw DS-temsS kz-n-tev kwhln--s-p F Itm-enm k`-bpsS hnizm-k k-Xy-n-tepw Cu hkvXp-X-I hnc Nqp-pv. Itm-enm k`-bpsS acn-b hnizmk kXy-fpsS thcp-I tXSp-tm am At{]-ans\ Hgnp-\nn-bp At\z-jWw kmy-a F nXn
hcp-p. Cu ]m-e
- n Itm-enm k`-bpsS
{][m\ acn-b hnizm-k-k-Xy--fn-tev Hcp At\zjWw \S-p-I-bm-Wn-hn-sS.

]. ssZh-am-Xm-hns Aa-tem-hw
]. ssZh-am-Xmhv Xs A-bpsS D-Z-c-n D-hntm Xs P-]m-]-ns ssII-fn\npw
hnap--bm-bn-cpp F-XmWv ]. ssZh-am-Xmhv Aatem--h-bmWv F hnizmk kXy-ns ImX.
Xs amXm-hns DZ-c-nse DhmhbnXs
]. I\y-Ia
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Fw. 1476 apX ]. ssZh-am-Xm-hns Aa-temh Xncp-\m Itm-enm k`bn BN-cn-p-hn-cpp Fnepw ]. ssZh-am-Xm-hns Aa-tem-hw
Hcp hnizm- k - k - X y- a mbn {]Jym- ] n- Xv H]Xmw
]obqkv am]m "Cs-^m-_n-enkv tZhqkv' F
{]am-W-tc-J-bn-eqsS 1854- BWv. Cu {]am-W-tc-Jbn cm-Ic
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- Xnbnse Xs {]tXyI ZuXy-\nl-W-n-\mbn adnbw {]tXyIw ap\n-bn--sn-cpp Fv kmy-s-Sp-p-p.
cmw hn-m kq-l-tZmkv C{]-Imcw ]Tnn-p-p, ""ssZh-h-N-\-ns a\p-jym-h-Xm-c-tmsSmw, ssZh-am-Xm-hm-Im A\m-Zn-Imew apX
\nbw sN-s-n-p `mKy-hX
- n-bmb I\yI ssZh]-cn-]m-e-\-ns ]Xnb\p-k-cnv Cu temI-n
Znhy-c--Is he amXm-hmbpw ap--h-tc-m
{]tXyIamwhn[w Im-hns HuZm-cy-\n-[n-bmb
kl-Im-cn-Wn-bmbpw hn\o-X-Zmkn-bmbpw Dbp-\n-p.'' ]q-\nbw sN-s-n-cp ]. I\y-I-a-dn-bns Aa-tem-hw ssZh-ns A\-]-cn-]m-e\-bn\npw am\h P\-Xbvv \I-s Hcp Znhyk-m-\-ambn k` Icp-Xp-p.

BWv. cmw hn-m kp-l-tZmkv Cs\

]Tn-n-p-p, ""hniz-knpw A\p-k-cnpw sImv
]nXm-hns kpX-s\-Xs Cu temI-n adnbw
P\n-n-p. Ah CXp sNbvXXv ]pcp-js\ Adnbm-sX, ]cn-ip-m-m-hm Bh-kn--s--h-fmbmWv'' (Xn-cp-k-`-63). Itm-enm k`-bpsS aXt_m-[\w CtX-p-dnv ]Tnn-pXn{]-Im-ca
- m-Wv:
""adn-b-ns I\y-Im-am-Xr-Xz-n-ep hnizm-kns Bgw hn- - t XmsS Ah- f psS
bYmhpw \nXy-hp-amb I\ymXzw a\p-jy-\mbn-o ssZh-]p-{Xs\ {]k-hn-p Ah-k-cn t]mep-ap I\ymXzw {]tLm-jn-m
k` t{]cn-n-s
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P\\w Ahn-Sps A-bpsS I\ym-Xz-ns ka{K-Xbvv Hcp hn[-nepw a-te-e
v n-msX ]Icw
AXns\ ]hn- { Xo- I - c n- p- I - b mWv sNbv X Xv .
As\ k`-bpsS Bcm-[\
- m-{Iaw adn-bs "\nXyI-\yI' (Aeiparthenos) Fv {]Ion-p-p.
(a-X-t_m-[-\-{Kw 499), CXn-eqsS Ah k`m
a- f psS Fm- h - c p- s Sbpw I\y- I - b mb amXmhmbnocp-Ib
- m-bn-cp-p. hn. ]utemkv olm ]Tnn-p-p, ""Ahn-Spv apIqn Adn--hsc Xs
]p{Xs kmZr-iy-tmSv A\p-cq-]-cm-m \nbn-p-Ibpw sNbvXp. CXv Xs ]p{X At\Iw
- c
- n BZy-Pm-X\
- mIp-Xn\p thn-bmWv
(tdm-a. 8, 29). Cs\ hnizm-kn-Iv amXr-kvt\-

]. ssZh-am-Xm-hns \nXy-I-\ymXzw
]. I\y-Ia
- d
- n-bs kw_-nv Itm-enm k`
hniz-kn-p-Ibpw Hu-tZym-Kn-Iambn ]Tn-n-p-Ibpw
sNp asmcp kXyw Ah-fpsS \nXy-I-\ymXzw

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

be impossible therefore to call one who gave birth with

these birthpangs blessed. (St. Ephraems commentary on Tatians Treatise).

l-tmsS Pw sImSp-p--Xnepw ]cn-io-e\w \Ip--Xnepw

Ah kl-I-cn-pp (Xn-cp-k-`-63).
adn-b-ns I\ymXzw tbip-hns P\-\-n\p appw P\\
ka-bpw P\-\-n\p tijhpw \ne-\n-n-cp--Xmbn Itmenm k` hniz-kn-p-p. Atym-Jym-bnse am Cm-tXymkv
Cs\ ]-Tn-n-p-p, ""adn-b-ns I\ym-Xzhpw amXr-Xzhpw
Im-hns ac-Ww-t]mepw Cu temI-ns `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-bpsS
Zrnbnsn; {]tLm-jW tbmKy--fmb Cu aqv cl-kyfpw ssZh-ns \ni-_vZ-X-bn \nd-th-dn-b-h-bm-Wv.
Cm-cy-n Dbt-m-hp Nne tNmZy-pw aX-t_m[-\-{Kw adp-]Sn \Ip-p, ""tbip-hns ktlm-Z-co-k-tlm-Z-cm-sc-p-dnv ss__n ]cm-ain-p-p-s Bt]w Cu
hnizm-k-{]-t_m-[-\-n-s\-Xn-cmbn Nne-tm Db-cm-dp-v. Cu
ss__n hnh-c-W- I\y-Im-am-Xm-hns ap asfn ]cmain-p--X- F-XmWv k` Fm-bvtmgpw a\-n-em-n-bn-p-Xv. "tbip-hns ktlm-Z-c-m' Bb bmtm_pw tPmk^pw
hmkvX-h-n tbip-hns injy-bmb asmcp adn-b-ns afm-Wv. Cu adn-bsbmWv ambn kphn-ti-j-I "at adnbw'
Fv hnti-jn-n-p--Xv. (a-X-t_m-[\ {Kw 500; am. 13,
55, 28, 1; 27, 56).

]. I\ym-I-a-dn-b-ns ssZh-am-XrXzw
BZna \qm-p-I-fn \ne-\n-n-cp ss{IkvXh hnizm-knepw {]m-\-I-fnepw I\y-I-a-dn-b-ns ssZh-am-Xr-Xzw icnbmw-hn[w m]n--s-n-cp-p. Atym-Jym-bnse am CmtXymkv (2-mw \qm-v) C{]-Imcw ]Tn-n-p-p, ""\nv Dd


kz]v\w \jvS-s s]pn


aikyadeepam monthly

H.-Fkv. Fkv

t_m[y-ap-m-bn-cn-p-p. imco-cn-Iambn Xom-bbpw Zmho-Zns hwin P\n \psS Imhv ssZhns Xncp-hn-hpw in-bp-a-\p-kcnv bYm-n ssZh-]p-{X-\m-Wv.
Ah kXy-ambpw I\y-I-bn\nv
P\n-p.'' aqmw \qm-nse (250)
amXm-hn-t\m-Sp Hcp {]m-\-bn
(Sub Tuum Praesi-dium) C{]- I mcw
ImWp-p, ""]cn-ip ssZh-am-Xmth
\ns kwc-W
- b
- n R A`bw
tXSp-p.'' 431-se Ft^-kyqkv FIypta-\n-- kp-l-tZm-knhmWv
Itm- e nm k` I\ym- I - a - d n- b ns ssZh-am-XrXzw hnizm-k-k-Xyambn {]Jym-]n-X
- v. Cu hnizmk kXyn\v ASn- m- \ - a mbn kzoI- c n
ssZh-h-N-\- Ch-bmWv: ""hN\w
amwk-ambn \psS CS-bn hkn-p''
(tbm-l. 1, 14); ""Fm Imekq
X h-tm ssZhw Xs ]p{Xs\
Ab-p. Ah kv{Xobn\nv PmX\mbn \nb-a-n\v A[o-\-\mbn P\np'' (K-em. 4, 4); ""ZqX Ah-tfmSv
]d-p, ]cn-ip-m-mhv \ns ta
hcpw. AXyp- - X s in \ns

h a\-ns Hcp \o-em-Wv. Hcp t\m-gvN-bpsS \o. kp-c-amb

Ah-fpsS Ip-Itm ]pn-cn-m ad-p Ah-fpsS Npp-Itm I]-SX-bp-m-bn-cptm? Adn-bn-. Ahsf I Ap apX a\-n Hcp tX,
PohnXw kz]v\w ImWm adp t]mb-h, Imew kz]v\w ImWm ]Tn-n-m-h. Hcp sImbpw ssIn ]nSnv Bsctbm Imn-cn-p Ahp
apn sN-tm ]W-n-\mbn Ah ssI \on. ZpKw han-p
Ah-fpsS hkv{X- Itm a\-n-embn Ch Ipfn-npw `Ww
Ign-npw Znh-k--fmbn Fv. Ahv `Ww \In tNmZy-i-c FbvX-tm IZ-\-I-Y-bpsS Npcp-f-gn-p. cm-\--sbpw
s]--bp-sSbpw {Iqc-a\-n-\n-c-bmbn Krlm-Xp-c-X-bpsS ktmjw
\jvS-s--h. Zqsc-bp Iqq-mcn \Ip XWacw tXSn bm{XXn-cnv ]mXn-h-gn-bn ]Ww Xo-tm sdbnth tj-\n H-s-h, IZ-\I
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tNmZy- CXv kXytam anYytbm? Hcp s] s]p-n-tbmSv CXv
sNptam? Chv ]nn Bsc-n-ep-aptm? ]Ww ssIn ktmj-tmsS Hcp sNdp-]p-ncn \In t]mIp Ahsf Hcp t\mp-Ipn
IWs t\mn-\n-p. Ahv kz]v\w \jvS-s--tXm. Ah Xn-sSp-n-b-tXm. XmXcpw IqsS Ign--hcpw Iqp-Iq-Sn-b-hcpw IqSv Hgn-hcpw kz]v\w ImWm ]Tn-n-nt? a\-n s]mnb tNmZy--fp-ambn
tZhm-e-b-n Fn app-Ipn. Atm Xpd-n-cp ss__n XmfpIfn Ip-I-fp-S-n.(-am 1:19-21) tPmk-^ns kz]v\w. Adn-bmsX
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kz]v\-n {]Xy--s-S-W-ta..... t\hgn k-cn-m. B Znhk-fn h ]{X-m-fp-I-fn Adn-bmsX Ip-I-fp-S-pw. Ah kpcn-X-bm-bn-cn-tW F {]m-\-tbm-sS. ssZhta Iqp-Im-cn-bpsS
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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

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(Dormition) \o temIs Dt]-n-n; Pohs Dd-hn-S-tmSv Hp-tNp
\np-I-bmWv sNbvXXv'' (Troparion,
Feast of Dormition) . Amw \qmv

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1950- ]{mw ]obqkv am]m amXm-hns kzm-tcm]Ww Hcp hnizm-k-k-Xy-ambn {]Jym-]n-p-sImv Cs\ FgpXn, ""Dh]m]-ns Fm amen-\y-f
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CXn-\-Sn-m-\-ambn shfn-]mSp ]pkvX-I-nse Xn-cp-h-N\w
hymJym-\n--s-p, ""kz-n henb AS-bmfw ImW-s-p;
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12:1). ]cn. ssZh-am-Xm-hns kzm-tcm-]Ww ac-W
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(D-ev]. 3, 15). CXn-s\-p-dnv Xs-bmWv hn. ]utemkpw kmys-Spp--Xv, ""A-s\ \iz-c-am-bXv A\-iz-chpw aXy-am-bXv
AaXy-Xbpw {]m]npIgn-bp-tm ac-Ws hnPbw {Kknp
Fs-gp-X-s-Xv bmYmy-amIpw'' (1 sImcn. 15, 54).
cmw hn-m kp-l-tZm-kns {]t_m-[-\--fn
Cs\ ImWp-p, ""Id-bn-m I\yI P-]m-]-ns Fm
Id-I-fn\npw Hgn-hmn kwc-n--s--h-fmbn Cu temI-PohnX{]hmkw ]qn-bmn B-i-co-c--tfmsS kzo-b-a-lXz-n kwh-ln--s-Sp-Ibpw sNbvXp'' (Xn-cp-k-`-59). Itmenm k`-bpsS aX-t_m-[-\-{Kw ssZh-am-Xm-hns kzm-tcm]-Ws
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kzm-tcm-]Ww Xs ]p\-cp-m-\-n-ep A\-\y-amb ]ptN-cepw ss{IkvX-h-cpsS ]p\-cp-m-\-ns apm-kzm-Z-\-hpamWv'' (a-X-t_m-[-\-{Kw 966). AsX, aXy-X-bp-sSbpw `uXnI-X-bp-sSbpw ssZhn-IX ssIh-cn--ens apm-kzm-Z\w Xsbm-bn-cpp adn-b-ns kzm-tcm-]-W-n-eqsS kw`-hn-Xv
(Teilhard De Chardin, Phenomenon of Man).

adn-b-ns Ihn-bmb am At{]w apIq-n- acn-b-Zi\-ns ]p\-cm-hn-jvIc
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Atym-Jy ]mc-cyw ]np-S-cp Itm-en-v A`n-am-\I-c-amb Hcp hkvXp-X-bm-Wv. adn-b-ns Dhw apX kzmtcm-]Ww hsc-bp hnizm-k-k-Xy--sf-p-dnv kpdn-bm\n k`m]n-Xm-hmb am At{]w a\\w sNbvXn-cpp Fv ImWp-tm,
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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

ta Bh-knpw; BI-bm P\nm t]mIp inip ]cn-ip-,

ssZh-]p-{X Fv hnfn--s-Spw''
(eqm 1:35).
cmw hn-m kp-l-tZmkv
C{]-Imcw ]Tn-n-p-p, ""BZ-ns
aIfmb adnbw ssZh- h - N - \ - n\v
kXw \In-smv tbip-hns
A-bmbn Xop. As\ Ah
ssZh-ns cm-Ic
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AXp-sImv adn-bs ssZh-m
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A\p- k - c - W - t bm- S pw- I qSn a\p- j y- c bvv kl-I-cn--h-fmbn kZm IcpXp-p.'' (Xn-cp-k-`-56)
Itm-enm k`-bpsS aX-t_m[\ {K-n C{]-Imcw hmbn-pp, ""adn-bs kphn-ti-j-I "tbiphns A' Fv hnti-jn-n-p-p.
Fen-k-_v BIs adn-b-ns
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aI-\m-bn-o-h, ]cn-ip--{Xn-Xzn-se cm-as hynbpw ]nXmhns \nXy-]p-{X-\p-a-msX amcp-a-.
Xn-anw Xncp-k` DZvtLm-jn-pp, adnbw bYm- n ssZhns A (Theotokos) BWv (a-Xt_m-[-\-{K-w-495).

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fnse A\-\y-amb Hcp LS-I-amWv amXr-`n. hnizm-k-n-e[n-jvTn-X-amb {InkvXo-bPo-hn-X-n AYhm hnizm-k-Xom-S-\n ]cn. adnbw Fpw \apv Hcp hgn-Imn-bm-Wv. ssZhw Xs cm-I-c-]-Xn Bcw`nXmb \nanjw apX adn-b-n\v Hcp
m\w \evIn. ssZhw Xs cm-I-c-]Xn a\p-jy-\p-thn {]hn-p--Xv a\pjy-\n-eq-sS-bm-Wv. a\p-jy-h-n-\p-ap-gp-h\pw
thn-bpw, a\p-jy-h-n-\p-]I-ca
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sNsSp-Xv. BZyw apXep Imcy-v
ZrIvkm-n-bm-Ip-hm adn-b
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\hpw e`n-n-cn-p--Xv... kz-Knepw `qan-bn-ep-ap

Fm hkv X p- - s fbpw Ah- \ n- e q- s S Ahn- S pp
XtmSv A\p-c-RvPn-n-pIbpw Ah Ipcn-in
Nnnb cw hgn kam- [ m\w m]n- p- I bpw
sNbvXp'' (sImtfm 1/14-20). {XnssXz-I -ssZ-h-nse
]nXm- h mb ssZh- ns krjv S n- I - n- e p
]p{Xs m\hpw ]m-fnhpw ]p{X-\n-eq-sSbpw
]p{X-\mepw ssZhw {]hn-p cm-Ickw`-hpamWv Cu hN-\-`m-KfneqsS hy-am-Ip--Xv.
c-bpsS hmKvZm\w BZn-am-Xm-]n-Xm--m-cmb
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\nanjw apX c-I-\mb ]p{Xs
amXm-hm-Ip-hm ]nXm-hmb ssZhw
sXc- s - S p kv { Xo, \k- d nse tbmhm- n- a n- s bpw
A- b p- s Sbpw aI ]cn.
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]cn-. adn-b-ns m\w

""BZn-bn Dm-bn-cp hN\w'' (tbml 1/1), ""BcneqsS temIw krjvSn--s-pthm B hN\w'' (tbml
1/3), ""Bcn-eq-sS-bmtWm khhpw Df-hm-b-Xv, Bcn-eqsS-bmtWm \mw \ne-\n-evp-Xv, B tbip-{In-kvXp'' (1
tImdn 8/6), ""Ah-\n-em-Wtm \apv cbpw ]m]-tam-N-

o]w HIv
_ 2013


Ign-bmsX t]mhp-I-bpw, tbiphns\ ImWm- \ p B{Klw

Hcm hgn Adn- p- I - b pw
Ahn- S pp
\evIp adp-]Sn C{]-Im-c-am-Wv:
Fs A Bcv? Fs ktlmZ-c--fmcv? A\-cw Nppw \nhsc Nqn-Im-Wn-p-sImv AhnSpp ]dp: ""CXm Fs
Abpw ktlm-Z-c--fpw. ssZhh- N \s
{ihn- p- I bpw
AXns\ A\p-hn-p-Ibpw
sNphcmtcm Ah-cmWv Fs
Abpw ktlm- Z - c - m- c pw''
(eqm 8/19-21). tIhn-mv
A\p-Nn-X-amb adp-]Sn \evIn-btijw kzam-Xm-hns\ ]p{X-tbmKy-amb hn[-n _lp-am-\n-p-Xn-\mbn Ah \n etbv v t]mbXmbn sk v
tPm {Intkmw kqNn-n-n-cnp-p (A Commentory on the
Book of Genesis pp. 47, 48).
thsdm- c - h - k - c - n tbip{]hn Ap- Zinpw
{]t_m-[\w {ihnpw hnkvab
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- nh-i-bmb Hcp kv{Xo P\-q-n\np Cs\ DZv t Lmjnp: ""\ns hln DZ-chpw
\ns ]meq-nb ape-Ifpw `mKyap-h''. tbip AXn-\p-c
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]dp: ""Fm ssZh-h-N-\w
tIv AXv ]men-p--h IqSpX `mKy-h-m''(eqm 11/2728). ssZh- a m- X rXzw A\- \ y-


o]w HIv
_ 2013


Xn-bn cwK-{]thiw sNpp: ""\obpw kv{Xobpw Xnepw \ns

k-Xnbpw Ah-fpsS k-Xnbpw Xnepw Rm i{XpX Dfhmpw.
Ah \ns Xe XIpw. \o Ahs IpXn-Im-en ]cn-t]npw'' (Dev] 3/15). ssZh-ns cm-I-c-]-Xn ]qn-bm-p-hm
A{_-lm-ans\ sXcs-Sp ssZhw Ck-lm-n-eq-sSbpw bmtm_n-eq-sSbpw C{km-tb P\s sXcs--Sp-v cq-]o-I-cnp. AhcpsS Ncn-{X-n CS-s]-Sp ssZhw c-I-s\-Ip-dn-p hmKvZm-\ Bhn-p-tm hnhn-[--fmb AS-bm-f-fn-eq-sS-bpw,
kmZr-iy--fn-eq-sSbpw ]cn. I\y-Isb ZrjvSm-o-I-cn-n-cp-p.
ivlotm \a-kvIm-c-n \mw C{]-Imcw {]mn-p-p: ""aqim-\n_n-bm/ m]nX t]S-I-sa/ adn-bmta kzkvXn/ Poh-P-es
Dsm-pw/ dqlm-bn Bh-cWw \o/ Cuim-bn-kp-X-\mw ZmhoZv/ ]mSnb _e-tadpw ]pcn \o/ Cui \n aSn-bopw hm''
(_p[-, ip_vtlm, Bdmw aWn).
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sN-s c ]qn-bm-p-hm\pw Xncp-a-\-m-btm Xs
]p{Xs amXm-hm-Ip-hm sXc-s-Sp--s ]cn. I\y-Ibpw cmN-cn-{X-n I-\n-c-X-bmIp-p. tIhew Hcp km[p-I-\y-I-bmb
XtmSv c-Is amXm-hm-Ip-hm Xm sXc-s-Sp-s
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Fv Adn-bn--tm ssZh-Zq-X-t\mSp AhfpsS tNmZyw C{]Im-c-am-bn-cp-p, ""CsX-s\ kw`-hnpw?'' (eqm 1/34). Fm
A\p- ] - a - a mb Hcp alm- pXw I- \ ym- a m- X r- X zw Xn- e qsS
bmYmy-am-Ip-hm t]mIpp Fpw cm-I-c-I-n `mK`m-m-Ip-hm Xm hnfn--s-Spp Fpw a\-n-em-n-b-tm
Ah {]Xn-hN
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\nd-th-ds!'' (eqm 1/38). ssZho-I-]--Xn-bn Xs ]p-Im-cn-bmnbXn IrX--Xm-]-c-h-i-bmbn AhfpsS lr-S-n\npw
\n-fn kvtXm{X-Ko-X-amWv (eqm 1:46-55) Ah-fn\np \apv
knn-n-p kmam\yw ZoL-amb Htc- Hcp `mj-Ww.
AXn\ptijw hN-\-n\v amwkw \evIn temI-n\v {]Zm\w
sNp adnbw Ch-sbmw lrZ-b
- n kw{K-lnv KmV-ambn Nnnp-sIm-n-cpp (eqm 2/19). blq-Z-]m-c--cy-{]-Imcw ss]X-emb
tbip-hns\ ssZhm-e-b-n ]cn-tO-Z-\-n\v kanv _enbWw \Sn (eqm 2/ 22--). ssZh-lnXw {]hm-N-I-cmb siatbm-\n-eq-sSbpw A-bn-eq-sSbpw a\-n-em-p-p. ]noSv amXmhns\
\mw ImWp--Xv 12-mw hb-n ImWm-sX-t]mb tbip-hns\ aqpZn-hkw At\zjnXn\p-tijw tZhm-e-b-n Is-p kw`hnemWv. aI-t\mSv A C{]-Imcw tNmZnp, ""aIt\, \o RtfmSv Cs\ sNbvX-sXv? \ns ]nXmhpw Rm\pw DXvI-WvTtbmsS \ns At\z-jn-p-I-bm-bn-cp-p'' (eqm 2/48). ""\n
Fn-\mWv Fs At\z-jn-Xv? Rm Fs ]nXm-hns Imcy-fn hym]r-X\
- m-bn-cn-t-t-XmsWv \n Adn-bp-nt?'' (eqm
2/49) F tNmZyhpw ]cn. adnbw lrZ-b
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adnbw tbip-hns ]c-ky-Po-hn-X
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Fp a\-n-em-nb amXm-hv Xs aI-t\mSv Amcyw DWnpp. ""Ah \n-tfmSv ]d-bp-X
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]p{X-s kn-[n-bn kan-p-Ibpw ssZh-ln-X-{]-Imcw \psS
Pohn-Xs {Iao-I-cn-p-hm \apv t{]c-W-\Ip-Ibpw sNp
ssZh-am-Xr-Xz-ip-{iq-j-bmWv Cu kw`-h-n-eqsS ZrjvSm-o-I-cn-s-Sp--Xv.
Hcn- ]cn. Abpw ktlm-Z-c-fpw tbip-hns\ ImWp-hm\mbn Fn-sb-nepw P\-_m-lpeyw \nanw AI-p-I-S-p-hm

km[m-c-W-amb alm-`mKyw BsWpw ssZh-h-N\w tIv AXn\-\p-k-cnv Pohn--h F \ne-bn Ah AXnepw ku`m-Kyh-Xn-bm-sWpw Ahn-Spv hyRvPn-p-p.
tbip Xs c-Wo-b-IrXyw ]qn-bm-p-tm Ipcn-int\mSv tNp-\n-evp A cm-I-c-N-cn-{X-n-ep Xs
`mKhpw ]qn-bm-p-I-bm-Wv. ""CXm \ns A'' Fp ]dp-sImv Xs {]nb-in-jy-\mb tbml-ms\ tbip Xs
Asb Gev]n-p-Ibpw Atm apX B injy Ahsf
Xs `h-\-n kzoI-cn-p--Xp-whgn (tbml 19/27) c-Wo-bhym-]mcw A\-kyq-X-ambn XpSp-sImpt]mIp k`-bpsS
amXm-hmbn adnbw Xocp-p. Bb-Xn-\m-emWv injy-m ""GI-a-\tmsS tbip-hns A-bmb adn-b-tmSpw av kv{XoI-tfmSpw
Ahs ktlm-Zc
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1/14) s]-p- kvXm-Zn-\
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As\ ]cn. adnbw BZn-a-k-`-bpsS Abmbn-op. Cpw
Xs aI-t\m-Sp-tNv ssZho-I- c--Wo-b-hym-]mcw k`-bn

{InkvXp-tI-{o-Ir-X-amb acn-b-`n
]cn-ip adn-b
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{InkvXp-tI-{o-Ir-X-ambn tbiphns cm-I-c-hym-]m-c-n-ep
]m-fn--am-bn-cn-p--Xp-t]mse ]cn-ip adn-b-tm-Sp--Xmb
`n ssZhm-cm-[-\m-tI-{o-Ir-Xhpw, ssZhm-cm-[-\-bpsS tI{-_np-hmb hn. Ip_m-\-bn tI{o-Ir-X-hp-am-Wv. {]tXy-Inpw
]uckvXy Bcm-[-\m-{I-a-n {InkvXp-tI-{o-Ir-X-amb bma{]m-\-I-fpw, hn. Ip_m-\m-tI-{o-Ir-X-amb IqZm-im-\p-jvTm-\fpw ssZh-am-Xm-hn\v cm-Ic
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amyw At]-n-p henb ]mc--cy-amWv ]uc-kvXy-k-`Ip- - X v . - s sZh- i m- k v { X- ] - c - a m- b pw, Bcm- [ - \ m- ] - c - a mbpw
t{ijvThpw D-Xh
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`ym-`ym-k- ]uc-kvXy-k-`bn t{]mm-ln-n--s-Sp-n-.
t\mv BN-c-W-tm-Sp-Iq-Sn-bmWv ssZh-am-Xm-hns P\-\-Xn-cp\mfpw kzm-tcm-]-W-Xn-cp-\mfpw ]uc-kvXy-k`I sImm-Sp-XpX-s. Im-hmb tbip-{In-kvXp-hns Asb Dujva-famb kvt\l-tmSpw `n-\n`-c-amb _lp-am-\-tmSpw IqSnbmWv hyn-]c
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aikyadeepam monthly

]cn. ssZh-am-Xm-hns P]-ame: {InkvXp-hns apJw

]cn-ip adn-b-tmSp-tNv [ym\n-pI
Itm-enmk`-bp-am-bp Iqm-bva-bn Fn-tNn-p
Fm k`-Ifpw ]mm-Xy- k-`-bn acn-b-`n {]I-S-am-p ]cn.
adn-b-ns P]-ame hyn]c-amb Hcp `m-`ym-k-ambn kzoIcn-p-I-bpw, A\p-jvTn-p-Ibpw sNp-p-v. AXn-\p {][m-\Im-cWw {InkvXp-tI-{o-Ir-Xa
- mbn tbip-hns cm-Ic
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A\p-{K-l--fn-tebvv {]th-in-p-Xn\pw P]-ame \s klmbn-p-Xn-\m-em-Wv. adn-b-ns Ip-I-fn-eqsS {InkvXp-hns
apJw [ym\n-p-hm-\p Ghpw at\m-l-c-amb {]m-bmWv P]ame Fv tPmt]m cm-a amm-- Rosarium Virginis
Mariae (I\yI-a-dn-b-ns P]-am-e) F A-kvtXm-en-I-te-J\-n-eqsS \s {]t_m-[n-n-p-p.
cmw kl-{km-_v[
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t{]cn-X-ambn kam-cw-`n--s P]-am-e{]m\ k`-bpsS {]t_m-

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


[-\m-[n-Imcw (Magisterium) Fpw

t{]mm-ln-n-p-p-v. ImcWw Hcp
ss{Ikv X - h s Bym- n- I - b m- { Xbn Im-hmb tbip-{In-kvXp-hns
c-Wo-b-hy-]m-cs Fpw \qX-\ambn kzmwio-Ic
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]cn. P]-am-e-bpsS cl-ky-

]cn. P]-am-e-bn-eqsS \mw [ym\np-Xv Im-hns cm-I-c-{]-hrn-I AYhm cl-ky- Xs.
Av ktm-j-I-c-amb cl-ky-fn-eqsS Im-hmb tbip-{In-kvXphns a\p-jym-hXm-c-c-l-ky- awK-f-hm, adnbw Fen-k-_-ns\
kin-p-Xv, tbip-hns P\-\w,
tbip-hns\ ssZhm-e-b-n ImgvNh- b v p- Xv , tbip- h ns\ ssZhmen Is-p-Xv \mw [ym\np-p. ZpxJ-I-c-amb cl-ky--fneqsS Im- h mb tbip- { In- k v X phns ]oUm-k-l-\-hpw, Ipcn-ip-a-c-Whpw tbip KXvk-ta tXm-n
{]mn-p-Xv, tbip-hns\ N-nsImv ASnp- Xv , tbip- h ns\
apapSn [cn-np-Xv, tbip Ipcnip
Npa- p- Xv , tbip Ipcn- i n acnpXv \mw [ym\n-p-p. al-zc-amb clky--fn-eqsS Imhmb tbip-{In-kvXp-hns cm-Ic
cl-ky- Dm-\-hpw, kzm-tcml-W-hpw, s]-p-kvXm-bpw \mw
A\p- k v a - c n- p- I - b pw, adn- b - ns
Pohn-X-nse cm-Iccl-ky--fntebvv amXm-hns kzm-tcm-]W
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amXmhv {Xntem-I-Im-n-bmbn apSn-[cn-n--s-Sp-Xv- \mw {]th-in-pIbpw sNp-p.
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AXo- h - X m- e v ] - c y- t msS Pohn- pIbpw t{]mm-ln-n-p-Ibpw sNbvX
tPm t]m cm- a amm
ssZhm-m-hn-\m t{]cn-X\
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cm-I-c-c-lkyw [ym\n-p thfbn ktm- j - I - c - a mb cl- k ypw, ZpxJ- I - c - a mb cl- k ypw CS-bvp Im-hns
]c-ky-Po-hn-X-c-l-ky- th{X
A\p- k v a - c n- - s - S p- n Fm- W v .
Bb-Xn-\m 2002 HIvtSm-_hsc k`bn {]Jym-]n P]-am-e-hj-n
2002 HIvtSm-_ 16-mw XobXn Xs
]mm-hm-gvN-bpsS 25-mw hj-n
Rosarium Virginis Mariae F A-

P]-am-e-bnse {]m-\-I
{Inkv X p- c - l - k y- - f psS [ym\w
Bh- \ - n- e - [ njv T nXamb Hcp
[ym\-co-Xn-bmWv P]-am-e. Ir]- \ nd adn-bta F {]m-\-bmWv
CXn {][m-\w. Cu {]m\ t\cnv
adn-bs A`n-kw-t_m-[\ sNp-Xm- s Wv tXmn- t b- m- s a- nepw
BXy-n-I-ambn CXv adn-b-tmSp
tNpw adn-b-n-eq-sSbpw tbip-hnt\m-Sp kvt\l-amWv {]I-S-am-p-Xv; {InkvXp-hn-t\mSp ]cn-]q-ambn
XmXm-Zvay-s-Sp-hm-\p {InkvXym-\nbpsS henb B{K-la
- mWv ChnsS {]IS-am-Ip--Xv. hn. ]utemkvolm ]dbp- - X p- t ]mse C\nbpw Rm\- ,
{InkvXp Fn Pohn-p-p (Kem
2/20) Fp ]d-bp-hm CXv \s
Ir]-\nd adn-bta F {]m\-bpsS Hmw `mKw ]cn. adn-b-tmSv
amemJ kwkm-cn hN-\hpw Fenk_v kwkm-cn hN-\-hp-am-Wv, ]cn.
adn-b-n \nd-th-dp ssZho-I-clkyw. Im-hmb tbip-hn-t\m-Sp
\ncp]aamb Cu _w ssZh-am-Xmhm-Ip-hm-\p Ah-fpsS henb `mKyam-Wv. Cu {]m-\b
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""Fs Im-hns A Fs ASpp-h-cp-hm-\p `mKyw F\ns-hn-sS\nv'' (eqm 1/43) F hN-\-n
A[n-jvTn-X-ambn ssZh-am-Xm-hn-eq-sSbp ay-{- ]m-\b
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Hmtcm cl-ky--tfmSpw tNv
ssZh-h-N\w {ihn--Xn-\p-tijw \mw
{]mn-p kz--\mb ]nXm
th F {]m\ \psS lrZ-bsf ssZh-]n-Xm-hn--te-bvp-bphm \s klm-bn-p-p. Hmtcm
cm-I-c-c-l-ky-n-eq-sSbpw tbip
\s ]nXm-hn-t- e-bvm-sWtm \bnp--Xv. As\ {InkvXp-tI-{o-IrX-amb acn-b[ym\-n-eqsS ""Am,
]nXmth'' (tdmam 8/15; Kem 4/6) F
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{InkvXob [ym\-ns ]c-aamb eyw ]nXmhpw ]p{X\pw

- q-lmbpamb ktXyIssZh-hp-am-bp sFIy-am-Wv. BbXn-\m P]-am-e-bpsS P]-n ]c-a-amb {]m[m-\y-amWv {XnXzkvXp-Xnp-Xv. Hmtcm cl-kyhpw {]mtZ-in-I-ambn cq]o-I-cn-s Hcp {]m-\m-t]--tbm-sS-bmWv Ah-km-\n-n-p-I. ImetZ-i--\p-kr-X-ambn Ah amdn-h-cp-sa-nepw {InkvXptI{oIr-X-amb {XnssXzI[ym\m-\p-`-h-n AXv \s Bg-s-Sp-Ww.

P]-am-e-bpsS aWn-I
\mw Bhnp P]n-p Ir]-\n-d adn-bta F
{]m\ Fp-hm \s klm-bn-p--tXm-sSmw {InkvXptI-{o-Ir-X-amb \psS Bym-o-I-Po-hnX]ptcm-K-Xnsb kqNnn-p-hm\pw AXn Bg-s-Sm\pw \s ]Tn-n-p-p. Hcp amebpsS cq]-n cq]o-Ir-X-am-bn-cn-p Cu app-a-Wn-I BXyn-I-ambn \s sIms-n-p ssZh-kw-k-ns kqN\-bm-Wv.

- h-fn-]m-Sp-Ifpw ssZh-\n-th-in-Xa
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]Tn-p-hm\pw A\p-`-h-am-p-hm\pw km[n-mh ]cn. adn-bns ssZho-I-amb ZuXyw a\-n-em-msX \ncm-I-cn-pp;
Ahn-Sps ay--n A`-b-s-Sp-Ibpw sNp-n-. DIrjvS-amb ]uckvXy ssZh-im-kv{X-n-epw, D-X-cmb k`m-]n-Xm-m-cpsS {]t_m-[-\-nepw A[n-jvTn-X-ambn ssZhm-cm-[-\-bn
ka--k-ambn kt-fn-p acnb-`-n-bmWv Ghpw A-hm-bXv. ssZhm-cm-[\
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]cn-t]m-jn-n-p-Ibpw sNp-p. Bb-Xn-\m Bcm-[-\m-tI-{oIr-Xa
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- n Bg-s-p-sIm-p-thWw Bcm-[t\Xc`ym-`ym-k- \mw t{]mm-ln-n-p-I.
P]-am-e-`n Hcp hyn-]camb `n-bmbnmWv ]uc-kvXyk-`I kzoIcn-n-cn-p--Xv. CXv efn-Xhpw BoIm\p`h-Kn-bp-am-Wv. {InkvXp cl-ky- efn-X-ambn ]cn. adn-b-ns
amXr-I-bn [ym\n-p hnizmkn hyn-]-c-ambpw IpSpw-_m-co-
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{XnssXzI Bcm-[-\-bn-tebvpw AXv \s DtNpp.


(HIvtSm-_ 10)

Bp-_n-jv _\-UnIvSv am {KntKm-dn-tbmkv


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

kvtXm-enIteJ-\-n-eqsS {]Im-i-cl-ky- tb-ip-hns amtm-Zokm, Im\m- b nse ApXw, ssZhcmPy {]Jym-]-\w, tbip-hns cq]m-co-I-c-Ww, ]cn-ip Ip_m-\-m]-\w- I
- qn-tv P]-ame`n IqSpX ]q-amn FXv k`bvv
henb A\p- { K- l - a m- b n- o- c p- I bpw



aikyadeepam monthly


e IpSpw-_--fp-sSbpw Nne hyn-I-fp-sSbpw \miw

Iv Rm lrZ-b
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Fp-sImv? P\m A-\m-b-hs\ I-tm AkvtXm-e-m tbip-hn-t\mSp tNZn--Xp-t]mse. Hcp A\p`hw Ipdnbvmw. ]pcm-X-\-amb Hcp kp-dn-bm\n {InkvXym\n
IpSpw_w. ]c--cm-K-X-ambn k-, ]Tnpw ]{Xm-kp-ap-h. kaq-l-n hnebpw \nebpw D-h. thK-n
XdhmSv Xd-tXm-sSm XpSn. Hcp aI Irjn--ep-hv adn-p-hoWp. Hcp Imn-s-Sn-bpsS Ipn-bn-temWv hoWXv. Iv ico- c - n- e qsS In- t ]mse
XpfpIbdn acnp. Hcp acp-a-I hoSns Nmh-Sn-bn-hv
aqJ ]mns ISn-tbp acnp. Zpcn-X- Hn\p
]pdsI Hmbn hp-sIm-n-cpp. Nne ]dp IpSpw_-n\v Xncp-ta-\n-bpsS im]w Inn-b-Xm-sWv. Fm
As\ ]d-bm ImcWw Fp Rm At\z-jnp. k`mh-gv sImSp-n-cn-sIm-n-cp Imew; _mhm Inbpw
sa{Xm Inbpw. es Hcp hn`m-K-ns t\XrXzw
Cu IpSpw-_
- m-cm-bn-cpp. hg-p-aqew ]qn-n-S
- p ]nbn adp-`m-Ks sa{Xm-tm-eo {]th-in-p-hm hcpp-shp hm ]cp. AXns\ XS-bm adp-`mKw \o Bcw-`np. Kp-Ifpw Ipdp-h-Sn-Ifpw Xm-dmbn. t\Xmhns ]d-nse Imn-s-Sn-I shn-bmWv Ipdp-h-Sn-I
Xm-dm-n-bXv. Ah Hfnp hn-cp-Xv hoSns Nmh-Snbnepw. sa{Xm-tm-eom ]n-bn {]th-in-p-hm BKX-\mbn. henb _l-fhpw ASn-]n-Snbpw Dmbn. ]epw
ASn Inn, sa{Xm-tm-eo-mbvpw ASn Inn-sbv P\kw-kmcw. Fm-bmepw _l-f-n\p t\XrXzw \evInb
t\Xm-hns aI Ipdp-hSn Dm-m shnb Imn-s-SnbpsS Ipn-bn hoWp acnp. Ipdp-h-Sn-I Hfn-p-h-n-cp
Nmh-Sn-bnhv acp-a-I aqJs ISn-tbp acnp. CXp
Xncp-ta-\n-bpsS im]-am-sWp \mp-h-am\w.
C{]-Im-c-ap At\I \mp-hn-ti-j- tIp-hm\n-S-bm-bn-pv. hnIm-cn-b--s\-p-dnv A]-hmZw ]d-p]-c-nb IpSpw-_-n A]-I-S-a-c-W-. ]n-bpsS
]Ww ASn-p-am-nb IpSpw-_-n av _pn-{`aw.
aT-ns ]dv AXn-cp-am-n-sb-Sp--hs hon amcI- t cm- K - . ]n- b n- t ev \namW hkv X p-
hmnb hI-bn Io-j-\-Sn--hs hoSn\v CSn-shn.
Cs\ tIn-p kw`-h
- A\-h[n. Ch-sbms Am-cp-sSbpw Xncp-ta-\n-am-cp-sSbpw im]-am-sWv P\-kwkmcw.
CsXms ImWp-Ibpw tIp-Ibpw sNp-tm
F\n-smcp kwibw. A-m-scbpw sa{Xm--m-scbpw
k`-sbbpw ssZhw sXc-s-Spv A[n-Im-c-s-Sp-nbn-cn-p-Xv A\p-{K-ln-m-\mtWm AtXm i]n-m-

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


\mtWm? A\p-{K-ln-m Xs, kwi-ban. ".... A\p-{K-ln-p-I-b-msX i]n-cpXv" (tdma 12:14) FmWv hnip
]utemkv ]d-bp-Xv. "i]n-p--hsc A\p{K-ln-p-hn. A[n-t-]n-p-h
- p-thn
{]mn- p- h n" (eqm 6:28) FmWv
tbip-\m-Y Iev]n-n-cn-p-Xpw. ]ns P\-fpsS CS-bn Ccw Nn-I FhnsS
\np h-XmWv. Gsd \mfmbn Fs a\kn Cu Nn-I \ndp \nn-cpp.
kwJy-bpsS ]pkvXIw 16-mw A[ymbw
hmbn-p-sIm-n-cp-t- m F\nv Nne Dc- e`np. AXv \n- f p- a mbn ]phbvmw. ]m-ew ]d-p-sIm-m-cw`nmw. C{km- t b P\s \bn- m

tImdlv, Zmm, A_odmw, Zm

Fn-h tamibvpw Al-tdm\pw
FXn-cmbn P\s Cf-m XpSn.
kam-K-a-Iq-Sm-c-n amcpw {]th-in-cpXv FXv tamibpw Al-tdm\pw
Ah-cpsS A[n-Imcw \ne-\nm
FSp-n-cn-p AS-hmWv, AmsX
ssZhw ]d- n- Fv Ah
]dp ]cn. "kaq-l-n Fmhcpw hnip-c
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at[y Dv . ]ns- n\p \n
Im-hns P\-n\p aosX t\Xm-m-cmbn Na-bpp" (16:13) Fm-bncpp tIl- d n- s bpw Iq- c p- s Sbpw

tImd-ln-sbpw Iq-cp-sSbpw \S-]Sn tamisb thZ-\n-np.

tami ]dp. "Im-hn-s\-Xn-sc-bmWv \n kwLw tNncn-p-Xv. Al-tdm-s\-Xnsc ]ndp-]n-dp-m Ah BcmWv"
(16:11). tImdlpw Iqcpw tamisb [n-cnp (16:12-16). tImdlv
kaq-ls kam-Ka IqSm-c-hm-Xn tamibvpw Al-tdm\pw
FXn-cmbn Hcp-an-p-Iqn. tImdlpw Ccp-\qn AXv A\p-bm-bnIfpw [q]-I-e-i-hp-ambn kam-Ka IqSm-c-ns hmXn--sen.
ss__n-fnse `mKw AtX-]Sn Rm D-cnmw. "Imhv tamitbmSpw Al-tdm-t\mSpw Acp-fn-sbvXp. Rm\n-hsc Ctm kwlcnpw. Ch-cn \np amdn-\n-p-sIm-p-hn. Ah XmWp-hoWp
]dp. kI-e-P-\-n\pw Poh \evIp ssZhta, Hcp a\pjy ]m]w sNbvX-Xn\v Av kaqlw apgp-h-t\mSpw tIm]nptam? Imhv tami-tbmSp Acp-fn-sNbvXp. tImdlv, Zmm,
A_odmw Fn-h-cpsS hoSp-I-fpsS ]cn-k-c-p-\np amdn-tmIm P\-tmSp ]d-bpI".
"Atm tami Zmm-sbpw A_o-dm-an-sbpw ASp-tp
sNp. C{km-tb-ense t{ijvT-m Ahs\ A\p-K-anp. tami
kaq-l-tmSp ]dp. Ch-cpsS ]m]-ns]p \in-m-Xn-cnt--Xn\v Cu ZpjvS-m-cpsS IqSm-c--fn \nv Hgn-p-amdn
\nevp-hn. Ah-cpsS hkvXp--sf-tmepw kv]in--cpXv.
tImdlv, Zmm, A_odmw Fn-h-cpsS IqSm-c--fpsS ]cn-k-c-fn \np P\w Hgnp amdn. Zmm\pw A_o-dmapw `mcy-amtcmSpw a-tfmSpw Ipp--tfmSpw IqsS ]pd-p-hv XfpsS IqSm-c--fpsS hmXn-ev \np. tami ]dp: Cu
{]hn-I sNm Im-hmWv Fs \ntbm-Kn--sXpw
Ah-sbmpw Rm kzta-[bm sNbvX-X-spw CXn \np
\n Adnbpw. Fm a\p-jycpw acn-p--Xp-t]m-se-bmWv Ch
acn- p- - s X- n, Fm a\p- j y- c p- s Sbpw hn[n- X - s - b mWv
Chpw kw`-hn-p--sX-n, Imhv Fs Ab-n-n.
Fm, Im-hns ApX in-bm `qan hm ]nfv Ahscbpw Ahp--h-scbpw hngp-p-Ibpw Poh-t\msS ]mXm-fn-tep sImp-t]m-hp-Ibpw sNp-s-n Ah Imhns\ \nn-n-cn-p-p-sh-n \n Adnbpw.
"tami CXp ]dp Ign-t- m-tgpw Ahp Xmsg \new
]nfp. `qan hm ]nfv tImd-ln-s\bpw A\p-N-c-m-scbpw AhcpsS IpSpw-_mw-K--tfmSpw hkvXp-h-I-I-tfmSpw IqsS hngpn
Ifp. Ahcpw Ah-tcmSp _-s--hcpw Poh-t\msS ]mXm-fn ]Xnp. `qan Ahsc aqSn. As\ P\-a-[y-n \nv
Ah A{]-Xy-c
- mbn. Ah-cpsS \ne-hn-fn-tIv Nppw \n C{kmtb-ey `qan \s-qSn hngp-n--f-bm-Xn-cn--s-sbp ]dv
HmSn-b-Ip. Im-hn \nv An-bn-dn [q]m\ \S-nsm-n-cp Ccp-\q-n-b
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- p." (kwJy
]g-b-\n-b-a-n C{km-tbm-cpsS bm{X-bn ssZhw hknn-cp-Xv kam-K-a-Iq-Sm-c-n. ]g-b-\n-b-a-nse kam-K-a-Iq-Sm-cns m\-mWv ]pXnb \nb-a
- n ]cn-ip Itm-enm
k`. k`-bn ssZhw kn-ln-X-\m-bn-cn-pp. ssZh-hp-ambn
_-s-Sm Xncp-k-`-bn-em-bn-cn-pI. kam-K-a-Iq-Sm-c-n tamisbbpw Al-tdm-s\bpw t\Xr-Xz-ip-{iq-jb
- n-tev \nb-an ssZhw
]pXn-b-\n-b-a-n, Xncp-k-`-bn t\Xr-ip-{iq-jbvv sshZn-Iscbpw sshZn-I-ta-e-[y--scbpw \nb-an-n-cn-pp. Ctm Hcp
Imcyw hy-am-Ipp. k`bvpw sshZn-Ipw kanXpw ]npw Hs FXn-cmbn {]hn-p--hv
Fp-sImv AIr-Xy- kw`-hn-pp. AXv sshZn-I-cpsS
im]w sIm, {]XypX sshZn- I pw k\y- k v X pw
]npw FXn-cm-bn-p {]hrn ssZh-n-s\-Xn-cm-bn-p
{]hr-n-bm-b-Xp-sIm-mWv. tImd-ln-sbpw Iq-cp-sSbpw A\p`hw Bcpw ad-m-Xn-cn-s.


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

ssZhw tamisb \ntbm-Knp. klmbn-bmbn Al-tdm-s\bpw. IqSm--c-n

IqsS hkn-p-sImv ssZhw Ahsc
in-s-Sp-n-sm-n-cpp. ssZhns Btem-N\ A\p-k-cn-mWv
tamibpw Al-tdm\pw P\s \bnXv. kam-K-a-Iq-Sm-c-nsen
tamibpw Al-tdm\pw ssZh-lnXw
Bcm-bpI ]Xn-hm-bn-cpp. Ahp
am{Xta kam-Ka IqSm-c-n {]thin-p-hm ssZhw A\p-hmZw \evInbn-cp-pq.

^m. hKokv ssXq--n

kw`hw AXp-t]mse A\p-kvac
- n-pI
Fp am{X-a-, Xncp-\m A\p-kva-cW- b m- s W- n ]v \Sp Fv
\ hniz- k n- p Hcp kw`- h ns shdpsamcp Abhn-d
- am{Xa. AXnepw Bg-amb Hcp Aw
AXn-\p-v. "HmpI' A\p-`-h-am-Wv.
Hcp Znh-ks Hm-bn amXm-hns
Pohn- X nse A\p- ` - h - n- t ev
hnizm-k-ns shfn--n Bgambn ISp sNp-I. Cu Hcp at\m`m-h-tmSp IqSn \psS k`-bnse
amXr Xncp-\m-fp-Isf a\-kn-em-m

hnp-Isf {]Xn-bp
amXm-hns Hm--P-\p-hcn 15

aikyadeepam monthly

e-c k`m Pohn-X

- n \nv FSpv amphm Ign-bm A{X-am{Xw Bg-ambpw iambpw \ne-\np Hcp bmYmy-amWv
]cn. ssZhamXm- h n- t \m- S p `n. k`m
asf kw_-n-n-St- mfw ssZh-hp-am-bp
`n {][m-\-ambpw {]I-Sn-n-p-Xv Bcm-[\-bn-eq-sS-bm-Wv. \psS k`-bpsS ]mwKw
]cn-tim-[n-m {InkvXphns Xncp-\m-fp-I
Ignv Ghpw IqSp- X Xncp- \ m- f p- I
DXv amXm-hns \ma-nemWv. "Xncp-\m'
Fm ]cn-ip--amb \m, \ \m, \
Hm FsmsbmWv Aw. Hm
Fp ]d-bp-tm ]stm \S Hcp

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


amXm-hns\n-bp {][m-\-s
acn- b - i mkv { X Zi- \ - Fmw
Xs Cu Znhks {]m-\-bn
{]tXy-Iamw hn[w A\p-kva-cn-p-p.
Cu {]m-\I
- {]kvXpX Xncp-\m
BtLm-jn-p Bcm-[m\ kaq-lns Pohn-X-n\v cv kt-i {]-[m-\-ambpw \Ip-p. Hv,
tbip {InkvXp-hns ApX P\\w.
km[m- c - W - m- c psS Pohn- X - h p- a mbn
_-ap hnns kmZr-iy-nemWv AXv Ah-X-cn-n-n-cn-p--Xv.
tbip-{InkvXp hnn-msX apf-h
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- mWv. Ap-Xm-hl
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apf-n IXn-cmWv AXnse BZy ^eamWv tbip, GI ^e-hpw. Ah B
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apgp-h-\pambn kanp. \psS k`bn-ep BZy ^ew F kev]w
Cu Xncp-\m-fp-ambn _-s-n-cn-pp.

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PohnX {]Xym-i-bmbpw hmKvZm\-ambpw \ne-sIm-p-p.

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ae-c k`-bn {]tXy-I-ambn BN-cn-p Hcp Xncp-\m-fmWnXv tbip-hns P\-\-n\v kam--c-ambn amXm-hns P\-\-Xncp-\mfpw BtLm-jn-p-p. ]cn-ip--a-dn-b-ns P\-\-Xn-cp-\mfns Bcm-[-\-bn Ah-fpsS P\-\-n-eqsS e`y-amb csb
A\p-kva-cn-p-p. adn-bm-ans P\-\w \-I-fpsS Bcw-`-am-Wv,
h-\-bpsS Ah--km-\hpw. Xs P\-\-n-eqsS, \jvS-s ]dpZokm hos-Sp- a-dnbw ]pXnb l-bm-Wv.

ssZh-am-Xm-hns ssZhm-eb {]th-i-\w--\-hw_ 25

tbip-hns tZhm-eb-{]-th-i\
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adnbw Genip_m ki-\w--\-hw_ 30

Zmhn-Zns ]p{Xn-bmb adnbw Ah-fpsS DZ-c-n hln-p
ssZh-ns Ipm-Sn-s\bpw hln-p-sImv amem-J-bn \nv
X\nv e`n kam-[m\ ktiw ]p-sh-bvp-hm Nmmcnbmb Gen-ip-_m-bpsS ASp-tv t]mb kw`-hs Cu Xncp\m-fn A\p-kva-cn-p-p. Gen-ip_m Bh-iy-sn- adnbw
t]mb-Xv. ssZhm Bhiyw a\-kn-emn kzbw tkhn-m
adnbw t]mIp-Ib
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ssZh-am-Xm-hns DhwUn-kw_ 8
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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

a\p-jy-s\-n a\p-jys AkvXnXzm-Im-h-iy--sf-n AXns apd-hn-fnIsfn ssZh-a-\p-jy-\n-Kq-UX-sb-n Hmm-\p Ah-kc-amWv hnp-Isf {]Xn-bp
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tIhew ap-tm-Sn-t\mSv t]mepw ]cnip Asb D]-an-p-Ibpw sNp-h-cpsSbpw kaq-l-n-emWv \mw
\psS hnizmkw hfn-sImv
hcp--sXv Hmp-sImv ssZhamXm-hn-t\m-Sp `n \psS Pohn-Xnepw kaq-l-nepw {]N-cn-n-m
\mw Xm-dm-h-Ww........
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{]Ion--Xmbn hN\w kmn-p-tm, thfm-n-bnepw, ]mtd ]n-bn-epw, aWImSpw AbpsS Ic-kv]i-\-n-\mbn XSnv IqSp hnizmkn-I-fpsS kaq-lhpw Cv X-fpsS Pohn-X-neqsS adn-bs {]Ion-p-I-bmWv sNp--Xv.
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aikyadeepam monthly

HIvtSm-_ amkw Itm-enm k`-bpsS km\--fmb \s kw_-n-n-S-tmfw ]cn-ip

ssZh-am-Xm-hn\v Gsd {]m[m\yw \Ip amk-amWv. At\-Iv PohnX XI-bn \nv Dbbpw, tcmK--fn \nv hnSp-X-epw, B-coI apdphp-I-fn \nv kuJyhpw Pohn-Xn\v ]p
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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


a\pjy hwi-n\v apgp-h\pw A-bmbn Ahsf

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(Imsh \ns {]k-hn adn-bm-apw.....) Chsbmw ]cn-ip Abvv k`- \Ip _lp-am\-n\v D DZm-l-c-W--fm-Wv.
Cu amkw \mw P]-ame amk-ambn BN-cn-ptm \psS Pohn-X-n `-W-n "Dv'
F{X am{Xw Bhn-iy-amtWm AXp-t]mse Xs
Pohn-X-n Hgnp IqSm\mhm Hmbv P]-ame
Xoc-s. ssZh-am-Xm-hns\ " Fs Im-hns
An' Fv ]dv A`n-kw-t_m-[\ sNbvX
ssZh-Zm-k am Cuhm-\n-tbmkv ]nXm-hns afmWv \mw F Dd--t_m-[-tmsS IqSn ssZh-amXm-hn-t\m-Sp {]tXyI `n \psS Pohn-X-n
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app-Isf aS-mw.

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Fp ]d--tmgpw Imkm-sb-Spv CXv Fs cam-Ipp Fv ]d--tmgpw Ah Atms
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]d AtX hmp-I-fmWv ]ptcm-ln-X-m A--hop-I Bioh-Zn-p-tm D-cn-p-X
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Im-hns hN-\hpw ]ptcm-ln-Xs hN-\hpw
Xn KWy-amb hyXymkw Dv. ssZh-ns
hN\w krn-i-n-bp--Xm-Wv (Creative power).
AXp-sImv ssZhw Dm-Is Fp ]d--tm
Dm-bn. Fm a\p-jy-\mb ]ptcm-ln-Xs hN-\n\v krn-i-n-bn-. Am-bn-cpp Fn a\pjy D-cn-p-tmgpw AXp kw`-hn-p-am-bn-cp-p.
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ka-bv hnizm-kn-I `b-`-n-tbmsS {]mnp-hn. hn. Ipm-\-bn aqp Iq-cpsS ta
]cn-ip-m-mhv Bh-kn-p-p. Hv ]ptcm-lnXs ta. Imc-Ww, ]ptcm-ln-Xs Ic--fn-eqsS-bmWv ]cn-ip-m-mhv A-ho-p-I-fn-t
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-c-s-Sp-p. aqv, kn-ln-X-cm-bn-cn-p

ssZh-P-\-n-\p-ta. ]cn-ip-m Bhmkw
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2. ]ptcm-ln-Xs cl-ky-{]m\: ip{iq-jI
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{]Jym-]\ ka-bv ]ptcm-ln-X ]cn-ip-mm-hn-t\mSv {]mn-p-p. A-ho-p-I-fnt Bh-kn-p--Xn\pw Xs ta Bhkn-p--Xn\pw Xs hnip-o-I-cn-p--Xn-\pwthn {]mnp-p.
3. Gen-bm-bpsS {]m\: (1 cmPm. 18: 37-38)
Genbm _mens {]hm-N-Isc hnfn-p-Iqn ]dp, cv bmK-]o-T- Dm-pI. Hmtcmnepw Hmtcm Imf-p-nsb _en-I-gn-m-\mbn
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Cdn Ch Zln-n-p-pthm B ssZhw kXyssZ-hw. _mens {]hm-N-I-m _m tZh-


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

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aikyadeepam monthly

t\mSv {]mn-p. cmhnse apX ky-hsc

{]mn-npw {]tbm-P\w Dm-bn-. ]noSv
Genb btlm-h-bmb ssZh-tmSv {]mn-p,
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Fv. Atm BIm-iv \nv AKv\n Cdn
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shw hn- p. Genbm {]hm- N - I s Cu
{]m-\-bmWv ]ptcm-ln-X sNmp--Xv. Cu
{]m\ ChnsS {Iao- I - c n- np- X ns
Dtiyw CXm-Wv, An ]cn-ip-m-m-hns
{]Xo-I-am-Wv. An \mhp-I-fpsS cq]-n ]cnip-m-mhv ol-m-cpsS ta Bh-kn-p. Genbm- b psS _ensb ]cn- i p- m- mhv Cdn
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]ptcm-ln-Xs {]m\-h-gn-bmbn ]qn-bmp-hm thn ]gb \nb-a-kw-`hw A\p-kvacnv ]ptcm-ln-X {]mn-p-p.
4. ]cn-ip-m-mhv Bhmk {]m\: ]ptcm-lnX A-ho-p-I-fn-t ssII Bh-knn-p-sImv aqp {]mhiyw hoXw A-ho-pI-fn-t Ipcn-i-S-bmfw hc-p-sImv ]cn-ipm-mhv Cu As Im-hns ico-camn Xos Fp {]mn-p-p. Imkmbnse an{in-Xs Im-hns c-amn
Xos Fp {]mnv ]cn-ip-m-mhv
Bhmkw hgn-bmbn Im-hns ico-c c-fmbn ]cn-W-an-p-p.
ay {]m\-I (Dipthyics)
ay {]m-\-I AYhm "Un]vXnn'
F {]m\ km[m-c-W-bmbn "ip_vtZ'
Fp ]d-n-cp-p. Cs\ ]d-bm ImcWw
ay {]m\ cm-as apX Fm
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_vtZ' Fp ]d-p-sIm-m-Wv. Xp_vtZ
F kpdn-bm\n ]Z-ns Aw "Fm
hopw' (Let us pray again) Fm-Wv. ay
- Bdv F-amWv. BZy s aqs
w Pohn-n-cn-phv thnbpw cm-a
s aqsw acn-h
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1. Hm-as ay {]m\ Cu {]m\-bn k`-bnse A[n-Im-cn-Isf Hmpp
(Excelessetiul signituries) am]m- , ImtXmenm _mhm, CS-hI sa{Xm-tm-eo Ch-cpsS
t]cp-I ]dv Chp-thn {]mn-pp. GsXmcp sshZn-I\pw FhnsS Ip-m\
An-mepw AXv k`-bpsS Ipm-\-bm-Wv.
ImcWw Cu sshZn- I sa{Xm- \ pambn
kwk-n-em-bn-cn-p-p. sa{Xm ImtXmenm _mhm- t bmSpw ImtXm- e nm _mhm
am]m-t- bmSpw kwk-n-em-bn-cn-p-p. Cu
Iqmbva hgn-bmWv Ipm\ k`-bpsS Ipm\-bm-Ip--Xv.
2. cm-as ay{]m-\-bn temI-nep Fm {InkvXym-\n-I-sfbpw Hmp-p.
{]tXy-Inv aX-]o-U-\-nepw sRcp--nepw
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\mw Fm-hcpw Im-hns `uXnI ico-cnse AwK--fm-Ip-p. \psS ico-cv

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013






GXp-`m-Kv thZ\ hmepw B icoc `mKns am{X-a icocw apgp-h-sbpw thZ-\bmWv . AXp- s Imv temI- n Fhn- s Ssbms {InkvXym-\n-I thZ\ A\p-`-hn-ppthm AXv k`m-Km-{X-ns apgp-h thZ-\bm-Wv. AXp-sImv Ah-sc-sbmw {]tXy-Iambn Hmp-p.
aqm- a s ay {]m- \ - b n cmPynse `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-Isf Hmp-p. (Civil
Authorities) BZy-\q-m-p-If
- n {InkvXob cmPm-mp-thn Ipm-\-bn {]mn-n-cpp. ]noSv Fm `c-Wm-[n-Im-cn-Ip-thnbpw {]mnp-p. Ah \oXn-bnepw kXynepw cmPys \bn-p--Xn\pw AXp-hgn
{InkvXob PohnXw \apv kpK-a-ambn \bn-p-Xn\pw thn-bmWv Cu {]m-\.
\mem-as ay {]m-\b
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p-p. tbml-m kv\m]-I-s\bpw kvtX^mt\mkv sim-i-t\bpw Hmp-p. Ch-cpsS
ay-X \apv tIm-bm-bn-cn-p-X
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thn Ahsc Hmp-p.
Am-as ay {]m-\-bn ]cn-ip
kq-l-tZm-kp-I-sfbpw Ahn-sS-shv \n-bn-s kXy-hn-izm-k-sbpw kXy-hn-izmkw
Dd-n ]nXm-
- m-scbpw Hmp-p. BZna k`bnse kq--l-tZm-kp-I Fmw kXy-hn-izm-khn- c p- - a mb ]mjWv U- X - I Dm- b - t m
Ahsb Zqco-I-cnv kXy-hn-izmkw ]cn-c-n-phmthn hnfn-p-Iq-n-b-h-bm-Wv.
Bdm-as ay {]m-\b
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th]n-cnv ssZh-k
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Pohn-n-cphcp-sSbpw acn-p-t]m-b-h-cp-sSbpw
t]cp-I Hmp-p-m-bn-cp-p. CXn\v Poh-]pkvX-I-n \np hmb\ Fp ]d-n-cpp. ]noSv CXv A{]m-tbm-Kn-I-ambn Xotm Poh-]p-kvXI
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acn--h-scbpw Hcp-t]mse Hmp-Xv Cu cp
Iqcpw Im-hns alXz {]Xy--Xsb
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- m-Wv. Fs icocw `n-pIbpw ]m\w sNp-Ibpw sNp-h
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Pohnpw F Im-hns hN-\s B[mc-am-n-bm-Wn-Xv.

atm bph-Xn, 26 hbkv,
MBS Ignv PG practice
sNp-p. A\p-tbm-Py-amb
tbmKy-X-bp MBS,PG ]Tnp-tXm PG Ign-tXm Bb tPmen-bp bphm-fn \npw Btem-N\ Wn--p-p.
Mob: 9495509414

A New Habit
I was stressed - body, mind, and soul.
The recent passing of my grandparents,
the looming thought of final exams, and
the hardships my friends were going
through weighed heavily on me.
Thats why I decided to take a walk
around the beautiful seminary
surroundings. It was something out of
the ordinary in my daily schedule. I was
never one for wasting time by taking a
walk. But I felt only some fresh air will
help me relax and so there I was
preparing to take a walk. Thats when
another novel idea came into mind - why
not recite the rosary while I was
walking? I have seen few photos of
Blessed Pope John Paul II of happy
memory do the same. There was no one
else around who would see me either.

So I decided to recite the rosary while I

Unbeknownst to me a new habit was
forming in me; a habit which produced
the thoughts that I am sharing in this
brief article.
The Insight
During my rosary walks, I tended to
favor the meditation on Joyful mysteries
over the other three mysteries. The
reason was simple - I needed to unwind
and relax and Joyful mysteries were the
best fit for that purpose. The more I
meditated on the mysteries from the
perspective of the Blessed Virgin Mother,
the more I realized how unjoyful the
larger portion of each event must have
been for her.

1 st Joyful Mystery - The Annunciation of

Gabriel to Mary (Luke 1:26-38)
Here is a teenage girl praying in her room and
suddenly there appears an angel. As one would
expect, Mary was greatly troubled as any of us
would have if a heavenly being unexpectedly
appeared before us. Moreover, if we take the Old
Testament portions in which an angel appeared
to human beings, we have seen the various
reactions it evokes in the individuals - some tremble
with fear, some prostrate, and some even die. If
the appearance was not terrifying enough, the
angel then goes on to say that Mary, who is
betrothed but not yet married, is going to be
pregnant. This news must have evoked some
additional negative emotions in Mary. At the end
of the 1st so-called Joyful mystery, Mary is greatly
troubled in all sorts of ways. The astonishing
aspect of this mystery is the answer that Mary


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

Bro. Jerry Thomas


aikyadeepam monthly

gives to the angel, despite being scared and

worried. She replied, Behold, I am the
handmaid of the Lord. May it be done to me
according to your word. She let herself go
and surrendered her entire being to the will
of God.
We too find ourselves greatly troubled in
our day-to-day life. Our Mother Mary gives
an excellent example of what to do during
those times - let go off the illusory control
we seem to have on our life and let God do
His will in our lives. It is only then that the
mystery of experiencing such negative
emotions bring forth a joyful mystery.
2 nd Joyful Mystery - The Visitation of
Mary to Elizabeth (Luke 1:39-56)
Imagine for a minute what we would have
done if we were given the news that we were
to become the parent of Jesus Christ, the Son
of God, the second person in the Holy
Trinity. Most of us would pick up their phone
or get on facebook and update everyone
about the great news. We would expect to be
showered by praises and compliments and
most likely to be treated well by others in
return for some favors that they need.
But what did Mother Mary do? She left
the comfort of her home and went to serve
her cousin Elizabeth, who was old and six
months pregnant. She left to take care of
someone in a more difficult position than
herself. The travel itself must have been hard,
for the distance from Nazareth to Judea is
120 miles and the road is winding and
mountainous. Traveling that unleveled road
while being pregnant is no easy task. But she
takes up that task, at the end of which, she
is greeted by Elizabeth with the words, Most
blessed are you among women, and blessed
is the fruit of your womb. And how does this
happen to me, that the mother of my Lord
should come to me? For at the moment the
sound of your greeting reached my ears, the
infant in my womb leaped for joy. Blessed are
you who believed that what was spoken to
you by the Lord would be fulfilled. Mary is
called blessed twice and mother of my
Lord. It is this address, I believe, which
makes this event a Joyful mystery.
The biggest mistake one can make while
being in a rough period in life is to focus solely
on oneself. Blessed Virgin Mary, despite being
shocked and troubled by the news given by
the angel, did not focus on her own troubles,
but went to take care of someone who was
in a more difficult situation than her.
Lending a hand to help someone who is in
need gives a fresh perspective to our own life

o]w sk]v
2013 22

and the troubles we face. It is from that pain

we take upon ourselves to be of help to others
that we receive joy and happiness, just as
Mother Mary did in this second Joyful
3rd Joyful mystery - The Birth of Our Lord
(Luke 2:1-21)
Mary again travels while being pregnant,
this time with Joseph - an arduous journey
to say the least. When the time for giving
birth comes, she has nowhere to lay the child
but in a manger. This is hardly an appropriate
place or a comfortable situation in which to
bring forth new life, much less the Son of God
- secluded in a manger without help and
proper apparatus, to say nothing of
sanitation. Mary must have experienced great
emotional pain throughout the journey and
at the surroundings in which the divine Child
was given birth. But, all this pain resulted in
the bringing forth of Jesus Christ, the son of
God, the Incarnate God. It also gave the
Blessed Mother the title of Theotokos - the
bearer of God. Moreover, despite the lowly
conditions, the infant was visited by
shepherds and the magi, the former being
informed by the angels and the latter by the
signs in the heaven.
No pain, no gain - This western adage
often strikes true in the minds of most people.
It is true in a unique way in this joyful
mystery. All the pain that Mary endured - the
travel, the shameful circumstances, the
isolation, etc. - reached in a joyful climax,
namely, the birth of God in the form of man.
Mary was the person chosen by God to have
this distinct honor, and therefore, she was the
one who had to endure such terrible
emotional pains. When pains occur in our life
that others does not seem to experience, it is
important to remember that they occur
because God has a unique plan to be brought
forth through us. This pain will result in the
joy of not only ourselves but also others.
4th Joyful mystery - Presentation of the
Jesus in the Temple (Luke 2:22-38)
In this mystery, infant Jesus is taken to the
Temple in Jerusalem by Mary and Joseph.
Here Joseph and Mary are obeying the Mosaic
law of presenting the first-born to God and
ransoming him back in return for prescribed
birds. Despite being the foster father and
biological mother of Jesus, the Son of God,
both Joseph and Mary are willing to obey the
societal law. In this Joyful mystery also, we
see Mary experiencing pain. It is prophesied
by Simeon that a sword will pierce Mary. This
(Continues page 27)


ip-hns A-bmb adn-bs hn. {Kw hntijnnpXv Ir] \nd--h FmWv (eqm:1--/28). sIm-dn-tm-at\
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(tijw t]Pv 32)


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

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kpdn-bm-\n-Imn-S-bn `nX Dm-bXv I-tZm-\nbm kq-l-tZmtkm-Sp-IqSn (AD. 451) BW-v. I-tZm-\n-b Xocp-am-\s AwKo-Icnv IqSp-X cmP-`n ss_k-bn N{I-hn-tbmSv ImWn kpdnbm-\n-m, ay-bp-K-n cmPm-hns Bcm-[-\-bmb {Kov {Iaw kzoIcnv "sa-bvp-Im' Bbn. C-h sabv Hm-tUm-Ivkv, sabv Itm-en- Fo cv hn`m-K--fn-em-Wv. Ccp hn`m-K-fpw ]pcmX\ Atym-Jy kpdn-bm\n ]mc-cyw ]p-h-bvp--h-cm-Wv. As\
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hnip-- Iem-]m-c-cy (Icon tradition)-n-ep-ap-v. kpdn-bm\n aev]m-\mb

aikyadeepam monthly

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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


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Ahsf A\p-kva-cn-pp: hnp-IfpsS Xncp-\m (P-\p-hcn 15), IXn-cpI-fpsS amXmhv (sabv 15).
]pcm-X\ Atym-Jy kpdn-bm\n
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- m-W.v Bn-\p-ap-Ifnse
(tijw t]Pv 38)


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

am At{]w C{]-Imcw {]mnp:

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Abpw am{X-amWv kI-e-tcbpwIm
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amen-\y-hp-an'' (\n-ko-_n-b Km\w).
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Ah-cpsS Ipm-\-bpsS ]c-ky-ip{iqj Bcw- ` n- p- - X v . Bgv N - b n
"_p[' Ah-fpsS ]pI-gvN-bvmbn
amn-h-n-cn-p-p. 25, 15, 8 t\mp-I-

auehn Dkvam _mJhn

s]mm-\n (-a-e-p-dw)

fpw kXy- s - S pn Ah hW- - a p- - h cns-h-fm-bn-cpp(Jp -B 66:1112).

Cwdm FXv ab-ans ]nXm-hns t]cm
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aikyadeepam monthly


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- m-Wv. 34 XhW
Ah-cpsS t]cv JpB-\n Bhn--s-n-p-v.
JpB\n 114 A[ym-b
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FmWv. ktm-]-cn-tem-I-sa-p-ap Fm-etbpw apgp-h hnizm-kn-I-pw hnizm-kn-\nIpw alnX amXr-I-bmbn Ah-X-cn--s 2
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Ah {]mnp. F\nv \ns ASp- kzn Hcp tKlw \I-Wt- a. ^tdm-thm-\n \npw
Abm-fpsS {]hr-n-bn \npw Fs \o tamNnn-t-Wt- a. [nm-cn-If
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Ahtfm Xs \mY-\n \np hN-\-fpw thZ-

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


Amlp Fmw tIp--h\pw Adn-bp--h\p-am-W-tm. Cwdms ]Xv\n {]mn-Xv Ah

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tIp--h\pw Adn-bp--h-\p-am-W-tm. ]ns
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Fs \mYm Rm {]k-hn-Xv s]p-n-s\bm-W-tm. Ah {]k-hn-Xv GXn-s\-bmsWv
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s]p- n- s b- t ]mse A- t m. GXm- b mepw
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Ah- s fbpw Ah- f psS ]nap- d - m- t cbpw
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\psS kz-amn kqn-p-p. Fnepw Nne-sXmw
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]qfpsamw Aaq- e y- a mb Huj- [ - - f m- s W kXyw
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CXns m\w {it-b-am-Wv. ]miz-^-e--fp sIan-ep-I BWtm \mw Atem-Xn acp-p-Iv D]-tbm-Knp-X
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Ipn-I Fn-s-Sm-n-Sv kqn-p-I, Ip-I-fn ]pcfmsX {in-p-I, tUmIvS-dpsS D]-tZiw tXSp-I, Akz-X-I tXmp-tm D]-tbmKw \npI Fn-s\ BteJ\w sNbvXn-pXpamb jm_q-I BW-tm Cv \psS
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shp Xmfn-I \apv Dm-mw. sN-c-n-bpsS Xfncn-ebpw ]qhpw ip-amb Pe-n sRcSn FSp-p Xmfn,
Xe-bn tXp-]p-cn Ac-aW
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XWppw In\p Ipfnbpw \ Dd-hpw e`n-p-p. AgIm ImIq--en\v \oe-`rw-Km-Znbpw [m{Xnbpw tXSn \Sp--Xns clkyw shdpw ]ckyw am{X-am-Wv. Xs-bpa ip-amb shfn-s--bn sN-c-n-bpsS sXmenbpw
thcpw Aev]w ]-a-fpw tNv Imn-sb-Sp-m Ntcm-K-v Da Huj[ambn AXv sNmdn, Nnc-v, sNmdnn Fn-hbvv {]Xn-hn-[n-bmbn D]-tbm-Kn-mw. kwc-W-n\v Ia-Xn ]Wn-bp--Xnepw t`Zw sN-cn \p-]nSn-nv `wKn-bmbn shn-\np-I-bt. an\pw a\p-jy\pw
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hfn-Xp-S-mw. asmcp sNSn-bpsS Huj[ KpW-hp-ambn


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

p- I bpw Ahsf \ \ne- b n

hfp-Ibpw kq-cnbmsb Ah-fpsS
cm-[nIm-cn-bmn \n-b-s-Sp-pIbpw sNbvXp (Jp B- D 33-37)
abm-ans kwc-Ww G]n-s k-cnb Ah-cpsS amXr-k-tlmZ-cn-bpsS `m-hm-bn-cp-p. ]ekvXn
\mbnse Bcm-[\m an-c-ns ]cnNm-cn-I-fn Hcm-fm-bn-cpp Atlw.
{]kv X pX Bcm[\m an- c - t mSp
kw_-n-p aT-n-emWv abw Xmakn-n-cp-X
- v. k-cnb Ahsf kinp- t m- s gmw Ah- f psS ASp-
Xs A-]m-\o-b- ImWm-dp-mbn-cp-p. abta \n\v CsX mw
Fhn-Spp Inn-sbv Atlw tNmZnp. Ah ]d-p. CsXmw Amlp-hn \nm-Ip-p. Amlp Ah-\nn-p-h
- v IW-n-msX sImSp-pp (Jp A 3/3 D).
abm-ans\ Ah-cpsS amXmhv ]ekvXo-\n-bm-bnse Hcp Bcm-[\m an-cn Gev]n--tm Ah-cpsS kwcWw Bcp \n-ln-p-sap {]iv\w
Dbp hp. \dp-s-Sp-n-eq-sS-bmWXv ]cn-lc
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- Xpw k-cn-bmbmWv sXc- s - S p- - s - - s Xpw
JpB AknKvXambn hy-am-pp. \_ntb CsXm-sbpw ad
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3:47). amem-J-am abm-ans hnipnsb hmgvn ]d--Xmbpw `n-\nc-X-amb PohnXw \bn-m \ntZin
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aikyadeepam monthly

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hen-b-hbpw' (tbml. 14/12).
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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


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F IhnXbn Atlw Cs\
Ipdn-n-cn-pp: Our tainted natures
solitary boast: \psS If- - s
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- m-Wv. Fm-hc
- p-sSbpw klmb- k - l - I - c - W - Bh- i y- s - S p- p (Samarayan Trust - A/C
No.933302323190001, Catholic Syrian Bank, Tiruvalla - 689 101).

was not what Mary or Joseph expected to hear

when they took the Son of God to be presented
before God in the Temple.
Unlike other mysteries, the joyful part occurs
first and then the painful part follows in this
mystery. It was a wise man that once said to
always remember the phrase This too shall pass
when experiencing joy or sorrow. Due to her
complete openness to the will of God, which she
displayed during Annunciation, Blessed Virgin
Mary would have been able to take this news of
future pain in stride. It teaches us that joyful
moments in life will be followed by painful ones,
but those moments are also part of the will of
God for our glorification in God.
5th Joyful Mystery - The Finding of Jesus in
the Temple (Luke 2:41-52)
Losing a child, even for a minute, is a hellish
experience for parents. The emotion must have
been no less traumatic for Blessed Mary and
Joseph when they could not find Jesus with them
on the way back from the Temple. This is seen in
the thorough three day search conducted by
them despite travelling only one day away from
the Temple. The great anxiety felt by Mary and
Joseph does not cease after Jesus is found either,
since, the first sentence from Jesus to them was
Why were you looking for me? Did you not
know that I must be in my Fathers house? The
Gospel states that they did not understand what
Jesus said, but the pain felt upon hearing such a

blunt retort must have been immense.

What Mary did is attention-worthy - she
kept all these things in her heart.
In this Joyful mystery, the joy of
finding Jesus at the Temple is preceded and
succeeded by anxiety and troubled
feelings. To me, it is also a reminder that
once we lose Jesus, we should be prepared
to try three times harder to find him
again. In our daily lives, as inexplicable
painful moments come and go, it is
important not to forget about those
moments, for, they are lessons for our
future. Like Mary did, we are to keep the
things we do not understand in our
heart. God does not permit us to suffer
any pain without having a greater good
come out of it. Thus, to enjoy this greater
good, we have to remember the pain
instead of resenting the experience.
These reflections were a result of my
walk around the seminary grounds while
reciting the rosary. None of these
reflections may be new, but if even one of
the readers find them useful, I shall
consider myself blessed to have had these
Let us continue to meditate on the
mysteries, thus having a closer look at
the life of our Savior, Lord Jesus Christ,
through the eyes of His beloved mother.


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly



aikyadeepam monthly

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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

sF. Sn. taJe kPo-h-am-Ip-sa-mWv {]Xo-. AXv hopw

h sXmgn-e-h-k-c-v hgn-sbm-cp-pw.
hnZym-`ym-kt- a-Je
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asmcp taJ-e. {]m]vX-cmb DtZym-Kmn-I Cu cwK-p\nv AI-p-t]m-hp-I-bm-Wv. Ign-hp Xe-ap-dsb hms-Spm tijn-bp--h Xs Cu taJ-e-bn-se--Ww.
hnt\m-Z-k-mc cwKv A\--amb kmy-X-I-fm-Wp-Xv, {]tXy-Inv tIc-f-n. Cu cwKv \ap-p--Xns
]Ip-Xn-t]mepw kmy-X-I-fn-m ]e hntZi cmPy-fpw
AXv icn-bmb coXn-bn amv sNbvXv hntZ-io-bsc
BIjn-p-p. hnt\m-Z-k-mc taJ-ebvv Bh-iy-amb
ASn- m\ kuI- c y- hnI- k n- n- s - S p- m AXv
kpw sXmgn-e-h-k-c-fpw krjvSn-pw. \nmW taJe-bnepw h IpXn-mWv hcpw hj-f
- n Dm-Im t]mIp-Xv. Htsd sXmgn-e-h-k-c- Cu taJ-e-bn Dm-Ipsapd-m-Wv.
Fm Ah-k-c- {]tbm-P-\-s-Sp-p-Xn aebm-fn-I Fpw ]ntm-a
- m-Wv. DX hnZym-`ym-kt- bm-KyX
t\Sn-sb-Sp--Xp-sIm-p-am{Xw Ah-k-c- apn-se--Wsa-n-. Imcy-{]m-]vXn-bmWv Fpw hne-a-Xn-p--Xv. hnZym`ym-k-tbm-Ky-X-I Ahn-tSbvv Fn-t-cp-hm-\p hgnmc am{Xw.




`mh-\m-I Nnm-co-Xn-Isf
A\p-Zn\w 600 tImSn-bn-tesd Nn-I
a\p-jy-a-\-kn-eqsS IS-p-t]m-Ip-p.
Ch-tbm-tcmpw FSpv ]cn-tim-[nm, Ch-bn `qcn-`m-Khpw \ntj-[m-Ihpw D]-tbm-K-iq-\y-hp-am-sWv
hy-am-Ipw. AXn-\m Chsb bYmXYw ]cn-tim-[n-m\pw \nc-Ihpw
D]- t bm- K - i q- \ y- h p- a mbhsb ]mtS
_ln-jvI-cn-p-hm\pw \ap-m-h-Ww.
\ap--dn-bmw, hntZ-i-cm-Py--fn-tev
bm{X sNp-tm B cmPy-ns
kpn-Xnv lm\n-I-c-am-tb-m-hp
Fs-nepw Dtm Fv sa Un D]-tbm-Knv ]cn-tim-[nv Ddv hcpn-b-Xn\ptijta IS-n-hn-Sm-dp-q.
CXp--t]mse \psS a\-kn-tev ISp-h-cp Nn-Isf Hcp sa Un D]-tbm-Knv ]cn-tim-[\m hnt[-bamn D]-Imc{]-Z-am-b-Xns\ am{Xw
kzoI-cn-m\pw Am--Xns\ _ln-

aikyadeepam monthly

jvI-cn-m\pw bYm-k-abw km[n-pI hgn \ at\m`mhw kz-am-m \apv km[n-pw.

t]mkn-ohv F\Pn-sImv a\-ns\
\nd-bvm kZm {i sNep-p-I.
Hmtcm {]`m-X-n-sbpw BZy-\n-an-j-sf at\m-l-camn t]mkn-ohv F\-Pn-sImv \nd-bvp-I. Cu
Zn\-n Rm Gs-Sp-m t]mIp--sXmw hnPb-n-se-p--Xmbn a\-n ImWp-I. AXns
B\w A\p-`-hn-p-I. Hw Ch ]qn-bm-m
Bh-iy-amb Ign-hp-I-fm, in-bn \nd-b-s-Sp-Xmbn k-ev]n-p-I. Ch Fn \nd-bvp inbn [oc-X-tbmsS apt-dp-I.
"Ae-ks a\kv ]nim-Nns ]Wn-pc' Fm-Wtm
]d-bmdv. AXn-\m Xs a\kv \njv{In-b-am-bn-cpm AXv \ntj-[m--I-Xsb Wnv hcp-p-Ibm-bn-cn-pw. \ Nn-I, a{-, hN-\-

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acn-b Iukn sk,

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


Fn-h-bm a\-ns\ kZm Du-kz-e-am-p-I.

CXv a\-n-sbpw ico-c-n-sbpw DWhn\v ImcW-am-hp-Ibpw XXv^e
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- mbn cq]-s-Sp \ at\m`mh Pohn-Xs k--am-p-Ibpw sNpw. DZm-lc- W - a mbn "Fn Af- h in Dv , Rm
Dmlimen-bmWv, Rm ktm-jh
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hnP-bn-m ]pw, Fs i-\m-p ssZhw Fs
IqsS-bmWv' Fnh \nc-cw Dcp-hn-Sp-I.
AXn-Po-h-\-ns ssien kz-am-p-I.
PohnXw km-Ia
- m-m Pohn-m t]mcm, {]XypX
AXn-Po-hn--Ww. \apv Fv kw`-hn-pp FX {][m-\w, \-fn Fv kw`-hn-pp F-XmWv
]c-a-{]-[m-\w. Po-hn-X-ns \nan-j--fn sNdpXpw
hep-Xp-amb AXn-Po-h-\-ns Ah-k-c- \apv
apn Xpdv InS-p-p. Cs\ e`y-am-Ip Fm

hniz- k v X - Z m- k \p-amb hn. bq
Zm- X - t Zhptk/
Hn-sm-Sp--hs t]cp-aqew alna-tb-dnb A-kvtXm-e-\mb Av/
hnkva-cn--s-Sp-hm Imc-Wam-bn./
Fm Itm- e n- m- k ` apgph\pw/ Asb \ncm- i - c p- t Sbpw
Akm-y-Im-cy--fp-sSbpw / ay- \ mbn _lp- a m- \ n- p- I bpw /
A- t bmSv A`yn- p- I bpw
sNp-p-h-tm./ \nc-h[n ti-
A\p- ` - h n- p F\nv / AbpsS ay- - X - b n (C- h nsS
Bhiyw ]d-bp-I) / Cu A\p{Klw km[np Xc-W-ta. / Fs
Fm Bh-iy--fnepw / hninjy
Ctm F\np t\cn-n-cn-p
B]- nepw / Fs {]tXyIw
kwc-n--W-ta. / Cu D]-Imcw
Rm Fpw Hmp- s Im- msapw / Fs {]tXyI ay-\mbn / Asb \nc-cw _lpam- \ np sImm- s apw / Rm
hmKvZm\w sNp-p.

ssehn tXmakv , hmf-pgn

knn-Ifpw ]q-ambpw D]-tbm-Ks-- -Sp-p-I

IrX-Xm at\m-`mhw ]pep-I.
Fm-n-t\mSpw Ftmgpw IrX--X-tbmsS
Bbn-cn-p-I. Fs Pw, Po-h, BtcmKyw,
Ign-hp-I, t\- Fm-n-\p-ap-]cn hnP-bn-tev \bn ]cm-P-b--sf-tmepw \n
\nd a\-tmsS kzoI-cn-p-I. IrX-Xm
at\m-`mhw kz-am-p-I.
\n krn]-c-ambn Nnn-p-tm \nfpsS at\m-`mhw krn-]-c-am-bn-cn-pw. \n-bZmVy-tm-sS, D-d-tmsS ^e-{]-Z-amb ey-nse-m \nv Ign-bpw. AsX imco-cnI
t]mj-W-sa--Xp-t]mse a\n\pw icn-bmb t]m
j-Whpw in-Whpw \In-bm AXn\npw
]pd-s-SpI A\-amb in Bbn-cn-pw. icnbmbn t]mjn-n-p a\v Hcp A\p-k-c-W-ap
Ipn-sb-tmse Bbn-cn-pw. AXns\ {Inbm-I
hgn-I-fn-eqsS \bn-m-\m-Ipw. am{X-a-, GXv kmlN-cy-nepw [oc-Xt- bmsS ka-Nn-X
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\appw kz-ammw DXvIr-jvS-amb at\m-`mhs. ImcWw Ipn-bpsS ssIn-en-cn-p InfnbpsS Poh ]q-ambpw Ipnsb am{Xw B{ibn-n-cn-p--Xp-t]mse \-psS Pohn-X-nse
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- mb ssZh-hn-izm-khpw DXvIrjvS-amb at\m`m-h-hpw D-X-amb Nnm-co-Xn-Ifpw
ITn-\m-zm-\hpw kz-ambn Ds-n ]ns \apsmpw Akm-y-am-bn-cn-n-. Cu B-hn-izmk- t msS AXn- P o- h - \ - ns ]mX- b n- e qsS
PohnX XnI-hn-tev \apv apt-dmw.

bqZm-o-lm-tbm-Sp {]m\
anin-lm-bpsS Nm-m-c\pw/ hniz-kvX-Zm-k-\p-amb hn. bqZm-X-tZhptk/ Hn-sm-Sp-hs t]cp-aqew aln-a-tb-dnb A-kvtXm-e-\mb Av/ hnkva-cn--s-Sp-hm Imc-Wambn./ Fm Itm-en-m-k` apgp-h\pw/ Asb \ncm-i-cp-tSbpw Akm-y-Im-cy--fpsSbpw / ay--\mbn _lp-am-\n-p-Ibpw / A-tbmSv A`yn-p-Ibpw sNp-p-htm./ \nc-h[n ti- A\p-`-hn-p F\nv / A-bpsS ay--X-bn (C-hnsS
Bhiyw ]d-bp-I) / Cu A\p-{Klw km[np Xc-W-ta. / Fs Fm Bh-iy--fnepw
/ hninjy Ctm F\np t\cn-n-cn-p B]-nepw / Fs {]tXyIw kwc-n--Wta. / Cu D]-Imcw Rm Fpw Hmp-sIm-m-sapw / Fs {]tXyI ay--\mbn
/ Asb \nc-cw _lp-am-\np sImm-sapw / Rm hmKvZm\w sNp-p.

kn. ^vtfmd, _ko-en-b

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D]Imc kvacW

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Hcp hnizmkn

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

{]Xn-Iqe kml-Nc
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ssZh-n-em-{i-bnv t_m[-]qw \nc-c ]cn-{ia-n-eqsS AXn-Po-hn-p-tm {Inbm-I at\m`m-h-m \nd--s-Sp A\p-`hw \apv kwe-`yam-Ipw. AsXmcp Po-hnX ssien-bp-am-Ipw.
\ntj-[m-I hmp-Isf ]pd-m-pI
A\p-Zn\ PohnX hym]m-c--fn IS-p-I-b-dp
\ntj-[m-I hmp-Isf Isn ]Icw `mhmI hmp-Isf Isn D]-tbm-Kn-p-I. DZml-c-W-ambn F\n-nXv sNm ]n F-Xn\v
]Icw CXv sNm Rm ]cn-{i-anpw, Adnbn F-Xn\v ]Icw Rm CXns\ Adnbm
{ianpw Fpw, CsXmcnepw km[n-n FXn\v Hcn- F\n-nXv km[npw Fn-s\
Bp-I. CXv cv Xe-n \S-t-n-bn-cn-pp. Rm kwkm-cn-p-Xpw Rm tIp-hbpw Pohs hmp-I Bm \njvT hbvWw. \ntj- [ m- I hmp- I tItn
hm Ahsb `mhm--I-am-p-Itbm \ntj[n-p-Itbm sNm ]Tn--Ww.
km[yXm Nnm-coXn
F\nv t\cn-Sm km[n-m--h-sb-p-dnv ]cnX-]n-p--Xn\p ]Icw F\nv km[n-p--h-sbp-dnv am{Xw Nnn-p-I. Hw km[n-m--hbp-tSXpw t\tS--Xp-am-b-h-bpsS env Xm-dmn
AXn {i tI{o-I-cnv apt-dp-I.
h-am\ Ime-n Pohn-pI
C,v Ctm, Cu \nanjw sNt--Xn-s\-pdnv am{Xw Nnn-p-I. Ign-Xv IS-p-t]m-bn,
hcm-\n-cn-p-Xv Fs ssIbn C. AXn-\m
Fs ZuXyw Cu \nan-js Ghpw at\m-lchpw {Inbm--I-hp-am-m Fs Fm Ign-hpw

Ir]m-]q-bmb adnbw
21-mw t]Pv XpS
(Jmcn-kv) ]nXm-hmb ssZh-ns kvt\lhpw ]cnip-m-m-hns kl-hm-khpw'' (2 tImdn: 13:14)
Fp {]m-\m-iwk \apv ]cn-Nn-X-am-W-tm.
a\p-jy-cXs ssZh-ns Ir]-bpsS {]hr-nbmWv (tdma 1:5) ssZh-ns Ir]-bm-emWv \
cnsn-cn-p-Xv (tdma 3:24, 4:16, 5:15). \oXoIcWw hnizmkw aqe-amWv Fp A-kvtXmes {]t_m-[-\w, ssZhw Xs Ir]-bm-emWv
\s cn-n-cn-p--sX-pw, AXv \psS {]hrn-I hgntbm tbmKy-X-bmtem A Fpw
A-am-p-p (tdmam 4:1, 5:1). AXn-\m Ir]
FXv ssZhw a\p-jy-t\mSv hv ]pep `mham-Wv. AXm-Is a\p-jys tbmKy-X-sIm--,
]nstbm ssZh-ns ImcpWyw \nan--am-Wv.
]g-b-\n-b-a-n-tep IS-p-tm sl (hen)
F ]Z-amWv lo{_p-`m-j-bn, {Konse Jmcnkv
(Charis) ]cn-`m-j-s-Sp-m D]-tbm-Kn-n-p--Xv.
ssZhw t\mln-t\mSv ImWnv Ir]bpw (Dev] 6:8)
A{_m-l-tmSv ImWn Icp-Wbpw (Dev] 19:19)
C{km-tb P\-tmSv ssZhw {]Zin-n HuZmcy
hpw (]pd 33:16) sl F hmp-sIm-mWv hntijn-n-s
- -n-p-X
- v. ]g-b- \n-ba
- nepw ]pXnb \nba-nepw Jmcnkv As-n sl F ]Zw D]tbm-Kn-n-cn-p-Xv ssZh-ns cm-I-c-]--XnbpsS ]m--e-n-em-Wv. hyn-Isf kw_-nv
Cu ]Zw D]-tbm-Kn-p-tm, ssZh-ns ]Xn-bn B hyn \nh-ln-m-\n-cn-p ZuXyns ]q-X-bvmbv ssZhw \evIp A\p-{Kl-am-bnv CXns\ IW-m-mw. Hcp kaq-l-ns
Imcy-n-em-I-s, ssZhw Xs Icp-W-bpsS karn-bn Ah-tcmSv {]Zin-n-p HuZm-cy-am-W-Xv.

aikyadeepam monthly

Ir]-bm \ndbv-s--htf!
- q-jSv a
- mb ]cn-`mj Ir]-bm \nd-b
v sh, Ir]m-hc
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- q-cnX Fp ]d-bp-Ib
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Imc-Ww, {Kov aqe-n IWn {]tbm-K-am-Wp-X.v - \\nd-h
- F ]cn-`mj ipjvIa
- m-sWv
]d-bm-Xn-cn-m h. \-sb-Xv (goodness) Gdnb-]pw Hcp hyn-bpsS khn-ti-j-X-bmbn IWm-mw. hmnepw {]hr-n-bnepw ZriyamIp
- n-ti-ja
- mbn AXns\ IW-m-mw. Fm
Ir] F- X ns Dd- h nSw ssZh- a m- W v . adnbw
Ir]sImv \nd-bvs
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- f
- m-Wv. ssZh-amWv ChnsS
{]hn-p--Xv. ssZhw adn-b-n Ir] sNmcn-Xp-aq-e-amWv Ah Ir]m-]q-cn-X-bm-Ip--Xv.
As\ hcp-tm Cu {]{In-b-bn ssZh-ns
{]hr-n-bmWv {]m[m-\yw. Xo-bmbpw ssZh-n
s Ir]-bpsS {]hr-n-Iv adnbw {]Xyp-cw
\evIn. hnizm-khpw (eqm 1:45) ic-Whpw (tbml
19:25) kvt\lhpw hgn-bmbn (eqm 1:29) adnbw
ssZh-ns Ir]-tbmSv kl-Ic
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`mKy-h-Xn-bm-bn-o-cp-Ibpw sNbvXp.

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


]cn. adn-b-ns alm-yhpw

ssZh-ns {]hrnbpw
ssZhw adn-bs Ir]-sImv \nd-v, hN\w
temI-n a\p-jy-cq]w [cnv ]nd-m, Xnc-sSp-Xv aqe-amWv Ah ssZh-am-Xm-hm-bX.v ]cnip A-bpsS Fm al-z-n\pw \nZm\w
Ah, a\p-jy-\mbn Ah-X-cnv ssZh-Ip-am-cs
A-bm-Im Xnc-s-Sp--sp FXnemWv
(eqm 1:31). Cu kXy-amWv ]utemkv olm Kem
4:4- Ah- X - c n- n- p- - X v , ""Fm Ime- k qX h-tm ssZhw Xs ]p{Xs\ Abp. Ah kv{Xobn \nv PmX-\mbn.'' ChnsS
apssI FSp-p-Xv ssZh-am-Wv. ssZhw ]cn. adnbs Xnc- s - S p- v , Ir]m- h - c - \ev I n
Ahsf Hcp-p-I-bm-bn-cp-p. ssZhw \evInb Cu
Ir] \nan--amWv adnbw ]nim-Nn\v Hcp \nan-jwt]mepw Iog-S
- msX Ah-\p-ambn i{Xp-Xb
- n \ne\n-Xv (Dev] 3:15). ""\obpw kv{Xobpw Xn Rm
i{XpX Df-hmpw''. ssZh-amWv CXn\p ]pd-In
{]hn-p--Xv. AXp-sIm-mWv ssZh-im-kv{X-m acn-b-im-kv{Xw (mariology), {InkvXp
imkv{X (Christology) ns ]m--e-n
thWw {Kln-p-hm-s\-v A`n-{]m-b-s-Sp-Xv .

]cn. A-tbm-Sp {]m-\bpw `nbpw Hcntmepw, ssZh-n\p \evtI ]ca-amb Bcm[-\-bn \nv Hcmsf amn-\np-I-b sNp-Xv. t\sc adnv, ssZh-ns henb Imcp-Wys
hmgvn-p-I-gvp-I-bmWv AXp-h-gn-bmbn sNp-Xv. tbml 2:5 adnbw Xs ]d-bp-p--tm,
""Ah ]d-bp-Xv \n sNp-hn'' Fv. ssZhns hN-\-\p-kc
- n-p Hcp PohnXw \bnm-\mWv ]cn. A \tmSv Bh-iy-s-Sp-Xv
Xs-bp-a Ir]m-hc]qcn-X-bmbn adn-bs \
{]Ion-p-tm cm-Ic tPmen-bn ssZhw
sNbvX henb Imcy--fmWv \ A\p-kva-cn-p-Xv. ]cn-ip amXm-hns\ ssZh-n\p kam--cam-bnv IW-m-p {]hWX, bYm-n-ep
adn-bhnm\-n \S-t--Xv. s{]m-p k`I-fns ktlm-Z-c- Cu Xncn--dn-hn-tev
hp-sIm-n-cn-p-I-bm-Wv. ]cn-ip Abvv
ssZh-ns cmIc-]
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- n-bn D m\w a\n-em-p-tm-gmWv ssZhw sNbvX alm-Im-cy-
IqSp-X hy-am-bn-o-cp--Xv. AX-msX 50
{]mhiyw adn-bs hnfn-p-tm- Av Asn Bdv {]mhiyw am{Xw Imhp ]Tn-n
{]m\ Bhn-p-p Fp ]d-bp-Xv icnb-. \-bm \nd-bv-s adn-bta Fv \
{]mn-p-tm AXns ZmXm-hmb ssZhs
s-bmWv \ {]Ion-p--Xv.
""\ \nd adn-bta'' Fp Cu {]m-\bpsS BZy-`mKw \ sNmp-tm-tgmw Cu ]cn`mj-bpsS ]cn-anXn a\-n-em-n-smv ssZhw
sNbvX {]hr-n-I-fmWv adn-b-n \ ImWp-sX-pw, amXm-hns hmp-I A\p-k-cnp


^m. tPmkv ssX-d-n

Ub-d-IvS, ^manen A-kvtXm-tev
Xncph A-Xn-cq-]X

Xs-bmWv \ Ahsf `mKy-hXn

Fv {]Ion-p--sXpw a\-nem--Ww. adn-b-tm-Sp {]m\
bYm-n ssZhw sNbvX henb
Imcy-sf Hmp-sImv Ahn-Sp
s kvXpXn-p-Xp Xs-bm-Wv.
- mb ]cn. adn-b
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Iq-n ssZh-ap-v. ]uc-kvXy-k-`I-fpsS ]mc--cy--fn adn-b-ns
]Sw (icons) Ftmgpw tbip-hn-t\mSp
IqsS, A Ccn-p--Xm-bn-mWv AhX-cn-n-m-dv. ImcWw Imhv adn-bns Iq-n-ep-v. Ingp \ns-

nb m\n-I, ""inip-hns\ A-bmb adn-b-tm-Sp-Iq-SnIp'' (a-m. 2/11). ssZh-ns al-Xz-n Cv amXmhv ]ptN-cp-p. amXm-hns kzm-tcm-]Ww \s ]Tn-n-p kXyam-Wn-Xv. AXp-sIm-mWv adnbw Xom-SI k`bvv amXr-Ibpw, ay-bpw {]tNm-Z-\-hp-ambn \ne-sIm-p--Xv.
]cn-ip amXm-hns\ {]Ion-p-Xv ssZhw Abvp
sNbvX Imcy-sf {]Xn-bm-Wv. ImcWw A-Xs ]d-bp-p-tm. ""i-\m-b-h Fn henb Imcy- sNbvXn-cn-p-p.
AXn-\m Cp apX Fm Xe-ap-d-Ifpw Fs `mKy-hXn
Fv Ionpw'' Fv (eqm 1/48-49). AXn-\m adn-bs
Ion-p-Xp hgn ssZhs Xs-bm-Wv, Ahn-Sps alXz-sbpw {]h-\--sf-bp-amWv \ {]Ion-p--Xv.


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly


kn--\mb BwKteb Ihn tjIvkv]n-b ]d-bp--Xn{]-Im-c-am-Wv.""-A--bpsS lrZbw kvt\lhpw Icp-Wbpw Ihnsm-gp-Ip Acp-hn-bm-Wv. kvt\l-ap Hc-sb Inp-Isb-Xv Hcp a\p-jy\v temI-n hv e`n-m-hp Ghpw
t{ijvT-amb km-\-am-Wv''.
Hc--bmWv IpSpw-_-ns Bob Dbbvv Imc-Wmcn hn. AK-n ]d-bp-p. ""Fs ssZhta, Rm ]qambpw \in-m-Xn-cp-s-n AXn\p ImcWw Fs AbpsS lrZ-b-cw F\n-p-thn ]m]-]-cn-lmcw AnXp-sIm-mWv'' A-bmWv Ghpw henb XymKn, A
ap thn Poh XyPn-m t]mepw Xm-dm-Ipw.
]cn. adnbw \psS IpSpw-_--fpsS A-bm-Wv. tbmlms kphn-tijw 19: 27- {Iqin-X-\mb \psS Imhv
Xs Abpw Xm kvt\ln injy\pw ASpv \npXp I-tm A-tbmSp ]d-p. ""kv{Xotb, CXm \ns
aI'', A\-cw B injy-t\mSv ]dp ""CXm \ns A
Atm apX B injy Ahsf `h-\-n kzoI-cn-p''.
tbip kvt\ln injy\v A-bmbn amXm-hns\ \In-btm tbip kvt\ln-p Hmtcm hynpw B A-sb
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tNp \np-I, Atm Acn-In-ep Ipp-fpw Ipcnin \nsm-gp-Ip Xncp-c--m \\-bpw. Cv Ipcn-in
Nph-n \npw Hgn-p-am-dm \mw {ian-p-tm-gmWv hnipn-bpsS A`n-tjIw IpSpw-_-v e`n-msX t]mIp-Xv. hn.-bu-tkv ]nXmhpw ]cn. adn-bhpw X-fpsS Pohn-Xw
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Bkn tXmakv, ]pmSv

aikyadeepam monthly

t]mp-Ke- ns Xe-m-\a- mb enkv_ \Kc-nse Hcp {]`p-Ip-Spw-_-n-emWv hn.- A-tmWokv P\n- - X v . s^Wmtm Fm- b n- c pp
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s^Wmtmbn -am-Xr-`n DS-se-Sp-n-cp-p.
shdpsX Ccn-p ka-b-samw
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amnhp. As\ {]mn-psIm-ncnp s^Wmtm
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t]mse sha- b m hn[w
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s^Wmtm AK- o- \ n- b
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tmbpsS Iqp- I mcpw Nmmcpw {]tem- ` - \ - a mbn hp.
CXn\nsmw c-t\-Sm At-ls tImbn{- b nse B{i- a - n- t e- p- a m- n. 1219
s^Wmtm sshZnI-]w kzoI-cn-p. BZy-_-enb-W-n Xs Ic--fn Ccn-p XncpthmkvXn Dn- Cu-tim-bmbv amdn-b-Xmbn A\p-`-hs-p. s^Wmtm AK-o\n-b kaq-l-n
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s^Wmtm ktlm-Z-c Atm-Wn-bm-bn. GsXnepw Hcp apow cmjv{S-n t{]n-X-{]-h\-n-\mbn t]mIpI, Ahv Cutimsb ]cn-Nb-s-Spn sImSp-p-I, Iptd-bm-fp-Isf m\kv\m-\-s-Sp-p-I, Am-n ckmn-bmbn
acnp hogp- I , CXm- b n- c pp Atm- W n- b psS
kz]v\w. As\ samtdm-tm-bn-tev ]pd-s-p.
AhnsS Fn-btm apX AtmWn ]\n-_m[nv InS-n-em-bn. amk- Ign-npw t{]n-X{]-h\w \S-m Ign-n-. XncnsI t]mIm
AtmWn \n_-n-X-\m-bn. ss__n-fn AKm[-]m-WvUnXyw t\Sn, H {]kwKw sImv Bbn-c-W-n\p t]sc am\-km--c-s-Sp-p-hm X\n-

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


p-I-gn-bp-sa- t_m[y-tmsS B{^n--bn-tep

Xncn AtmWn ssZh-n-ep-]cn asmcp lnX-ansv a\-kn-em-n. XncnsI I Ib-dn. Fm
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AhnsS Hcp {^mkn-kv B{i-a-n Fn
cp amks hn{ia- P o- h n- X - n\v tijw
BtcmKyw hns-Sp-p. AhnsS \npw tdmam
t\mhntev t]mbn. t^men-bne Io-{U-en
sshZn-I- A-`n-tjI-I-n hN-\-{]-tLm-jWw
\S-m-sa-t sshZn-I hn-. B Ah-kcw
Atm-Wnv Inn. Io-{U-en Xnn \nd
P\-q--ns apn AtmWn {]utVm-Pz-eambn {]kw-Kn-p. AtmWnbpsS hN-\-{]-tLmjWw Ap- X - t mSpw BZ- c - t hmSpw P\w
{inp. samtdm-tm-bn \npw AtmWn bqtdmn Fn. hS- C-en-bn \ho-I-c-W-mcpw
{^mkn thcp-d
- n A_n-Pk Fn-h k`bvsXnsc Dbph in-Ifmbn-cp-p. k`bpsS nXn hfsc Zb-\o-b-am-bn-cp-p. Cu kabv AtmWn Fn-bXv bqtdm-nse k`-Iv
hfsc Bizm-k-I-c-am-bn-cp-p.
AtmWn C-en-bn Fpw
\Sv {]kw-Kn-p. P\-k-l-{k ]m-m-]-ns amn-tep hp. \ho-I-c-W-mcpsS tIm-bmb dnan\n \K-cn {]kw- K n- m sNtm tIm Bcpw Dmbn-- F-m At-l-ns
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ayfpw {ihn-p. CX-dnv
Bfp-I hp XpS-n. ZnhyIm-cpWyw shdpw A-amWv Fv
hniz- k n- n- c p Ah- v
AXns in a\- k n- e mn
sImSpv Ahsc ]m-m-]n-tev \bn-p. Atm-WnbpsS {]kw-K--fn tcmK-imnbpw Ap-X-fpw Dm-bn.
AtmWn X\nv CjvS-s-\m-Smb ]mZp-hm-bn-tev t]mbn. AhnsS Hcp B{iahpw sNdp-tZ-hm-eb
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dns Atm-Wn-bpsS {]kwKw tIv am\-km--csv Xs hoSns ASpv Hcp B{iaw \nnv
{^mkn- k v kym- k n- a msc Xma- k n- n- p.
BtcmKyw tami-am-b-tm AtmWn hn{i-a-n\mbn B B{i-a-n Fn. Hcp ac-n IpSn
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IpSn-en \nv Akm-[m-c-W-amb {]Imiw Iv
Iuv dns t\mn-b-tm Dn-Cutim hn.
Atm-Wn-bpsS ssIn Ccn-p-Xv Ip. Ay\m ASp- - t m ]mZp- h m- b n- t ev XncnsI
t]mIp hgn Btcm-KynXn tami-ambn ASpp Bsm tZhm-e-b-ns sshZn-I-a-n-cnemn. Ay-Iq-Zm-i-I kzoI-cn-p. 1231 Pq
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arX-tZlw ]mZp-hm-bnse sk v tacokv B{i-an kwkv-cn-p.

HIvtSm-_6. bph-P-\-Zn\w
am. 24:15-28
o_mbvp tijw 4mw Rmb
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]pXn-b-\n-b-a-nse shfn-]m-Sp-]p-kvX-I-nepw D]tbm-Kn-n-cn-p `mjm-ssien Xs-bmWv ambn
24 Dw 25 Dw A[ym-b--fnepw D]-tbm-Kn-n-cn-p-Xv. AXn-\m `mhn-Im-ev kw`-hn-m t]mIp
Imcy--sf-p-dn-p shfn-s-Sp- am{X-ambn
CXns\ ]cn-an-X-s-Sp-t--Xn-. aqp-Im-e-fpw
ssZh-Zr-jvSn-bn Hp Xs-bm-Wv. `qX-Im-ehpw
`mhn-Im-ehpw h-am-\I
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\apv A\p-`-h-s-Sp--sX-nepw Ah Hp tNp
InS-pp Fv \mw k-Xn-tnhcpw. ss__nfns CX- c - ` m- K - - s f- t mseXs Chn- s Sbpw
`mhntbp-dn-p ]d-bp-tmgpw Du h-am-\Im-e-p-X-s-bmWv. AXp-t]mse ]g-b-Im-e-kw-`h- hnh-cn-p-tmgpw shdpw ]pcmW IYm-I-Y\-am-bn-, h-am-\-Im-ev \mw kzoI-cn-t
\ne-]m-Sp-I-sf-p-dnv kqN-\-\Im-\mWv hnip
{K-Im-c Dm-ln-p--Xv. ImcWw \t kw_n-nStmfw {]hn-m ]nb kabw Cp
am{X-ta-bp-p. shdpw `mhn]-d
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ImW- c p- s X- p- k m- c w. Prophecy in not simply
foretething but forthtelling.
{InkvXphpw {InkvXp-in-jy-mcpw ]pep Hcp
henb kz]v\-ap-v. ssZh-cmPyw m]n--s-SpI
F kz]v\w. Cy kzmX-y-k-ac \mb-I-\mb
KmnPn cma-cm-Py-t-p-dnv ]d-bmdpm-bn-cp-p.
\-I \nd Hcp `c-W-k-{-Zmbw \ne-\np
ImWm B{K-ln-pI kz`m-hn-I-am-W-tm. ]pXnb
Hcp `h\w ]Wn-bm-\mbn ]g-b-Xns\ CSn-p-s]m-fnm\pw Xd-\n-c-m-m\pw \mw {in-p-Xp-t]mse
ssZh-cmPyw m]n-m thn ]eXpw CSn-ps]mfn-t-n-h-tmw. blq-Z-cpsS A`n-am-\-kvXw`-amb Pdp-ktew tZhm-e-b-ns XIbpw hntZim-{I-aWw aqew XI-Sn ]-W-fpw `h-\fpw hyn-Ifpw am{X-a, nc-Xbpw kpc-n-XXzhpw \Ip-sav Icp-X-s `qanbpw BIm-ihpw
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t_mywh-hv imnbpw \bpw \nd
kz-cmPyw tXSp-hm\pw t\Sp-hm\pw Ign-bq. am{Xa Ghpw kw{`-a-P-\-I-amb kw`-h- Dm-Iptm t]mepw \jvS-ss[-cy-cm-Im-Xn-cn-m\pw Ahkm\whsc hnizm-k n D d p \ n m \ p w

Ipcn-inse ]oUm-\p-`-h-n Nn-s {InkvXphns c-n Ipcp ss{IkvX-hsc apf-bnse

\pn--f-bp-hm blq-Z-k-aqlw {]Xn-m-_--cmbn-cp-p. Ah Bcw-`n aX-]o-U\w tdma `cWm-[n-Im-cn-I Gs-Sp-p-Ibpw sNbvXp. Amev tdmam \K-c-n ]Sp ]nSn An-_m-[bpsS Imc-W-m {InkvXym-\n-I-fm-sWv Btcm]nv ITn-\-amb aX-]o-U-\-amWv \nc-]-cm-[n-I-fmb
ss{IkvX-h-cpsS ta \otdm N{I-hn Agn-phn--Xv. C{]-Im-c-ap GXp ZWvU-\--sfbpw AXnPo-hn-m BZn-a-ss{I-kvX-h-cpsS hnizmkw iam-bn-cp-p. \nXy-ku-`m-Ky-tmSpw ssZh-cm-PytmSpw Xn-p-t\m-ptm Cu temIw Xcp
kpJhpw kpc-n-X-Xzhpw \nkm-c-ambn Icp-Xp-hm
Ah ioen-n-cp-p. Hcp ]t C{]-Im-ca
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Csk`-bpsS ]cm-P-b-Im-cWw?
Av k`- b psS i{Xp- - _mly- i - n- I fmbncps-n Cv i{Xp \mw Htcm-cp--cp-sSbpw
Dn m\w Dd-n-n-cn-p-I-bm-Wv. ""\nc-h[n
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- v At\-Isc hgn-sXnpw. A[w hn-p--Xn-\m ]e-cp-sSbpw
kvt\lw XWp-p-t]mIpw'' (a-m. 24:11-12)Fp
{InkvXp-h-N\w BmWv IqSp-X CW-p-sXv ]cn-tim-[n-p-t\m-t--Xm-Wv. hfsc {]XnIq-e-amb Cu kml-N-cy-n \np-sIm-p-thWw
kz- c m- P y- ns kphn- t ijw temI- s apw
{]tLm-jn--s-Sm. temI-ns AXnn-I
hscbpw temIw Dn-S-tm-fw-Imew ssZh-cm-Pyns kphn- t ijw {]kw- K n- - s - S pI Xs
thWw. ""Hcp ]-W-n Ah \n-sf- ]o-Un-np-tm asm-n-tev HmSn-tm-Ip-hn'' (-am
ae-ck` bph-P-\-Zn-\-ambn BNcnp Cu
Znhkw temI-ns ASn-m-\- Cfn {]XnjvTn-p--Xn-s {]kn Fm-sWp t\mmw.
""Hcp ]pXnb BIm-ihpw ]pXnb `qanbpw Rm
Ip. BZys BIm-ihpw BZys `qanbpw ISp-t]mbn'' (sh-fn 21:1). Hcp ]pXnb PohnX{Iaw
Bhn-jv-cn-p-hm Btem-Nn-p-tm kz`m-hnI-ambpw \apv {]Xo--tbmsS Dp-t\m-m Ignbp-Xv bph-P-\--fn-te-m-Wv. ssZh-cmPyw Bhiy-s-Sp XymKhpw ka-Whpw Xmm Ignbp-Xv bph-P\
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- n ]Xnp Cubmw-]m--It]mse, hoW-Sn-p-t]m-IpXpw bphm--fm-W-tm. ssZh-cmPytp-dnv


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

amXr-k-am-P--fnepw IpSpw-_-Iq-m-bva-I-fnepw hmb-\bvpw ]T-\-n\pw ...

Bg-n ]Tn-p-hm\pw AXns kwm-]-\-n\v

klm-b-I-c-amb \ne-]m-sS-Sp-p--Xn\pw Ign-bptmtg \psS a\p-jy-Pw k^-ea
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Dd t_my-amWv Cv Hmtcm bphm-hn\pw bphXnbvpw Dm-tI--Xv.
^m. G{_lmw ImS-ae

HIvtSm-_ 13 o_m-bvp-tijw
5mw Rmb eqm. 20:27-40
kZp-m-b-cpsS hmZw hne-bn-cp-p--Xn\p ap]v
Ah Bcm-bn-cpp Fp a\-n-em-t--Xp-v.
- m-bn-cp kmtZm-n \nv ]nXp-S
Ah-Im-i-s-n-cp--h, ]-{K-n--pdw ssZh-hN\w Cm-sbp Icp-Xn-bn-cp-h
- , \ymb-hn-[nbpw acn-hs Dm-\hpw Bm-hns \nXy-Po-h\pw sXmsWp hniz-kn--h ... Ah Fpw ^cn-tk-b-cpambn Xn-p-sIm-n-cp hnjbw tami-bpsS \nba-tmSp tNp hv Im-hn-t\mSv tNmZn-p-Ibm-Wv.

aikyadeepam monthly

Ah BcpsS `mcy-bm-bn-cnpw?
tNmZy-ns Dmv Ah BcpsS `mcy-bmbn-cnpw F-. ]p\-cpm\w Dtm Ctbm
Fm-Wv. ]e X--fnepw Hcp ]cn[n hsc hnPbn-n-cp tNmZyw Im-hns apn Ah-Xc
- n-nv
Dcw t\Sn-bt- m... ""\o icn-bmbn kwkm-cn-pp''
Fp ]d-bm Ah \n_-n-Xc
- m-bn. ImcWw ]p\cp-m\w Dtm F-h Xn-Xv '' ]p\-cp-m\hpw Poh\pw'' (tbm-l.11:25) Bb-h-t\m-Sm-Wv.
]e \ho-I-cW {]m-\--fp-sS A_PUnehpw A-iq-\y-hpamb tNmZy-p apn
t]mepw ]e Ah-k-c--fn \ ]Xdn t]mIp-psh-n AXns ImcWw IuZm-io-Im-\p-`h
- f
- n-eqsS
Fn ""{InkvXp Pohn-p-''-Xn\p ]Icw Fn
""Rm Pohn-pp'' F-Xm-Wv.
\nv sXp-]-n-bn-cn-pp (a-m 22:29)
eqm kphn-ti-jI
- ]d-bp-n-m-sb-nt]mepw
AtX kw`hw hnh-cn-p hn. ambn olm Cu
tNmZy-ns sXpw icnbpw thXn-cn-bp-p-v.
""hnip enJn-X-tfm ssZh-ns intbm a\n-em-m-X
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- n-bn-cn-pp''
hnizm-k-ntem hN-\-ntem kwibw Dm-Iptm FhnsS At\z-jn--W-sav Cu kw`hw
\s Hmn-n-p-p. hnizmkhgn-bn Nne Dcw
Inm tNmZy--fp-m-hp-Ibpw B "tNmZyw' Hcp
"k`'-bm-bn-o-cp-Ibpw ]nnSv B tNmZyw Xs
sXm-bn-cp-p-shp Xncn-d
- n-hp-m-Ip-tm Xncn-sIt]m-Im-\m-hm hn[w Nne "sIp-]m-Sp-I'-fm \n_n--s-Sp-Ibpw sNp Bcy-\nkw apX B[p\nI s]n-tm-kvXp-Im hsc-bp-- N
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hgn-sX--ep-I-fpsS blq-Z-]-Xn-mWv kZp-m-b.
Ahn-Sptv Fm-hcpw Pohn-p--h Xs
ssZh-ns apn ac-W-n\v am\p-jn-I-amb
A- a D- X v . CpXs Im- S n- b n- e qsS

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


ImWph \msf -t\-cnImWpp F hyXymk-ta-bp-p. Ahn-Sp-s apn Fm-hcpw Pohnp--h Xs. Htc k`-bpsS AwK- Xs.
Htc eyn- t e- p ]mX- b n hnP- b - nsbpw kl-\-n-sbpw ka-c-n-sbpw Zqc-hyXym-k--fn-em-bn-cn-p-tm t]mepw ]c-kv]cw
am-Zin-Ifpw amy--cp-am-bncnt--h.....
]Icw ]p\-cp-m-\hpw Poh\pw Bbn-cn-p-h
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auXn-I-i-co-c-tmSv tNp \np-sImv ]p\-cpm-\-ns a F kzob A\p-`-h-ntev \S-p--Xn hgn-sX-p--h.... hnip
]utemkv olm ]d-bpXpt]mse Fm a\pjy-sc-m \n`m-Ky-cm-Wv. (1 tImcn 15:19)
^m. tXmakv ]w-]-n

HIvtSm-_ 20
o_m-bvp-tijw 6mw Rmb,
anj Rmb hn.-atmkv 16:14-18
\psS Im- h ns ]p\- c p- m- \ - n\v
BZys kmn-bm-Ip-hm\pw Dbnns kXyw
ol-msc Adn-bn-m-\p-ap \ntbmKw e`n-Xv
aKvZ-e\ adn-bn\m-bn-cp-p. Fm Ah HmSnsv Amcyw ]d--tm ol-m hniz-knp-n-. Fnepw tbip Ah-tfmSv ]d-p-hn--X\p-kc
- nv Keo-eb
- n Ahv {]Xy-s
- -Sp `mKamWv \ Ctm hmbnp tI-Xv. olm
11 t]cpw `Ww Ign-p-sIm-n-cn-p-Ib
- m-bn-cp-p.
adnbw ]d-Xv hniz-kn-m--Xn-cp--Xn Ahn-Spv
Ahsc Ip-s-Sp-p-p-v. XpSv \ hmbnp-Xv kphn-tijw temI-sa-p-ap kIe P\X-I-tfmSpw {]kw-Kn-p-Isb hen-b ZuXywAhsc G]n-p-X
- m-bm-Wv. Ahsc ta-d
henb ZuXyw Gev]n-p-tm Ahv ]cn-ipm klm-bhpw Ahn-Spv \evIp-p-v.
Ahsc ZuXy-\n-l-W-n\v ss[cy-s-Spm Nne hmKvZm-\- \Ip-Xpw Cs
kphn-ti-j-`m-K-p-v. ]nim-Np-sf ]pd-m-pI, tcmKn-Isf kpJ-s-Sp-p-I, ]pXnb `mj-I
kwkm-cn-p-I, Fn-s\ tbip Xs Pohn-XIm-ev \S-nb {]h-\
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- psS XpS-bmWv
Ahcpw \S-t--Xv.
\ {]tXyIw {in-t Hcp Imcyw, tbip
Ah-tcmSv kphn-tijw temI-sam-sbpw t]mbn
Fm P\-X-I-tfmSpw {]kw-Kn-p-hm-\m-W v]d-bpXv. Fm-bn-cpp kphn-tijw? AXv tbip-Xs
Bbn-cp-p. ac-Ws AXn-Po-hn ssZh-]p-{X\mWv tbip F-Xm-bn-cpp ol-mv {]kwKn-p-hm-\p kphn-ti-jw. hn. eqtmkv AkvtXme {]h-\--fn {]mcw` `mKv AXv
hy--am-p-p-v (Aymbw 2). AXp-t]m-seXs hnip tbml-m olm Hmw teJ-\ns Bap-J-n hfsc hy-ambn C{]-Imcw
Fgp- X n- b n- p- v , ""BZnapX Dm- b n- c p- Xpw
R tIXpw kzw Ip-sImv IXpw
kqnp hon- Xpw ssIsImv kv ] in-

HIvtSm-_ 27
o_m-bvp-tijw 7mw Rmb
hn. am 25:31-46
k`m Ie-d
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Cv hnip Ipm\ a-ty hmbn-m \n-bn-ncn-p kphn-ti-j-`mKw a\p-jys \mep hn[-amb
A-y-s--n-bp--Xm-Wv. Cu Ime-L--nse anhmdpw Rmb-dm-gvN-I-fnse hmb-\-I kam\ kz`mhw
Dh-bm-bn-cp-p. AXp-sImv Cs kphn-ti-j`m-K-p-\nv cv Nn-I \apv thXn-cn-s-Spmw.
BZyw \ tIp-Xv \psS Im-hmb
tbip-hns hn[n-bm-f\
- m-bp hc-hn-t\-
- n-bm-Wv. a\pjy-]p-{X Fm ZqX-m-tcm-Spw-IqsS al-Xz-n Fgps-p-p (hmIyw 31). hnip ambn olm Xs
kphn-tijw 24-mw Aymbw 30-mw hmIy-n ]dn-p-v a\p-jy-]p-{X hm\-ta-L--fn intbmsS hcp-sav. henb Iml-f[
- z-\n-tbmsS Xs ZqXmsc Abpsapw XpSp ]d-bp-p. al-Xzns knwlm-k\
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izmkw hscbpw Imcp- W y- h p- a mbn ]nmse


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

Xpamb Pohs hN-\-s-n R Adn-bnpp.'' ]nXm-hn-t\mSpIqsS Bbn-cp-Xpw Rp

shfn-s--Xp-amb \nXy-Po-h Fv XpSpw FgpXp-p-v (1 tbml 1:15). tbiphmIp kphn-tijw
{]kw-Kn-p--h-cnepw AXp-tIp hniz-knp amtamZokm kzoI-cn-p--h-cnepw Dm-Ip \h-Po-h-\mWv
A-kvtXm-e-mp \I--s-Xv (hn.-atm 16:7).
HIvtSm-_ amk-nse aqmw Rmb-dm-gvN-bmb
Cv BI-am\ k` anj Rmb-dmbn BN-cn-p-Ibm-Wv. Dm-\-tijw Xs kphn-tijw k-temI
P\-X-tbmSpw {]kw-Kn-p-hm ol-msc Npa-X-e-sSp-n-bXv XpSp-sIm-t-bn-cn-p-p. Amcyw
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kss`Iy {]h-\-am-Wv, kphn-tij {]tLm-j-WamWv Fv Bhnv Hmn-n-p-p-v.
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Gs-Sp-p--Xm-b-Xp-sIm-mWv AXv A\--ambn
XpS-cp-Xpw. ]m-m-]-n-\p aSn-Xs ImcWw.
C{X-bp-samw Nn-n--t- ijw \ ad-c
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thsd Nne kXy--sfbpw Hcp \nanjw a\-kn-tev
sImp-hcmw. hnizm-k-n-s-bpw am\-km-cn
sbpw Bh-iyw, ssZh-I-ev]-\-I-fpsS A\p-k-c-Ww,
Zn\w-{]-Xn-bp Ipcn-ip-Np-a
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CsXms ad-m Imcp-Wy-{]-hn-Ipw \ne\nm-\m-Ip-I-bn-. ssZhw F \n-Xy-k-Xy-am-bncn-Ww \psS ]c-am-yw.
^m. tXmakv ]pXn-b-ho-n

bqZm-o-lm-tbm-Sp {]m\
anin-lm-bpsS Nm-m-c\pw/ hniz-kvX-Zm-k-\p-amb hn.
bqZm-X-tZhptk/ Hn-sm-Sp--hs t]cp-aqew aln-a-tb-dnb
A-kvtXm-e-\mb Av/ hnkva-cn--s-Sp-hm Imc-Wam-bn./
Fm Itm-en-m-k` apgp-h\pw/ Asb \ncm-i-cp-tSbpw
Akm-y-Im-cy--fp-sSbpw / ay--\mbn _lp-am-\n-p-Ibpw
/ A-tbmSv A`yn-p-Ibpw sNp-p-h-tm./ \nc-h[n
ti- A\p-`-hn-p F\nv / A-bpsS ay--Xbn (C-hnsS Bhiyw ]d-bp-I) / Cu A\p-{Klw km[np
Xc-W-ta. / Fs Fm Bh-iy--fnepw / hninjy Ctm
F\np t\cn-n-cn-p B]-nepw / Fs {]tXyIw kwcn--W-ta. / Cu D]-Imcw Rm Fpw Hmp-sIm-msapw / Fs {]tXyI ay--\mbn / Asb \nc-cw
_lp-am-\np sImm-sapw / Rm hmKvZm\w sNp-p.

A tPm, sh-bn

bqZm-o-lm-tbm-Sp {]m\
anin-lm-bpsS Nm-m-c\pw/ hniz-kvX-Zm-k-\p-amb hn.
bqZm-X-tZhptk/ Hn-sm-Sp--hs t]cp-aqew aln-a-tb-dnb
A-kvtXm-e-\mb Av/ hnkva-cn--s-Sp-hm Imc-Wam-bn./
Fm Itm-en-m-k` apgp-h\pw/ Asb \ncm-i-cp-tSbpw
Akm-y-Im-cy--fp-sSbpw / ay--\mbn _lp-am-\n-p-Ibpw
/ A-tbmSv A`yn-p-Ibpw sNp-p-h-tm./ \nc-h[n
ti- A\p-`-hn-p F\nv / A-bpsS ay--Xbn (C-hnsS Bhiyw ]d-bp-I) / Cu A\p-{Klw km[np
Xc-W-ta. / Fs Fm Bh-iy--fnepw / hninjy Ctm
F\np t\cn-n-cn-p B]-nepw / Fs {]tXyIw kwcn--W-ta. / Cu D]-Imcw Rm Fpw Hmp-sIm-msapw / Fs {]tXyI ay--\mbn / Asb \nc-cw
_lp-am-\np sImm-sapw / Rm hmKvZm\w sNp-p.

kn. ^vtfmd, _ko-en-b

aikyadeepam monthly

D]Imc kvacW

Hcp hnizmkn, Ipafn

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

tcmK imn e`n--Xn\v

D]Imc kvacW

Gen-bm tImq, Abn-cq


adnbw ]pcm-X\ Atym-Iy...

(23-mw t]Pv XpS)
Xfnpw ]pjv ] - e - X m- Z n- I fpw ]dp- Z o- k m- b psS
{]XoIw Xs. ]pcm-X\ ss{IkvXhIe-bn
abn ]dp-Zo-km-bpsS ]n-bm-Wv. cp abn-epI ]oen HXpn \ne-sIm-p-p.
kz-n s]mXn hkv{X-hp-am-bmWv
amXmhpw Ippw \np--Xv. Cu cmP-Iob
hkv{X-ns AXn-cp-Iv IqSp-X Ccp-fn-a-bpv. ZoL-hr-m-Ir-Xn-bn-ep apJ-amWv amXm-hns\-n Ipn\v h-ap-J-am-Wv, Npcpv sNn
apSn-bpw. amXm-hn\v blq-Z-kv{Xo-I-fpsS intcm-hkv{X-am-Wp--Xv. Ah Nph cmP-Iob ]mZ-c-I-fmWv AWn-n-cn-p--Xv. Ah \ne-bp-dn-n-cn-p-tXm cXv\--p-I ]Xn Im\
]mZ-]o-T-n. Ipns In ssZh-h-N-\ns {]Xo-I-amb Npcp Dv. Ccp-h-cp-sSbpw
inc-n-\p-Nppw kz-h-ap {]`m-h-e-b-hp-apv. Dujva-f-amb \nd--fn \psS ImgvN Xptmgpw, tcJm{]m[m\yw Nn{X-n-\p-sv hnkvacn-p-Iq-Sm. ssieo-I-cn tcJ-I-fpsS ]c-kv]-c-_-n-eq-sS-bmWv kpdn-bm-\n-bnse hnip Nn{X cq]- s - S p- - X v . AhnsS h- v
AXnh-c-p-I \n-bn-n-cn-p-Xpw Cu tcJI-fpsS hn\ym-k
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awK-f-hm-bpsS Nn{Xw: \memw ]pd-ns
Ccp-h-i--fn-ep-ambn Cu Nn{Xw Ccp-h-i--fn
Bte-J\w sNbvXn-cn-p-p. adnbw Xs `h-\n\v apn \np-p. cmP-Iob hkv{X-amb
ISpw-Np-h-mWv thjw. Ah-fpsS ]mZ-c-bpw
Nph-m-Wv. ]mZ-]oTw cXv\me-rX-am-Wv. Atm{In-^ IY-bn ]d-bp-Xv, ZqX {]Xy-stm Ah Pdp-itew tZhm-e-b-n-\pth ad \qp-I-bm-bn-cpp Fm-Wv. A-Xn\m Ah ChnsS CS-Xp-ssI-sImv ASpp IqS-bn\nv \qsv FSp-p-I-bm-Wv.
he- X pssI amem- J - t bm- S p kwkm- c - ns
BwKy-`m-j-bn-em-Wv. apI-fn-embn "CXm Imhns Zmkn' Fv kpdn-bm-\n-bn Fgp-Xn-bn-pv. K{_n-tb amemJ Cfw ]-\n-d-n-ep
Ipmbw AWn-n-cn-p-p. CS-Xp-ssI-bn ZqXv
Adn-bn-p--h-cpsS Zv Dv. he-Xp-Icw adn-bn-tep Nqn kwkm-c-n-em-Wv. ""ssZh-Ir]
\nd--htf kzkvXn, Imhv \ntm-SpIqsS'
Fv kpdn-bm-\n-bn apI-fn-embn Fgp-Xn-bn-p-v.
ssZh-]p-{X\v ]nd-m adn-b-n-t\mSv A\p-hm-Zw
tNmZn-p cwK-am-Wn-Xv. a\p-jy-h-n-\p-thn
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cm-Ic kw`hw "a\p-jym-h-Xmcw' Hcp bmYm
yamn. kpdn-bm-\n-m Ah-cpsS hnizm-k-Pohn-X-nepw Bcm-[-\-bnepw adn-b-n\v \In-bncp {]m[m-\ys Cu Nn{Xw kqNn-n-p-p.

eoem _m_p
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H-s hmkw, acWw hsc \nXy-I-\y-I-bmbn Ignbp-I, kzw Ip-n\v Pw sImSp-m HcnSw
Inm-Xn-cn-p-I, ]mXn-cm-{Xn-bn ]cn-N-b-an-m
GsXm-stbm DuSp-h-gn-I-fn-eq-sSbpw acp-`q-an-bn-eqsS-bp-sams Hfn-tmtSn hcn-I, ]pdta \np
t\mp-tm ]cn-ip Abvv \- am{Xta-bp-q. Fm \mw Nnn--Ww, hN-\-n-\pthn B A sImSp hne Fm-bn-cp-p.
""CXm Im-hns Zmkn, \ns hmv Fn
\nd-th-ds'' (eqm 1:38) Fp ]d-p-sImv lrZbw-Xp-dv kza-\m "Bta' ]d adn-bw.
Htm_ amkw {]tXy-I-ambn P]-ame cmnbmb adn-b
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P\\ Adn-bn-tmsS XpS-p-p. cmw cl-kyn ]cn. adnbw tkh-\-cw-Kv Cd-p-I-bm-Wv.
Ipw appw aebpw ISv, Hcp t{]jnX tkh-\n\v Fn-bn-cn-p-p. ssZh-ns Xnc-s-Sp-s--h kpJhpw kwXr-]vXnbpw [\hpw alXzhpw Hpw t\mmsX Cd-n-p-ds
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ktm-jnv Xocpw-apv Xs lrZ-b-n-eqsS Hcp
hm Xpf-p-I-bdpw (eq-m. 2:35) F {]h-N-\w.
km[m-cW a\p-jy Cs\ tItn hm
Hp-In Ipns\ i]n-pw. As-n ]d-bp-hsc F-Xnpw. Cv Ipp- `h-\--fn
A[n-I--m-Wv. K` inipfpsS Zo\-tcm-Z\w
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Npcp-w. kzw Pohn-X-kpJw am{Xw ey-am-ntm-Ip Hcp P\-k-aq-l-s-bt \manv ImWpI. Fm A-am-cpsS A-bmb ]cn. I\y-I-adnbw ina- t bms {]h- N \w a\- n [ym\nv
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P]-amebnse {]Im-i
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""Ah ]d-bp---Xp-t]mse sNpI'' (tbm-l.2:5).
As\ sNbv-Xm FhnsS Fp Ipd-hptm B
Ipdhv \nI-m km[n-p-sav ]cn. Abvv
Adn-hp-mbn-cp-p. tbip-hns ]oUm-k-l-\-ntev IS-p-sN-m Ipcnip bm{X-bpsS Bcw`w
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Xs aIs ssIIm-ep-I-fn Imcn-cp-mWn Xdp-I-b-p--Xp-Iv hmhnp Ic-bm t]mepw IgnbmsX hnd--enp \np A-bpsS Ah-.
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hnp-sIm-Sp-ptam? AXns al-\ob AS-bm-f-at
]cn. A-bpsS kzm-tcm-]-Ww. Cv Asb ]ehn-[
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hn. atmkv 3:31 apX 35 hsc-bp hmIy-
Dsm-n-p-sImv tNmZyw sNp-p. Cu Iq
Hp Nnn--Ww, Imh-cn-bn Ipcn-in Nph-n
\n Asb tbip tbml-ms kwc--Wn\v Gev]n-Xv Fn-\mWv? \apv Zm\-ambn
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\apv tbip-hns cm-Ic Ncn-{X-n-tepw alXz-n-tepw IS-p-sN-mw. P]-ame {]m\ Dcphn-Sp-tm ]cn. A Acn-In hv \ap-p-thn
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Dcp-hn-Sp-Xv ssZh-h-N-\-am-Wv. hN\w tIptm kmm hn-I-epw. AXn-\m P]-ame
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\s klm-bn-m kZm-k---bm-bn-cn-p
\psS A \s amtdmSp tNpw, Io XpSbvpw, Biz-kn-n-pw. Io-tcmsS An-p
Hcp P]-am-ebpw Dcw InmsX t]mIn-. aZy-]m\-n\v ASn-a-I-fmb Pohn-X-]-m-fnsb {]Xn thZ\n-p `mcyamtc! A-amtc! \n Ah-cpsS InSbv
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AXp- s Imv \psS P]- a me A- W - ns
Fw \apv Iqmw. Hcn- apS--\mb Hcp
_me eqZn sNv Cs\ {]mn- p.
""Cutimsb F\nv kuJyw Xc-W-ta, \S-m
km[n--Wta Cs-n Rm \ns A-tbmSp
]d-bpw.'' DS-s\-Xs B _me kuJyw {]m]np Fv Ncn{Xw tcJ-s-Sp-n-bn-cn-pp. \appw
{]mn-mw, ""Cutimsb F\npw kuJyhpw
kam-[m-\hpw ktm-jhpw Xc-W-ta, Cs-n
Rm\pw \ns A-tbmSv ]d-bpw.''

o]w sk]v
41 sFIy-

aikyadeepam monthly

A a\v P]-ame cmn-bmb

]cn-ip adnbw



eqm-bpsS kphn-tijw
Aymbw 6,7,8






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n-I v j \w
hnP t] v k
5 m


aikyadeepam monthly

12-mw mv hsc- ]Tn-p PmXn-aXt`Zat\y GXp Ipn-Ipw Cu a-c-n

2. AXm-Xp-amkw 15-mw Xob-Xn-p-ap-mbn
MCCL DirectorsS t]cn imn-\n-e-bn- t etm sFIy- Z o]w amkn- I bpsS
Hm^n-kn-tem Fn-p-Itbm Ab-p-X-cpItbm thWw.
3. D-c
- t- fm-sSmw Xmsg \Ip Iq
]qcn-nv \I-Ww. t^mtm-mv kzoImcy-a
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4. ] ss__n-fns\ Bkv]Z- a
- mn Bbncnpw D-c-v hn[n \n-bn-p-Xv.
5 AXmXp amk-n apgp-h D-c-fpw
icn-bmbn \Ip--hcn \nv Xnc-sSp--s-Sp 5 t]v 2 BIj-I-amb
km-\-! Hw 2013 sk]vw-_ apX
2014 sabv hscbp Fm a-c--fnepw
]-s-Sp-ph-cn \npw Xnc-s-Sp-s
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kuP-\y- hn-am-\-bm{X!

A[nt]n-p--h-tcmSv FmWv sNtXv?

\ a\p-jy Xs lrZ-b-nse \
\nt-]-n \nv \ ]pd-s-Sp-hn-pp. No a\p-jy Xn ]pd-s-Sp-hn-pXv FhnsS \nv?
Fp-sIm-mWv `rXy\pthn iXm-[n] tbip-hn-t\mSv bmNn-p-Xv?
\mbn\nse hn[-h-bpsS aIs\ Dbn-tijw tbip sNbvXXv Fv?
tbml-m-s\-p-dnv tbip kmyw
\In-b-tm ssZh-\o-Xn-sb-p-dnv
Nne {]tLm-jn-p. Bcv?
^cn-tk-b-cn Hcp-h tbip-hns\ `W-n\v Wn-p. Bcv?
tbip-hns\ A\p-K-an Nne kv{XoI
Ch-cm-bn-cpp; aKvZ-te\ AYhm adn-bw,
tbmh-, kqk-, ap ]e kv{XoI-fpw.
Ch-cn tbmh Bcm-bn-cpp?
]nim-Np-_m-[n-X kpJ-s--tm,
Ah t]mbn, tbip X\n-p-thn
sNbvX-Im-cy- ]Ww apgp-h
{]kn-amn. Fm tbip ]dXv

Sponsored by

Vimalambika Junior
College & Public School,


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sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


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Fs Adn-bn-n-).
Hcp Missed call... Npm Hp Xncn
hnfnp t\mn-b-Xm.... aq-nsb
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shp i_vZw.....-tX HgpIpw hmphnk
I........ASpp Ip- t ]mse ASp- ambn....- lr-Zbw ]p-h-p... B{Klw
IqSn.....-Hp ImWWw.... BZyw k-Xn-n-......hmin IqSn-b-tm
k-Xn-p.......Rm Ddv sImSp-p.....-tN- F{X hncq-]\
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Rm tNs Xs-bm...... okv.... Hcp hmI-actNmn hp
Hp Ip.... Ht Ism-p.... ]ns Hpw Hm-bn-...
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t]meo-kn-t\mSv ]d IY-bm-Wn-Xv). {]mb-amb amXm-]n-Xm-sf
hon- Ccpn Imdpw ss_p-ambn ]pd-p-t]m-Iph Hcp
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am-bn. hj- Ign-p. samss_
hon t^m Ip-]n-Sn-p. {]tem-`-\tev
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fpw ]ns Ipsd s]mcp-fpw.''
]n-m `mhpw K^n tPmen-sN-p ]mhw `m-hns\
hj-p apv sImw _kv NXn-m `mcybvpw IqsS-\Sp kvt\ln-Xs Xe-bd
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mUn \np-p. samss_ \ntZiw sImSp-p kplr-n\pw \ms-Sp-m Ipw ]dt^mWns i_vZw tIp t\mn-b- bphcpsS \mhn\pw thn Ip-]n-SnX samss_
tm iey-m-c\mb Hcp kvt\ln- t^m...-kp-lr-mbn, hgn-Im-n-bm-bn, Npm t_md-Sn-p-tm
Xs tIm. Hgn-hm-m s]sp cknm\pw... As\ D]-tbm-Knmw, \-app \psS ]mhw
tXmnb Ipp-_p-n-bn tIm samss_-en-s\...


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

^m. FtZm tamg-ti-cn

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aikyadeepam monthly

PnZv aPnZn F A\p-{K-loX Cdm\n kwhn-[m-b-Is

at\m- l - c - a mb Zriy- h n- c p- mWv "Z tkmwKv Hm^v
kv]mtcmkv' (The song of sparrows) Ip-Nn-msX
\ Ip-t]m-Ip Nn{Xw. at\m-l-c-amb ]m-ehpw ko-X-I Hpw Cm IYm-hn-jvIm-chpw
aPnZv aPn-Zn-bpsS ssien-bm-Wv. ]mh-s--h-cpsS Pohn-X AtX-]Sn Hn-sb-Spv \psS apn Ah-X-cn-np-I-bmWv Atlw sNp--Xv.
Icnw F \njvIf
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- mb Hcp ITn-\m-zm-\n-bpsS IYbmWv "Z tkmwKv Hm^v kv]mtcmkv'. Icnw H-I-]-n-Isf hfp ^mw lukn-emWv tPmen sNbvXn-cp-Xv. `mcybpw aqv Ipp--fp-a-S-p--XmWv Ico-ans
IpSpw-_w. Cdm-\ns Xe-m-\-amb sXl-dm-\n\nv
Ipdv AI-se-bmWv Icoans {Kmahpw `h-\-hpw. Icow
Xs IpSpw-_w ktm-j-]q-am-m cm]-I-en-msX
Azm-\n-p-p. Xs `mcybpw afpw Azm-\n-m
]mSn F \n_--m-c-\mWv Icnw.
Hcp Znhkw Icnw ^mw lukn tPmen-sN-p Ahk-c-n Xs `h-\-n-tev s]sv sN-W-sav
Adn-bn-p-p. Xs _[n-c-bmb ]p{Xn-bpsS {ih-W-klmbn Xs `h-\-nse sh-kw-`-c-Wn-bnhoWv \sp Fv Adn-bp Icnw thK-n `h-\
- n Fp-

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


tm ImWp-Xv Xs aI\pw Iqp-Im-c\pw

tNv aen- a - k - s - n- c n- p sh- k w- ` cWnbn Cdn {ih-Wk-lmbn At\z-jn-p-Xm-Wv. BZyw Icnw Xs tZjyw {]I-S-amp-p. ]t ]noSv Ipn-I-tfmSv tNv
At\z-jWw XpS-cp-p. At\z-j-W-ns
HSphn Ahv {ih-W-k-lmbn Inp-p.
]t AXv D]-tbm-K-iq-\y-am-sWv B
{Kma-nse Bip-]-{Xn-bnse tUm ]d-bpp. ]pXnb {ih-Wk
- l
- mbn kuP-\y-ambn e`nm aqv amk- hsc Imn-cn-W
- s
- av
tUm ]d-bp-p. Xs aI-fpsS ]co ASpn- c n- p- - X n- \ m aqv amk- hsc
Imn-cn-m Ico-an\v km[n-n-.
Icnw tPmen sNp ^mw luknse Hcp
H--I-]n, tPmen-m-cpsS A{iaqew \s-Sp-tm Ico-an\v ^mw luknse tPmen
\-s-Sp-p. At-l-ns aIv {ih-Wk-lmbn hmp-hm-\p km-nIw CmXpw tPmen \s-Xp-samw Ico-ans\
hmsX he-bvp-p.
Atlw Xs aI-fpsS {ih-W-k-lmbn
hmp-hm Xe-m\ \K-c-amb sXlvdm-\ntev t]mIp-p. {ih-W-k-lmbn hmm
henb XpI Bh- i y- a mbn hcp- - X n- \ m
Atlw \ncm-i-s-Sp-p. Xs GI hml-\amb tamtm ssknfn Atlw \K-cn Npp-tm Icnw Hcp tamtm ssk
n SmIvkn ss{Uh BsWv hgn-bm-{XnI sXn- - c n- p- p. (C- d m- \ n tamtm
sskn SmIvkn-bmbn D]-tbm-Kn-p ]Xnhp-v.) As\ Icnw B \K-c-nse bm{Xmv Hcp tamtm sskn SmIv k n
ss{Uh Bbn. Atlw bm{X-m-scbpw AhcpsS m]-\-Pw-K-a -h-kvXp-fpw Ah Cnp e--fn Fn-p-Ibpw sNbvXpt]m-p.
Ico-an\v Xs Cu ]pXnb tPmen \t
t_m[n-p. ]pXnb hcp-am-\hpw ]pXnb tPmenbpw ]pXnb \K-c-Po-hn-Xhpw Ico-ans kz`m-hn henb amw Dm-n. \K-c-Po-hn-Xns Bcw-`-n {]m-\bvv (\n-kvImc-n-\v) henb m\w sImSp-n-cp Icnw
]Xnsb Xs \- \nd a\v \sSpp-p. Xm \K-c
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{ih-W-k-lmbn hmp-hm-\mWv F Imcyw
Icow t_m[- ] qw ad- p- p. kzmX
Abm-fpsS Ip-Isf Xs IpSpw-_-ns
Ah--bn\npw am-p-p. \K-c-n\nv
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- sImv Xs
hoSv \nd-bvp-p. Xs aI-fpsS kvt\l-stbm, `mcy-bpsS BIp-e-X-I-sftbm Abhmkn-I-fpsS kman]y-spdntm Ah Ku\np-n-. {Kma-nse ac--fp-sStbm Infn-I-fpsStbm ]mnt\m Icow Xs Ip-Ifpw ImXpIfpw sImSp-p-n-.
Hcp Znhkw Xs B{In-km-[-\- ASpnh-bvp Ah-kc
- n B{In-km-[\

hne-]n-Sn-p hkvXp- hmnsm-Sp- Ahsc ktm-jn-n-t-Xv. Ico-ans\ Xs aI ]Tn-n-p-X,v

kw`-cnp Iqp--Xn A; Fmw ]ph-bvp-tm-gmWv Pohn-Xs Bkz-Znm \apv Ign-bp-Xv F henb
Pohn-X- Xz-am-Wv.
Ico-ans aI hmnb tKmUv
^njp-I Hcp Kme \ndsb Xd-bn
hoWp-t]m-Ip-tm, B tKmUv ^njpIsf cn-m ASp-p av HcmfpsS sh-kw-`c
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- n-bn Hcp aos\m-gnsI av ao\pI-sfmw CSp B _me, ]nXm-hns kzm
\nd a\-n\v Hcp Xncp--embn amdp-p.
""Z tkmwKv Hm^v kv]mtcmkv'' F Nn{Xw

Xs IpSpw-_-ns t\scbpw Xs Npp-]m-Sp-I-fntepw Xpd-p-p. Xs aI tKmUv ^njns\

Cn-cn-p sh-kw-`-c-Wn-bn-tev Icow-t]m-bn.
AhnsS IqSp-sI-nb Ipcp-hn-Isf ImWp Icow
ss_n Xm t\cs tPmen-sNbvX ^mw lukn-tev t]mIp-p. HmSn-tmb H-I-]n Xncn-php Fv Icow Adn-bp-p.
- v D Hcp \ ]mT-amWv Cu Nn{Xw.
IpSpw_w Fm-h-cpsSbpw ]m-fn--tm-sS-bmWv
{]hn-t--Xv. Hmtcm sImp-Ip-n\pw henb
Imcy- IpSpw-_-n-\p-th-n sNm\pv. skanv kwkvIm-c-n sImp-Ipp-v hey
m\-an-m-bn-c-p. amXm-]n-Xm- Ipp-v
\ Imcy- \Im ]cw ]mbp-tm Ahv
bYm-n thXv henb Im-cy--sfm-p-a-,
]Icw kvt\lhpw kmn-yhpw. sNdnb Imcy-fn henb Imcy- ImWp-Ibpw ImWn-p-Ibpw
sNpI F-Xm-Wv.

Fm hn[-nepw Hcp at\m-lc

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Icnw F ]nXm-hns tdm ssIImcyw sNbvX
\S Xs A`n-\-b-Po-hn-X-nse Ghpw kp{][m-\hpw Icp-p--Xp-amb {]I-S\w CXn ImgvNh-n-cn-p-p. a\p-jy D]-Po-h-\-n\v ]cw
]mbp-tm-, Ahs Npp-ap at\m-l-c-amb
ImgvN-I ImWm Ah\v km[n-p-n-. sNdp-n Bkz-Zn B at\m-l-c -Im-gvN-I Cv
Ah\v A\y-am-Ip-p F Ah-t_m-[-amWv Cu
Nn{Xw \apv \Ip--Xv. Ipcp-hn-I-fp-sSbpw ]qfp-sSbpw Acp-hn-I-fp-sSbpw at\m-l-c-kw-Ko-Xhpw
ImgvN-Ifpw ImWm \apv km[n--Ww. F{X
]Ww hmcn-q-n-bmepw F{X henb ]Z-hn-bn
Bbn-cp-mepw Cu ImgvN-I Iv Bkz-Zn-m
Ign-bm PohnXw \nc-Ia
- m-Wv. Ip-I Xpdq, Nppw t\mq, Cu {]]w Pohn-m X


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

- ns apI-fn hoWv Imev HSn-bp-Ibpw icocw
apgp-h apdn-thp-Ibpw sNp-p. As\ Icow
InS--bn Ign-tbn hcp-p. aI As\ Atl-n\v ]Icw tPmenv t]mIp-p. tPmen Ignv
Ico- a ns ASpphv InS- p- t m aIs
ssIbn tPmen-sN-bvX-Xns Fm AS-bm-fhpw
AXp-t]mse Azm-\-ns oWhpw ImWp-p.
aI tPmen sNp-Xv ]nXm-hn\v thn-bm-Wv. ]nXmhns tcmKw s]sv amdWw F Nn Ah-\n
Dv. CXv Ico-an\v henb Xncn--dnhv \Ip-p. Xm
Xs a-fpsS Imcyw {]tXy-Inv aI-fpsS Imcyw
ad--tmgpw Xs aI\pw aIfpw Xs Imcy-n
henb BIp-eX
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kXyw Icow a\-n-em-p-p. hon kw`-cn-p-sh
B{In-km-[-\- Fmw Abhm-kn-I FSp-psIm-p-t]m-Ip-p. Icow Xs aqS-s Ip-I

tImbw apX Xnc-ph- -h-sc-bp Hcp _kv bm{X-

aikyadeepam monthly

bpsS Hm-bvv.... Xnc-t-dnb Hcp Zn\w... a\-n-sem-cmbncw ]-Xn-I-fp-ambn _kn-t\-m thK-X-bn-ses a\v
]mp. ]s, Rm bm{X-sNbvX _kv, Ipgn-I-fn-temtcm-nepw Cdn kmh-[m\w aptmp \on. \ aebm-fnI B\ hn-I F Hma-\t- -cn hnfn-p ]mhw
sI.-F-kv.-B.Sn.-kn. _kv Fp-sN-m. Hmtcm Ipgnbpw
AXn-hn-imew D-cm-J-WvUnse Pe-{]-fbw t]mse IpXnp-a-dn-bp Pew. Av Xncp-h-m-bn Fn-b-tm t\cw
ky Ign-p. Dt-in Imcyw \S-n Fp-am-{X-a-,
Bh-gntb Iptd \jvS-fpw... Bsc Ipw ]d-bm, \psS
\mnse ]mhw B\-h-n-sbtbm AtXm, \psS \mnse
\ tdmUn-s\tbm?
\ tdmUp-I \mSns apJ-am-Wv. \ tdmUp-I-fnte
hml-\-v Bbp-p-q. Hcp ag Ignm Nne tdmUp-I-fn Smdn, \ tdmUp-I Ds-Im-cyhpw

sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013


\ tdmUp-I \nn-m Adn-bmhp \ I-\n-Ifpw ChnsS Xs

Dspw ad-p-n-. 1938 s^{_phcn 20-\v alm-cm-Pmhv {ioNn-ncXncp\m ]- s m- S n- h oin bm{Xbv v
XpSw Ipdn B\ hn-I Cv
- ns Ib-dn izmkw apn \nehn-fn-p-p.
FIvkv{]kv sslth F kz]v\
]-Xnbvv Xpcw hhcpw tIcfs shn-ap-dn-ppshv apd-hn-fnIq-n-bhcpw C\n-sb-nepw Nnn-p-XpS-n-tb-mw. \appw \ tdmUp-I
thWw, \psS B\ hn- I
C\nbpw At\I \mfp-I \ncp-I-fn t]m...-t]m...
F tlm apg
n HmS-Ww.

\Sp-hnw tIm-bn ]tc-X\
- mb tPm tXma-kn-s (82) arX-kwkvm-ci
- p-{iq-jb
- n ]s-Sp-p-Ibpw {]tXyIw {]mn-p-Ibpw
A\p-tim-N\ kt-i
- Adn-bn-p-Ibpw sNbvX Fm-ht- cmSpw
R \n Adn-bn-p-p. {]tXyIw A\p-tim-N\w Adn-bn A`n.
tamdm tam _tk-entbmkv IZn-\m oankv _mhmtbmSpw A`n.
Bv _njv tXmakv am Iqdn-temkv ]nXm-hn-t\mSpw A`n. bqlmt\m am {Intkmw ]nXm-hn-t\mSpw A`n. ^nen-tmkv am kvtX^mt\mkv ]nXm-hn-t\m-Sp-ap IpSpw-_
- ns {]tXyIw \n Adn-bn-p-p.
A\p-tim-N\ ktiw Adn-bn-p-Ibpw {]tXyIw hn.-Ip_m\ Anv
{]mn-p-Ibpw sNbvX Fm A`n. ]nXm-
- m-tcm-Sp \n-bd- n-bnp-p. ae-c taP skan-\mcn sdIvS, m^v, sshZn-Ih
- n-Zymn-I,
Xncp-h AXn-cq-]X hnImcn P\-d s]cnb _lp. ^m.BWn sNnpg, dmn Fw.-F.F {io. cmPq G{_-lmw, _lp. sshZn-I, _lp.
knt-gvkv, hnhn[ CS-h-I-I-fn \npw Fnb {]nb ktlm-Z-cn-ktlm-Zc-
- m, cmjv{Sob kmaq-ly t- \-Xm-
- m, Np-md skv tPmPv
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- c- mb \mp-Im, _p-an-{Xm-Zn-I, Fm Imcyfpw {Iao-Ic- np \Inb R-fpsS hnIm-cn- _lp. ^m. tPmk^v
ae-bm-n, Np-md _Y\n kntgvkv Fn-ht- cmSpw Fm {]obs-h
- t- cm-Sp-ap R-fpsS {]tXyI \n Adn-bn-p-p.
{ipXn dbv tPm (`m-cy)
knkn-en cmPp
Ipp-tam Ipp-tam
^m. tUm. sNdn-bm tIm-bn
_nPq knan


sFIy-Zo]w HIvtSm-_ 2013

aikyadeepam monthly

October 2013
REG. NO. G/KL/TLA/40/2012-14
Marygiri, Tiruvalla, Kerala. Ph: 0469-2600626. Fax: 0469-2600822
R.N.I. 35982/90
Price ` 10/Licenced to Post without Pre Payment No. KL/TLA/WPP/112/12-14

Printed and Published by Fr. Thomas Kodinattumkunnel, Published from Marygiri, Archbishop's House, Tiruvalla, Kerala
and Printed at Dona Press, Kottayam. Kerala, Chief Editor : Fr. Dr. Thomaskutty Pathinettil.